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The REAL REASON for the Holocaust HOAX

The REAL REASON for the Holocaust HOAX

Hold on to your hats people, because I am about to drop a bomb shell that most people don’t want to witness going off. First, thank your lucky stars that there are still independent thinkers out here that are willing to tell it like it is because I don’t drink the poisoned water of apathy and still have the ability to think critically on my own without allowing outside influences and erroneous bullshit sources to cloud my thinking; or to muddy the water.

Now, before I get to the meat of this article, let me get some things straight. I am absolutely NOT a holocaust denier. I know this last sentence has some of you ready to give up reading, but DO NOT stop reading just yet. HEAR me out. I’m not saying “listen”. Listening is what children do, and subsequently IGNORE what it is you’re saying which then leads to all sorts of disasters like a major mess or worse yet, ending up with one of them getting injured. I am saying HEAR me, and HEAR ME RIGHT, especially on this topic. COMPREHEND what it is I’m telling you and DO NOT forget it.

So, I’m not a holocaust denier, but how can this be from someone who hates the jew so much? I’ll tell you, but you’re going to need to sit down and grab a cup of coffee, because this DRASTICALLY important rant is one ALL of you need to HEAR, and there is no short way to put it. The reason I am NOT a holocaust denier is because holocausts of LITERALLY 100’s of MILLIONS of people have taken place over the last century, and EVERY one of them at the hand of the jew. This is NO conservative figure, and that is totally leaving out anything BEFORE the 20th century. (NOTE: Thanks to the JEW writing most of what we know of history, all figures represented herein may be somewhat up for debate, and/or nearly impossible to nail down exactly.)

I do NOT deny there was a holocaust during and between the major world wars of last century, or even still occuring today, but I’m telling you right now there was NO 6 million jewish holocaust. That was a total fake, a hoax, a sham, a swindle, a lie, etc., and I’ll get to WHY they faked this in a moment. I’ll give you one major hint to chew on for now. It was NOT to create a jewish homeland in Palestine.

No, I’m not going to link a thousand different sources in this article. If you’re smart enough to still be reading and actually comprehending what I’m talking about by the time you reach the end of this article, you’re also smart enough to type the things I mention into google and do your own research if you so desire. I am also NOT going to be using a hundred different pictures to keep your attention. The vitality of this message will either be enough for you to read all the way through, or you’ve already wasted your time reading this far.

I do NOT deny there was a holocaust of approximately 1.5-3.5 MILLION Armenian christians and/or gentiles during and just after WWI carried out BY THE JEW under the banner of “The Young Turks”, which I have previously done an article on a current incarnation of by the same name.

I do NOT deny that there was a holocaust of between 40 and 58 MILLION mostly christian “gentiles” in Russia during the Bolshevik revolution carried out by THE JEW.

I do NOT deny that there was a holocaust of at least 7 MILLION people in the Ukraine in the 1920’s under jewish Stalin’s control and carried out by THE JEW lead NKVD.

I do NOT deny that there was a holocaust of around 265 MILLION mostly christian and/or “gentiles” that gave their lives fighting in WWII alone; all for a lie, and all for the benefit of THE JEW.

I do NOT deny that there was a holocaust of nearly 58,000 mostly German nationals in the Danzig corridor that sparked off WWII carried out by THE JEW.

I do NOT deny that there was a further holocaust of around 3 MILLION German soldiers AFTER WWII carried out by THE JEW Eisenhower in his death camps where he purposely starved German soldiers to death like rats in a cage holed up in open fields with no food and no shelter until they succumbed to the elements, disease, weakness and starvation all under the watchful eye of American soldiers.

I do NOT deny that there was a holocaust and BURNT OFFERING of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Japanese civillians AFTER Japan had already surrendered at the end of WWII in the form of the nuclear devastation wrought on Nagasaki and Hiroshima at the hand of THE JEW.

I do NOT deny that there was a holocaust and BURNT OFFERING of 3,000 innocent American souls on 911 by THE JEW.

I do NOT deny that there is a holocaust going on TODAY in Iraq claiming nearly 1 MILLION mostly civilian lives by and for THE JEW.

I do NOT deny that there is a holocaust going on TODAY in Darfur, again lead by THE JEW resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths, if not millions.

I do NOT deny that there is a holocaust going on TODAY in Palestine resulting in the displacement of over 4 MILLION people and the deaths of untold hundreds of thousands or millions of mostly civillians including women and children by and for THE JEW.

Now, this is just a small sampling of the holocausts that I DO NOT DENY in the slightest. ALL of these atrocities were carried out or lead BY THE JEWS against “gentiles” and/or christian or muslim/arab nations including EVERY last one of these I mentioned, without EVEN ONE exception.

You’ve read this far and I haven’t even begun to elude to WHY these dirty, rat faced, crooked evil eyed, soulless, monster looking, demonic jews FAKED their supposed six million holocaust. I didn’t mention the FACT that these disgusting creatures who purport to be human have inundated all of you and your children with their HOAX, and did it NUMEROUS TIMES with the EXACT SAME BOGUS six million figure; one notable prelude to the WWII lie being their publishing of a six million holocaust in 1917.

Are you getting curious about the REAL REASON for their HOAX yet? Read on…

I know by this point, a hundreds upon hundreds of words or more into this article I have stretched the limits of the attention span of the average lemming. This is NOT a fact that eludes me in the slightest, but I’m having fun here, AND there is a MOTIVE to what I’m doing, just like there is a MOTIVE to the jewish HOAX of a six million holocaust. What is that motive you may be wondering to yourself right about now? MY motive with this is to leave ONLY those with enough intelligence, DESIRE, conviction, and constitution to hang on still reading this by the end. The motive is to GET RID of the weeker readers. These WEAK lemmings, sheep, and feeble minded keyboard commandos who have NO intention of HEARING and COMPREHENDING my message; let alone ACTING upon what I’m telling you. Oh yes, you are heading into DANGEROUS and TURBULENT waters if you decide to keep reading, but if you’re strong and NOT AFRAID and succumbing to IMAGINARY FEARS, or if you understand the POWER of REAL FREE SPEECH, you’ll do just fine to keep reading.

