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SN and ROK Hacked by Kikes

SN and ROK Hacked by Kikes

I got an e-mail today telling me my site was hacked and redirecting to some bullshit malware site. I have undergone the necessary steps to correct this, and added additional security measures to hopefully stop these rat faced jews from messing with my site again.  If you should find anything not working on the site, or should anything like this occur on your end again, please e-mail me IMMEDIATELY at and I will take care of the problem.  I am checking the logs to find out who was behind this, and when I do, I will be looking to deal with them personally. 

Slimey rat faced kikes couldn't get SN shut down by it's hosting company, so instead they hacked the site. BAD fucking move kikes.

One thing about jews is they fear us so much, that the nasty rat bastards can’t face ANYONE head on….EVER.  This is why they resort to underhanded tactics like having your accounts banned, as they tried with Godaddy once HERE already, or resort to destroying personal property like they attempted to do with this site.  I swear on my own life if I EVER catch who is responsible, I will be looking for their ass IN PERSON.  Fuck the games in this virtual world.  Since justice can not be served against people like this, or better yet, since there is no such thing as justice in America anymore, I will personally handle anyone I catch fucking with me, my family, my friends, or my things. 

If you don’t have the balls to face me head on, then back the fuck up, because I WILL come looking for you.  I have done my part in trying to reach out to Police and Military personnel, and have made numerous pleas for them to deal with the situation for us.  Since this is likely not going to happen, it is up to US (the regular folk)  to deal with the jew problem ourselves, and deal with it we WILL.  Those of you who think you can sit on your sorry fucking ass and do nothing, have no need to visit my site, contact me, or even complain about the state of affairs around us, PERIOD.  This goes for EVERYONE.

The jews are like scared little girls. Only a weak bitch would attempt to fuck with someone from a distance. The rest of you humans better man up, because this is war.

It’s high time people start getting PISSED OFF and looking for real solutions.  I’ve put myself at risk to bring this message to the masses, and I’ve even stated that I will LEAD THE CHARGE to straighten it out.  You are either with those of us who want a better world for EVERYONE, or you are with the enemy.  There is no in-between.  No middle ground.  You are either willing to lay YOUR LIFE and all of your possessions on the line to straighten this out, or you are a worthless piece of shit time wasting scumbag.  Understand?  Good.

It takes the lowest of the low to try and fuck with somebody without actually facing them.  It also takes a VERY WEAK individual (or tribe) to continuously attempt things in this manner.  This is why we have “hate crime” laws, patriots labeled as “terrorists”, the patriot act, homeland security act, and all the other bullshit coming from jews. This is why these pussy mother fuckers have to use their media to try and label us all as enemies of the state, and turn public opinion against those of us looking to SAVE OUR PEOPLE from these pathetic rats.  The reason is, jews are SCARED TO DEATH that you will realize I have been RIGHT ALL ALONG, and actually start forming up to deal with their asses. 

I took a break for a while, and let things alone to handle some of my own personal business, but it seems the jews actually WANT ME to flog their asses on a daily basis, so hold on to your hats people.  I am coming back with a fucking vengeance like the world has never seen before, and these jews WILL PAY for what they have done.  This includes what they have done to ALL OF YOU as well, not just me personally, but when you fuck with someone like me, you better expect to get fucked back.  People like myself who grew up on the streets don’t take too kindly to pussies trying to fuck with them from a distance.  On the street, you either man the fuck up, or get knocked the fuck out.  Guess what the jews are going to get?

  1. it wasnt just the site that was hacked.about 14 hours ago,as soon as i entered the site the page changed and something on the screen said “initializing”,thats when good old mr norton jumped to action and “blocked an intrusion attempt” by god burn these sneaky ass rock-spiders in the depths of hell.truth shall never be conquered.

    • Yup, sorry about that. Anyone who has visited in the last week, please run a virus scan. These issues were beyond my control, because you can’t tell something has happened until it’s too late. Fuck these rat faced kike bastards. Just think SLOW BURN when it comes time to deal with them. REAL SLOW BURN.

      • Anyone with virus problems should get LINUX MINT.
        Coincidentally, the head of Mint made headlines by voicing his support of Hezbollah. He even said Israeli’s should not use his operating system :-/

        • yeah they deleted Clement Lefebvre’s comments from Linux Blog and even force closed his blog which i have now registered in order to keep his message alive, the world needs a million more such popular people who are willing to risk their career in order to stand up for the right side, more importantly, to stand up against the wrong side

  2. YankeeRebel says:

    You’re right about there being no justice in America anymore,especially if you’re a poor,working class white man.The jews make the laws to benefit only them,change the constitution at will,control the court system through lawyers,judges,etc.It’s all stacked in the jews favor.The only solution left is revolution!

    • xander cross says:

      It’s not just the white man, it’s also black working class people as well that are being affected. I myself am tired of the jews and I have for years been trying to awake the community.It takes brains and logic to get through this, not brawn alone. I got a feeling that the economic collpase will happen this year and I already made my mind up that I will defend myself at all costs against the jew because when people are starving to death that are on drugs, I will defend and take part in the revolution.

      • Good site Adam,
        I agree xander its not just white man, its every man, that is not a jew, read their Sick Talmud, just found out today, the bastards murdered Arafat, but they also get the Shabez goi, to knock off brilliant scientists, Man these assholes inhibit human development! Oh FYI- Don,t buy a Harley now owned by Kikes!

  3. AsylumKnight @ Stephen Wolfe says:

    I am glad to see you fixed the problem so quickly. It is events like this that make me laugh in peoples faces when they question the jewish mafia. Funded mother fuckers like alex jones and dbs, who have been around for years NEVER, I repeat, NEVER! get thier websites attacked, hijacked, or even DDoSed. I mean what more fucking proof do you need.

    It is ok though, I have come to realize that we have these Jew parasites in a stalemate. Consider the following: there is two groups of people targeted for the psyops, Ourselves and the \asleep\ masses. The further down this road of propoganda we go the more divided we have become. So if you can imagine trying to lie to two groups of people at the same time. They cannot support both and keep out from under the radar. So either they throw propoganda to feed the masses and we see right through it and actually become MORE aware of the jews by seeing thier little parlor tricks in action or the Jews try to feed us with advanced psyops that basically have to admit Jews are the problem to lure us into the trap (DBS is a living example), which ends up awaking the masses who see it in action and wonder why the same people telling them that jews are not the problem are turning around and saying to us that they understand jews are the problem. I see this everyday more and more as people start to question what the hell is going on in thier world. At the end of the day, its just a bunch of Jews playing tennis with our hearts and minds.

    By the way, my post on prisonplanet was deleted and account banned within HOURS of linking to this site. Free speech my ass, these Jews and jew funded online indoctrination centers need to be taken out. A few buddies of mine are slowly but surely coming around to whats going on, all of them armed and well able to kill any motherfucker that threatens thier peace of mind. I guess it is lucky for them I have given up so much time of my life to research and be able to show them what is real and what is propganda without having them fall into the illuminati luciferian labrynth of disinformation.

    This reminds me of Where the Buffalo Roam. We are infact, a dying breed of people: shamans, lightbearers, prophets, or whatever you want to label us. We were born with the gift to see the light in the darkness and to lead those stumbling out of the shadows. A gift, a curse? I don’t care anymore about logistics, we can do this for a reason and to deny our instincts is to deny our own platfrom of being an essential part to the growth of humanity.

    If Jewish tyrants are the disease, We are sure as fuck the cure. Stay safe, and when the shit hits the fan I WILL BE THERE with you all on the front lines.

    Stephen Wolfe II – Pennsylvania

  4. Let me know if you find any other errors, missing images, capcha codes not working, etc. Please report to my email immediately. adam at subverted nation dot net

    • GuitarMan says:

      Adam, this morning when I clicked on your Subverted Nations site, I got this instead:


      The link you are trying to visit has been classified as potentially abusive by Facebook partners. To learn more about staying safe on the internet, visit Facebook’s Security Page. Please also read the Wikipedia articles on malware and phishing.

      Website reported for spam, malware, phishing, or other abuse
      This warning is provided in collaboration with Web of Trust. Learn More

      Ignore this warning

      • Yes, “Web of Trust” has created their own little forum where jews can make up bullshit ratings about any site they don’t like, while heavily promoting sites they do like. Web of Trust is run by a bunch of jews and freemasons in Finland, who refuse to list any contact information besides a mailing address, because they know the “service” is a SCAM and they are falsely rating sites all over the internet. The listing of my website is 100% completely BIASED BULLSHIT written by a bunch of kikes. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the SECURITY, SAFETY of this website. The jews want everyone “protected” from learning the truth about jews. It’s not hard to see, and what’s funny is EVERY TIME they do something like this, it brings me MORE ATTENTION.

