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SN Good Ole Boy Broadcast #2

SN Good Ole Boy Broadcast #2

You can’t handle it.  I’m telling you right now, most of you will not be able to stomach what is in this audio file.  If you have a weak stomach, don’t play the fucking audio.  If you have a weak constitution, don’t bother listening.  If you are not a man (or woman) of principle, who is truly ready to give no quarter, don’t listen to what I’m saying. I guarantee the heads are going to roll when this audio starts spreading. If you are a hero worshipper, which many of you are, don’t listen to the audio, because I absolutely crush some of your heroes.  I can see the people who get what I’m saying, and I can also see the jews in an absolute fucking frenzy over my other audios.  Get this straight before you listen.  This is NOT a debate.  I am NOT asking your opinion.  I don’t give two shits what your opinion is.  I am putting down the truth the way it needs to be done.  I say all the things most of you are scared fucking shitless to say, and I give no quarter to ANY jew OR their “supporters”.  Don’t come crying to me when you realize I smashed your happy little reality, because it will fall on deaf ears.  Don’t ask me to clarify what I’m saying, I already did, and it’s in the audio below.  Enjoy, or go cry in a corner somewhere.  Myself, I will enjoy the weeps and moans of those who’s feelings I hurt, and the jews when they realize how hard I’m hitting their asses.

Oh yeah, ADULT CONTENT for all you girly men. Don’t listen to this in front of the kids.

Topics covered: No Quarter, Reader Comments/jew comments, Heroes and hero worship, Leadership, Revolutionaries, Good jews/bad jews, REAL solutions, misleading jews, Georgia Guidestones, indoctrination centers (schools), feminism, infiltrators, activism, and much, much more.

UPDATE: The link now points to a slightly better version of the audio that should remove most of the static and background noise. Report any problems you find with this file, thanks.

Click HERE to listen. Or right click, and click “save target as” to download.

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