So, let me drop the bomb shell those who have made it this far are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for it. The REAL REASON for the FAKE six million jewish holocaust was, again, NOT to create a jewish homeland in Palestine. Most of my readers will know already that the majority of these FOOLS – so-called “jews” didn’t come from there in the first place, and MOST of these monster faced jews do NOT wish to go there any time soon. They simply chose the path of LEAST RESISTANCE as a place for them to settle and gather nuclear weapons and other high technologies, as well as having a HIVE for these monsters to run to when their antics get them in trouble within our nations. With Palestine at the time controlled by the easily malleable JEW controlled British empire, and inhabited by a very weakly armed population of brown skinned people that most of today’s white skinned jews would have fun murdering and exploiting; you can see why Palestine was an easy choice for the filth we know as jews. Like water fl
owing down through the cracks in a limestone substrate, these jews ALWAYS take the path of least resistance to further their ends.

“OH MY GOD”, many of you will exclaim out loud. “He has gone EVEN FURTHER STILL and NOT touched on the REAL REASON for the HOAX of the jewish six million holocaust”, but here it is. The WHOLE reason these critters scammed you all with their hoax is this: to KEEP YOU from EVER thinking, let alone TALKING of and ACTING out a REAL and PERMANENT holocaust of EVERY last stinking, filthy, rotten, flea infested, crooked eyed, monster faced, scum bag, thieving, lying, ritual and mass murdering demonic jewish BEAST on this planet, and THAT is IT!

Their six million holocaust hoax, along with the JAILING and HUMILIATION of ANY so-called “holocaust deniers” in places like Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Britain, and other European countries is designed and engineered to STOP YOU dead in your tracks from ever actually WORKING the ONLY true, and FINAL solution to the jewish problem.

I can already hear a resounding “OH SHIT” boiling in the minds and pouring forth from the mouths of the people who have read this far. This is some scary shit this bloggin NUT JOB has just laid on the table. How dare he speak of a REAL and PERMANENT holocaust of every last stinking, filthy, rotten, flea infested, crooked eyed, monster faced, scum bag, thieving, lying, ritual and mass murdering demonic jewish BEAST on this planet! Fear is a powerful weapon in the hands of the enemy, so get rid of your fears and read on…

This kind of speech could POSSIBLY land one in jail, or worse yet, in a coffin, but let me make this point VERY CLEAR to all of you who have read this far. First, FREE SPEECH is just that. FREE and unencumbered. There is NO LIMIT to FREE SPEECH or it is NOT FREE SPEECH. Second, if you are NOT WILLING TO DIE for your right to FREE SPEECH, then you have NO RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. Your right to FREE SPEECH does NOT come from a piece of paper. It does NOT come from a judge, jury, or executioner. Nor does it come from the constitution, bill of rights, or any other rights our American forefathers secured FOR THEMSELVES with THEIR OWN BLOOD. It comes from YOUR WILLINGNESS to FIGHT TOOTH AND NAIL for it, or DIE TRYING. Ultimately your choices will boil down to a willingness to DIE FREE or LIVE as a SLAVE.

I AM JUST SUCH A MAN that WILL INDEED die fighting for my right to do whatever the hell it is I please. I am just such a man that will call a jew a jew, foregoing terms like zionist on ANY GIVEN DAY. I am just such a man that will call you a BITCH to your face if you ACT LIKE A BITCH. You might kick my ass or kill me, but let me make this warning VERY CLEAR also. I am ALWAYS well armed and highly trained both in numerous styles of martial arts as well as the art of war, strategy, and survival. You might even think regardless of these facts that you would have an easy go of things like this, but let me remind you of an old saying. If ANYONE thinks they are going to walk all over me, YOU BETTER PACK A FUCKING LUNCH.

Now, that out of the way, and for those who are NOT turned off by FREE SPEECH and a foul mouth that would make a sailor cringe, I’m going to explain something VERY VITAL to you. The WHOLE reason for this article is NOT to puff out my chest or drum on it like a silver back gorilla. The reason for this article was to make you understand something that just about EVERYONE else in this “truth movement” is afraid to lay down at your feet.

There are people in this movement who would like you to believe that “waking up” all the sheeple is going to solve the problem. That somehow when all of these MORONS and IMBECILES come to the truth that things will change. They want you to believe that once we reach a “critical mass” of people that THEN and ONLY THEN can we make a difference, but I beg to differ. One only has to look at 911 to see what a fallacy that idea is. How many MILLIONS around the ENTIRE GLOBE know it was a lie? I rest my case on that one. Read on…

There are some who will tell you what we need is a new political party. These people believe that by operating WITHIN the matrix of our political system that the monster faced jews control, you will somehow be able to change what is going on. They want you to believe that a new political party will be able to get rid of these jews, but have they forgotten so quickly what happened to Hitler’s “final solution” and political party during and after WWII? Have they forgotten that Hitler’s so-called final solution and movement NEVER actually ACTED UPON said solution??

Let’s get some more things clear before you walk away thinking or feeling like you’ve partaken of some sort of illegal activity simply by reading this article, or that I myself have done the same by writing such things. First, in my state CAPITAL PUNISHMENT for murder and rape IS THE LAW, and this is EXACTLY what these crooked eyed, monster faced jews have been doing to you and your kind FOR CENTURIES, and it is even OPENLY PUBLISHED in their OWN DOCTRINES and plans. Second, FREE SPEECH and the ability to stand on the proverbial soap box spewing my ideas is ALSO STILL THE LAW. Third, the punishment for TREASON, ESPIONAGE, and running a Coup d’état against our constitutional republic is in fact DEATH. So, get this idea through your head and KEEP IT THERE that there is NOTHING ILLEGAL about what I’m saying in this article. I am WELL WITHIN the law and the rights I hold ONLY because will GLADLY DIE DEFENDING them RIGHT NOW TODAY; to state the things I am stating to you.

Now for another important point of this article. Why would I call for a “final solution” of death to all jews and followers of judaism, cabala, and the like? First there are the things I’ve stated above LEAVING OUT well over 2000 years of murder, rape, subversion, espionage, treason and the like; but the real truth is this. Just like I have said before the crooked eyed, monster faced jew will TELL YOU EVERYTHING you need to know like it is some unwritten or hidden law to the way they operate.

The truth is these filthy, disgusting creatures we call the jew VIEW YOU AS CATTLE, however, unlike the cattle farmer who knows he must kill and butcher some of his animals for his survival, these stinking, filthy, rotten, flea infested, crooked eyed, monster faced, scum bag, thieving, lying, subversive, ritual and mass murdering demonic jewish BEASTS do NOT have a conscience about KILLING YOU and your loved ones; not to mention we are humans, not cattle. In fact, they have OPENLY admitted their plans and OPENLY CARRIED OUT their murders and rapes against your people and your lands for centuries.