        There are other things, like some bullshit commission in Germany who blocked my site to “protect children” because we can’t have children growing up knowing that jews are piles of baby raping shit.

        The last line of your post is right. IGNORE THE WARNINGS and SPREAD THIS SITE.

        • Visitor says:

          Everytime I come here I notice all your articles are from months back. Am I not clicking on the right icon?
          Do you still post new stuff, I like your stuff, but am curious if you are still putting new stuff out.
          I am going to bookmark this and will check back regularly to your response.
          Thanks for your time and great work!!

  5. I got it too either early yesterday or the night before but my AVG blocked it and alerted me with a pop up screen. When I came back after restarting Firefox I didn’t get it again so I thought it was an anomaly.

    My site was attacked too in a similar way and I think I know from who by tracing traffic coming to the site.

    E-mail for more info if you want it.

  6. hello Adam ,

    jews who probably are behind it , were first jdl , an organisation even forbidden in israel after an mass murder attack at the population over there !

    The Second I Learned to Know 2009 , is adl amerikan defence legue , also an terrorist organisation on behave of the jew World society !

    Those broke in at , and when I Clicked a link I was directed toward a jewfilth site , suggesting bulling and insinuating to can intrude My Life And Choices !

    I Warned RZN Ànd the FBI about this new terroristorg , Bút I Happen to Belief fbi and police is no more than a jewwhore , My Only Ease is that their Kids are Mass Raped and Drugged by those jews at elementaries and Kinder garten aswell as Ours!

    One Can Find the heroin , ghb , lsd , Reproductioninhibitors and Muscletraumainducors for Years After !

    Even the Mercury in the Toothfillings and the fluor in theWater are on purpose poisonings of Populations to keep Them weak and dependent !

    They even forced the birdflu vaccin on Us , While they them selfes rejected en masse by excuse of religion and kosjer ?

    They raped , plundered and abused the Nations , Europe and Amerika the Past 25 years by Treason and terrorism through the governments , and became very rich and We Accordingly More Poorer , 3000 Families a year Now Loose Their Homes in Holland , and 20 MILLION Amerikan Families Already Lost Their Homes because of What the jews Did !

    they All ARE wéll protected by jews from with in gov an services , a very lot are also collaborating judges , detectives , prosecutors , politicians , and media !

    All these jews attend the yearly mass Childmolesting jewdecayeds parties !
    So they have a lot to protect always , them selfes in the first place !

    And ARE protected by the massive by jews created Ignorance of the People !

    We Do Have because of the jews , by Criminal “Chronic” Intent , Treason and work of the jews , a Kristallnacht for Centuries Now!

    The jdl even years after expellation from israel kept serving the jews by terrorism at Populations of befriended Nations to destroy The Political Opinions , to intimidate , to sabotage , stir up the Nation , and I Assume Worse also !

    jdl overhere was used and payed by the jewish minister of justice ernst hirsch ballin , donner , maxim verhagen etc , also those protect a high jewish official “joris demmink” for 15 years now against Lawfull Investigation and Prosecution !

    And are using at the Moment an organisation called the AFA to terrorise the Nation for political and power purposes !

    jewish Criminals of any kind are extremely well protected by
    jews in govs overhere !

    They abuse all kinds of services and Civilian institutes , media , banks , Finance and economy even , to terrorise and manipulate , set up to war and holocousts!

    adl is usuallly on the Net , Bút from within govs and counties, majoroffices , policeforces , media and secret services they sabotage , murder and slander also a very lot !

    Also at Kindergartens and elementaries they , jews …male AND female Every age , Commit Most evil terrorism against the Children , And destroy Them Such a way , They Will Never Have a Change to be Happy Ever after !

    This is on purpose !

    They are on the Net a Real terrorist wave , it worsened when avigdor lieberman a jewish terrorist in israel ordered in 2009 jew world society to terrorise and shut Us up even more than befor !

    They also Chronically bully Us , to keep Us in hate and fears always Looking for the one who did it , that is a part of their behaviour also I Believe !
    They are to stupid to understand this was also the Reason for holocousts through the Centuries !

    But Beside That , they ARE THÈ terrorists With the Most Victims at their hands the World fears Most , and abuse and terrorise preferably Babies and Kids !

    More than 8000 of their decayed jew rabbis , islamrabbis do it also , Baby mass rapers , Childprostitutioners , for israel , are already Finished Of !
    So There Is Evolution , Though a Massive Lot More Would be Very Welcome!

    Even China Started to assfuck them “”Because They were Warned”” about what jews do to the Nations And How And Them !

    Also about how and Why they collaborate massively with afrikans and semites to rob , plunder , rape and overrule Nations …Ánd The Children !
    How they massively work from within laws and justices !

    I Hope My English is Good Enough to Read This !

    You are Permitted to Use This eMail to Any Good Use You Can Come Up With !!!
    Or Put It on Your Website !
    Informing As Much As Possible Is Priority To Me !

    Regards And May GOD be With You ,


  7. Very good to see you back Adam!

  8. Pollyanna says:

    Hey Adam. I miss your ranting. When are you going to do another audio? I’ve learned more from you than almost anywhere else.

    Wanted to tell you. It’s May 22, 2010 and on May 18th or 19th I went to I Am The Witness. Had just gotten a Father McCoughlin audio file to listen to . My AVG popped up and warned about a virus there. So the filthy cockroaches have invaded I Am The Witness, also! Bradford had just mentioned a couple of days previous to my going there that he had been attacked with a virus. However, he said he had taken taken of it. He’s wrong. It’s still there. The dirty roaches have sabotaged every single website that exposes their evil.

    I’m enraged at their audacity to dismantle and take over MY country and attack MY freedom, telling me what I can listen to, or where I can go on the web, or what I can view! Jew Tube has censored so many videos, now, that there’s not much left to go to anymore. The ADL that partnered with Jew Tube around a year ago won’t even allow mild videos of what’s going on with the Palestinians.

    I’ve had it.

    How about restarting your talk show?

    • Hmmm, now people will think that DBS is legitimate opposition to the jews because he’s been attacked as well, when in reality, he is one of them and working to keep people going around in circles, with their head up their ass. Too bad they didn’t wipe his site out completely. Then again, they could have put the malware into his site just to infect more people looking for information about jews with his help.

      • I’m taking this all in. It makes sense. I need more educatin’. Think I’ll open open up “Basic Training”. Will you create a type of audio visual that summarizes Basic Training?

      • Pollyanna says:

        Whoa! Didn’t mean to start a mini-war! I wanted to hear what Father McCoughlin had to say. The search engine had only one link that worked: I Am The Witness.

        Prior to this, after listening to DB’s foul, cruel mouth when (Eric H or Bolyn) had recorded DB’s phone call attacking him (can’t remember which one it was), that was it for me. I didn’t listen to DB’s audios anymore when he was the host. It was also annoying to listen to him rant about every “jew exposer” on the net being a “secret” jew.

        I get weary of all the guys who “expose” the jew problem constantly accusing one other of being a jew. It has the effect of making me wonder if the accusing party isn’t a jew trying to divert suspicion away from himself. Besides the negative effect I just mentioned, all the infighting has two other big negative effects:

        1) Confusion for the inquiring researcher.

        2) The accusers shooting themselves in the foot regarding the effectiveness of their message. The division and confusion it causes is incalculable.

        The only one I’ve ever noticed who doesn’t do this is Dr. David Duke.

        I suppose what I just wrote will tork you, too?

        If so, I apologize. However, I needed to be honest.

        United we stand. Divided we fall.

        • What you wrote doesn’t bother me a bit. I’m at the point I’m tired of trying to get people to listen. I don’t give a shit what any of you think any more, to be honest. You talk about division? There is no unity to begin with. The ones causing confusion are the jews people can’t seem to identify on their own. I’ve exposed a couple of them and their methods to try and help, but people still don’t get it. DBS is a kike. Hufshit is a kike. Ognir is a kike. Even Dr. Duke is a kike. You can’t put up any kind of resistance if you can’t recognize the enemy, plain and simple. If calling them out makes ME look like one of THEM, there’s no point doing anything…you people are screwed. If you don’t realize that they set all this up long ago, so that when a real human like myself started pointing them out that I would get the exact reaction you have stated, then there’s no point in me being here. Get as “weary” as you like, it’s exactly what they planned for. Get as “confused” as you can, they beat you. You think they worked at dominating the earth for 4000 years to get this one wrong? Think again. If you can’t recognize them by their features and their deeds, even after the things I’ve provided, there’s no point in keeping this site up. In fact, you’ll be lucky if this site stays up much longer anyway. I’m tired of wasting my breath.

