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Spies Among Us

Spies Among Us
While Americans are busy amusing themselves, their country is being destroyed from within.

Americans caught up with their own amusement will be shocked when their country collapses.

It’s rather interesting that we have all this commotion over spies in these united states lately. What exactly is going on within some of our top governmental organizations? What do all these spies say for the competence of the people running these organizations? What does this mean for the security of our nation, and it’s people? These things are hardly ever questioned here in this country, which seems to be run more like an amusement park than a sovereign nation. The people of this nation are like the visitors to such a park. They are more concerned with entertainment, cotton candy, and balloons than they are with how the park is operated. They are more worried about getting their picture taken with Mickey Mouse, than they are about the fact that Mickey is supposed to be a male, but seems to have no problem whoring himself out in a dress for gay weddings. So, while the majority of my country is busy acting like park goers, whose only concern is which ride to get on next, or which stand sells the sugary, fried elephant ears; the curators are free to do whatever it is they wish.

Recently, we had a couple of spies or infiltraitors from AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) exonerated of all their crimes against our once great nation, simply because jews are allowed to spy on any country they see fit. Seeing how they control the government at all levels, control the judicial system and more, it’s no wonder they get let off with no consequences for their actions. If you read this article you might be silly enough to believe the jew who wrote it when he says:

For some, this initiative was almost too late. Ask Keith Weissman and Steve Rosen, two Middle East policy experts who were investigated and charged with espionage for disclosing what the indictment frighteningly labeled “classified national defense information,” but which turned out to be Middle East policy information that had already appeared in this and other newspapers. In their case, overclassification meant five years of investigative hell, loss of their jobs and exclusion from their occupational world. It also came close to meaning prison.

Sure thing, these jews were caught spying on our government, and sending information back to Israel, but instead of hanging the bastards, this jew wants us to feel sorry for them. These poor little jews lost their jobs, and almost went to jail. How horrible! Never again, right?!?! This was just a simple case of “over classifying” national defense information. What kind of ridiculous sentiment is that? Since our national defense is the number ONE job of the federal government, I would say there’s no chance of “over classifying” information regarding this subject. The truth is, these AIPAC  jews were crawling all over Washington for years on end. The FBI was monitoring their activity for FIVE YEARS alone, so how much classified information passed off to Israel before they were monitored, is something we’ll never know.

This monster faced bitch would do whatever her handlers told her, but is now famous for the line "this conversation doesn't exist".

This monster faced bitch would do whatever her handlers told her, but is now famous for the line "this conversation doesn't exist".

For five years, the two men, at the time employees of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, known as AIPAC, went about their daily business, unaware that the FBI was taping their every conversation. These two U.S. citizens were monitored doing exactly what their job demanded of them: discussing Middle East policy with U.S. government officials, and using what they learned to promote a pro-Israel American foreign policy. Their sincere belief was that a close alliance with Israel was in the United States’ best interests. Well known in the foreign policy establishment of our nation’s capital, they were sought out because of their extensive knowledge of Middle East matters pertaining to Israel, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, the Palestinians and beyond. As much as they wanted to talk to government officials, these same government officials wanted to talk to them.

Yes indeed, they thought it was in the best interests of world jewry to stick their nose into every facet of American defense, and middle east policy. The article states that these two were U.S. citizens, doing exactly what their job demanded: screwing over America in favor of Israel. Glad to hear they were citizens, because that means they are guilty of treason, the punishment for which, is DEATH. How the fuck does any good American citizen get to thinking that a close alliance with ANY other country is a good idea? Does the word “sovereignty” mean anything in today’s world? What would our forefathers have to say about such a thing?

“Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations–entangling alliances with none, I deem [one of] the essential principles of our government, and consequently [one of] those which ought to shape its administration.” – Thomas Jefferson: 1st Inaugural Address, 1801

So, where did this jew get the idea that we should have any kind of alliance with a foreign nation? What exactly was America founded for, if not to release our people from the yoke of foreign interests? In light of the previous quote, I would say there is absolutely no excuse for this behavior. There is just no way you can slice it that relieves these men of the death sentences they deserve. I don’t advocate violence here, but I do advocate “we the people” handling traitors and infiltrators that our government refuses to handle for us.

These two jews passed information to Israel, but in the end, never even stood trial for treason.

These two jews passed information to Israel, but in the end, never even stood trial for treason.