I am NOT advocating violence or BREAKING ANY LAWS. Let’s get that disclaimer out there before someone gets a hair up their ass to bother me about what I’m saying. Again, I am merely stating the FACTS to you as they ARE and as they ALWAYS WILL BE, and I am doing so well within the law. In fact, I would LOVE NOTHING MORE than for our military and law enforcement to CARRY OUT THESE TASKS LAWFULLY, but they will not because they are controlled by the jew owned media and hollywood, not to mention they (just like the so-called truth movement) are LEAD BY THE JEW. So, you can mostly forget about that idea. If you’ve seen my video “Plea To US Military” you can’t say I haven’t asked.

These cretins WILL NOT STOP until you are ALL DEAD or very few are left and only behaving in a manner which THEY PRESCRIBE to you. They WILL NOT STOP until there are only enough of you left to fulfill their despicable desires and provide them with the services they want from you. They WILL NOT STOP because you have exiled them, as this has been done AT LEAST ONE HUNDRED TIMES throughout history. They WILL NOT STOP because you have feelings, or because you have reasoned with them, or for ANY other justification you can think of. The ONLY thing that will stop them is to TERMINATE THEM and JUDAISM from the face of this planet for good.

et this again: they will NOT STOP until they are TERMINATED. Sound familiar? It should, if you remember the famous 80’s action thriller The Terminator, where they told you the truth once before. The Terminator was INHUMAN and RELENTLESS. There’s even a little holocaust HOAX propaganda within the movie when the character Reese shows Sarah Connor his number tattooed to his arm, but that is not the part you need to see. At one point the savior Kyle Reese trying to make main character Sarah Connor understand how dire the situation is with the terminator says, “It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely WILL NOT STOP. EVER. Until you ARE DEAD.” Re-read that statement a few times and let it sink in. If you still don’t get it, re-read this article a couple times if you must, and don’t EVER forget what I’ve told you.

The jew can not be reasoned with. It doesn't care what you think.

  1. Well done. Spoken like a TRUE patriot. We need more people will to speak out no matter what may or may not happen to them.

  2. Much as I hate to post an anonymous comment, were I to post openly, I would risk arrest by the EUSSR Thought Police! Bravo! Excellent article.

  3. THE JEW LIST says:

    Good show! I agree a 100% When the day comes to actually dispatch these monsters legally make sure to contact me. They are not human, they are demonic beasts in flesh clothing and they need to be sent back to where they came from…Hell is way too nice a place for them.

  4. TRUE, every word. The problem is most will never believe it….until it happens to them, and then it’s too late. You see, killing does not sit well with our people. Basically we would rather forgive and forget, that’s because we are Christian. Our values and virtues, are after all founded on the Christian ideal, whether or not we actively practice an outward show in a church, we still retain that inward conviction of what is right and just, and what is foul play. The fact remains to understand what kind of ungodly alien vermin could rip and dismember a human child from it’s mother’s womb, not in an act of mad rage in battle among some barbaric peoples, but in the place of healing, a hospital? That is after working feverishly for years to ensure legislation be passed to permit it! Then effecting a program of indoctrination to disseminate broad acceptance. Than have it government funded! And to especially set forth immoral trends which would assure promiscuity and also insure that counseling even young girls at school to insure a lucrative business. Gentlemen, I saw these things come to pass in America, and KNEW when there was no rebellion wholesale at that time, that America had ended. They have legallized murder before your eyes, and have carried out their blood human sacrifice of the inoccent gentile children to their tribal god YHWY Satan, with unbridled candor. 1,000,000 a year for 30 years. You do the math. Gentlemen that is indeed the real holocaust. And be it known that every JEW supports planned parenthood with financial offerings, as if a tithe to god. Perhaps that is what it is. A tithe to their tribal DEVIL YHWH. When will America throw off their yoke? NEVER! The events of Sept 11, were not as some have said, the jew neocons pearl harbour, it was the jews Hiroshima. A proof to all America that they have totally conquered. And the banking and wall street bailouts and all the many missing funds that the jews have absconded weather by thievery or legislation amuonting in the trillions and add the cost of there proxy wars, are to them the spoils of victory. You know it, and I know it. And so does the soul of America! How can any American lift a limp guilty hand against them at this point, after letting them go unbridled for so so long. For you see, they struck the root dead long before they chopped down the tree. America is now a corpse. It is a zombie, walking dead. And all America knows it. Not so? What will happen? Will 100,000,000 americans wake up tomorrow morning and begin spontaneously killing the vermin. Will the united states Marines invade D.C. and unseat their heads? Will the commanders in Iraq and Afganistan and now Pakistan order a cease fire and the immediate troop withdrawal? Will Kissingers pet nigger sign an executve order criminalizing abortion and pornography? He could, but he WON’T! I can tell you what I ‘think’ will happen. I think— Israel will attack Iran, and the devestation will be terrible both there and in Palestine. England and the U.S. will broker a peace, however Israel will declare itself a failed state. As a result the entire Israeli government apperatus will be moved to America, as well as their population. Their dejure rule of the United States will become defacto. When Iraq has been finally secured to their satisfaction they will move their seat of government to the ‘new Babylon’ from where they will through financial instruments rule the earth until the return of Christ. And their holy mystical book the talmud will deliver them and it back to it’s source. That is exactly what I think the future holds and I am not lying, joking or imagining it.

  5. I agree with your sentiments Tom, just please refrain from the “N” word. I do not wish to alienate ANY legal citizen of the US. We are all in this together, whether one race or another likes it or not. I agree Obama fits the description of that word, and many black folks who know the truth about him may even label him as such. I just want it clear that I don’t support racism against ANYONE but the jew.


      • The jews don’t want equality. They want everything you own, everything you produce, and just enough non-jews left behind to lick their feet as they rule you with a rod of iron. The jews are far larger in number than 2% of the population. That’s another myth where they hide their true numbers. For every known jew, there are at least two crypto jews trying to fly below the radar. Yes, I have read the talmud, and I know quite a bit about Israel. It’s nothing but a den of filth, human slavery, organ harvesting, and genocide. The problem extends well beyond Israel and zionism. The jews are a race, and their behavior is genetically instinctual. There is no bargaining with them or keeping them amongst our peoples, period. Give no quarter.