          • Where can I find proof that David Duke, HufSHIT, and Ognir are hook nosed demons?

          • Gee, let’s see. You could actually learn to recognize your enemy by their LOOKS, and you would easily see that Dr. Duke, DBS, and Hufshit are kikes. Ognir hides his sorry face, because he knows if he showed it, people would realize he’s one too. If you can’t figure it out by how they look (they are a race with very specific features) or by their deeds, you might as well give up now….seriously. No wait, if you have to ask, when you’ve been TOLD…give the fuck up already.

          • You can just look at Eric’s own site and see that he’s full of shit just by reading his garbage. He thought that he “exposed” me awhile back, but all he does is make up a bunch of bullshit. He doesn’t do anything constructive anyway.

            I’m only 20 years old and have more balls then most of these grown men out here that are supposedly against the Jews. I’ve gone to my mall and confronted the Israeli Mall Cart bastards and gave them a copy of Missing Links. How many other people have done that? I also plan on passing out DVDs and CDs of PDF books in the near future. It is time for action. Get off of the internet and on to the street.

            It’s not hard to make a flier in Microsoft word with some questions and FACTS about these Jews. Make it half a page long, with 2 to a page. By doing this, you can print out twice as many fliers and using much less paper.

          • I guess Curt Maynard is a jew then since he hasn’t shown his face on the net either…that I know of.

          • Curt wasn’t a jew, and his picture was all over the net. DBS on the other hand, freaked out insanely when his photo was revealed, because he looks like a fucking neanderthal, and he knew people would catch on. Hufshit is an idiot who didn’t think people would recognize the hook nose or something, because he had no problem showing his pic. Then again, with his supremacist, communist attitude towards all the so-called “dumb monkeys” he probably doesn’t care what you think anyway. You will either learn to recognize your enemy by their deeds, or you will pay for your ignorance. I already know you will pay for your ignorance, rather than start to figure out who is who. The jews mentioned by me made a circus out of “exposing” people, so you idiots would think it was a fucking joke when someone told you they were the enemy….It worked so fucking good you don’t need me to try and help you anymore. You are on your fucking own chump. Don’t even bother reading this website. Stick to the jew sites and see how fucking far you get. Oh, forgot to add, Hufshit actually got on the mainstream media to push his bullshit…must be easy when your sister is married to Rupert Murdoch’s son, huh? Keep thinking it’s a game….they’ve got you by the balls, because there can’t be any truth to a real human exposing these kike mother fuckers, right? Get lost.

          • Woah… Just found out he offed himself and his wife a couple of months ago. Holy shit! But I did see his pic in the news reports. Definitely not a jew.

          • Adam, Are DBS, Hushit and Ognir Khazar jews? I see their names mentioned frequently in your posts here? What is their significance? just cracked open The Thirteenth Tribe by Koestler. Alot to read but so far this factual evidence is a mind blower. An extremely large amount of info to Wrap the head around. Are you planning to put some up to date news soon?

          • They are all jews. Koestler is also a jew, and his book is disinformation. The truth is, ALL jews share the same DNA, so the Khazar conversion story doesn’t hold water, period.

          • Does it really make a difference what kind they are? That question is like asking if it’s dog shit or cat shit on the side walk.

          • Thanks Josh. That was not helpful at all. I’m glad you know the difference between cat and dog duky though. I’m done. Thank you.

          • What he said was helpful, although maybe not as eloquently put as it could be. There is NO DIFFERENCE from one group of jews to the next. It doesn’t matter what flavor they are, because they’re all the same, regardless of the lines of division they want you to believe in. It doesn’t exist as such, so don’t waste your time worrying about it. The question should be, are they a jew, or are they a HUMAN. Everything else is irrelevant.

          • Hi Adam, I thought the cat shit dog shit remark was RIGHT ON!!! These pussys who get offended so easily, should stay on their PC websites, where they can be B.S.ed to death, but in a totally nice way!!! lol Most sheeple have been lulled to sleep, and need to WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! lol So David Duke is a JEW? TBH, I never trusted him EVER! He has that used car salesman ambience, if you know what I mean!!! lol Most, if not all of the “suits” are just Agent Smiths from the Matrix movie. That includes Ron Paul also. Keep the faith bro!!!

        • Like I asked before. What is the significance of these DBS, Duke, Hufshit, Ognir jews? Would it help the public to know? Are they politicians, movie producers, doctors, lawyers? Can you direct me to a reliable source? website? book?

          • The significance is that they have a large following of lemmings who listen to their tripe and can’t figure out what they should really be doing. They’re learning that not all jews are bad (major lie) and that we shouldn’t take any action against them (another major lie), among other things. When jews try to lead their opposition they should be exposed so that people aren’t following the enemy around wondering why they can’t come up with solutions to the problem. It’s simple, the enemy doesn’t want you to come up with solutions to the problem. So yes, it’s very significant.

  9. Looking forward to you getting back at it here too…
    This is a very important, effective and needed site Adam…
    Thank You Very much!

    • It’s going to have to wait, because right now I’m fighting to keep a roof over my head and feed my family. Pats on the back don’t help much in that regard. Until I can pay my rent, this site is the last thing on my mind. See how that works? If front line fighters can’t get the necessary support, there is no front line, but people like Ognir and DBS will whine and complain because I have a donate button that never gets used. People like Ognir own multiple homes, I have to rent, and can’t even keep that up, so we’ll see if I can survive first.

  10. Michelle says:

    You are great. Thank you for your work and much appreciated information and news. I like sharing your articles and promoting your site.
    I hope you the best in the world of work and success, so you can soon be financially independent and be able to write more.
    Your fan,

  11. Supporter says:

    I am glad to hear that Subverted Nation is still active. I hope yourself and John will be back on the Voice of Venom soon.

  12. Hello,
    You are great. Thank you for your work and much appreciated information and news. I like sharing your articles and promoting your site.
    I hope you the best in the world of work and success, so you can soon be financially independent and be able to write more.
    Your fan,

  13. It’s not just the white man, it’s also black working class people as well that are being affected. I myself am tired of the jews and I have for years been trying to awake the community.It takes brains and logic to get through this, not brawn alone. I got a feeling that the economic collpase will happen this year and I already made my mind up that I will defend myself at all costs against the jew because when people are starving to death that are on drugs, I will defend and take part in the revolution.

  14. Maria deZosa says:

    Sorry to hear your website got hacked, that must be very frustrating.

    You mentioned building a better world for everyone…that’s all my husband ever talks about! He says that if it weren’t for the Jews we would probably be a thousand times better off! So, you’re not alone, Adam, there are lots of people who want to get rid of the Jews and start building a better world. Exposing the Jews is only one tiny aspect of this fight, though. It’s going to cost the lives of many people for us to be rid of the malignant Jewish influence, but no one ever wants to tackle that part of it.

    Educating people about the Jewish threat can also be a Jew PsyOp in disguise, especially when no physical action is ever taken to put the Jews out of business. In other words, the Jews will permit people to expose their crimes, and so forth, just as long as they don’t start taking effective action to stop them!

    My husband says the most of the pro-white people groups – white nationalists, and so forth – are actually Jewish backed Psyop groups, because they NEVER seem to get anything done in the fight against the Jews; they never have any money; they never stage any protests; they never seek to build networks or work with others; they never have any solutions to the Jewish threat; worst of all is that they act like a bunch of crybabies. He [my husband] says that in order to beat the Jews white people will have to view it as not only a war, but also as a competition! If we’re ever going to beat the Jews we’re going to have to launch a full-spectrum war (to use their own terminology) on the Jews. Is anyone doing that now? Nope, they’re not.

    • Kryptic Clue says:

      Maria.. absolutely right on. ALL the political orgs are jew controlled. Left, right, centre, Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Black-Women-Human rights groups.

      And as Amy says, the jews (part-castes and original african jews) control the blacks as well as the white.

      In fact if you go take a look at the current flush of Chinese and Japanese actors and actresses they also are showing way too big noses and far too European/Arab faces for them to be anything other than part-castes. Even the main Japanese politicians are looking decidedly “western” in the facial appearance and heights.

      In Japan, jewish “call girls” have been narrying into the Japanese ruling elite.

