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Racist Jew Serial Killer

Racist Jew Serial Killer

A string of murders and attacks spanning three different states came to an abrupt end just over a week ago, when police announced that they might have a serial killer on their hands. At first, police were unable to connect the dots between a number of dead bodies and other attacks, but as stories from survivors piled up, it quickly became evident that they did indeed have a serial killer on their hands.

This crooked eyed, racist jew ran around stabbing people who were nice enough to offer him help when asked. Only the lowest of the low uses a method such as this to harm others.

Starting back in early spring, a rash of stabbings took place, starting in Michigan, and spreading to Virginia and Ohio. Apparently, a jew by the name of Elias Abuelazam, an Israeli citizen, began by stalking men walking alone, and men mostly black or dark skinned. Acting as a person in need, this jew would ask innocently of passers by to help him with the hood of his green Chevy Blazer, and as soon as the victim was distracted, he would stab them in the right kidney and liver. In fact, many of the reports are so identical, and the wounds so similar, it’s a wonder police took so long to figure out that it was a serial killer.

The mainstream media tells us reports started pouring in from survivors of a “white man” wearing a baseball cap, pretending to be in need of assistance with his vehicle, was slicing and dicing his way around America wherever he went. It’s sad that he was identified as a “white” man, because he doesn’t look anything like a typical “white” man, and has many tell tale jewish features. Unfortunately, not enough people know what a jew is, how depraved they are, or how to spot them, so it’s understandable that the victims, at least, thought he was a “white” man.

The problem with this is obvious to those who understand the jewish problem all nations today are facing. A racist jew on a killing spree involving mostly black victims being labeled a “white” man is a shame at best, gut wrenching and disgusting at worst. If more people understood what a jew is, and how dangerous they are, this case could have been solved before there were a total of 18 known victims, five of those ending up dead as a doornail. This article here leaves no doubt these were indeed racially motivated hate crimes.

Although the arrested man has not so far revealed any motive for the attacks, the police chief in Leesburg, Virginia, where Abuelazam once lived and where some of the victims were attacked, Joseph Price, said he had little doubt they were racially motivated.

“My belief is he selected the victims in Leesburg based on the colour of their skin,” he said.

However, a troubling aspect is whether or not this will actually be labeled as a “hate crime”, and if so, will the jewish media properly accredit this to jewish racism. The answer is a resounding NO, as you will soon see, because that would put too much focus on the truth about jewish racism and supremacism, but it sure would be nice. There is no doubt, from my perspective, that the attacks were racially motivated, as I would consider it in any case involving jews attacking humans. All but two of his victims were black, with one being hispanic, and one being a real “white” man.

From another article here:

In the U.S., Abuelazam is suspected in 14 attacks in and around Flint, three attacks in Virginia and one in Ohio. The victims were men aged 15 to 67. Most were black, but investigators don’t know whether race was a motive.

The only thing that could beat seeing this racist jew serial killer in cuffs, would be to see him swinging by the neck for his crimes, and I'm sure the victims would agree.

Investigators obviously don’t understand jews and their hatred towards people of color! It’s rather funny that jews will be the first to kick and scream about “anti-semitism” and “racism” and “hate crimes”, but when it comes to one of their own, investigators just aren’t so sure if his killing spree was racially motivated. As if it weren’t obvious enough already. Have a look at this victim’s account:

“I’m beating on his hood, trying to get it open, he takes a Bowie knife and sticks it right in my kidney and liver. … And then he grabbed me around my neck,” Booker said, pulling up his shirt to reveal an 18-inch scar from his chest to his pelvic area and a smaller hole on his right side. He lost 8 pints of blood.

“He’s a stone-cold killer,” Booker said. “He knows what he’s doing, he’s trained in it. He knows where to stick you to kill you.”

The words “stone cold killer” fit jews to a tee. He can likely thank his training in the Israeli Defense Force for his knowledge of how to stab someone to make it count. If this is the case, the way one would get such training is on defenseless Palestinians bound and blindfolded, but knowing how jews are so heavily vested in the organ harvesting business, it’s not likely they would waste good organs for this purpose.