  6. Let my words be ammended to read Kissingers hand picked and hand groomed protoge’. I agree with you on the usage of the word as offensive to some, but I believe that in the context of the piece it does fit. In any case point conceeded from me. I wonder if Mr.Obama would even flinch if he knew what the kikes call him among themselves, you see the ‘N’ word is another political correct tool to be pulled out of the closet when needed. No one uses it more than the Afro’s to each other.It is only surpassed in usage by them by the appelation M—–F—–. Change of subject. I saw where the shmooz now what germany to pay reperations to second generation Shoabusiness survivors. Man will it ever end? I think not. How skitzo must a person be who comes from europe but thinks he’s middle eastern, and the more vile he becomes the more he cries he’s god’s chosen. Any way moving right along, Death to Israel, and suffering and death to EVERY Damn jew.

    • Well said, and I agree. NO words offend me at all, and I definitely am against politically correct speech. You’ll notice I don’t pull any punches, and I have a mouth worse than a sailor. I just don’t want to flaunt words that may offend anyone who is a possible ally, even though it may be their ignorance that keeps them from being able to handle hearing such words. Part of why I’m so harsh is for this very reason. We must totally break through these barriers that have been erected between us. Someone saying “nigger” shouldn’t send people into a frenzy. In fact, I think a number of people from many races are deserving of this and other derogatory labels. I also believe it’s high time we get past allowing simple words to damage our egos, and expand our minds a little; but for now, my focus is solely on the jew. I believe the rest of us can easily work around our differences without the jew meddling in our lives. Stay strong.

  7. Shirley Walcott says:

    Yes I agree, a lot of black folks like me now understand that Obama is a House Nigger. (Groomed by Satan’s Kids). Blacks have no love for the Jews, because they hate, and had a hand in killing the one person blacks love unconditionally. His Nane Is Jesus.

  8. Shirley Walcott says:

    I hate politically correct speech to. Obviously it was designed to protect Jews. They run hollywood and make every other race look like fools, but you will never see anything negative obout the kikes. Hands up anyone who renmember what the Jews wanted to do to Mel Gibson when he made The Passion Of The Christ.



  11. add me to a list and i wanna know who wrote that !!!

  12. So if we go by your terminator philosophy, I guess David Cole must be our Terminator II LOL

  13. Subverted Nation wrote:
    > Hitler’s so-called final solution and movement NEVER actually ACTED UPON said solution

    Well, guess why? Hitler was an agent of the jews…

    • I prefer to avoid that argument all together. It’s a losing battle. All we need to know is what the RESULT of that part of history gave us. All else is irrelevant.

      I am not concerned with what Hitler was or wasn’t. I am only concerned with the events and their outcome.

      People will continue to divide themselves into different camps on Hitler, but I feel by keeping him out of the discussion, we can focus on what we need to. Who cares what he was. He’s dead, and we have a much bigger jew problem now than before both world wars. I personally feel all of his efforts did nothing more than make it harder for us today because of the “nazi” stigma etc. If you don’t concern yourself with Hitler, you can’t be lumped in as a nazi or anything else.

      We can just be humans who figured out how disgusting and pathetic jews are, without being a Hitler follower or anything else, and then we can focus on dealing with the issue based on previous outcomes!

      • Jimmy Bobkin says:

        Read Mein Kampf if you haven’t it actually has the plan for destroying financial dictatorship (jewish rule).

        National Socialism is the answer, a proud people, with a determined leadership, cannot be raped, or abused, or misled.

        If we work on our people, we can destroy theirs.

        • Nationalism of some sort may be the answer, but I’m not sure about socialism. Getting people to recognize the problem is the first step, then we can discuss how to move forward from there.

          • Not to get too off track Adam but have you heard of the Zeitgeist Movement? Seen any of the three movies? If you’re familiar I was wondering what your thoughts on it were?

            I was all for it and it makes good sense but it might fall under the category of “98% truth 2% bullshit”. I’ve got to give it credit though because it at least started me down this road (or rabbit hole if you will) of discovery.

            I remain skeptical though because in the 3rd movie they claim there is no “cabal” running things. That makes me seriously question them because they’re not willing to assign blame on the Jews eventhough they beat around the bush in the earlier movies but don’t specifically come out and say it. It boils down to them basically saying the “monetary system” is what is to blame and that we need to change the system. While true you can’t go about changing the system without getting rid of the cause. It’s akin to our bullshit healthcare system that treats symptoms instead of the root cause.

            I just don’t know about the whole Zeitgeist movement anymore I guess. Especially not until “Peter Joseph” gives us his real name and background. It’s too bad because it’s really picking up steam and will continue to.

          • You already answered your own question, but if you want me to confirm it for you, zeitgeist is bullshit. There is some accurate information, but anyone who doesn’t mention the jew is just trying to play pied piper, and it really is that simple. It’s great that movies like that partially open people’s eyes, but it’s not good when it distracts them off into a thousand different directions, rather than pointing them directly at the source. Zeitgeist, Alex Jones, We Are Chumps, etc. are all just layers to the onion. The longer it takes you to peel down through the layers, the longer they get away with their bullshit.

            Another problem is that they build so much momentum, and gather such a huge following, that one voice like mine is easy to dismiss. Collective conscious is a powerful thing. People are more apt to stick to being a part of the zeitgeist deal than they are to stick with one guy like me who goes straight for the throat. Collective reality must be more right than just one guy saying you have to kill the enemy to stop them. Besides, that means we have to take action, whereas zeitgeist is just a group of whiners who won’t do anything. Or maybe they can join in with the occupy wall street bullshit, because it has spread globally, and that is action, right? WRONG. All of these things are meant to keep you from thinking clearly and forming up like an army, which is what’s needed to stop them. Those movements are so huge it’s easy to drown out one person with the right answers.

            To me, it looks like people are not going to do enough soon enough. I can’t reach enough people myself, and those who come here often fall away because I’m not a daily source of news for them. They don’t promote the site and what I’ve taught, so they can simply forget about winning this. Maybe ten years from now when they’re all on their fucking knees they’ll wish they had listened. Without the help of those who are awake, my ideas can’t go global on a large scale. It takes real grass roots effort for something to become as big as zeitgeist or occupy wall street, but those two things didn’t need EITHER to get so huge because they had the jewish media pushing them on people. That’s the ONLY way they got so big was being promoted by jewish media and bullshitters like Alex Jones. Videos don’t go viral unless the media makes them viral, and my message won’t go viral because too many people are afraid to fight for a change. They’d rather complain with the rest of the herd than actually stand up to their masters.

