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SN Needs Your Help

SN Needs Your Help
When nobody is on stage, it's because the real work takes place behind the curtain.

When nobody is on stage, it's because the real work takes place behind the curtain.

Updates may not always be lightning fast here at Subverted Nation, and I may not always cover every topic. The mountain of propaganda thrown us has a purpose. To make it near impossible to sift through, and counter all of it. However, I make an effort to touch on topics that others rarely do, and make the kinds of statements that many are afraid to make. I attempt to bring you things that others haven’t, or at least bring you a fresh view that you can’t find anywhere else.

That said, while nothing is happening on the front end of this site, something is always going on behind the scenes. I am active offline networking with people, coordinating projects (many of which you will see the results of soon), and developing new things to further the message about the jew.

Currently, I have some projects cooking on the back burners that require help. I am in dire need of a qualified, competent sound technician or sound engineer, to help on a number of different projects. If you have skills in producing professional sounding audio tracks, background music, and effects, contact me today. I can put you to work doing something USEFUL to help fight this parasite off, and free our nation. You can stay completely anonymous and behind the scenes, while making a MAJOR contribution to the destruction of this criminal network. What more could one ask for?

People with technical skills are needed to help fight the jewish crime network.

People with technical skills are needed to help fight the jewish crime network.

If you KNOW a professional sound engineer who is wise to the jewish problem, and would like to help, have them contact me. If you have other skills to offer, please let me know. Web design, editorial skills, graphic arts, video editing, etc. If you have information or articles, please do send them along. I review everything people send me, even if I don’t report on them.  This is an information, propaganda, and psychological warfare operation.  We are waging war against massively funded “Info Warriors” and people like Alex Jones.  We are fighting a war for the minds of our people, and to do so, we need help, and resources.

You, the reader of this site, are as important as I am for writing it all. Those whom it impacts the most usually share it which in turn affects others. There’s no need to feel like our struggle is helpless. It’s time to feel like everyone can do something about it. Pass links to this website and others like it around the web. Post them on forums, message boards. Or post them as replies to other people’s articles on their websites. Put links in your youtube, myspace, facebook, twitter or any other services where you have a profile and can leave a link. Use the links in your signature on your forum posts. If you find an article that matches a topic here, leave a direct link to SN’s article. Help find the people who can help us push this message further. Even if you’re not in the public eye, active people are where activism starts.

  1. I’m catching a flight in 4 hours but I wanted to let you know that I can try to contribute some one the information/propaganda education side of things. I just finished a course which was promoting the scientific dictatorship which Huxley, Russell, Skinner and others have dreamed about. To be blunt, it’s fucking insane to be reading this kind of stuff as course work _IF_ you also read the stuff these guys pushed in other WAY more controversial work. It’s sad that none of my peers seemed to be aware of this. I think most of them took the bait they were offered and now they would openly support what was pushed while remaining ignorant of ulterior motives. *shrug*

  2. That’s great, Whitey.

    I am not familiar with sound equipment, but help hire one (as long as he isn’t a jew) 🙂

    How much could it cost? I’ll just see you at the range!

  3. Maynard says:

    I know this is off topic but I don’t know of another way to contact the author of this site. I have served in the military with blacks and spanics. I have lived in poor neighborhoods with feral blacks and a few spanics. I agree that the jew is the enemy of all races but I am still a “white separatist”. Whites need a homeland (habitat). All species and subspecies need habitat (and niches) to call their own or they will cease to exist! We are being run off of our ancestral lands as well as “America” (founded by whites), Australia etc. Black on white crime is far greater than the other way around. It still turns my stomach when I see a black man and a pretty white woman (or any white woman) with the trailing “Obama Babies”! First and foremost, we are animals! “Birds of a feather, flock together”! I don’t hate other races, I just don’t want to live with them! I do not like their behavior! I have talked with several blacks (football players at a local college) about the jews and they agree with me. All of these blacks that I have talked to are not “feral” but can carry on an intelligent conversation. I am a “geezer”, so I grew up with blacks before “Civil Rights”. I knew many “good” blacks. The former coach of the Indianapolis Colts (his name evades me), a black man, is a “nice guy”. He was from Minnesota where I lived for 20 years. His son, committed suicide. His son had a white girlfriend (Snow Whore) and he had a web site spouting hate toward whites. Even the “good” one’s have bad offspring. The same with the jews, except, that genetically, they are the People Of the Lie!

    I am sorry for rambling but I will remain a white separatist and will treat non-whites with kid gloves. I will not deliberately go out and hurt them, but I will defend myself, my family and my race against them!

    • Sorry, your post got caught by the spam filter, but it’s I caught it, and think it deserves to get posted. I totally understand your position, and I respect it 100%. This website is not about multi-culturalism, because that is designed to dilute ALL cultures and races. My ONLY goal is to unite ALL of us against the jew, and nothing more. I simply want us to put our differences aside and focus on ONE simple target together. If we do this, we ALL get a better world. If our focus is unified against the jew, they can NOT stop us. We do not have a right to freedom, we have a duty to fight for it. I will fight for YOUR freedom as much as a man of any other race, and all I ask is they do the same.

      Thanks for commenting, because honesty of this nature is what our world needs. It’s OK to feel the way you do, and it’s OK if other races feel that way too. What is NOT ok is for us to continue animosity towards each other, when most of it is designed and fostered by the same enemy. It’s not OK for us to ignore the source of this issue, or to let our personal opinions and beliefs get in the way of dealing with the root of the issue.

      So stick around, because your loyalty to the cause is what matters. Regardless of race or any other factor…the only race we need to worry about is the genetic mistake called the jew.

  4. Subverted Nation:

    “The mountain of propaganda thrown us has a purpose.” Speaking of which:

    Jew Tricks Alert:

    This looks to me like yet another Jew set up to foment war against not only the Pakistinians, but also entire Muslim nations as a whole, while garnering a lot sympathy for the Jews, whose public relations image is – not looking to great right now.

    This article in the NY Daily News below is replete with Jew tricks….e.g. ‘blowing a plane up’ (that’s an old Jew terrorist false flag modus operandi). Here’s another Jew trick ‘bombing synagogues’. I would not be surprised if these MF’s do indeed find some useful idiots to carry out a plan similiar to this garner sympathy for the Jews and Jew Crime Network.

    Uneffing believable.

    Useful idiots arrested

    “Will the FBI fool anybody of importance into believing that those idiots are terrorists? Years ago the criminal Jews could instigate wars, attack Navy ships, and blow up office buildings, but lately all they’ve been doing is idiotic crimes, such as setting up these idiots to be arrested as terrorists. Finally, after centuries, their crime network is failing, so don’t ruin this opportunity to get rid of them. Encourage people to help us expose and stop this network!”

    Just an FYI – maybe you would like to run an article about this on Subverted Nation……just a thought.

    • Yes, I have an article in the works about this fake attack on jews. Should be up some time tonight. I almost put it up this morning, but was too tired, so it’ll be here soon.

  5. No problem Subverted Nation. ‘Hope you were able to get some much needed rest and relaxation.

  6. I have a small recording studio and am quite proficient at recording and mixing/mastering sounds and music.Tell me what you need done and I will gladly offer my services if you still require someone.

    • Well, I may indeed need some help, but at this point recording audio on my end is a problem keeping me from accomplishing too much. I would like some help putting together a very nice, professional sounding intro for my good ole boy broadcasts, using the same tune of course…please email me so we can discuss this.

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