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Terrorists or Patsies?

Terrorists or Patsies?

If you took, or will take, the time to read my previous article Synagogues and Airplanes, you’ll see that I quite clearly outlined how ridiculous the premise was for this latest group of “terrorists”; who are after your freedoms. Everything you hear, see, and read coming from the media or holy wood is either an outright lie, or propaganda with a purpose. That purpose is usually to maintain the conditioning of the masses whilst manipulating this player or that to bend to some whim of these vicious jews.

This flock of bumbling ignoramus' can only catch their own patsies in terrorist plots.

This flock of bumbling ignoramus' (FBI) can only catch their own patsies in terrorist plots.

In this case, there are many angles to what we’ve heard of the “official” story. First, we were lead to believe that “Muslim radicals” were planning to attack a synagogue of satan. The idea being, create more animosity towards Muslims, strengthen the resolve of American troops killing brown people for nothing, and make the public think there is still a real threat from Muslim/Arab people.

Second, this propaganda was designed to make the unknowing feel pity for satan’s minions. The thought of which literally turns my stomach. Here on earth, these demonic forces of evil rule, and the masses believe that these so-called jews are “victims”. Poor, dear Satan’s little helpers. Always so persecuted, hated, and tossed aside, but heaven forbid you start to look into exactly why that is. It may become clear that demons do walk in the flesh, and that they go by the name of “jews”.

Third, and worst of all, these hoaxes get our boys in blue standing guard for the monsters that perpetrate all of our ills. These unwitting pawns are repeatedly convinced that “god’s chosen” wretches are harmless religious people who need their protection. Most probably can’t even fathom why anyone would hate such godly people, but even a minuscule amount of basic police work would make it rather obvious that, not only is there good reason to have a severe distaste for these critters; but also the fact that their own hand in these deeds is not difficult to see.

Unfortunately, in this case, it seems the FBI neither had, nor will have, any intention of getting at the truth. It instead appears that the FBI had a direct hand in creating these attacks. It’s a disgusting blight on the face of those who serve in agencies like this, attempting to nobly serve their people, but it’s a fact we must deal with. Most of our “intelligence” agencies are, in one way or another, under the control of these criminal rats we call jews.

In this article the truth of the matter comes thundering into the picture. It turns out, the girlfriend of one of the so-called “Muslim terrorists” from the clumsy “jihad” plot against some worthless jew york sin-agogue; says her boyfriend was bribed, conned, and coerced into pulling off the whole thing. This is no surprise, for the FBI is merely following protocol, sorta like the ATF did with Randy Weaver.

A slick FBI informant roped four Muslim converts into a horrific terror plot to blow up synagogues and military jets by handing them piles of cash and gifts and even bags of weed, relatives of the suspects said today.

“Brother whatever you need, I will get it for you,” said the man who the four petty thieves knew as Maqsood, according to Kathleen Baynes, whose long-time boyfriend, James Cromitie is alleged to be the ringleader of the plot.

She said Cromitie, 45, met Maqsood at the Masjid al-Ikhlas mosque about a year ago and promised to teach him the truth about Islam.

The patsy "terrorist" was tricked into this magically foiled plot against a N.Y. synagogue of satan.

The patsy "terrorist" was tricked into this magically foiled plot against a N.Y. synagogue of satan.

This slick FBI agent waltzed in with loads of money and unbelievable “gifts” to con a poor, previously convicted man into a terror plot. This article states Kathleen Baynes’ boyfriend is the “ringleader”, but the truth is far from that. The “ringleader” was an FBI agent, whom I would not doubt for one minute was a jew pretending to be a Muslim, as they are historically known to do. Make no mistake about it though, right in the middle of the article is a link to another NY Post article titled “HOW TO STOP THE MUSLIM EXTREMISTS RECRUITING INMATES TO TERRORISM”. So, right smack in the middle of reading how these guys were set up, the editors hope you will head over to another article which will tell you how bad these “Muslim extremists” are. From that article:

Amid all the shocking details in the disrupted plot to bomb Bronx synagogues and fire missiles at American military aircraft, one component of the case should come as no surprise – three of the alleged culprits converted to radical Islam in prison.

What, did they not even read their other article, because it clearly states this so-called “ring leader” was not even a devout Muslim. According to his own girlfriend, he was a “wanna be” Muslim, who didn’t even spend any time praying. Not only that, but another one of the “extremists” girlfriends says they were duped into this whole thing by a man throwing piles of money at their feet:

The man soon was coming by their apartment with increasing frequency and was always flush with cash.

“He was very persistent and every time he came for James he took him away. They said they were going out to eat dinner,” she said. “Whenever we needed anything Maqsood would help — like financially –he gave us money to pay rent.

“He was just constantly around. It was like he was stalking him.”

Co-conspirator David Williams’s girlfriend Cassandra McKoy insists the men were duped into the plot with the lure of a cash payday and that religious hatred had nothing to do with it.

“They aren’t radicals they were just financially motivated. They aren’t terrorists. If Maqsood wasn’t in the picture they would’ve never come up with this idea,” she said. “This was not their idea. They make it sound like they sought him out and said we want to do this when he’s the one who approached them. He enticed them with money.

“Maqsood wasn’t even allowed inside the mosque, he waited in the parking lot for them and offered them $25,000 to join.”