        • Lex Mercatoria says:

          America and every other G8 nation is legally socialist, and has been for decades. Unlike the Swedes and others the U.S. corporation doesn’t brag about it.

  14. What I find hugely amusing is that 150,000 kike soldiers served under Hitler and for proof of this see below – youtube video and book “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers” written by a JEW! The kike conveniently misses that one out!

  15. Many poor people follow blindly governments, believe them and even killing for them another innocent.

  16. We must care about history truthfully to know where we are going. There is no debate about Hitler or Germany. The facts speak for themselves. These people wanted real liberation of jew world swindle and genetic infestation. This failed because a good portion of nation states were still not in realization of the danger. In our time now, all nation states are affected so we are really at a crossroad. This time the world.

  17. Sorry for the long rant. Some of it may seem like “psycho-babble” unfortunately we have jews to deal with, so this is what is to come up. I believe most of this is quite applicable and real theory.

    It is possible these white skinned jews are a “consolidated” form, an inbred conglomeration of racial rubbish that survived a very harsh white Eugenics program. That is if you believe in Evolution, most specifically the out of Africa theory which I do not, as the “Aryan” that we know it today was being formed, and earlier races such as the Egyptians who definitely proto Aryans. And this Hitler character is meant to scare the out of them. That is, the bigger jews would know the physological terror the jews would feel when seeing a character like this, with his empowering speeches about removing them.

    It is funny even the names Can and Abel sound like one that was abel and was allowed to keep going while the more handicapped one, Cain was left behind and had to breed with the “rift raft.” while the more “Able” bodied whites swam on. We know the jew is the greatest “crutch” or cain that the white race has ever known.

    What we know for sure is that the “holohoax” nonsense, is a justification for the jews what they definitely plan on doing to the blue eyed blonde whites, and those that they consider to be White Power in most concentrated form. The jew is first and foremost anti White Power because of the good that it represents, and the evil that he empitamizes.

    Just as the Cold War was a “justification” for what they have done to those thousands of children every year for the half century at least. It you read John de Nugent’s “Pschopaths in Power” you will see it is likely just psychopaths in the CIA wanted to to join in on the fun, of what their counterparts in the Soviet Union had already been doing undoubtibly since that Jewish “Red” state was formed in 1917. They felt their was a lot of fun, and catching up to do. And where do you think such psychos come from, such freaks as the Neanderthal Buffolo Bill in Silence of the Lambs, and the doctor who knows human blood is the best delicacy of all.

    A “sadist physcho” is one who would be mentally deficient, and would instead emphathize with being the abuser rather than being on the “butt end” of the abuse. Some people believe psychopathy one is born with, and inherited from the mother. They are easier to beat, and this would be another example of how you could genetically engineer psychos in a couple generations, quite deliberately.

    The total psychopath and neanderthal Joseph Stalin for instance, was born of an abusive dad who beat him sevirily, so badly he left him crippled in his one arm. He likely did the same to his mother, when he did it to him it likely re-enforced an existing genetic condition of propensity. What you may find difficult to believe is jews keep track of such mis-crents and encourage their political participation and advancement. Bill Clinton was also of a dad who beat him and his mother sevirily.

    Such monsters, they seem to know so much about, as the trans-sexual freak “Billy Boy” (who was abused so wrongly that he believes having a vagina would therefore feel so right) as most jews being gay, and the blood drinking doctor, would be from the same funny farms as these jews likely originate from, where they get their “concentration camp” ideas (and probably why they think “gas” is so funny) and tales such as “Yacub’s History.” It is the concentration of bad information, but into their bred (genes) then put into the oven. After they are given the bad instructions, such as the soviet institutions they are “bred” and it is further concentrated. The gassing is the elimination of pure thoughts. The Soviet Regime and gulags were an attempt to give the whole world what they likely experienced, or what only such a criminally inbred and determined race could think up.

    We do not have to speculate if jews were engineered on a funny farm of not. We can solve this from the intemperate plain. They are simply a concentration of bad elements who wish to eliminate what they believe are the concentration of the best (white power-white purity) the race white, the beautiful Aryan woman (and the Aryan man who partically produced her) they cannot stop yammering about, despite the need to debase and destroy in every way they see fit.

    It is always a justification for extermination and enslavement of mankind. But enslavement is just a fine reward for themselves. Their ultimate goal is that absolute elimination of all white souls as we know it for the GOOD power it represents.

  18. They are such a “concentration” of bad information from inbreeding, how this “tribe” formed is the mystery. And why they have been destroying great white cultures and nations since at least Egypt, when they arrived from Caanan 4 Millenia ago is the real mystery…but it doesn’t much matter why they are so inferior and BAD.

  19. Polar Star says:

    My son is in High School, taking Honors English. Turns out that the entire course is one ‘Holocaust’ thing after another. First there was some book they all had to read and report on about an alleged Aushwitz survivor. Now it’s ‘Poetry of the Holocaust’. Meanwhile in his history class he is also hearing about the same thing.
    He knows it’s BS, just wants to go along and get his grade. His teacher was challenged by a couple of students about allm the time spent on one subject and his answer was that we need to be sure no one ever ‘forgets’. Fat chance.

  20. Spider Spyer says:

    *Such monsters, they seem to know so much about, as the trans-sexual freak “Billy Boy” (who was abused so wrongly that he believes having a vagina would therefore feel so right) as most jews being gay, and the blood drinking doctor,

    -as seen in Silence of the Lambs.

    In Terminator 2, they are showing that “The Terminator” machine is really the good guy, and the “blue eyed blonde” that needs to be liquidated is truly the bad guy. That is the concentrated formulation known as that blue eyed blonde man.

    He is liquadated in the same way Uncle Joe and all those jewish commissars liquadated 20 million White Russians prior to World War 2 in death camps.

  21. owainglyndwr1416 says:

    I’ve been looking for media coverage of this and the sex slavery in Israel ..RT(Russia Today) ran a story on the slavery but didn’t say the people responsible are Jews .. Those dirty evil bastards have got “Their” media in “Their” pockets .. I have never known such a vile breed of God knows what .. They are “LIARS” they are not righteous they parasitic worms ..

    News flash “Double standard alert”

    Its OK for Israel to spy on the USA but its not alright for Pakistan to Spy on the USA !! Oh no,,, now that could lead to war ,,and i wonder why Obama is pulling the troops out of Afghanistan !!

  22. damnjews says:

    believe me folks everybody hates them earth does and animals as well.they are the shosen by god for hell.if you want to know more about them read the english version of the holy coran.most of its verses talk about they defied god and killed god shatterd them all around the earth…. and how they will be exterminated.

