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Swine Flu, Viruses, and Vaccines

Swine Flu, Viruses, and Vaccines

With all the hoopla about swine flu and even this new strain of the fabled AIDS virus talked about in this article, one has to wonder what is going on in nature these days. Why is it that within the past year alone, numerous “new” strains and unheard of combinations of viruses are popping up all over the globe? A better question might be, does this even have anything to do with nature? We will see here in just a moment. As for the new HIV/AIDS strain, this one we are told came from, not chimpanzees, oh no, but GORILLAS this time! The very premise of people being infected with all of these so-called animal viruses is laughable at best, but these monsters will shovel any shit you will swallow, directly down your throat. Maybe they’re just hoping you’ll choke from the overload? Millions of years of “evolution”, and they want to tell us in the article above that, people coming in contact with “bush meat” is how this brand new virus jumped from monkey to man. Yeah right. I can clearly recall the jew media demeaning the black people of Africa by saying they had sex with monkeys, and this is where we got AIDS. Never forget that it doesn’t matter what color you are, we are ALL victims of the jew, and we must ALL stand together to fight them off. Note that things like this play in the psyche of other races causing disgust and racial tension, so that we’re too busy hating each other to righteously hate our common enemy.

They're fat, funny looking, and taste delicious. It's quite curious that jews hate pork so much, and this new pandemic is a direct result of the pig? Question everything.

They're fat, funny looking, and taste delicious. It's quite curious that jews hate pork so much, and this new pandemic is a direct result of the pig? Question everything.

Many of you have read my previous article about swine flu found here, where I hopefully made it clear that these things are as engineered as our financial collapse. I also made it clear that a lot of what we are seeing is fear mongering at it’s best, and I was right. Nobody is dropping like flies from this swine flu, as thus far, it has turned out to be weaker than the common cold. Interestingly enough, this swine flu also goes completely against the grain for normal viral flu strains. Instead of attacking the weaker parts of our population, namely the very young and the elderly, this one is specifically targeted to our strongest people. The adult population, meaning the ones with the most ability to resist these jews in their plot for world domination. As this story grows, I still can’t shake the feeling that these strains are simply a test run, as I said before.

In fact, it’s more likely that these amazing new flu strains are not the threat, but what would that mean? We have to try to take into account every piece of information we can get about a given topic, and make solid, logical deductions from what is available. Their methods are more important to analyze sometimes than the phenomenon they frequently present us with. In this case, it seems it would be more prudent to focus on the patterns I keep pointing out, because they use the same ones repeatedly. Problem, reaction, solution. Usually, the problem bad enough, but the solution always ends up being very bad news for the rest of us. Take for instance 911. The problem was 3,000 of our fellow country men murdered by jews, so what was the solution? Send thousands more of our finest to their death, while at the same time, having them slaughter millions of the jew’s enemies! The solution seems to be worse than the problem every time. The engineered economic collapse is another good example. The problem was the economy was going to tank overnight if we didn’t do something immediately!! The solution ended up burying us in $27 TRILLION dollars of debt, payable directly to the fucking jew, although the figure is disputed, we’re heading that way already. (source here) Before long the American dollar will be like the Japanese Yen, totally worthless. A bag a flour will cost $300,000, because dollars will be worthless, but we can dig into these topics later.

What’s important is the method. Problem, reaction, solution. So, what do we see forming in line with this repeating pattern, as far as these flu strains are concerned? Take a look at this article for a clue. You’ve got to love the cutesy little title “Ouch! Early Flu Season Shot Comes With 3 Jabs”. If you get the idea of what’s going on already, feel free to raise your hand, because most of you are used to expressing yourselves with this programmed behavior. It turns out, if you’re stupid enough to get one of these dangerous vaccines (yes, vaccines are dangerous), then you’ll get not one, but three shots this time! You’ll get a triple dose of whatever agents they decide to put into these things, and if you think the scientists creating them are benevolent, ask yourself how they got so many millions of swine flu shots ready so fast? Usually the vaccines are made a year ahead of time, which should be enough to get your ears perked up, all on it’s own. The problem is all these extremely frightening flu strains all mutating and showing up on the scene at the same time. We can see the public’s reaction, because articles about this topic generate massive traffic. The solution is to pump you full of god knows what, triple dosing those of you ignorant enough to get the shots.

Get ready to roll up your sleeve three times for flu shots this fall. That’s right, three times. This year’s flu season is shaping up to be a very different one. Most people will need one shot for the regular seasonal flu and probably two others to protect against the new swine flu.

Experts suggest you get that first shot as early as this month — if you can find it.

“We’d like to get to Job 1 and get most of it done,” said Dr. William Schaffner, a Vanderbilt University flu expert, referring to seasonal flu vaccinations.