Taking care of issues like this is one of their main purposes, so should they ignore these duties, they are not only corrupt, but void of any power and influence. When these officials step outside of the law and free, what could be considered criminals who represent a greater threat to America than standing armies, they by default, discredit and destroy their own positions as servants of our people. They are clearly serving foreign interests, which in turn, makes them guilty of treason as well. This is exactly how the American people need to view these things. These officials are no longer acting as our government, they are acting as agents of foreign interests. The way to understand this is that the “authority” these people and agencies possess, does not exist any more.

No bribes, no lies, no theft, no documents, just policy talk. If Rosen and Weissman were guilty of espionage, then so are most of the journalists, lobbyists and foreign policy experts in Washington D.C. and beyond. In 2005, Rosen and Weissman were indicted under the 1917 Espionage Act, an almost-never used relic of World War I. The crime charged was repeating to others — AIPAC colleagues, journalists, and Israeli officials — what was shared with them by high-level officials in the State Department, Defense Department and the National Security Council. (Interestingly, with but one exception, none of the various government officials who allegedly acted illegally in sharing this “classified national defense information” with Rosen and Weissman was arrested or charged. Indeed, in one case, the disclosing official was promoted numerous times to the highest levels of government during the time Rosen and Weissman’s case was pending).

Of course there were no bribes. The jew sayanim doesn’t need bribed. They will autonomously do whatever is needed for the good of the tribe. No lies? Now, that’s hard to swallow coming from a jew. In fact, I choked when I read it. No theft…..still choking. No documents, probably not. There are many other ways to pass information than having actual documents in one’s hands. Memorization is one technique, so is photographing documents, or electronic transmission of information. Above we are given the cue to forget about their crimes, simply because the charges were based on a law these jews consider nothing more than a “relic”. Commit a crime against a jew, and see how many “relics” you get charged with. Sharing information with a foreign government is treason and we already have laws in place for that. No doubt, the quote I mentioned above is considered just a “relic”, as are our founding documents like the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, by these jews.

The prosecutors said that the information was classified and its disclosure “might” damage national security. Not “will,” not “probably will,” not “likely will,” but “might.” The government then brought the espionage charges while successfully pressuring AIPAC to fire Rosen and Weissman and cut off the funding of their multi-million dollar defense, an act which the trial judge later labeled “unquestionably obnoxious” and “fraught with the risk of constitutional harm.”

No sense trying to keep secrets when the enemy holds top secret clearances.

No sense trying to keep secrets when the enemy holds top secret clearances.

What exactly is the point of having classified information, if it’s just hunky fucking dory, that foreign lobbyists should share it with foreign nations? Why bother classifying the information if it’s supposedly, already been printed by the press? The fact that so-called “American citizens” would be working for foreign lobbies should make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, but the idea that they were only sharing information that was public is ridiculous. It “might” damage national security? Sure, it “might” just be that sharing any information with foreign lobbies is worthy of death. It “might” just be that working for foreign lobbies, while calling one’s self a “citizen” of these united states, is also worthy of death. It “might” just be that the slightest inclination of this type of behavior is worthy of death. Treason and espionage should be one of the most closely watched, and drastically punished crimes.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. You want legitimate government that acts like an obedient servant, then it’s high time we plant a special oak tree on the lawn of the white house, and string it with a barbed wire noose. On the steps of congress, we build a splendidly beautiful guillotine with a dull blade. In front of the pentagon, we build a pyre of wood with a steak at it’s center, and we keep the gasoline and matches in good supply. You can think this is a joke, but until there are serious consequences, which are meted out, not only frequently, but without hesitation, you will never find obedience in any of your “servants”. For these are not your servants, but your masters, who mete out harsh judgments against your people on a daily basis.

So, you think these jews were simply chatting it up with their buddies in Israel, about the long hard days spent on Capitol Hill? They’re just shooting the breeze about classified information, which is supposedly printed in our newspapers anyway. Move along, nothing to see here folks! The article wants us to believe that none of these “high level officials” who shared information with their jew buddies would have been indicted, and that’s probably true. What the article doesn’t tell you is these little jew monsters likely threatened hundreds of politicians, whom they are sure to already have damaging information about, with being taken down should the trial against these traitors go on. Even the judges response to their massive defense funding being cut off shows his complicity in the matter.

These rat faced yids passed secrets through Cuba to Israel for thirty years undetected.

These rat faced yids passed secrets through Cuba to Israel for thirty years undetected.