  23. Edward Teach says:

    This guy Spider Spyer, while his English leaves something to be desired, is exactly on the right track. It’s not so much a white race thing, though the jew wants to eliminate their strongest enemy first. It is the jew against ALL the races. I am so glad to find the first website I have ever seen that tells it like it is. My sister married one of the kikenvermin.

    She got mad at me when I told her it was a big mistake, this was over twenty years ago. This fuckwad almost destroyed my family, and he just happens to be the VP of MTV, total jew propaganda. Thank god they eventually got divorced. She thought it was good to marry some rich guy, in fact we all had to go to their house on their fucked up “holy” days and listen to them prattle on about how the poor fucking jews were so oppressed. Meanwhile they are living in fucking fat city. Poor fucking kikenvermin. I just love that word, kikenvermin. It is perfect, you should get a medal just for inventing that word. I have already been banned from websites for using it, it gets around their automatic censors but the mods eventually figure it out.

    The fact that all the “alternative” or “conspiracy” websites will ban you for even using the word jew proves that they are all just disinformation dedicated to the divide and conquer strategy they always use.

    All we need is for every race to wake up as to who is pulling all this shit that has put the world into the giant clusterfuck that it is now. There is only one common denominator: the JEW.

    I am so glad to see a website like this, I can’t believe the jew controlled media even lets you continue. I would donate money if I could, but being in Mexico it is not permitted. I am an American expat here, after years of thinking the Mexicans are all fucked up I now am realizing it is the doing of the kikenvermin (I love that word) that Mexico is so destroyed. There are kikenvermin here like you would not believe, but no one really realizes it. They are disguised as Mexicans all over the place. After reading all of this website, I realize that every scumbag Mexican I have encountered, and believe me there’s plenty, are all Mexican kikenvermin, hook noses, crooked eyes and all. It’s so fucking obvious once you know what to look for. I am only afraid that the Mexicans have been interbred with them so much.

    They cannot tell any differences between each other, as long as they SOUND Mexican. My wife’s father fled Palestine in 1948. He and his brother were the only ones of the family that lived through the jew genocide. They were kicked off their farm they had had for about a thousand years. Most of them died. If he were still alive he would be packing guns right along with me, I’m sure. She is so brainwashed by the media that she does not even think about what happened.

    I’m from Florida, I’m fixing to come back soon, and I think you are in Florida too, right? I will volunteer to help you in any way I can when I get there. I don’t really want to come back to the police state that the US has become, but I reckon I need to. When I left I told them I would come back guns blazing. There is going to be a war, and I am on the right side.

    Power to you, man, and keep the fires stoked! You are doing the right thing, and as far as I can tell you are the ONLY one who is telling it like it is. The time for talking is past. Actions speak. Shoot first and ask questions later.

    • Isn’t it funny how you can easily sense when someone is telling things straight up? Mexico, South America and the Caribbean are full of jews, as is the rest of the globe. Remember, the jews killed off most of the natives, and bred with what was left. Mexico is fucked up because of the jew, and who is it telling the Mexicans to act like parasites and invade America? It’s the jew. The jew media tells them the grass is greener here, which is a shame, because where will Mexico get it’s own revolutionaries from? Oh right, they’ll be trying to take over southwest America while their country falls the fuck apart, and at the same time helping destroy America! It’s like our troops destroying the middle east while America’s corpse is picked apart by these maggots.

      Yup, as usual the message is “wow I’m glad I found this site” and “the ONLY one telling it like it is”……..WHY IS THAT THOUGH?? What I say is all common sense, but if you are able to pick up on the major difference between ME and all these other (fake) people, that doesn’t bode so well for them.

  24. I worked in an ad agency as a Jr. Copywriter in the Creative department where ideas are generated for creating ads. It was the largest ad agency of India and part of the largest ad network WPP group in the world. The owner, jew Martin Sorrel even visited the office. I can tell you for sure, the analogy of the farm-owner killing/sacrificing the cattle to feed his own stomach, that someone mentioned above, is not truer any where else than in a jew-controlled ad-agency. I saw the ass-licking chain of command when i was there and even see it today 5 years later since i left that office to return home. Some of the seniors (usually the un-talented but well-promoted ones, also some scared cattle type talented ones who have been brought into submission) brought their forces together to taunt me on Facebook through status updates because i used to share stuff about Ben Bernanke and other Israeli controlled looting. This was in Jan 2010. Look what happened – the fed, the bailout, etc. Now those fuckers, those seniors who taunted me on the orders of some higher-up must be thinking….hmmm that guy had a point, but we character-assassinated him so well, who cares, where’s my upped salary and new corner office? It sickens me they way they all behaved and the way they combined forces to mass-taunt me on Facebook. One bitch even came out of facebook-hibernation to specifically taunt me with a couple of status updates, and she is VP level Executive Creative Director, while i was and am a lowly junior copywriter/creative, why would she become active on Facebook to specifically taunt me? Because some higher up on the office/network ordered her to. The reason for the success of the jew is that he throws money and dogs/bitches are ready to lick it and do whatever he asks, it doesn’t matter to them if what they are being asked to do/say will destroy an upright person’s health, well-being and even family. More power to Iran, nuke those bastards once and for all. Then nuke NY – the hub of all jews.

  25. Time to starve those bitches.

  26. Jimmy Bobkin says:

    “First, FREE SPEECH is just that. FREE and unencumbered. There is NO LIMIT to FREE SPEECH or it is NOT FREE SPEECH. Second, if you are NOT WILLING TO DIE for your right to FREE SPEECH, then you have NO RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. Your right to FREE SPEECH does NOT come from a piece of paper. It does NOT come from a judge, jury, or executioner. Nor does it come from the constitution, bill of rights, or any other rights our American forefathers secured FOR THEMSELVES with THEIR OWN BLOOD. It comes from YOUR WILLINGNESS to FIGHT TOOTH AND NAIL for it, or DIE TRYING. Ultimately your choices will boil down to a willingness to DIE FREE or LIVE as a SLAVE.”

    Very well said!

  27. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    You know, many people can’t take brutal honesty.

  28. Bolshevik genocide says:

    A nice site that catalogues the denigration of white males in the kosher penis eater media is

    That these rat faced mongrel invaders DARE do this in our own country is evidence that their insane hubris has caused them to overeach yet again.

    It is a good time to be alive to witness their passing the apex of their power on earth and to see mankind begin to see through their machinations globally and to begin to organize against them.

