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SN and ROK Hacked by Kikes

SN and ROK Hacked by Kikes

I got an e-mail today telling me my site was hacked and redirecting to some bullshit malware site. I have undergone the necessary steps to correct this, and added additional security measures to hopefully stop these rat faced jews from messing with my site again.  If you should find anything not working on the site, or should anything like this occur on your end again, please e-mail me IMMEDIATELY at and I will take care of the problem.  I am checking the logs to find out who was behind this, and when I do, I will be looking to deal with them personally. 

Slimey rat faced kikes couldn't get SN shut down by it's hosting company, so instead they hacked the site. BAD fucking move kikes.

One thing about jews is they fear us so much, that the nasty rat bastards can’t face ANYONE head on….EVER.  This is why they resort to underhanded tactics like having your accounts banned, as they tried with Godaddy once HERE already, or resort to destroying personal property like they attempted to do with this site.  I swear on my own life if I EVER catch who is responsible, I will be looking for their ass IN PERSON.  Fuck the games in this virtual world.  Since justice can not be served against people like this, or better yet, since there is no such thing as justice in America anymore, I will personally handle anyone I catch fucking with me, my family, my friends, or my things. 

If you don’t have the balls to face me head on, then back the fuck up, because I WILL come looking for you.  I have done my part in trying to reach out to Police and Military personnel, and have made numerous pleas for them to deal with the situation for us.  Since this is likely not going to happen, it is up to US (the regular folk)  to deal with the jew problem ourselves, and deal with it we WILL.  Those of you who think you can sit on your sorry fucking ass and do nothing, have no need to visit my site, contact me, or even complain about the state of affairs around us, PERIOD.  This goes for EVERYONE.

The jews are like scared little girls. Only a weak bitch would attempt to fuck with someone from a distance. The rest of you humans better man up, because this is war.

It’s high time people start getting PISSED OFF and looking for real solutions.  I’ve put myself at risk to bring this message to the masses, and I’ve even stated that I will LEAD THE CHARGE to straighten it out.  You are either with those of us who want a better world for EVERYONE, or you are with the enemy.  There is no in-between.  No middle ground.  You are either willing to lay YOUR LIFE and all of your possessions on the line to straighten this out, or you are a worthless piece of shit time wasting scumbag.  Understand?  Good.

It takes the lowest of the low to try and fuck with somebody without actually facing them.  It also takes a VERY WEAK individual (or tribe) to continuously attempt things in this manner.  This is why we have “hate crime” laws, patriots labeled as “terrorists”, the patriot act, homeland security act, and all the other bullshit coming from jews. This is why these pussy mother fuckers have to use their media to try and label us all as enemies of the state, and turn public opinion against those of us looking to SAVE OUR PEOPLE from these pathetic rats.  The reason is, jews are SCARED TO DEATH that you will realize I have been RIGHT ALL ALONG, and actually start forming up to deal with their asses. 

I took a break for a while, and let things alone to handle some of my own personal business, but it seems the jews actually WANT ME to flog their asses on a daily basis, so hold on to your hats people.  I am coming back with a fucking vengeance like the world has never seen before, and these jews WILL PAY for what they have done.  This includes what they have done to ALL OF YOU as well, not just me personally, but when you fuck with someone like me, you better expect to get fucked back.  People like myself who grew up on the streets don’t take too kindly to pussies trying to fuck with them from a distance.  On the street, you either man the fuck up, or get knocked the fuck out.  Guess what the jews are going to get?

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