If you really believe these jews were doing nothing dangerous, look at this more recent case of two jews spying for Cuba. In this article, we see that another married couple, again calling themselves “citizens” of these united states, were passing secrets to Cuba for thirty years! Named Walter Kendall Myers and Gwendolyn Steingraber Myers, a cursory search shows that both Myers and Steingraber are common jewish names, and this is likely why, for thirty years, not once did anyone notice anything out of the ordinary. With all these jew spies showing up in the press recently, it makes one wonder. Are they simply tossing a few to the wolves that are no longer useful? This isn’t really likely, but jews will do so, if it means covering up something much larger. Or, is it likely that those of us who are against this jew infestation have help in high places? I doubt there is much, if any, of that anymore, but it’s possible. What’s most likely though is that somehow these suckers are getting caught, and it’s getting too difficult to cover up, so some must be thrown to the wolves to subdue their hunger.

The important thing to realize is, there are enemies in our midst, and they are everywhere. They are perpetrating and getting away with, the most heinous types of crimes imaginable. Not to mention, these crimes are some which constitute a more dangerous threat to our security, than any “terrorist” with a bomb strapped to his chest. You are going to need the right mindset to deal with these creatures, and the solutions I outlined above are not just a silly joke. You need to be strong in your convictions, and even stronger in convicting and executing these soulless criminals. Also note the charges.  Never is it a charge of treason, but things like wire fraud, and serving as an illegal agent of a foreign government.  YOU try passing secrets to another country and see how long till you get a ride in an electric chair.

Kendall Myers and Gwendolyn Steingraber Myers operated for thirty years untouched.  Lucky for these two they have their jewish lawyer, Thomas Green, ready to step in and save the day. How many more are out there, just like them? These jews did just what I mentioned about the AIPAC spies. They memorized documents, so that they could pass on the information, without getting caught with evidence in hand. Assistant Attorney General for National Security David Kris said their spying for the communist Cuba was an “incredibly serious” threat. Well, no shit, Sherlock! So, why is it that the jews spying for AIPAC are not a threat? How long till this one gets hushed up, or how many years before it even comes close to a trial? How many others will operate with impunity, now that the focus is on spies from Cuba instead of spies from Israel? It seems this could be a perfect distraction for AIPAC and other jew infiltrators.

What’s interesting to note, is just like the AIPAC case, this couple received very little money for their efforts. Instead, they professed a love for Cuba and it’s communist government. Sounds just like a typical jew sayanim. No need for payment, because the jew sayanim will always come to the aid of jew world domination. The tribe always comes first, and Marxist communism is a beloved ideology for these monsters, who consider Cuba “home”. I say the same thing I say to any jew when it comes to that. If “home” isn’t here, get the fuck out! However, I’m not in denial that these parasites have no plans of leaving.

The Myerses lived in a luxury co-op complex in Northwest Washington that over the years was home to Cabinet members, judges, congressmen and senators, including the late Barry Goldwater.

Seems the Myers were living it up with a bunch of other jews who infest our government. No wonder it was so easy to spy on America for thirty years. They passed these secrets around to each other like they pass bloody matzoh balls around the table at passover. Weekend barbecues dining on helpless gentile children, and foo-foo drinks served with umbrellas, were likely a great time for them to gather and share secrets.

Kendall Myers first worked for the State Department as a lecturer at the Foreign Service Institute and later as a European analyst in the department’s intelligence arm, the Bureau of Intelligence and Research, from 2000 until his retirement in October 2007.

The indictment says in his last year of employment, Kendall Myers viewed more than 200 intelligence reports related to Cuba.

Also from another article here:

“It’s a serious compromise,” said one U.S. official, who compared it to the breaches by Pentagon spy-for-Cuba Ana Montes and FBI agent-turned-Russian-spy Robert Hanssen.

Kendall Myers, now 72, was recruited by spies in Cuba’s UN mission on Manhattan’s Lexington Ave. while he worked at the State Department’s Arlington, Va., language school in 1978. The Ph.D. expert on Europe also taught at Johns Hopkins, Georgetown and George Washington Universities.

He worked his way up the career ladder – though his Cuban handlers urged him to join the CIA – and eventually became a Europe analyst in the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research. There, he had one of the highest security clearances: Top Secret-Sensitive Compartmented Information.

Prosecutors said in the year prior to his 2007 retirement, Myers downloaded the crown jewels on Cuba – 200 “sensitive or classified intelligence reports.”