  29. america is awake enough i think. what numbers are slow to wake now will be rushing soon. the rest arent asleep now i reckon theyre really just cowards who cant face it …theyre not even brave enough to listen never mind say under their breath even that foul word ”jew”. in england some of the older people are cognisant; but the black people are deaf they see moey and violence ahead and themselves as the only owners of england. so the average brit is quite unaware that his government is composed entirely of perverts/jews. that the royal slags are being steadily revealed to be jewish somehow ad to my own knowledge heavily into the systemtic murder etc of children and girls for satanism. the military/police are micro managed by jews at every level. they watch everything i do. so britain is much worse than america but it doesnt show overtly. we need a revolution to throw these asholes out. i think it will come eventually. so americans you must lead the way. but we will get there. as for the annihilation of all these dirtbags yes it solves it. they are doing it to us and always have done. in war as they say is no law. they have brought it on themselves. when they did 9/11 it was only a matter of time until we all found out who did it and that leads us to ask why and that leads us back into true history. the end is staring them in the face. amen.

  30. And you will surely find them the (jews) most greedy of people for life – [even] more than those who associate others with Allah . One of them wishes that he could be granted life a thousand years, but it would not remove him in the least from the [coming] punishment that he should be granted life. And Allah is Seeing of what they do. Qur’an 2_102

  31. Henry Salisbury says:

    Jewish control of central banks IS the key to their ability to extend easy credit to other jews to buy up everything Europeans and other productive peoples have created, and to enslave us.

    Their power over the currencies must end. That would end their ability to control media and buy off our politicians.

    Jesus is not coming back. The whole christian religion is a jewish built matrix to capture Europeans and make them docile and defenseless. Love your enemies, turn the other cheek, I am not sent but to the lost sheep of the House of Israel etc. Yuck. If you don’t understand it is all fake jewish mind control watch all episodes of ‘Unearthing the Bible’.

    It will show you that the Old Testament is nothing more than jewish plagiarism and tall tales.

    The creation story was plagiarized from older Babylonian/Sumerian sources.

    The Exodus never happened.

    The flood story was plagiarized from Enuma Elish.

    The patriarchs never existed.

    Ancient Judah was nothing more than an insignificant village under Egyptian or Assyrian or Babylonian control.

    What religious mythology the jews didn’t steal from the above high cultures they stole from the Caananites.

    • Agreed. The jews slowly swiped all of the ancient knowledge from the different cultures around the globe. The ones they couldn’t control from within, they outright slaughtered (native Americans for instance). They then covered up this knowledge with false “religions” and used it to manipulate and control us.

    • timwebb2012t says:

      Jews do indeed enslave us, physically at least, through their control of the money power.

      But if Christianity is a “jewish-built matrix”, ( as you inform us ) then pray tell us why it is that they hate its founder with a violent and psychotic virulence which they reserve for no other? Why does one of their “comediennes”, ( Sarah Silverman ), publicly state that if He returned ( and He will ) then she would crucify Him again? Why does Larry David urinate on His picture? Why do they refer to the New Testament, which according to you they engineered, as “blank paper”? Do they have no pride in their creation? Why does the Talmud refer to Him as a sorcerer who is being boiled in excrement? Perhaps He touched a nerve with them that neither you nor your fellow contributors to this site have been able to do. And perhaps that is simply because He is divine, and you, contrariwise, are merely weak and foolish mortal men.

      Jesus Christ, the Son of God whom they allegedly murdered as part of a plan to create their control matrix, stated in the first word of the Old Testament that He would die on the cross. As such, He stated this before jews even existed; indeed before Adam and Eve even existed. This revelation tends to reduce your rabid ravings to the level of the blasphemous inanities which they clearly are.
      You will ask how it was that He did this. You will furthermore wonder how it is that Revelation ch 13 verse 8 refers to “The Lamb slain before the foundation of the world”. Agreed, this is very difficult for those such as yourself to comprehend; but I will try to enlighten you.

      Each Hebrew letter has a meaning; in this, the language is unique. The first word of Genesis, in Hebrew, is “Barasheet”. The KJ Bible translates this word as “In the beginning”.
      Reading the six Hebrew letters for their intrinsic meaning, reveals the immortal truth, “The Son of God will die by His own hand upon a cross”. This is the very first word God spoke to us through Moses. It is a Word of the most absolute profundity, and I hesitate to cast it before swine such as yourself.

      Others here have stated that YHVH is a satanic god of the jews, notwithstanding the fact that Jesus Christ, His Son, described these same jews themselves as satanists who did not know God, and were congenitally incapable of understanding that the One standing before them was indeed that very God whom they claimed to be chosen by.
      This Name of YHVH is similarly susceptible to the earlier treatment given to the word “barasheet”. Thus treated, it reveals that the Name of God is actually stating
      “Behold the Hand, Behold the Nail”.
      Thus “ye do greatly err” in the things you have written.
      May God forgive you for your exceeding folly and the wickedness of the things you have written about God’s Son, and the revelation of His gospel, and by implication, His atoning death for each one of us, so that we, each one of us, might stand finally in the very Presence of God, in whose presence is fullness of joy, and at whose right hand are pleasures for evermore.
      “For by your words, you will be condemned”.
      Time and patience prevents me from demolishing the other specious comments you have made; but believe me, if I had time and inclination, that would be all too easy to do.

    • I disagree. My opinión is that the flood happened and the patriarchs existes and continúe existing. The patriarchs aré the third generation from Caín. The generation menas the power of their blood for cashing spells.

      Many mithologies aré the same. They aré the vampiric evangelium. They say that ten kings will rulo the world, but there is thirteen patriarcas, so three familias or clans willmperish, that is what the final judjement is all about. It is the devil who will judge his neanderthalic cretinos and loyalty.

      Cromagnons have nothing to do here. GOD gaves us free will and conciensousness, as love, regret, good feelings, moral, etc. And anticolectivistic capacities. I even think that we have bad feelings because of these residual 4% neanderthalic blood/soul.

      Maybe before to interbreed cromagnon were ambidiestros. Never you asked to
      yourself what destra and sinistra means? Why left hended kids have especial
      attention by teachers? You ver wrote the vil left eye thing or something similar.

      The nimrod, gimglamesh, Hércules story is the same, but this doesnt means that this didn’t happened. The old gods were neanderthals/jews acting as gods, annunakis and all that shit. Now jew is a police word that made the neanderthals as the ancient greeks gods or dei or as the annunakis babilonian shit: it s mind power and perception.