      In China, the communist regime, as in Russia, was largely led by jewish banking family elites. Their siblings and grand sibling make up most of the Chinese media/performing arts there.

      Look at Russia, all the oligarchs are jews.

      In India the ruling elite families have really ancient ties to jews.

      The only places where they ARE not in total control is:

      Syria, Lebanon, Iraq (but they are there), Pakistan (but still they are there), Afghanistan, Iran (maybe, to some extent but they are there), Thailand (but they are there), Burma, Indonesia, some South American states (to some extent), maybe Turkey (more recently).

      Take the average West-Europe country – they are in major control. For example, there’s Wilders (Wild[e] & Wilders are both names taken by jews) in charge of Holland’s the right wing, so called “FREEDOM PARTY”, in Britain there’s jews now in charge of all the right wing Welsh and English Defence Leagues (no doubt named after the us Jewish Defense League, now ADL) and the British National party. They jewish controlled orgs are on the streets rioting in the name of GENTILES in these countries.

      Soon the reputation ANY gentile defenders will be mud and do you think the police forces will be coming to arrest the jews who faked US? NO they will come for or spy on US!

      KC -.-

      • Maria deZosa says:

        Hello, KC!

        Thanks for your response. As for the blacks being controlled by the Jews: don’t forget about Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam! My husband says that, besides the fact that they aren’t negro, the Jews cannot control such a well managed, heavily disciplined organization like the NOI…the Jews can only infiltrate and gain control of unorganized, undisciplined groups, like the White Nationalists, for example, due to the fact that they have no strong central-leadership. That’s how we know that the White Nationalists, the Aryans, etc., are all infiltrated…no, scratch that…saturated with Jews! That’s why they can’t ever get anything accomplished.

        What you need is a strong, highly competent, highly talented, leader to pull you guy’s together…and kick the crap out of the Jews!

        • The leader is right here under your nose, but you can’t lead without anyone following. Read more information here, or better yet, listen to the audios…nobody else comes close. Then again, you have to actually support those willing to lead if you want things to go anywhere, but most people worship what their jew dollars can do for them in the way of material gains more than what they could do propping up said leader.

          • Maria deZosa says:

            So, You’re just waiting on some followers who have lots of Jew money to give you?

          • How else do you expect anything to happen? Are you going to stick your neck on the line? Have you? Are you going to build an army with no cash? Are you going to run websites and print literature with no money? You’re god damn right, people need to start forking up the fucking cash, because without it, there is no resistance. Do you expect me to get the money to fight the jews from the ADL? Maybe I should contact them and see how they feel about providing support. Unlike many false leaders, I’m not trying to get funding from the Rothschilds, but is has to come from somewhere. I tried publishing a book to help increase funding…look how far that got. So, what do you expect to happen without any funding? Where do you think any of this will go? How else do you expect anything to happen?

          • Hi Adam, what is the name of your book? I don’t have much $$$. I get $906.32 a month for my disability, and what ever else I can beg borrow or steal! I will buy your book and add a small donation. Like one of yous mentioned on your broadcast from Europe. It’s not only ridding the planet of the PARASITE JEW,but we HAVE TO be the change we want to see in the world! For instance, how many cry out for freedom, yet support the slaughter of BILLIONS of animals every year. If one doesn’t want to live in a DEATH CULTURE, stop the killing of animals for food, or any other reason! I have been veggie over 30 years,(vegan 5 years) and I am strong as an ox, and almost as smart!!! LMAO A natural vegan, raw food diet creates a higher shift in consciousness!
            Body, mind ,and spirit are closely connected. All the best bud!!!

          • You can’t buy the book anymore. The publisher banned it. You can download it for free from here though. Bottom left hand side of the home page has a link. There’s a link to donate on every article at the bottom, but nobody ever clicks it. Then they wonder why people like me don’t want to waste any more time providing info. Yes, David Duke is a kike. It just doesn’t go over well with most people when I point out he’s a rabbi, because they think he’s on their side. They can’t recognize their enemy to save their own lives, and they won’t support those of us who can, so they are on their own.

          • Lex Mercatoria says:

            Duke is a rabbi? Can you point us to more info on this? I never thought him to be “hardcore” but thought he might have softened up because the jews are using his rumored homosexuality as blackmail. Either way, it doesn’t surprise me and it would explain a lot.

          • Lex Mercatoria says:

            Forget my last remark. I had long thought there was something odd about Duke’s look–it’s the eyes. Those large eyes and the vibe I get. I’ve seen this with jews before but for some reason didn’t associate jewishness with Duke. With these demons there’s always a “mark”, vibe or something that reveals them for what they are. We just have to be sensitive enough to perceive it.

            I think it is a planetary “rule of operation” that those of non-human origin must have some sort of characteristic to identify themselves to those human still aware and savvy enough to pick up on it.

            Thanks, Adam, for your hard work.

    • AsylumKnight @ Stephen Wolfe II says:

      Try not to get heated over the above comments. They do not understand, nor have they considered the possibilities logically: If we do anything without backup we will be seen as a “Homegrown Terrorist Organizations” and it will legitimize them taking our weapons, “securing” your loved ones and otherwise stomping out any chance of people standing in numbers. Action must be taken but you have to have a battle plan, it is just common sense.

      I dare anyone in question to try and overthrow thier local police department or kick in the FedReserve door with a brick of homemade C4 strapped to your chest and expect to just walk these fucking kikes out the door peacefully. People like us have already considered long ago what will and will not work and we are desperately trying to build small grassroots “RAID” teams that understand the difference between a shot heard round the world, and your dumbass on national television in handcuffs. If it were as easy as just gunning through psyop propoganda, there would be no need for a “second revolution”.

      Don’t get caught up in defeatism. It will not help any of us.

  15. Maria deZosa says:

    @ SN: Something is not right here. My husband, and a few others, built a whole Militia group – one of the largest in the US, and they did it in less than 8 years!

    Yes, building something like that requires a lot of money – millions, in the case of our Militia – so, it really can’t be accomplished with $5-10 donations trickling in. My husband put up a lot of the money himself, but they also went out and did fundraisers and stuff like that. We put on an open-air concert with a few really good bands…cost us about $20,000 to do, but generated over $180,000 in revenue. We have those 2-3 times a year now.

    But, in all honesty, I think it’s a bit late to try to do something like what we’ve done, here today. There just isn’t enough time between now and whatever false-flag thing their planning to do to us. So, maybe your best option would be to help out in some other way: you could mount a campaign to rid the White Nationalist movement of it’s many Jew infiltrators. THAT would be an excellent achievement, I think. Or maybe you could investigate into why these so-called pro-white organizations have never accomplish one single thing that has improved the lot of the white race.

    • First, I am NOT a white nationalist, and don’t give two shits for those who are. I am a HUMAN, and I am worried about the fate of HUMANITY as a WHOLE. You are correct that there is a problem here, most people are scared beyond belief to support anything real, because 99.9% of EVERYTHING “anti-zionist” is full of shit. People are also scared to death to put their money and time on the line to fight the jew. People are scared to death to show their face in this battle, because this one is REAL. People have no problem joining a hokey militia that MIGHT do something one day, and most of those are also run and infiltrated by jews, but when you tell them the game is on against their most fearsome opponent, most people cower in the corner. There are VERY REAL risks to open fundraisers against the jew, including physical violence, which with the jews could mean car bombs, hit squads, etc. The WHOLE GAME changes when your purpose is to take the jews head on, and most people are NOT ready to fight. Then there is also the problem of jews interrupting funding. I can’t even keep a paypal donate button on this website, as they will shut down my account, so I have to keep it on my OTHER site that doesn’t openly mention the jew to avoid this. They can, will, and HAVE shut down mine and others attempts to raise funds repeatedly. They have banned my book, which gave me all of $10 a copy, they’ve shut down other paypal accounts, and it’s not easy to get lazy people to even click over to my other site and donate, let alone actually visit a fundraiser. You would likely just find yourself standing alone with thousands of jews in protest, rather than having anyone else show up where they might be seen by the enemy. You have to understand that financial ruin is one of the FIRST things jews go after when you publicly oppose them. I couldn’t run my business if I had the health to anymore because of what I’ve done here. I couldn’t get a job somewhere if I tried because of this site. Look what happened to Curt Maynard (now dead) for opposing jews, he was fired. THIS is far beyond just a militia group, we’re trying to build a REAL ARMY to fight to the DEATH, and most people aren’t ready to say “OK, I will DIE for this cause”, let alone throw a few dollars around to help it. In almost 3 years, I can count the donators to SN on ONE HAND. If you have ideas to actually start raising enough funds that we can accomplish something, email me, because I’m game for it all, 100%. The ONLY people I’ve seen raise significant money did it promoting someone else’s work as their own, and with a bunch of jews at their side…figure that one out.

