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Reporting A Crime – Largest Heist in Human History


So, the jews just RAPED the American public of $850 BILLION dollars. Not that they haven’t been ROBBING PEOPLE BLIND with their wall street scam for the last century anyway, but this was a blatant, in your face theft. It’s not much solace to the millions of Americans who are losing their homes, their jobs, and their retirement; but they should have turned the jew tube off sooner and paid a little more attention to the world around them. Most of their 401k’s and pensions are GONE. Their homes are now property of multi-million dollar banks who couldn’t handle THEIR OWN finances.

Only one in one thousand people supported the bail out. Now, if this were indeed a democracy, it shouldn’t have passed. MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of jew-tax paying citizens called, wrote, e-mailed, faxed, and sent letters to their senators and congressmen DEMANDING that they should NOT pass this bill. The phone lines at the capital and even their e-mail accounts were completely inundated with calls and letters from people who KNEW this was a scam. Only problem is, your representatives IGNORED you, and did as their jewish masters wanted. There are even reports of congressmen being threatened with martial law if the bill didn’t pass. I say we DO NOT need congressmen with NO SPINE. Fire them next month.

That said, the beauty of this crime is that the criminals were displayed on television during the theft, and it was recorded by thousands of VCR’s all across the globe. Even petty convenient store thieves are aware of the cameras watching, but I guess these crooks thought it didn’t matter. We should show them they are wrong.

Let me pose one solution. What do you think would happen if the MILLIONS of people who called congress to complain started calling their local police and FBI offices to report a CRIME of THEFT that is literally the LARGEST heist in recorded history? This type of action would be far more beneficial than calling congressional jewish puppets.

Call your local PD. FLOOD their phones with crime reports. I figure after a couple days of PD’s not being able to handle regular business because their phones and internet connections are SWAMPED with pissed off citizens, a few of them would have to take notice. Of course, for this to work, everyone must quickly realize and identify the jews as the culprit or all would be in vain.

Imagine if you could get a few police departments to investigate? Maybe even an FBI field office or two? If they refuse to investigate and ARREST the criminals responsible, DO NOT LET UP. Keep on them until they can’t sleep without hearing the voice of a patriot insisting that these crimes NOT go unpunished. That would be your last ditch effort to get your public servants to work for you, and even then, it’s a long shot.

If an action of this type were to fail, there is NOTHING left to do but rely on the second amendment to dismantle the power these cretens hold. The media should be your FIRST priority because if you can take the power of “the message” out of the hands of the jews, their WHOLE power structure will come crumbling down behind it. Once the jew can no longer control the message, his NUMBER ONE strength will be overcome, and that is the strength the jew gets from his veil of secrecy.

Expose them thoroughly to your local PD and FBI office. Do it REPEATEDLY. You want a way to stop the jew? Get your ARMED SERVANTS on your side and do it NOW. Many of those officers are losing money in this just like the rest of us. The crime can never be solved, and the perpetrators never brought to justice if nobody reports the crime.

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