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Racist Leaflets Found

Racist Leaflets Found

Coming from my neck of the woods, it seems a local woman has found some leaflets she calls racist, because they speak out against Obama, the jewish controlled media, and speak out for the rights of white people. First things first, I am a white man, but not a racist or white supremacist. The problems we face are a problem for ALL races, not just white men. The problem of jewish world domination affect the white man, black man, chinese, mexican, indian, or people of every stripe you can think of that are non-jews. We are going to have to work together as a UNIFIED front if we want to rid ourselves of this dispicable parasite called the jew.

So, what’s all the fuss about these leaflets? Let me quote the article in full for you, which can be found HERE.

JACKSONVILLE, FL — A woman says she discovered a local weekly magazine she picked up at the library contained racist flyers.

“I came across four different inserts that are white-supremacy based,” says a woman who asked not to be identified.

Two of the inserts talk about the “Jewish controlled media” twisting around words. Another insert says “Abort the Obamanation.”

“Well, I did a double take when I saw the first one because you aren’t expecting to come across that, but you know in the times that we live in you hear of this periodically and there it was,” says the woman.

The articles claim they are for the rights of white Americans and are not white supremacists.

“If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s usually a duck. It’s unfortunate you know.” she says. “Ignorance breeds hatred and hopefully they’ll do something different in 09.”

Right off the bat, I have to say that putting leaflets explaining jewish domination into library books and other publications that lemmings will pick up is a good idea. I don’t agree with arguing for white rights, because it can easily be construed, as the article above has, to be racist or supremacist views. Again, we are ALL in this same boat together. White, black, or brown, you are ALL slaves to your jewish masters, PERIOD.

The fact that the leaflets point out the jewish controlled media is a GOOD thing, however. Many may try to argue this point, so let’s show them that jewish media domination is a fact.

Jew – CBS – Paley
Jew – NBC – Jeff -(rey) Zucker
Jew – ABC -Stuart Bloomberg/G. W. Bodenheimer
Jew – ABC news – David Westin
Jew – CNN – Gerald Levin
Jew – FOX – Gail Berman
Jew – MBS – Ronnessen
Jew – Daily News – Maxwell, real name HOCH
Jew – US News – Zuckerman
Jew – New York Times – Sulzberger
Jew – Reuters – (All world news – Jewish org.)
Jew – PARAMOUNT PICTURES – Bradley Alan Grey
Jew – 20TH CENTURY FOX – Peter Chernin
Jew – WARNER BROTHERS – Barry M. Meyer
Jew – WARNER CO – Martin S. Davis
Jew – DREAMWORKS – Spielberg
Jew – Walt Disney TV, Touchstone TV and
Jew – Buena Vista TV – Micheal D. Eisner
Jew – VIACOM – Sumner M Redstone(Rothstein)
Jew – MTV – Murray Rothstein
Jew – Nickelodeon – Murray Rothstein
Jew – Universal Pictures – Stacey Snider
Jew – Universal Studios – Ron Meyer
Jew – BBC, Sunday News – Michael Ian Grade
Jew – Murdoch empire

Now you can clearly see those leaflets are ACCURATE to depict the media as solely a jewish controlled propaganda machine, and this could be carried a little further. Apparently, the leaflets also speak of “Obamanation”, so let’s get some facts straight on this issue also. Obama is a jew. His mother is a jewess named Stanley Ann Dunham, so regardless of his skin complexion, he is in fact a true jew. Those who think that this condescending creature is on your side, better think again. He is part of the jewish cabal that is ruining our country, no two ways about it.

For the stupid mother fuckers who wish to put their trust in this puppet, you are facing a dire fate in the next few years and you deserve what’s coming. Either get your head out of your ass, or get out of this country. You are a worthless waste of oxygen, and should just off yourself for your ignorance. Not just your ignorance, but because many of you do not question the world around. You don’t seek answers, because you have no questions. Your accpetance of whatever is laid at your feet by your jewish masters, and that of many generations before you have helped cause the problems we face and have allowed these jewish demons to run amuck for too long now.

So, what’s so interesting about this isolated incident with these so-called racist leaflets? Well, for one thing, the way the article reads, you would think a black woman ran across the leaflets and was upset about the idea of white rights, and couldn’t understand the information about jewish media control, but this is not the case. Every one of you should do a double-take, like this poor distressed woman did, when you hear stuff like this making the news, locally or nationally. You must ask yourself, who’s agenda does it serve to report this in the mainstream media? The answer, it ALWAYS serves the jew if you’re hearing about it from these outlets.

The truth of the matter is this. It wasn’t a black woman who found these items. Have a listen to the video yourself:

The voice of the woman, who coincidentally doesn’t want to be identified, is the voice of a jewess. I agree with her sentiment, ignorance DOES breed hatred. Ignorance of the jewish plans for domination, their divide and conquer tactics, and their history of pitting the people against each other along racial lines or other divides breeds hatred in the WRONG direction. Their ability to continually manipulate you from behind the scenes has you at each other’s throats, when you should unite yourselves and focus that energy on the enemy of mankind. The jew.

How do I know she’s a jew, since she hasn’t been identified? First, the article is a perfect storm. There is no real evidence that she stumbled across these somewhere, or whether she printed them herself and called the news. That would be impossible to verify, but judging by the tension it causes and knowing who’s purposes it fulfills, we can do the math on our own. It’s called critical thinking and this world needs more of it. It fits their agenda like a glove, and this woman’s voice, fills the missing pieces of the puzzle. In her own words “If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s usually a duck”. To add to that, if it fits the jewish agenda, comes from a jewish sounding woman, and makes it’s way into jewish mainstream media…it’s a fucking jew. Instead of saying “quack” in this instance “oy vey” is much more fitting.

Peel the scales back off of your eyes. Lift the veil so you can see clearly. Use critical thinking. Question the world around and start looking for answers to those questions. We CAN make this a better world for ourselves, but it’s up to US to do it. These demons want you ignorant and complacent. It’s how they control you. If you want to break free, take responsibility for the ills we suffer and let’s make a difference. Divide and conquer, order out of chaos, through deception thou shalt do war. These are their modus operandi. Destroy these tools and they can no longer forge this matrix around you.

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