These jews were able to work their way into some of the most secure positions in this country, and then simply pass secrets to whoever they wanted. For thirty years, this old couple accessed and shared top secret information with an outside source, but why Cuba, and why is this only coming to light now? It’s like I mentioned earlier. Cuba is a communist country, and communism, like democracy, is just another jew construct for control. The truth is, this information was probably passed directly to Israel. However, with the timing of this, I’m betting this is meant to be a distraction for the AIPAC spies. You couldn’t ask for a better distraction either. With the cold war division between the U.S. and Cuba, if everyone’s attention is on “Cuban spies”, those passing information directly to Israel will quickly become a distant memory.  Why isn’t anyone watching the actions of people who have access to sensitive materials? Why aren’t the networks this information is contained on watched closer to see who accesses what, and when?  My guess, somebody was simply looking the other way.  They know exactly who accesses what, and what is done with said materials.

Hang these jews, and let the kids beat them like a pinata! This is how you teach people not to cross you, and teach future generations how to deal with traitors and infiltrators.

Hang these jews, and let the kids beat them like a pinata! This is how you teach people not to cross you, and teach future generations how to deal with traitors and infiltrators.

You want my opinion? Hang every last one of the bastards. American, Cuban, Israeli, I don’t give a shit who they are. Hang those fuckers in PUBLIC with a barbed wire noose. Start executing those who shit on you, and you’ll quickly realize that nobody wants to get caught shitting on you any more. If your government refuses to handle these things properly, it’s up to YOU to do it, or you have NO reason to complain. In fact, when your government refuses to handle these criminals, THEY become criminals by association themselves, and should be handled in the same manner. Remember “we the people”?  Well, we the people are responsible for this mess, and we can’t ignore it any longer.

100 people on a street corner with bullhorns, poster board signs, and CD’s to pass out will only garner a smirk and a snicker from their masters.  However, 100,000 pissed off Americans marching on Capitol Hill with torches and pitchforks would bring about real “change”, real fast; and make it very clear who the real masters are. Think it’s a joke, but this is the ONLY thing they fear; and they’re banking on the fact that YOU fear doing it, more than they fear having it done. So far, you’ve proved them right, America. Forget due process for these monsters, they run the process. You’ve got to come up with another way to deal with them. They want your guns, and they want your mouth shut. However, by taking steps to silence people, and rid them of their weapons; they have exposed their hand to you, and shown you exactly what it takes to defeat them.  You hold the trump card so, don’t fold before you deploy it.


    Great post.

    Those Jews who were recently caught spying for Cuba make me wonder if Cuba hasn’t been controlled by Jewish Communists ever since Castro took over in the late 1950s?

    And if you look at the list of ‘Americans’ who were caught spying for the USSR, they are almost ALL Jewish Communists or confirmed allies of the Jewish Communists; just look at these simple lists and notice how they read like a SINagogue membership list:

  2. What’s up, Adam? Glad to see you’re posting some more great stuff. I’m traveling around (where I mentioned) and looking for a JEW-free zone. So far, they don’t seem to exist.

    • Yes, it’s like putting bacteria in a petri dish, and then trying to find a corner of the dish with no bacteria a few days later. Although the gestation period for the infestation of jews to propagate completely was quite a bit longer, it doesn’t excuse the fact that now the dish must be inoculated against the infection.

  3. Israel Threatens Punishment Against the US“;punishment”-against-the-us/

    “Israel leveling sanctions against the United States”–It sounds like a skit on Saturday Night Live or some theme in a science fiction story that defies all known norms of reality.

    Nevertheless, that is exactly what has been proposed recently by at least one well-known minister of Knesset, Yossi Peled of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party…

    (I couldn’t read this with a straight face. Can you?)

  4. Digipatd says:


  5. <>

    Didn’t work for the “Bonus Army” during the depression. MacArthur and the US Army ran themm down with tanks. 100,000 of them. It wasn’t until almost all of them were long dead before the bonus promised them was paid.

  6. Israel has been leveling sanctions on the u.s. for 100 years, they’ve just been calling it legislation. laugh now. that’s the major problem with folks. the real u. s. and the u.s. in their heads are two different places.

  7. I believe the brainwashing has different levels of success in the U.S. Here in Los Angeles, the number of people I have been able to inform, and/or assist in learning the depth of alien penetration and control is slightly higher than zero, and that person came here from Commnist Hungary about 20 years ago.

    I have friends who are Vietnam veterans who dismiss me as a slightly deluded crank.

    My sister and her husband lost the major percentage of their life savings/investmets in the last two years of jew financial chicanery, had to alter their lifestyle (fewer trips abroad etc.) and curtail spending, yet they adamantly ignore my carefully written primers and explanation of the Fed, phony the Wall St. paper values, and the total jew control of all aspects of banking worldwide. They do not care in the least.