This FBI, or mossad, agent even payed these people’s rent. Tell me somebody who can’t afford to pay their own rent would have any intentions of seeking out and trying to purchase C4 explosives and a Stinger missile, because I’m still not buying it, and neither would these poor petty thieves. These guys couldn’t even begin to imagine the cost of a Stinger missile, let alone afford one. This supposed “terrorist” plot is worse than the plot from one of those “B” movies they only show at 3am on weekends, when nobody is watching.

Sources say Maqsood was really Shahed Hussain — a Pakistani native who runs hotels upstate and has worked for the FBI since 2003 after getting into trouble in a fraud case. He played an integral role in unraveling another terror-related case in Albany in 2004.

Baynes, 42, dated Cromitie — a career criminal who has been in jail more than 20 times — for six years. She said he converted to Islam during his last prison stint but wasn’t serious.

“James is a wannabe Muslim. He wasn’t real Muslin. He never prayed,” she said.

But during the course of the year, Maqsood kept trying to steer Cromitie down a path to jihad – giving him religious pamphlets, clothing and prayer rugs. In the end, it seemed that cash and gifts worked better.

She said Maqsood promised to get Cromitie jobs and once said he’d give him a black Mercedes Benz. On repeated occasions he gave Cromitie cameras, cash and even drugs.

“Maqsood gave him a lot of marijuana,” she said.

An FBI spokesman did not return a call for comment on the gift giving.

This supposed "terrorist" isn't really the ringleader, but this case is definintely a circus.

This supposed "terrorist" isn't really the ringleader, but this case is definintely a circus.

Oh, so the guy they used to set these four fellas up, is a trusted scam artist from previous jobs! Why would this guy who tried to bribe his way into the mosque with $25,000, be pushing so hard for jihad? It’s obvious he wasn’t a Muslim himself, so there were definitely some red flags these guys should have caught on to. Note this agent, informant, or scam artist was also passing these guys a ton of cannabis. Where did he get the cannabis for this, and why would the FBI be allowing him to distribute an illegal substance? Oh, I forgot, it’s OK for law enforcement to commit crimes in order to bribe or entrap someone else into committing one. As long as they get a patsy to lock up, it doesn’t matter what rules they break, or what level of depravity they must stoop to, in order to do so. Hell, they’ll just tack any punishment for the illegal drugs they provided on the guys they gave them to! Although I didn’t intend it, I just described America’s “war on drugs” in a nutshell. Just remember, a “war on drugs” is nothing than a war on your own peoples, by the government commissioned to serve them.

Williams’ mother, Elizabeth McWilliams, said her son fell under Maqsood’s sway in April with promises to help with medical bills for his sick brother.

“Maqsood said ‘Don’t worry brother, I am going to help with your brother’s hospital bills,'” she quoted him as saying. “This man did nothing but set these guys up.”

Baynes said she never trusted Maqsood’s intentions and that the imam at the mosque warned James to stay away from the interloper.

“James told me that the Imam said to be careful because this man is trying to recruit people to go to Pakistan,” she said. “James said he was not that crazy to do something like that.”

As Wednesday’s attack neared, Baynes said Cromitie’s mood changed.

“Lately James hasn’t been the same. He was just acting different,” she said. “All he would do all day is smoke weed and play video games with his friends [co-conspirators Williams, Laguerre Payen and Onta Williams].”

On the day of the attack, she said the men gathered and that Maqsood “looked real nervous.”

“He was standing by the car twitching,” she said.

Then, as they were about to leave, Cromitie kissed her on the cheek and promised, “Soon we are going to be all right,” she said. “I guess he meant financially he meant that we were going to be okay.”

She said a friend told her James had said he was going to be getting $50,000.

This fake terrorist was a desperate man trying to acquire a liver transplant for his brother.

This fake terrorist was a desperate man trying to acquire a liver transplant for his brother.

Now we see, it was the promise of medical care for the “ring leader’s” brother that motivated him. Not a lustful vengeance against jews, although that would be nice to see popping up everywhere. Would it be terrorism to snatch these jews up by the neck, execute their criminals, and exile the rest to the surface of the sun? Not in a million years. It’s called survival. It’s called duty, and it’s called being a patriot for your people, not your government. It’s funny to note this guy “James” was not crazy enough to follow this agent to Pakistan, but was silly enough to follow through with this hoax….I mean, horrible “terrorist” plot? That alone stinks of serious manipulation. When you realize this man was things like a Mercedes, $50,000 in cash, and even a liver transplant for his brother, along with all the other circumstances surrounding this ordeal, that there is something fishy going on here.  Desperate people are exactly who you go after if you’re looking for a patsy.  A man willing to put himself in danger to save his brother’s life, who can’t even afford his rent, was just ripe for the plucking by these demons for their wicked plot.

What’s funny is this. Regardless how ridiculous the plot, how transparent the details, how lowly and pathetic the “perpetrators”; these freakish jews will still push this tripe on the unwitting masses. Unfortunately, due to their daily “scheduled programming” on the jew tube, most of these masses will lap it up like cattle grazing on prime real estate. However, that’s not the end of the world, because of sites like this one, these hoaxes are being articulated to common folk in a manner that makes sense. So pass the link around some more or follow some of my other tips to help get the message out.

It does make a difference how many people figure this out, and how fast they do it. It’s also important how they are taught to view this world, and what kind of attitudes and actions they are taught to take against these monsters. This website will never kid you about the kinds of actions it’s going to take to rid ourselves of these parasites called jews; because action is exactly what they fear, and exactly what it’s going to take.

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