      • What about creating accessories (t shirts, hats, bumper stickers) that slam the AIPAC(American Israeli Public Action Committee)? No jew words so maybe it can get more publicity.

        • Yes, it’s possible I could create audio/visual versions of Basic Training. I could also create the bumper stickers, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and everything else but those things take funding to make happen. There are dozens of things that could be done, but without a way to do it, it won’t get very far. You and everyone else are free to use material found anywhere on this site to help spread the word any way you see fit, so don’t let my lack of funding hold you back. For now, my concentration is on my own ability to survive, because the effort put in here isn’t helping.

          • I hear you Adam. Just finished listening to the latest Revere radio broadcast with you, John and Direwolf (is that right?) Lots of good info.The part about Jews messing with the male genitals is a definite issue.If I had ever given birth to boys they would not have been circ’d. I was blessed with 4 girls. All parts intact! I’ll stay tuned. Keeping the faith and spreading the word.

          • During the broadcast John mentioned the rafts from the USS liberty were not machine gunned by Israel.Do you remember? But, according to the author, an officer on board the ship, James Ennes,Ret Navy Cdr, the life rafts were shot up and many were killed. This was an unarmed spy ship! I’ll pass this book along as well!

  16. Maria deZosa says:

    HA! You don’t know anything about the Militias in this country. There are thousands of people in our Militia, many of whom are ex-military – one of the founders is a former Green Beret! We also have a couple hundred active duty law enforcement people in our group. Our group stretches over 5 states! We are far more capable of handling this business than you all ever will be.

    You need to learn some respect, jackass.

    • Really bitch? Why don’t you openly tell all your militia members that your group is anti-jewish and see how many members you have left when you are done. I know plenty about our militias. MOST are indeed full of jews. Go ahead, tell your group their ENTIRE MISSION is to rid the US of jews, and then tell me where you stand. You will find out REAL DAMN FAST just how deluded you are. Don’t come here calling me a jackass, stupid cunt. You have NO IDEA how deep all of this goes, and probably have NO IDEA how many jews are amongst your ranks already. I bet if I saw even a HANDFUL of them, I could pick out dozens of jews. You are insane to think your militia members are ready to FIGHT RIGHT NOW, because I guarantee you have NOT made it clear that getting rid of JEWS is your purpose. Show me your website and some members so I can see. Show me some of your “militia” material so I can see how much of it is openly anti-jewish. Until you’ve done that, you haven’t done shit. Just having some “militia” of people who CLAIM to be willing to fight an UNIDENTIFIED enemy means you have absolutely fucking NOTHING. So go ahead, cough up the proof that your “militias” purpose is to rid this country of jews…I won’t hold my breath. You didn’t raise $180,000 being openly anti-jewish, this I can guarantee. Go ahead, prove me wrong bitch. (By the way, I WAS trying to be nice until you called me a jackass, now the gloves are off cunt)

      • George Benkel says:

        “See, people like me, we know, if you leave one Jew behind, and allow it to fester, we’re going to be right back… our ancestors will be right back in this same boat another 2000 years from now if we let them live!”

        You sure are mesuggener.

        Have your checks cleared from the Jabotinsky Center ?

        • Excuse you kike mother fucker? If you don’t like what I have to say, tough fucking shit. Take your sorry ass on down the road bitch, because the real story is this. If you don’t like what I have to say, you are likely a fucking jew. The question is, how much is the ADL paying your sayanim ass to run your gullible fucking mouth on my website? Or, do you just do it because you feel it’s your duty to the tribe? You sound like a typical baby raping, nation wrecking, genocidal kike afraid to meet your fucking maker. I will be more than happy to send you there myself.

          • Adam this ‘georgia’ with his comment on June 24, 2010 at 8:08 pm is nothing more than a kike who’s refering to his crawling family HERE?!


            “Don’t let the Jews fool you!:
            Ignore your ancestors! Many people assume that they are a simple combination of their parents, grandparents, etc. The Jews are using this concept to fool people into helping them. For example, if the Jews discover that you have a Jewish grandfather, they will tell you that you are 25% Jewish, and therefore, you must help the Jews or you will be considered a Jew and executed along with all of the criminal Jews. And if they discover that one of your female ancestors was Jewish, they will claim that you are 100% Jewish because the Jewish traits are passed on by the females. People such as Adam Austin are assisting with this trick by making remarks about how everybody with even a tiny bit of Jewish DNA should be killed. Are you aware of Adam Austin and how Jews are using this type of trick to frighten people with Jewish ancestry?”

          • Yes, he is a jew, just like Eric Hufshit. That faggot kike probably has somebody’s child locked in his closet to use as a plaything. Hufshit and this Georgie fucker might even be the same person. Hufshit says ignore your racial history and DNA, because his is chock full of jews. What other reason does he have to tell all of YOU to ignore the DNA factor, while jews use this EXCLUSIVELY to identify themselves??????? What a fucking farce….Hufshit is attempting to save his own neanderthal ass, but it’s not going to work.

  17. Bismarck says:

    Is it just me or do I smell bagels?

    • No, it’s not just you. Not only am I catching a whiff of bagels, but I smell something fishy in this persons line of bullshit. What exactly was done with the $180,000 raised by this militia? Where did that money go? What is it used for? I have never heard of this un-named militia, and with that much funding I should have by now. Spanning five different states, certainly there has to be some information somewhere online about it? Throwing concerts every year, and no word of it anywhere? How are they getting the halls to throw these things, if they are even REMOTELY anti-jewish? Could you imagine ME trying to rent a hall or other venue for a fund raising event? HAHAHA! It’s nice they have the ability to throw $20,000 at doing some shit like that, but can’t anti up even a few dollars for a real fight? What is their plan of action? Who do they label as the enemy? Is it just “big brother” or is it the jew? With that many members and that much funding, when are they planning to start taking real action???? Yup, something is definitely fishy.

  18. There’s a game component here. There’s way to get around some of the obstacles. One game is don’t use the jew word. Even George Patton finaly realized he had to play the game to get into Germany. Right? Unfortunately the game ended for him prematurely. Transparency can harm this cause. Jeez, just look what our government gets away with in lack of transparency. I’m just a huminbean following the light and hopefully creating some on the way.

    • Brenda, I think you’re starting to get close to at least a partial solution to begin ridding us of this infestation. You appear very level-headed in an otherwise very emotionally-drenched issue.
      “They” are much too deeply entrenched and have been at this much too long for a frontal assault to be really effective in the long run. It would be a needless waste of human and other resources. They really do pull all the strings at the moment and don’t kid yourself that “they” couldn’t mount a very effective defence against almost any kind of frontal assault. Their control (of others) runs very deep.
      In this situation I tend to think brains are more important than brawn coupled with meticulously planned and executed action. Finesse is more important than brute force when dealing with this particular type of enemy. They’ve been doing this for a very long time and have become very good at it.
      Think of it as poker (although this game is much more serious and dangerous)and you are ready, willing and able when the “winning” hand comes along.
      I know Adam will disagree but I think a more effective solution would be to approach this from the vantage point of an overwhelming enemy in our midst. Many people don’t realize this yet but this is really the “cold” phase of WWlll and has been for quite some time. The “hot” phase may or may not begin shortly but God help the entity that pushes that first button. He or she will have a very large portion of humanity on their conscience for a very long time. And there will be a reckoning!!
      To defeat such an enemy, firstly; don’t waste your precious energy on futile name-calling. It’s misdirected energy, no matter how much we are seething on the inside. It brings us down closer to their level. We are better than that. “Revenge is best served up cold”. When we are finally able to vanquish this particular foe it must be done with no more emotion than crushing a cockroach. For in reality that is what they are. “They” could not exist without “us” and we have to take away their infrastructure and fuel for running their monstrous schemes. They only worship one god and that is money and the usurous exploitation of us “useless eaters”. We have to become as patient as them, as smart as them and as ruthless as them, even though it’s the most difficult thing to do at the moment and plan long-term as opposed to short-term even though we need all the short-term intermediate goals to reach the final one.
      Secondly; set this up starting at the local level as a resistance movement. An “underground” partisan movement and think guerilla warfare. Set it up as a proper resistance movement, with a proper “cell” system so that the whole oprganization could never be completely destroyed. The small local cells would connect with the regional cells which would connect with the national cells which would connect with the international cells. You get the idea. Very fractal, right? I don’t know enough about it to know if this would actually work in the real world. We need a real intelligence expert on OUR side. Call it something like “The World People’s Coalition”. Something. A harmless, innocent name to unite us all.
      Thirdly; and maybe this should have been put first. Never, ever, ever, ever let your enemy know your plans. Mum’s the word. They should be kept in the dark as much as possible as to our true intent and purposes. They have been using covert methods, obfuscation, misdirection, misinformation for so long many people are totally confused and directionless. We have to use some of their own methods against them if we want to have any hope of winning the day. This really is a battle for our very survival and if we lose then perhaps there will be the planned 500 million of us completely subservient to an insane ruling elite.
      Even though Chrchill had been co-opted by them he still said it best:
      “We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in all the nations of the world, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our nation, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender!
      They’re very good at shooting unarmed women and children but in a fair fight will flee the conflict because inherently they are a demagraphic of cowards.
      My apologies to Mr.Churchill because I did paraphrase a little to make it more appropriate to our modern age.
      Perhaps some things to start thinking about on a grass-roots level. Intelligent planning coupled with cohesive action. God grant us success in our endeavours. All the best to all of you.

