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SN Gets a New Look

SN Gets a New Look

Hope you enjoy the new look and layout of Subverted Nation.  You can all look forward to a lot more controversy, a lot more hard hitting analysis, and a lot more ideas and information to help us along on our mission.  Some people would like it if we all just gave up and dissipated, but that’s not going to happen for 2010.  This year the jews are likely to push their murderous thuggery to new levels, and so it is that SN and it’s followers will push our efforts to a new level.

Come and join us in this fight.  The information war is, for the time being, the front lines of the battle.  Help us spread the message far and wide, because every OUNCE of our efforts are making a difference.  The jews are trying to fuck with the natural order of things, but there is a balance that must be achieved.  Unfortunately for them, they have pushed the balance a little to far off kilter.  The problem is, the jews are not smart enough to realize how much trouble they’ve set themselves up for, so they will continue to push this further and further.

They may even push us all right to the brink of extinction as we attempt to rid ourselves of this perfidious infestation, but it’s not as bad as it seems.  No matter what happens, the jews have already opened Pandora’s box.  They’ve already pushed too much, and the awakening has already begun.  The beauty of it is that as it happens, it gains momentum, faster and faster.  It’s a quickening that feeds on itself.  One person becomes ten, then ten one hundred.  Then one hundred become one thousand, and those one thousand soon branch out into a million.

There are already millions of us who know what problems we are facing, and Subverted Nation is doing it’s damnedest to help the process along.  This year we are going to dehumanize the enemy like never before.  This year will we show the world how pathetic and weak the jews really are.  This year we will show how jews, in reality, are powerless, cowardly snakes who can only rely on chicanery and illusion, because they lack the strength to submit you without your consent.  I tell you, they can NOT do it without your consent, so stand with me in unison and deny them any consent at the barrel of a gun!

Get your copies of Basic Training for Revolutionaries.  Print a few and pass them out, or put the PDF on disk and pass those out to friends, family, and acquaintances.  Those of you who support Subverted Nation and Real Oath Keepers, CLICK HERE and donate so that revolutionaries like myself can both prepare and fight this battle at the same time.

Bear with me as I get Subverted Nation up and running again at full tilt.  There may be some growing pains and minor issues as I settle into the new setup, so please report any issues or errors to me.

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