Instead, it’s better for a jew to go somewhere he’s not known and do his dirty deeds. In fact, according to the jew’s own talmud, this is exactly what he should have done. According to the talmud, going on a killing spree in this fashion is what a good jew would do. Not that there is a such thing as a good jew, but by their twisted logic it fits.

Moed Kattan 17a : If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not
known and do the evil there.

Once the police announced that they were looking for a serial killer, this jew knew it was time to get out of dodge. Many serial killers of the past are known to be jews, such as David Berkowitz, Harold Shipman, Joseph Kallinger, and Harvey Glatman. These are just a few names, all of which are easily verified jewish serial killers. Of course, there are plenty more to be found if anyone wishes to dig around on the topic. As soon as word was out, this jew headed for home in Israel, where there is no extradition, but he was also suspect in a number of screwdriver stabbings earlier this year.

According to this article at the Guardian, the jew was on his way out of America, when he was tracked down and nabbed at the boarding gate to a flight heading for Israel.

Abuelazam, a Christian Arab, was arrested at Atlanta airport as he was waiting to board a flight to Tel Aviv. The Israeli press reported that his mother had sent him to the US as a youth but that he returned regularly to his home town of Ramla, a mixed Jewish-Arab working-class town.

You can see the deception already at work in the media. It’s absolutely positive that this fella is a jew, but the media is reporting him as a “Christian Arab”, which just isn’t going to fly. Thankfully, this racist jew pig was caught before he got away, but it’s not good to have a kike passed off as something else. Not only is he being mislabeled as an Arab, but the jews are already in damage control mode. Funny that none of the victims considered this man anything close to Arab, figure that one out!

His mother, Iyam al-Azzam, told Israel radio that her son had called her as he was waiting for the plane and that “he sounded the same as usual, quiet and calm”. “I do not believe these charges are true,” she said. “Elias, my son, is a religious, God-fearing man who always assists anyone who needs help.”

His jewish mother forgot the fact that he was playing on the kind hearts of people by asking them for help, then stabbing them to death, and just walking away as if nothing had happened. I don’t give two shits what his mother has to say about it, it’s obvious all the killings stopped when police made it public they were after a serial killer, and even more so now that he’s in custody. Looks like they did indeed get the right person.

But acquaintances said they were surprised to hear it. “I just can’t see him doing this,” Paul Lozinsky, who worked with Abuelazam at the mental health facility, told the Washington Post. “I can’t believe he’s the type of guy who would do this. He was a nice guy to me. We got along together.”

Harold Shipman racked up nearly 200 kills before he was caught, making him one of the leading serial killers of modern times. Thankfully, he was found hung by the neck in his cell.

Oh you see. A jewish man wants us to believe because him and the racist serial killer got along so well, there’s no way he could be the type of guy to do such a thing. Well mercy me. That just about wraps up that case. We should turn him loose, and forget it ever happened, right? Are we supposed to believe that he couldn’t have committed such horrendous crimes, simply because he got along fine with his jewish “acquaintance”?? If they are just “acquaintances”, how is this man’s word worthy of even being mentioned? How could he have possibly known him well enough to know whether he was a racist serial killer or not?

According to this article here, police already believe this jew was involved in another Leesburg killing going back as far as March of 2009. If that’s the case, how many others did he commit that we aren’t hearing about? How many other murders and stabbing victims are there stretching back over the years that have yet to be connected to this psychopathic, racist, jew serial killer?

One thing that must be noted, especially as jews try to divide those of us willing to fight against them, based on our skin color alone. Almost all of this racist jew’s victims were black, and almost every single one of them showed us their humanity in this situation. All of them had stopped to help a fellow human in need. Let the jews be the racists, and let the rest of humanity put our differences aside as we work together to rid ourselves of this perfidious infestation.

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