      • @nomad, CHURCHILL is/was a DRUNKEN KIKE pedophile satanic secret society piece of DOG SHIT!!! Either you are an innocent ignoramus, or just another KIKE/SHILL POS?!? I lean towards the latter b/c anyone on this site would/should know about this!!!!

        • read Churchill’s war VOL.1 rise to power by david irving. to know even more about what a piece of shit Churchill was. fuck all the world leader at the time save maybe less then a handfull were fucking kikes or puppets of the jew.

  19. There is a way to kind of make a homemade book from the e-book. One way to manually print on both sides of a piece of paper is to print one page at a time. Then reload the printed page and set the printed side facing up with the top of the page going into the printer and then print the next page. The other way is to print all the odd pages first. Then reload the printed pages properly and print all the even pages. Then use a paper hole puncher. Then put the pages into a clear report cover or a three ring binder.

    • Kinkos can make a pretty nice spiral out of the e book for $20. Then make your own copies and pass them out at a cheaper price.

  20. Bismarck says:

    I’ve heard some claim that Alex Linder of vnnforum is a kike…is there any real evidence of this?

  21. Bismarck says:

    @ Josh Actually yes there are pics of Curt on the web, and no he wasn’t a kike. BTW He died back in April.

  22. Bismarck says:

    @ Adam You aren’t planning on closing anything down just yet are you? I sure hope not, as your site is amazing.

  23. Bismarck says:

    @ Brenda His analogy was spot on….do you have a problem with calling shit, shit?

  24. Bismarck says:

    @ Adam

    I still smell the bagels around here…in fact, lots of them.

  25. Bismarck says:

    @ lex I would prefer some solid info regarding Duke, but it does make some sense. Moreover, there is even more solid evidence that Don Black is Jewish.

    • I’ll give you a couple clues to hone in on. Number one, almost all KKK branches are started or run by jews. Rabbi Duke started a KKK chapter, then magically ends up getting himself a position on capitol hill. Nothing funny about that, right? RIGHT? Nobody gets a job in Washington that is any kind of real opposition to the jews, period. Second, never trust anybody who can’t look at you with both eyes at the same time. Lex is right when he picked up on the eyes. That crooked goofy fucking eyeball is almost always a dead give away. Look at hollywood once in a while. There isn’t a single person in hollywood with straight eyeballs…You’ve got to start learning to recognize their traits, and at the same time, add to that the message they preach.

      • Thanks for the helpful info. So this Duke guy is a sleeze ball politician jew among other things as well. It seems jews are covertly over taking our gov. Any talk of staging a coup? The word is obviously out there. People (nonjew) all over this country are talking about revolting.Now we’re adding Kagan to the supreme court. Help me! Where’s the hope? Hufshit and that Ogrin jew had something to do with “Loose Change”?

        • Yes, Duke is a kike. Hufshit and Ognir had nothing to do with Loose Change, but they have a lot to do with carefully crafting propaganda for those who know about the jew question. Hufshit has even labeled me a jew agent for outlining the one and only solution….the final solution. They don’t realize how easy they are to spot (to people like me) but there are still millions (in the case of Duke) who think they are 100% legitimate. So they use this ignorance to fill people’s heads with communist, supremacist propaganda, without them ever realizing it. Then people like me have to go back to square one and undo everything they’ve done.

  26. Never Forget: Jews Are Talmudists By Definition, Hence Psychopaths By Religion
    (Apollonian, 2 July 10)

    Note problem w. Dave Duke (see, even though he has much going good for him, esp. for his Talmudic expo, is, like Prof. Kevin MacDonald (, he wants to allow that there are \SOME good\ Jews–which then is like saying there are \good\ Talmudists, which is like saying there are \good\ psychopaths.

    MacDonald even wants to allow pretension Jews (at least some of them) are \white,\ which is slightly different subject-matter.

    CONCLUSION: Note then the way Jews try to subvert the patriot movement: they want to divert to RACE-WAR, whites vs. non-whites, Jews then understood as \white\–RATHER than the real problem which is the Jew-dominated and master-minded CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY beginning w. COUNTERFEITING scam of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) at the top by which Jews literally control everything else. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    • So are the Talmudists (all jews) kind of like a modified Jihadist? A litte sneakier maybe? Countries are revolting against their gov all over the world (Thailand was in the news recently)those sorry people. The French were successful as were Patriots a couple or more centuries ago. Any recent succesful take overs? How else are we going to get honest elections and get rid of the fed?

      • Well, until any revolution openly names the JEW as the problem, nothing will change. Most of these “revolts” are controlled by jews to appease the masses, but the people never end up getting rid of the jews, they just get another puppet (or kike) and some kind of consolation to make them feel better.

        • It seems like we need to get around the “hate crime” laws that have been set up in this society. Hmm. Was JFK & co openly called on before they were picked off? What about Martin LK? Ghandi? It seems like they were covert operations. There’s alot of like minds out there. The Fed is a powerhouse. We already know the top barf eating dogs out there. Adam? Anyone? Thoughts? How much more open do we need to get about the jew take over? They’re already paranoid.

          • Yes, they killed JFK, MLK, Malcolm X, and just about anyone else who said too much to too many people. Remember, their power only lies in their veil of secrecy, nothing more. They’re not THAT powerful, they are more scared of you than you are of them. As for revolts, it usually doesn’t matter if they started them or not, they usually put their people in place to lead revolutions. Even the American revolution was led by them.

          • Thanks Adam. I found stuff at
            Never realized they were that powerful even back then. Can you recommend any more sources for me to review and and pass along. I guess most of the population consider legit sites are those which end in .edu, .gov, .org. Recommendations? I agree we need to flush them out. Thanks.

        • i forgot. which revolts are you talking about? the ones staged by jews? did they stage all of them? Thank you.

  27. 7-24-10
    @ Brenda July 7, 2010
    If you have time, you should read: “Triumphant Plutocracy”, by R.F.Pettegrew; “Manual of Social Science”, by Henry Carey; and “Pawns In The Game”, by William Guy Carr. It all meshes in with what Adam Austin and a few others have been warning people about.

    • Chris, a really good website to find a lot of this information is at “Iamthewitness”. Darryl is a really good bloke who has a lot of useful info on our true enemy. I apologize to everyone if I’m repeating info found somewhere else on this site but am coming into it at quite a late stage and haven’t had time to go through it all. So little time so really very much to do. To prepare. So forgive me if I hand out info that’s been said here before. All the best.

      • Daryl has made it very clear that not all jews are involved. First off he said it was 10% of jews, just an extreme minority. Then he said it was 90% of jews, but there are GOOD JEWS out there so don’t lump them all under the same banner. Yes he has some useful books, but beware, most of those books say the same thing. Not all Jews!

        Should we care? Why trust any of them? They are not like other races on this planet. You can say there are good whites, bad whites, good blacks bad blacks, good chinese bad chinese, but none of the other races are as united as the jew, and follow a way of life such as the jew. A black person in England or America lives differently to a black person in Africa, yet no matter where you go in the world, a jew behaves like a jew. A disgusting vile creature.

        Be VERY skeptical of anyone or any webpage that says they have jewish friends, or believes in the good jew theory.

        It’s war, Jews vs Non-Jews. That’s it, thats all. Pick a side and stick to it. It’s really that simple.