      The priests are the MA.GUS (griten in cunneiform), and is the psicopath that MANIPULATES the blood ot the sacrifice. Who where this three magitian kings?
      Where the words mago, mag, magajji (in Africa), magitien, etc Came from?

      Cromagnons have no culture. We doesnt choose the words we use. Europe, a girlfriend raped by a bull/ zeus/ devil. Aré someone proud of european? Aré you american? Americo, a pedophilo caníbal jew. Incas and mayas, whose origine was in pedophilo Platon greece. Did you know that the mayas founder was a 4th generation jew who came from greece and one of his losted familiars from Greece arrived to Barcelona, Spain in 1491, and one year before Colom (picolomini family relates to some popes) travel to “América”?

      Erithrea, Tebas, Memphis, Maya, inca, etc, were old Greece towns. The jewish menelaos and helena familias have been fighting for moré than 3000 years, just from the troyana wars.

      Spain, Hispania is a cartaginean word latinizated, so it’s posible that the rome/cartage wars was the Cold War of that time. They love to remembre their psicothic history.

      Moses could be tutmosis pharaoh. They Like to truble and ocult themselves, but need to have some referencies for not loosing their roots and for having some referencies because all their líes.

      In Toledo, Spain, in the catedral, there is a representation of Caín murdering Abel. Who where they? Probably some babilonian, sumerian, mesopotamic kings. In this catedral representation, Caín bites the neck of abel, Caín put his teeth on Abel neck and the blood flows. Maybe there is moré representations like that, but this one is very EXPLICIT, it talks about vampirism, blood/soul devourers, demons.

      Even if you don’t Believe it, saying the jew is the problem is correct. Maybe the true word is Neanderthal, but jew has moré political and social weight, it is moré in the way to not represhion ourselves to speech. They ave created a police/word and selcensorship taboo(greek origin at least)/myth that must ne fighted. Fear is a ver strong weapon.

      Talk about that with a Morlock, Predators, when attacked, usually react VERY BADLY.

      • Where and when did this flood happen? Opinions aren’t really helpful, only facts. You make some interesting connections, but we shouldn’t lend ourselves to speculation. Leave that to the jew. Facts are what is important. Most of the bible stories are stolen from earlier times, they are not literal. More like retellings of former stories. Remember, the jews only take from everyone else, they never create anything unique.

  32. You are correct..”Remember, they founded this country on the slaughter of millions of natives, but all things eventually come to an end. They will fail in their endeavors”.
    Soon or later the jews bastard will perish like any disease that cant live on their own. They always need someone to feed on like the machine in matrix movie. without a source of power they perish.
    I tell you why the native indian were wipe out. The natives fought them and they kill them using many method. Later brought in slaves from Africa, Europe, and Asia. We are the battery for the jewish scumbag to feed on until we die of disease that they created.

    I have an ideas what happened in the past but our people do not care about the past or want to research it themselves. Everybody related to me live in blissful ignorant of our situation today.
    Talking about jews and how we been enslaved since birth will do me no good as people live in denial of our so call reality.. People in general cannot handle the truth. All my relatives care is your social status. What job title you have, if you are successful at running a business. Anything else they just do not care. Their obsession with money and lack of respect for our opinion is astonishing. Its like dog chasing after a dream that will never happen. Everybody want to be rich. Being a rebel and talking about subject people disapprove of does not make you popular. When I talk about free speech people do not get it. My relative all think free speech is something you earned like money. You know the saying no money no talk? It because if something does not involve money nobody is going to care about you at all.
    Nobody does anything for free. Disgusting behavior. It make me sick to my stomach. Our selfish behavior is being used against us.
    Where we are not looking out for anybody but yourself. Have you notice that the mass of people in our world are illiterate and lack any kind of intelligence at all? We live in a dumb down society of money loving, job loving, movie watching zombies.
    What is it with these people call nonjews. what wrong with them?
    They insult me everytime i try to get something across their thick skull that would take a million years to drill through. Grrrrrr.
    It just make me so freaking mad! It like the only way we can get someone to listen is to beat the crap out of them or annoy them to death. That what it take. A cousin say.. “are you antisemite?”
    when i just mention the word jews. WTF is wrong with them???
    I should just give up on them, their so useless and so rude as fuck. You cant talk about the jews, you cant talk about anything that people are brainwash to believe. its hopeless situation for me because talking and thinking is something that most abhor.
    Do I need their approval on what to say? Don’t people know anything about freedom, free speech and the rights to defend yourself from anything that want to harm us?

    • Only the weak give up before the fight has even begun. Not gonna happen here.

      Blaming people for their ignorance is an easy scapegoat. One often used by jews. They love to blame the people they trample, as if it’s their fault that jews do it, or it’s their fault that jews got away with it. That’s not legit either.

      People are under a spell. They are like sleeping beauty, yet some of them still awaken regardless. If you want to fight in the matrix, you can’t blame the people still attached to it. Your job is to free them, or shut up and go back to join them. Pick one side and stay there. Choose wisely.


    here’s an interesting video by an ex rabbi turned Christian

    • There is no such thing. That’s Nathaneal Kapner, he’s a jew BY BLOOD. They can’t “turn” into a christian, or anything else for that matter. Just like a vampire can’t turn into a human and stop drinking blood.

  34. Oh man. This stuff is great! Candy for the masses. Adam, you are Da Candyman! Good, good, good job. I’ve been “truthing” for several years now and no matter how jew aware I think I am, there’s always a few lagging questions just like that of our beloved brother Nathaneal.

    I too have long believed him to be a mega shill but needed that little confirmation from a fellow honest human being. Aside from the obviousness of his outlandish attire and presence in general, the glaring question that always persisted is the fact that Bro Nat has endless strings of anti-semitical stuff on his site but not a word on the favorite jew pastimes of pedophilia, rape or blood drinking.

    • Brother Nathaneal was an easy one. He’s a jew. Not much else to say about him. He looks like he would rape and eat your children. I think that says enough.

      All we have to do is cut to the chase and quit playing soft with this issue. Deep down we already know the answers. We just have to accept them and start doling out the punishment.

  35. Everyone knows you can’t go more than a few days without water. If Hitler had the jews rounded up in concentration camps he could have just cut off the water and they’d be dead in 2-3 days since they were allegedly already weak and sick. So they still had water to drink in the camps? Makes no sense. Holocaust™ is just propaganda.

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