“Get it done before we start to tackle Job 2,” the more complex task of swine flu vaccinations, he added.

The five vaccine manufacturers that supply the United States are finishing up production of seasonal flu vaccine earlier than usual. Health officials say they expect about half of the more than 120 million doses of seasonal vaccine to be available by the end of this month. Most of the rest are due out by the end of September. Some manufacturers report that distributors are quickly buying up supplies.

The prick that hurts isn't the one from the needles, it's these little pricks known as jews creating diseases and causing pandemics.

The prick that hurts isn't the one from the needles, it's these little pricks known as jews creating diseases and causing pandemics that hurts our people more than anything.

That’s right, they want to get job one out of the way quickly. This is their way of saying they want you to get injected before you have a chance to think about it. Sound familiar? This is the same thing that happened with the wars I mentioned, as well as the bail outs. They throw in a little bit of scarcity for good measure and to create urgency, because your reaction to these statements is yet another programmed behavioral response. Get it before you miss out and potentially become one of the unfortunate few. Go ahead and get used to being jabbed, get in the routine early, so that you are accustomed to taking a shot whenever they tell you that you need it. At this point, I’d be more scared of the vaccine than the flu.

Officials want to get as many people as possible vaccinated against both forms of flu, but a lot of that depends on consumers and how many trips they’ll be willing to make to get shots.

Why can’t you get one shot for all — or maybe just two?

The reasons have to do with logistics and caution.

Scientists believe the swine flu vaccine will be most effective if given in two doses, about three weeks apart, although testing is still under way to check that.

Combining swine flu and seasonal flu in one shot is theoretically possible, but it was too late to try it this year. Decisions were made last winter about what flu strains to use in this year’s seasonal vaccine, and production was too far along by the time swine flu hit in April to alter the formula.

So seasonal flu and swine flu will have to be given as separate doses, even if it’s during the same appointment.

But it’s not a matter of just giving both to whoever comes in. Supplies are expected to be limited, so the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has two different lists for who should be first to get the seasonal flu shot and who should be first to get the swine flu shot.

Officials want as many of you to take this shot as soon as possible, before it’s been thoroughly tested. Supplies will be limited, so all you lemmings get your ass in there and get shot up with these concoctions of alchemy, so there isn’t enough left for people like me. We’ll be needing all of our faculties in order to deal with the mess you fools are creating for us by obeying your masters. Obedience training is something that is usually talked about when referencing dogs, but if the shoe fits…

Health officials are haunted by the swine flu vaccine campaign in 1976, which was stopped after unexpectedly high numbers of patients suffered a paralyzing condition called Guillain-Barre Syndrome. While it’s not clear the vaccine was to blame, health officials want to carefully monitor people who get the new swine flu vaccine for any problems.

Scientists are just beginning to test the safety and effectiveness of the new swine flu vaccine, work that is expected to take months. If the seasonal flu and swine flu vaccines were given at the same sitting and some people developed health problems, it would be hard to single out which vaccine caused the problem, or whether it was the combination of them.

“How you’re going to separate that out — that’s a doozer,” said Dr. Samuel Katz, a Duke University vaccines expert, who was a developer of the measles vaccine.

So the government is looking at three shots, preferably over three visits.

That’s daunting. Over the years, the public hasn’t been great about getting even one flu shot: Just one in three U.S. adults got flu shots last year, CDC data indicate.

“To come two or three times? That’s expecting a lot, of public response,” said Katz.

Health officials traditionally kick off an autumn vaccine campaign against seasonal flu in late September or October with a news conference in Washington D.C. But this year, the news conference — which features the CDC director — has been moved up to Sept. 10.

Unofficially, the push for seasonal vaccinations begins even sooner, some health officials said.

“As soon as it becomes available, we’ll be encouraging people to get it,” said Carol Schriber, a spokeswoman for the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.

Ahh, you see! The swine flu vaccine of ’76 was dangerous as fuck, and this current one is untested. Are you sure you want to have your loved ones injected with this crap? Also note, if one of the shots causes a problem, it’s going to be hard to target exactly which one did it. Meaning, you will have no way of telling which one is the bad one, until it’s too late. It’s like Russian Roulette with vaccines. Pick your poison! Note vaccine campaigns don’t usually start until Autumn, because flu strains do not normally follow this pattern of infection during summer, and targeting the strongest portion of our population. This is just another clue that this current batch of diseases are man made abnormalities, that follow nothing close to typical virus behavior.

These jews were responsible for the black plague, the potato famine, and the modern day swine flu. Evidence shows all viruses may be man made concoctions, and we know who to blame.