        Too many website are in that grey area.

        • Yup, and there are so many “good” satanists out there too..right???? Cross a snake with a banshee, and there you have your JEW DNA. A SNAKE always does what a snake does! Know them by their works! Not all of us can recognize them by their physical looks b/c they have inter-bred with the Goyim. I have a handle on it, but Adam has a better handle on it. That doesn’t mean we are either 100% correct, but I don’t need 100%. When in doubt…SHOOT FIRST, and ask questions later…if YOU want to survive!

      • Lex Mercatoria says:

        DBS (not his real name) anything but a “good bloke”. He–it–is a filthy kike who peddles the notion there are some “good” jews–impossible. As SN observed in one of his audios, such jew-run sites seem to have all the good info. There will always be that 2% of deceptive crap mixed in with the rest designed to earn your trust and mislead you.

  28. To all of you trashing DBS. I thought so many doing the same thing couldn’t all be wrong. Looked into it and found, to my surprise, that DBS wasn’t quite the freedom fighter I thought he was. Apologies to you all. Thanks for bringing me up to speed on that one. This website is really going to mess with my mind.

    • Welcome to the end of the internet. Glad you figured out the truth about that sucker….now we just have to free a couple hundred thousand others from his grasp, as well as dozens of other scumbags like him across the internet purporting to be one of us…

      • Thanks, Adam, I appreciate that. Since I’m a newbie to this particular website but not to the subject matter the only real cogent advice I can give to others new to Adam’s website is to first read, cover to cover, his “Basic Training Manual”. He’s written it in a very unusual format which will bring even the most die-hard unbelievers up to speed on our mutual problem. Then we’ll all be reading from the same page, so to speak. But don’t just take Adam’s or anyone else’s word for it but do your own due diligence to find some confirming information on so many places on the web. What you may want to consider if it’s at all possible for the people reading the material on this website and wanting it to stay up a little longer is perhaps to consider donating a little bit of money to Adam’s worthy cause. I know times are very difficult for so many of us but even five or ten bucks from some of us every once in a while would go a long way to help ease the heavy burden that Adam is carrying right now. Let your conscience be your guide. All the very best to all of you. We CAN win this fight if we do it properly. Think Lech Walesa. He was able to rally a whole nation.

        • Ah Lech was probably a fraud too.

          In response, Walesa turned to Shamir and said, “Mr. Prime Minister, for the Jewish blood that was spilled in Poland, I, on behalf on the Polish people beg your forgiveness.”

          Why would he go to Israel and make a ass of himself and grovel to the jews?

          Most so called heros have just turned out to be frauds and jewish puppets.Just search for what they have said or done in regards to the jews, what their viewpoints are with the holohoax etc.

          In reality, did he really free the people of Poland? Do they have a reserve bank that lends the government money at interest? Of course they do. So they are not free. You can only be a free country if you control your own money and create it debt free, and have no jews in the media, government or commerce, medical or anything to do with the schooling of the younger generation.

          How many countries fit that bill?

          • Thanks, Mike. I really appreciate your response. Didn’t know that about Walesa. That’s what’s so great about this website. So many people having access to so many diverse sources of knowledge that one person couldn’t possibly know it all. And willing to share it. I’ll check it out. Thanks.
            On a different note. So many of you give your name on this website. A lot of you may frown on my using an alias and I’m sorry about that. I know it may seem a bit childish. Adam knows who I am and right now that’s all that matters. What really matters is that we all share a common enemy and we know who it is. I don’t know if our hook-nosed “brethern” actually know who I really am or not. I don’t know. I know that everything is monitored and all our attempts at subterfuge may be for naught. I try to avoid using “trigger” words. That’s why so many euphamisms. What I do realize is that we are in the “cold” phase of WWlll and have been there for quite some time now. The “hot” phase may or may not start at any time. I don’t want to be an alarmist but you all have to make your own decisions and come to your own conclusions.
            I do have a plan going and the less information I give the “enemy” the more chance my plan has to succeed.
            One thing that you may want to consider, and don’t take my word for it or anybody else’s, is that “their” agenda may be so far advanced that it may be futile for us to try and stop it at this point and our energies may be more effectively used in planning for us and our loved ones survival while at the same time trying to stop the horrible things that are going on all around us. It is a very tough path we have chosen for ourselves.
            And please, people, I’m not any kind of an agent provocateur or anything like that. I dislike, just as much as any of you, our common enemy. My way is not to rant and rave. Doesn’t mean my feelings run any less deep than any of yours. I’m just a little paranoid and have to learn to trust you just as much as you have to learn to trust me. That takes one step at a time and will take some time. I do wish all of you the very best and I know together we will come out on top.

          • Good post Mike, When one has years of experience studying, one KNOWS….NOBODY rises to the top in polyTICs, unless they have passed the “initiation” first! Which means to get there, they are SECRET SOCIETY PEDOPHILES BABY-FUCKERS/MURDERERS. The KIKE/Reptiles CONtrol all sides so…..HANG all of these public!!! Yes, this includes RON FUCKING PAUL too OK! If you are looking for a leader..LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!! And if you don’t want yer neck stretched…DON’T run for office! lol

          • Good post…there’s a lot of very sober commonsense on this site…no honest Goy politico is going to get anywhere in a Judaised world,it’s that simple and I don’t think a country like yours with,apparently, 40,000,000 Christian Zionists is going to revolt …Also,it would be perfect that the descendants of the Jewish slavers could set the freed slaves upon the European Americans and kill two hated enemies at once just as they love to set Christians and Muslims against each other the better to be the last Satanists/men standing…I highly recommend this site for attracting realistic people who recognise the World Fiend.

  29. Nomad I think it comes down to what people want. Do they want to be a slave in some global gulag toiling away in a field with a gun watching over them living on 1000 calories a day? Or would they rather be dead? I think a lot of people who know about the jews would rather die fighting them than fading into nothing at a slave camp.

    There will come a time for everyone on this website, and those lurking when they will have to stand their ground over something.

    The jews will keep pushing until it snaps. It might be the green police coming to your house with a clipboard, and under “federal law” go through your house and write down what you need to do to have it certified as a “Green house”. Then they will stick you with a $10,000 bill, a list of “approved companies” to buy from and give you 6 months to green up, or they will fine you and or imprison you, and or declare your house as a danger to global climate change and sieze it. Thats not as crazy as it seems.

    Will people allow that? Will they say “No-FUCKOFF!” to the green police, and then the real police show up. What will people do? The whole carbon trading cap and trade global climate change hoax is just an extorsion racket. Those pushing it the most make a living off it, so it’s in their best interest to keep pushing it.

    The entire system is a scam designed to sqeeze the maximum amount of money out of an individual in their lifetime.

    Even something simple as having $1000 in a bank account makes them rich. The can legally loan out $10,000 in loans and draw interest payments on it, based on the $1000 you have just sitting there. So take your money out and keep it at home. Then that creates a “lack of money” in the system and it collapses….GOOD! It will fail one day anyway, better to deal with it now while citizens still have guns.

    Gold is going to be useless. They will simply declare it illegal to own punishable by prison like they did in the 1930s.

    They will declare guns illegal too, but its much harder to take a gun off a man than a piece of gold. If enough drones(cops) or government workers get shot trying to take the guns away from the people, they won’t do it.

    The people can choose which way they want it to go. It’s going to mean some discomfort, like no-one in a couple of generations has ever seen. The pain will be worth it though.

    The more jews push harder, the more people wake up to them. It will reach a boiling point here soon.

    Also remember, when the collapse really happens and chaos like in Greece starts, there will be a ton of disinfo flying around, and the jewsmedia will NOT report any losses by the government or government troops against the people. They WILL report that thousands of “American insurgents” have been defeated and turned themselves in or killed, on a regular basis. The Psy-op war has been going on for years, but it will go into overdrive in the coming months,years.

    Wikileaks is one such Psy-op outfit trying to be your friend.

    Stick to truth. It’s the only way to feel human, and know you are on the right side.

    • Checking in…I enjoyed reading the latest posts. Helps me feel less alone. Wikileaks. Hmm. Do you think this is the prep work assigned to media for brainwashing the public into agreeing to invade Iran? Pakistan? Syria? Wish I knew some like minds in my area but people fear being labled. Has anyone read “Criminal State”? By Jeff Gates? Thoughts?

