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SN Good Ole Boy Broadcast #2

SN Good Ole Boy Broadcast #2

You can’t handle it.  I’m telling you right now, most of you will not be able to stomach what is in this audio file.  If you have a weak stomach, don’t play the fucking audio.  If you have a weak constitution, don’t bother listening.  If you are not a man (or woman) of principle, who is truly ready to give no quarter, don’t listen to what I’m saying. I guarantee the heads are going to roll when this audio starts spreading. If you are a hero worshipper, which many of you are, don’t listen to the audio, because I absolutely crush some of your heroes.  I can see the people who get what I’m saying, and I can also see the jews in an absolute fucking frenzy over my other audios.  Get this straight before you listen.  This is NOT a debate.  I am NOT asking your opinion.  I don’t give two shits what your opinion is.  I am putting down the truth the way it needs to be done.  I say all the things most of you are scared fucking shitless to say, and I give no quarter to ANY jew OR their “supporters”.  Don’t come crying to me when you realize I smashed your happy little reality, because it will fall on deaf ears.  Don’t ask me to clarify what I’m saying, I already did, and it’s in the audio below.  Enjoy, or go cry in a corner somewhere.  Myself, I will enjoy the weeps and moans of those who’s feelings I hurt, and the jews when they realize how hard I’m hitting their asses.

Oh yeah, ADULT CONTENT for all you girly men. Don’t listen to this in front of the kids.

Topics covered: No Quarter, Reader Comments/jew comments, Heroes and hero worship, Leadership, Revolutionaries, Good jews/bad jews, REAL solutions, misleading jews, Georgia Guidestones, indoctrination centers (schools), feminism, infiltrators, activism, and much, much more.

UPDATE: The link now points to a slightly better version of the audio that should remove most of the static and background noise. Report any problems you find with this file, thanks.

Click HERE to listen. Or right click, and click “save target as” to download.

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  1. Anyone who thinks Eric Huffshit is a person to follow is fucked in the head. This twerp has been outed as a sexual freak and disinfo jew. You did a good job getting in his face. He smears anybody and everybody that has anything who says boo about jews. He fucked up messing with you.

    I have been following this whole fight for years and you are right on about the divide and conquer tech. There is way too much of this shit. I found your site from a post on but you called DBS a kike and it’s taboo to this board. Ognir is a but like for DBS, who also did audio files with Mike Delaney and JAM.
    Spot on we need 50,000 or more to sand strong for a common purpose.

  2. I’ve been looking forward to this since the last one.
    Also, I recently recieved notice that my copy of Basic Training is
    on the way! You’re the only one I know that’s laying it down like this. Thank you.

    The American Revolutionary War was fought over a lesser Tyranny than the one we presently endure. It’s time.

  3. It is about time for a brutally honest assault on the jews and telling people how it is and not asking their opinion. If anyone had any good ideas other than what you speak about exactly where are those ideas in print or video?

    People have been playing games with cardboard signs for way too long…shit IS NOT going to change until you rip the cardboard off the silly sign post and put a steel tip on the wood and put it to good use.

    I am sick of the cowards saying that violence never solves anything! Really? Violence solves everything and it is the only path left to us. These demon spawn are not going to leave our shores willingly so how exactly are these marbled mouthed, dickless, pacifists planning to get rid of the jew? With a bunch of silly signs asking them to leave…or we’ll all get real mad? Give me a fucking break. The only way these creatures are going anywhere is at gunpoint. If we have to we will get old ships like the Queen Mary seaworthy again, fill it till it’s about to sink and then have it set sail for the NEW Zion in Elephant Bay, Antarctica.

    Personally I would like to sink whole fleets of such ships deep at sea and help create artificial reefs and also plenty of chow for the crustaceans down there.


  4. WatchTheJewWiggle says:

    Hitler was the ONLY modern leader to go after these parasitic devils and act with integrity, courage and honor.

    We must look to Germany/Hitler as how to deal with these parasites, but take the step even they refused (contrary to the Holocaust Communist Jew bullshit). Russia and Palestine have suffered from this disease for over 60 years; we can either follow in their footsteps or those of true men of courage & integrity, Germans.

    Let us honor those brave men who died fighting the Parasitic JEWS.

    JUDENREIN! (clean of Jews)

  5. Bro – I listened to this as I lay in my bed last night.

    I went to sleep with a huge smile on my face.

    That was kickass, bro.

  6. If anyone has not yet read Martin Luther’s ‘On The Jews and Their Lies’, please, read it. Luther looked at these parasites with a ‘spiritual’ microscope. It is all clear in Luther’s essay.

  7. That would have been my post giving subverted nation a plug at theinfounderground. I do what I can to increase the networking between people/forums with overlapping interests/attitudes. TIU is a very useful site but it has been a little weak on the use of arms. Increasing our networking and pulling in newcomer’s is going to be critical so when you attempt to do this, you need to know your target audience, and consider the best approach. There are still some heavily brainwashed fools who will recoil at the mention of Jews; however, they may have the will and comprehension that things are wrong. For these folks, it is my opinion as one familiar with behavior analysis, that these folks must be GRADUALLY brought to the understanding of the nature of the jews(point out the banking problems, point out the organ theft trade, stick to tangible things, then move on to things like the Talmud). Time is short, but we DO NOT want to alienate our brainwashed brothers. Those of us who have the blinders off will lead the way for those who are still suffering systemic life-long attitude conditioning.

    • Hey whitey. I appreciate you posting the link, and I could see your comments, which made you look like the only sensible one.

      Remember, ALL publicity is good publicity. Controversy is GREAT! Let these fools believe what they like, they’re driving traffic here! Start a few more threads and let them fly with their bs, it works in my favor no matter what they say. It’s like Hufshit. If he was trying to marginalize me, he shouldn’t have posted links here and given me more traffic. The REAL HUMANS that see these things will do just like you. They will look and see that there is no bullshit to what’s going on over here. The jews like anarchore will purposely lash out because they are SCARED shitless that people will actually listen to me.

      That said and out of the way, realize that this website is HARDCORE on PURPOSE. What you see here is more calculated than it may seem on the surface. It is purposely meant to chase away certain individuals because I am targeting a very specific niche. I’m not exactly concerned with reaching each and every person, although every one we do reach is a major WIN for us. So rock on man! 😉

  8. I love a good rant, and you certainly got the knack for it, your first 2 audios are classic, I literally laughed out loud at some of the smack-downs you’ve been dropping. Keep up the good work!

  9. Louis from Montreal says:

    Sorry for posting so much, but as I wrote in a previous post this site is new to me and I am just simply overjoyed with having stumbled upon it. I will, and have already, spread the word, you can be sure of that.

  10. Actaully Adam it’s Amanda Peterson in the movie can’t buy me love not Alicia Silverstone.

    • Yeah, you’re right. I don’t know why I thought it was her. I had to go look after you said that. Oh well, the point still remains. This Alicia Silverstone freakazoid chews up food and spits it into her baby’s mouth. That’s fucking sick.

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