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Senate Passes $700 BILLION Scam Legislation


Congress and everyone else listened to the American people and didn’t pass the first version of the $700 BILLION bail out deal, or so many think anyway. However, today the Senate passed an INFLATED version of the SAME BILL, adding another $100 BILLION worth of tax cuts and other “incentives”. Essentially, this just costs the American tax payer MORE money than the original.

In a Yahoo News Story that boasts about this current theivery they are calling “legislation” I ran across this quote:

Raising the deposit insurance limit — along with the SEC’s accounting change — helped House Republicans claim credit for some substantive changes.

Let me tell you something. These people don’t deserve any “credit”. They just tried to credit their jewish banking buddies with $700 BILLION dollars and let the jew Paulson spend it with no oversight on the people who are not only responsible for the collapse, but whom stand to walk away with HUGE payment packages after FLEECING millions of Americans out of their retirement, 401k’s, homes, and much more.

These jerks don’t deserve “credit” for INFLATING an already ludicrous bail out bill by another $100 BILLION. You don’t get “credit” for protecting the thieves and committing what amounts to TREASON by HELPING the thieves walk away with yet MORE money than they were able to scam from the American people with their banking madness.

No sir. Instead of credit for the banking crisis and swindling the American tax payer through the use of “shock and awe” type fear mongering these Senators who voted “YES” should get the ROPE. Find your favorite tree. Your favorite lamp post. Heck, even the metal pole of a street sign will do fine in a pinch. Lasso your “yes” voting criminal senator, and any “yes” voting congressmen or women who will reveal themselves as part of the criminal network on Friday; and give them a swing by their necks. Remember, the only rule is they have to drop a sufficient distance to snap their necks, and toes can not touch the ground. For that is the beauty of times like these. The criminals and their cohorts will readily expose themselves by striking a “yes” vote for this blatant theft.

Make no mistake about it. They WILL pass this pay package for the criminal bankers, whether it be Friday or at a later date. This is just the preliminaries. They always pass whatever they want, but there has to be the illusion of disagreement or the average American lemming will quickly realize they’re all on the SAME TEAM. So, like the hollywood actors that these jewish bankers and traitorous law makers are, they must put on the show that the interests of said lemmings is being accounted for. They must continue the dance right up until the last note of music is played lest people should start to catch on to the fact that the dance was a facade that allowed their friends to slip out the back door with the punch bowl.

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