    I have basically arrived at the conclusion, the majority of adult, financially solvent, seemingly well educated Americans are 100% uncaring, unimformed, dolts. Witness the government assisted (billion$$ I hear) procurement of “converter boxes” so they can watch the newest digital jooteevee.

    Back in the 90’s, as I delved deep into the insane government policies and big Pharma. Much time and energy learning in the most damning facts, all totally documented from around the world, regarding the true effects of childhood vaccines, itself a sick, brain damaging, immune system short circuiting, often lethal (they call it SIDS) total jew designed run fraud.
    I tried to educate and awaken friends and public alike, believing all one had to do was present the absolute, overwhelming documentation of harm and malfeasance, and people would awaken. You know, the line “mothers love for their children” and “protecting the children.” Right.

    I was met with scorn and hostility from 99.9% of the people to whom I offered my carefully selected package of “literature” Friends with newborn grandchildren, young married, or young female relatives ALL refused to read, or even acknowledge there was some a problem. In this course of endeavor, I met no less that 4 women whose “autistic” children had caused the ruin of their marriages, yet they all dismissed my info as a waste of their time.

    This was somewhat confusing at the time. I now understand how deeply brainwashing can sink into the human mind.
    Witness the 30 million plus “dispensational Zionist Christians” praising Israel, even in the face of murder and cruelty upon the Palestinians. And, the Jews brag openly in their secular literature, they crucified Jesus Christ, and curse him in the foulest language in their Satanic Talmud.

    The vast majority of American troops went along with jew Eisenhowers murderous “Operation Keelhaul” starving to death near 2 million German prisoners of war.

    Yes, I do live in Los Angeles county, home of Beverly Hills, which the jews secretly call “the Third Settlement”, and brainwashing may have reached it’s apex in this now majority non-White city, but is this not a considerable problem; millions upon millions of Brain-dead, American citizens?

    I have a gut feeling, the country will ultimately be disolved into a 1920’s Bolshevik Russia killing field, multiple millions dead, combined with a Germany style incineration via nukes, as the demons unleash foreign troops upon this land. When that free-for-all comes, and it will, those with the true mind will finally prevail.

    Is this now the JewSofA?

    • Ahh yes, apathy. Nothing new there. It seems many men greater than myself have faced this same problem for time immemorial.

      We are indeed headed quickly towards a scene just like Bolshevik Russia, and it is this reason I use that example so often, because it WILL happen. In fact, I can quite confidently say, there is no stopping it. However, it’s not going to go over so easy for these demons this time. Our numbers and awareness ARE growing, and I guarantee when all is said and done, these jews lose the game. However, we may find that we also lose a very large percentage of our populations at the same time. In my opinion, it will be a great cleansing. The jew will finally push too far, and we will have open season on their asses. At the same time, they will weed out and kill most of the apathetic twits that gave them their power base to begin with.

      The jews know as well as I do that this will not end in their favor, but these are relentless, soulless little demons, and they WILL NOT STOP at any cost. I say let the fray begin!

      • Your posts and site are excellent…I hope you win in the USA because the English are the subhuman retards who founded your colony and they worship Satans Yehudim,belive me…as you say,though,slowly but surely,it’s coming on top for them.

  8. “Haavara (Transfer) was a company established in 1935 as the the result of an agreement between the Jewish Agency (the official Jewish executive in Palestine) and the Nazi regime. The agreement was designed to facilitate Jewish emigration to Palestine.”

    Mr. Furguson, why not start a blog that kind of copies the idea of the USS Liberty challenge. Select a few points of scientific data that are irrefuteable and start with $1.00 of your own money. Challenge anyone who can refute all points will win the money. If you don’t want to work with a pot of money then maybe you can allow people to “pledge” money towards the pot, but they should at least provide date of pledge, initials, and city state of where they are from, and email address (hidden). If you cannot do this then I hope someone else will pick this kind of idea and develop it better.

  9. For the Aussies in the military, or those that have friends or family in the Australian military, take notice that jews will control the command, control and communications of that force. This is exactly what these jewish infiltrators do. Take over every aspect of everything.,7340,L-3863332,00.html

    This is the type of action that allows them to run around in Iraq and Afghanistan dressed as arabs killing Americans and other forces unmolested. If they control the flow of information on the battlefield, the amount of spying and false flag ops they can pull is limitless.

    They are 5th columnists, and need to be treated as such.

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