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Rice Regrets Bad Intelligence On Iraq?

Rice Regrets Bad Intelligence On Iraq?

The Associated Press reported today the Condomsleeve Rice regrets that the US invaded Iraq over “bad intelligence”. Well, the first thing that comes to mind is, the banter leading up to the invasion of Iraq was neither coming from anyone with intelligence, and did not in any way, shape, or form resemble “intelligence”. There’s nothing intelligent about invading sovereign nations on false pretenses. There is nothing intelligent about toppling leaders in one place and installing puppets in others. There is nothing intelligent about undermining the security of the nation you are tasked with defending, and it’s constitution you swore an oath to uphold. There is nothing intelligent about being a lap dog for the jews, because you will surely pay for your actions when all of this is ironed out.

In the ARTICLE Condomsleeve’s first opportunity to stick her foot in her fat mouth comes in this form “While it’s fine to go back and say what might we have done differently, the truth of the matter is we don’t have that luxury”, but I beg to differ. We do have that luxury because that is a fundamental part of free speech. It’s more than “fine” to go back and say what we SHOULD have done differently, it is RIGHTEOUS, but I know this is a concept this rotten soul will never understand.

This scary bitch pushed to have Iraqi people murdered by the U.S. Military for things she knew to be lies.

Condomsleeve only regrets not stroking her masters enough to get the position that was recently handed to Hillary Clinton.

What exactly could we go back and do differently? Well, nothing without a time machine, but a better question is, what could we do TODAY to rectify this situation? First, we could remove ALL U.S. troops from their soil. On the way out, we could have our troops REMOVE the jewish controlled puppet government that has been forced onto the Iraqi people, and let THEM decide how to govern theirselves. Next, we can take the over $3 BILLION a year we feed to the demon state of Israel and divert it to the people of Iraq to help them reconstruct what we destroyed. Then, we can send those troops over to Israel to kill at least one million military, civillian, men, women, and children as a sort of balancing for the devastation in Iraq. At the same time we should remove ALL outside contractors who have layed illegal claim to Iraq’s resources, and again, let their people determine what to do with all of it. I could go on for HOURS about what we could do RIGHT NOW today to polish the tarnish off of America’s once good name, so I’ll just stop where I’m at.

On that same note of going back in time, Condomsleeve then goes on to say “I would give anything to be able to go back and to know precisely what we were going to find when we were there. But that isn’t the way that these things work,” Rice said “And I still believe that the overthrow of Saddam Hussein is going to turn out to be a great strategic achievement.” Of course “these things” don’t work like that you moronic bitch. We can’t go back and restore the lives of over one million civillians that have been brutally murdered both by our troops, and bands of American and Israeli mercenaries like blackwater. Life is kind of a one way ticket, and unless these demons know something we don’t, there’s no raising the dead to rectify what has been done in this war on terror. Second, this white house whore wouldn’t give a fingernail clipping to change what’s been done. That is an outright lie and there are no two ways about it.

Funny Condi has the gap tooth feature found on many jews. I wonder if she's thinking gentile babies taste good with a pinch of salt?

Rice’s warrior stance becomes easier to understand when seen here looking more like a klingon from Star Trek than a human.

Condomsleeve believes the overthrow of Saddam is going to turn out to be not just a good, but a GREAT strategic achievement. What planet does this monstrosity hail from anyway? Let’s see. They have completely destroyed America’s reputation as a world leader when it comes to freedom, decimated Iraq and most of it’s infrastructure, inflamed the ENTIRE muslim and arab world, wrecked our economy, killed thousands of American troops, and brought the world closer to WWIII. Some strategic achievement that is.

Rice carries on and says she is “still really appalled at the inability of the international community to deal with tyrants.” Well, what the fuck does she expect when the tyrants are her bosses and they have control of the most awesome military force on the planet? What does she expect knowing that SHE is herself one of the tyrants she speaks of? Maybe she’s trying to incite us to take their asses out, because it’s no question who the real tyrants are. Of course the world can’t deal with tyrants because I can’t seem to get enough people off their asses to shoot the fuckers dead!

This line from the same article is an absolute classic and needs recorded in more place than one for future reference. “I believe when people objectively analyze this administration, they’ll say, `Well, I see now what he was trying to do,'” Bush said. Well jeepers batman, this I think is one of the most truthful statements ever to come out of Bush’s mouth. We the people have already objectively analyzed your administration and we deem you to be a war criminal guilty of genocide, torture, illegal declarations of war, and much, much more.

I'll drink to the enslavement of the American people, the murder of one million Iraqis...come to think of it, I'll drink just to drink!

Enjoy it while you can you bumbling idiotic hook nosed little drunkard.

Yes little Georgie boy, we know EXACTLY what you were trying to do, and you would do well to dig a deeper hole than the fake Saddam was found hiding in on your new 90,000 acre ranch in Paraguay to hide in, because your days are numbered like the rest of the tyrants. You’ve been tried and convicted in a court of public opinion, including receiving indictments for your arrest in numerous places across America as it stands now. You are guilty, and you will pay. You just don’t know it yet you drunk little cocaine freak. Stay an inch or two out of kicking distance if you know what’s good for you. I think some personal security provided by retired Israeli IDF soldiers is in your future if you want to have much of a future.

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