These jews were responsible for the black plague, the potato famine, and the modern day swine flu. Evidence shows all viruses may be man made concoctions, and we know who to blame.

Worse than that, there is a new pneumonic plague popping up in China, which must be from Chinese people touching “bush meat”. No wait, maybe Chinese people are the ones who have sex with monkeys! Ok, I’m kidding, but this plague is killing people, and is something I’ll be watching. Notice how easy it is to go from demeaning one race to the next? This is why I say stop fighting amongst yourselves and focus on the jew. Racism is to be against JEWS ONLY.

There is an article here about this plague, just for reference. It’s possible this could be a test run of the real deal, while everyone is busy worrying about this ineffective swine flu. At this point, it’s too early to say if this is just another scare hoax, or if there is more to it, but it’s damn sure interesting to see all these new problems popping up. Knowing that jews were responsible for the black plague, this definitely gives me reason for pause. Judicial has some info on the black plague and it’s relation to these new flu strains which you can check out here. Remember, just because I link you somewhere doesn’t mean I’m endorsing them. I endorse the message I put forth, and I link to places that will give you something to chew on, which I may or may not agree with.

Now, while all this is going on, what is the federal government busy doing? Why, they are reaching out to the public school system to provide advice on this swine flu and vaccination program! If you’re not careful, these bastards will slip in the back door and inject your children with poison, leaving you no opportunity to stop it, let alone any type of recourse once it’s done.

Swine flu is expected to return when kids go back to school, and the government is hoping its new advice on when to shut down schools during an outbreak will prevent the panic and confusion that led to hundreds of school closures last spring.

The government was to issue new guidance Friday for schools to follow when swine flu strikes. Unlike regular seasonal flu, this virus has not retreated during the hot and humid summer months and so far has infected more than 1 million Americans.

“We hope no schools have to close, but realistically, some schools will close this fall,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan said this week during a forum with administration officials that was broadcast online.

The decision to close actually rests with local school officials. But those officials are looking to the federal government for advice about the new flu strain that has caused a global epidemic, or pandemic.

“The judgment will always have to be made at the local level,” Duncan said. “What we want to do is empower the local governments … to make the right decision.”

You can see they are trying to play the role of savior, but if these vaccines are untested, the last thing you want to do is have your children injected and infected with it. The idea is to make their actions sound as benevolent as possible to the unwitting masses, and it’s almost scary how well it works. They feign interest in your children’s education, because heaven forbid the indoctrination centers should be shut down for any length of time. They don’t want people to stray too far from their social programming, because that’s when people start thinking for themselves. Not only that, but they want you scared enough to get all three of those doses. What they want to do is empower the local governments to force this vaccine on you and your children. This next part of the article only reinforces what I’m saying.

In addition to new guidance for when to close, the CDC and Education Department said this week they have set up a new monitoring system to track school closures across the country.

Still up in the air is whether schools will be turned into vaccine clinics, though Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has said that seems logical. “We’re seeing schools as potential partners,” she said at the forum with Duncan.

Children are on the priority list for the first doses of swine flu vaccine, but because of time needed for testing and manufacturing, inoculations can’t begin until school has been in session for more than a month; the government is aiming for Oct. 15. Many questions remain, including whether people will need one shot or two for protection. That is in addition to the regular winter flu vaccine that is also recommended for children.

States and school districts should be preparing for the possibility of mass vaccinations, federal officials have said.

They also should make plans to keep kids learning when schools do close, Duncan said.

The CDC and Education Department are tracking closely who is effected by this, and if the indoctrination system is working hand in hand with the Contagious Disease Creators, there is good reason for worry. Note what I said, they’re already planning on turning schools into “vaccination centers”, meaning if you want your child to go to school, you’ll be forced to have these vaccinations. Children who are not “innoculated” (or should I say infected) will not be allowed on school campuses. Schools will be ready for mass vaccinations, and this is likely the explanation for the CDC’s involvement. As an afterthought, they want to make sure your kids are still learning, should schools close. The truth is, they want you to think vaccinating your children is vital, because they might miss out on indoctrination if they aren’t injected. You can clearly see, that although the young and elderly are not the ones affected by these viruses, your children are the first target. Beware….

Now that I’ve gone through the whole rant about these viruses, let me fill you in on a little something I talked about in the beginning of the article. It’s actually quite possible that all viruses are man made! This little video is great evidence of this fact, and if it’s correct, the mere fact that we suffer from a virus at all, means some evil mother fuckers are playing games with your health, and your life. Do I need to reiterate who these people are? Look at some of the names of the people being consulted on this topic by the mainstream. Needless to say, if the author of this video is correct, and I tend to think what he is saying is fairly accurate; almost every virus man experiences today, was created in a lab. Think it’s a joke? Watch the video.

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