      • Thanx Brenda, peoples’ BIGGEST fear is what others’ think of them!!!! FUCK THAT SHIT RIGHT NOW! Everyone who knows me, knows where I stand, and those MORONIC USELESS POS, who don’t like it, I have told to FUCK OFF….a LONNNNNNNGGGGG time ago! That means most of my family and “friends”. I can work with those who are still around! If you are a Yank, then ALL of you are connected, or related to some mind-CUNTrolled uniformed POS who is ENFORCING your own SLAVERY! You aid and abet these IDIOTS 24/7, so who is the PROBLEM????? Tell me!

    • You make a lot of very good points, Mike, and I do enjoy talking with you. One of the things in our favour at the moment is that I believe world opinion is starting to turn against them. More and more people daily are starting to find out what monsters they actually are. They really blew it with the Gaza relief flotilla. The American military has said publically that the Jews WERE responsible for 911. I’m sure that didn’t sit well with them either.
      As for myself I would rather, if I would have the courage at the moment of decision is, live free or die.No one knows until that moment actually arrives. I would not want to waste away in one of their Haliburton-built FEMA gulag/camps.
      Many “sheeple” unfortunately will allow more indignities by the authorities. Why did the “sheeple” not rise up in mass protests against the full-body scanners at airports? Why did they not all boycott all the airlines instsantly until they removed. Those bloody things are a complete invasion/assault on us. Are we cattle or are we people? The more that we let them do to us the more we prove them right that we are less than human. Perhaps brain-dead? Anesthisized? Uncaring? Unresponsive?
      For that reason alone I refuse to get on an airplane. If I do have to travel overseas it will be by ship.
      People can do many things on a grass-roots level to start taking back our power if they don’t set off WWlll with Iran first.
      As the interest rates are non-existent at the moment anyways, withdraw most of your money from all your bank accounts and just keep enough in there to cover your expenses.
      Refuse to deal with any Jewish run businesses. WHATSOEVER! Start boycotting them. All of them. Reduce their power base. Buy domestic, even if it does cost you a little more. This includes Walmart. It may as well be called “The People’s Republic of China Department Store.” All sing along now, “Made in the Hong Kong Junk Shop”.
      Grow a victory garden if space permits. Even a balcony can support a few tomato plants.
      Arm yourself and learn how to use it properly while we still can.
      Learn some basic self-defense. Maybe even Krav Maga, if you’re so inclined.
      Stock up on non-perishables and essentials.
      Number one thing we can do to mess them up and regain some semblance of sanity is to, TURN OFF YOUR FUCKING TELEVISION! That is the most efficient tool of their propaganda ever invented. And now with digital signals it is even easier to insert subliminal signals into the data stream.
      Network with your neighbours. Find out who you can trust. And on and on.
      WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A WAR! And it has to be treated as such.
      As stupid as it sounds, Mike, I’m also hoping that this whole stupid house of cards collapses. Then at least we have some kind of a chance to rebuild. As long as we do it right then. People have very short memories.
      You are absolutely right. People have to make their own choices, whether for good or bad. You can’t force change on people. But there is a global awakening going on and I’m sure the Jews are feeling quite beleaguered by now. How long can you commit genocide or “ethnic cleansing” against your neighbours before the world says, enough is enough? The English are also complicit in this and they are accessories to the Genocide going on in Palestine because they helped the Jews occupy Palestine with their Balfour Declaration. Which they had absolutely no right to do. A reckoning will come to them also. What goes around comes around. But I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here, Mike. I sure you know all this already. Always a pleasure. And Brenda, no, you’re not alone. Thanks to the myriad of websites like this springing up all over the world, the truth is getting out. They can talk about shutting down the internet all they want but the horses have already escaped the barn. It’s now a moot point. Too many people already know the truth. As always, all the best to all of you.

      • I don’t know if that’s meant to be funny or not, but Krav Maga is the jew’s bullshit fighting style, which is about as worthless as it gets. Who the hell wants to pay a jew to learn some ridiculous, useless crap like that?

  30. Hey DUMPHUCKS who are too fucking lazy or STOOOPID to type in a fucking name instead of \he\ or \his\, so maybe there can be some continuity/comprehension here. I FAILED THE MIND-READING 101 class!!!

  31. Anonymous says:


    If you decide to answer my questions about martial arts, please delete from my comment the links to those four martial arts schools. I don’t want anyone using that information to pinpoint my location. Thanks.

    • I’m sorry if I missed the question, point me to it and I’ll delete whatever is there.

      • Anonymous says:

        My questions to you about martial arts never appeared on this thread, which is where I posted it. Maybe it went into your spam folder, because of the URLs I included. But basically, my questions went like this:

        In this thread, you mentioned that Krav Maga is a bullshit fighting style, and I agree. You’ve mentioned in other threads that you’re a longtime martial artist. What martial art style are you trained in? I’m very interested in martial arts, but I’ve heard a lot of conflicting information about which style is most effective for self-defense on the street.

        In my area, there are four different martial arts schools I’m considering: a traditional Shotokan Karate club, an MMA school which says that it’s based on Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Judo school, and an MMA “Combat Karate” school.

        Although BJJ artists win most UFC fights, I’ve heard it said that BJJ and Judo are useless in a street fight, because if you’re rolling around on the concrete in a street fight, where there’s broken glass, and possibly multiple attackers waiting to kick you in the head, you’ve already lost. This sounds logical to me – what do you think?

        What about traditional Shotokan Karate or Taekwondo? Is there any value to memorizing all the complicated kata forms which are part of those traditional styles, or are they useless in a street fight, as Bruce Lee said? On the other hand, though, Bruce Lee never actually fought anyone except in his movies, and both Georges St-Pierre (GSP) and Lyoto Machida, two of the best MMA fighters, have backgrounds in traditional Karate.

        I’ve heard a lot of people say that Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do is the most effective street-fighting style, but I don’t know how accurate that is, because Bruce Lee was basically an actor, like Jackie Chan – he never actually fought anyone using Jeet Kune Do, although it looked pretty impressive in his movies. In other words, his Jeet Kune Do style has never been tested in an actual combat situation, like in the ring. If it’s so effective, why haven’t there been any MMA fighters who use Jeet Kune Do? Instead, they are mostly trained in BJJ, Judo, Karate, and Muay Thai.

        So, although I’m interested in taking up a martial art, I want to learn one that will actually help me in a street fight situation, and I’m not sure which one to pursue. Which style or combination of styles, in your opinion, is the most effective for self-defense on the street?

        • I’m well rounded in a number of styles of martial arts and boxing. I would try to study as many different styles as possible if I were you. Don’t confine yourself to one thing, and don’t spend all your time drinking one person’s kool aid, which can happen at a lot of these schools. There is indeed value in the traditional martial arts, but cage fighting has sort of undermined it. If you’re looking at training in something like Jeet Kune Do then you will see that rigid form is not what you want. Bruce Lee was more than an actor, and the principles of JKD are 100% sound, but maybe not the best choice for a cage fight with rules. Whatever you do, you need to train to be effective in all the different ranges and stay well rounded. Learn some kicking, punching, trapping, and grappling and don’t rule anything out as completely useless until you understand it.

  32. GuitarMan says:

    The basic simple way to exterminate this parasitic beast is this: “Do unto it as it has done unto you” !

  33. Jim vonBeker says:

    Wow, I just got off Incogmans website and he said kikes had fucked with him also and had him deleted, My last you tube channel “germaniajim” was also deleted by some kikenvermin or jew lover, It would seem the chosenite bullshit has still got alot of humans stymied over the real truth. Alas, I fear they will learn what we here have already known, too late to save their lives, If you can call that living, Recently, on another youtube channel I had put up the same hour my last one was deleted, I came under attack because some chink thought my time could be better served than all the hating I was advocating, I explained to her feeble mind that someone has to stand up for my race and if it means being called a hater,a racist, or my fav, an antisemite, then so be it, Although Ive never seen any joo actually convince anyone that he really was a semite.!

  34. Nomad is spot on about the English responsibility for Jewry’s global ascendancy,this is because the English have been losers since before even 1066 and were ripely vacuous for Judaisation from Elizabeth the 1st’s Irish killer Protestant time that left the Star of david on the Ulster flag and which era includes Kabbalist maggot John Dee and the later bourgeois Zionist-Masonic founding of the USA as an English colony of British Israelite Shabbos Goyish witch burners…the English have also been the dogged enemy of every attempt at a reunification of continental Europe and allowed slaving by Jews to the states and for the Sassoons to drug the Chinese under the British flag and even for a Jew to be Prime Minister before they killed their own cousins in two world wars in concert with…the USA…only look at the Satanic pentagrams of/on the machines/uniforms of the then Allies.

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