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Racist Jew Serial Killer

Racist Jew Serial Killer

A string of murders and attacks spanning three different states came to an abrupt end just over a week ago, when police announced that they might have a serial killer on their hands. At first, police were unable to connect the dots between a number of dead bodies and other attacks, but as stories from survivors piled up, it quickly became evident that they did indeed have a serial killer on their hands.

This crooked eyed, racist jew ran around stabbing people who were nice enough to offer him help when asked. Only the lowest of the low uses a method such as this to harm others.

Starting back in early spring, a rash of stabbings took place, starting in Michigan, and spreading to Virginia and Ohio. Apparently, a jew by the name of Elias Abuelazam, an Israeli citizen, began by stalking men walking alone, and men mostly black or dark skinned. Acting as a person in need, this jew would ask innocently of passers by to help him with the hood of his green Chevy Blazer, and as soon as the victim was distracted, he would stab them in the right kidney and liver. In fact, many of the reports are so identical, and the wounds so similar, it’s a wonder police took so long to figure out that it was a serial killer.

The mainstream media tells us reports started pouring in from survivors of a “white man” wearing a baseball cap, pretending to be in need of assistance with his vehicle, was slicing and dicing his way around America wherever he went. It’s sad that he was identified as a “white” man, because he doesn’t look anything like a typical “white” man, and has many tell tale jewish features. Unfortunately, not enough people know what a jew is, how depraved they are, or how to spot them, so it’s understandable that the victims, at least, thought he was a “white” man.

The problem with this is obvious to those who understand the jewish problem all nations today are facing. A racist jew on a killing spree involving mostly black victims being labeled a “white” man is a shame at best, gut wrenching and disgusting at worst. If more people understood what a jew is, and how dangerous they are, this case could have been solved before there were a total of 18 known victims, five of those ending up dead as a doornail. This article here leaves no doubt these were indeed racially motivated hate crimes.

Although the arrested man has not so far revealed any motive for the attacks, the police chief in Leesburg, Virginia, where Abuelazam once lived and where some of the victims were attacked, Joseph Price, said he had little doubt they were racially motivated.

“My belief is he selected the victims in Leesburg based on the colour of their skin,” he said.

However, a troubling aspect is whether or not this will actually be labeled as a “hate crime”, and if so, will the jewish media properly accredit this to jewish racism. The answer is a resounding NO, as you will soon see, because that would put too much focus on the truth about jewish racism and supremacism, but it sure would be nice. There is no doubt, from my perspective, that the attacks were racially motivated, as I would consider it in any case involving jews attacking humans. All but two of his victims were black, with one being hispanic, and one being a real “white” man.

From another article here:

In the U.S., Abuelazam is suspected in 14 attacks in and around Flint, three attacks in Virginia and one in Ohio. The victims were men aged 15 to 67. Most were black, but investigators don’t know whether race was a motive.

The only thing that could beat seeing this racist jew serial killer in cuffs, would be to see him swinging by the neck for his crimes, and I'm sure the victims would agree.

Investigators obviously don’t understand jews and their hatred towards people of color! It’s rather funny that jews will be the first to kick and scream about “anti-semitism” and “racism” and “hate crimes”, but when it comes to one of their own, investigators just aren’t so sure if his killing spree was racially motivated. As if it weren’t obvious enough already. Have a look at this victim’s account:

“I’m beating on his hood, trying to get it open, he takes a Bowie knife and sticks it right in my kidney and liver. … And then he grabbed me around my neck,” Booker said, pulling up his shirt to reveal an 18-inch scar from his chest to his pelvic area and a smaller hole on his right side. He lost 8 pints of blood.

“He’s a stone-cold killer,” Booker said. “He knows what he’s doing, he’s trained in it. He knows where to stick you to kill you.”

The words “stone cold killer” fit jews to a tee. He can likely thank his training in the Israeli Defense Force for his knowledge of how to stab someone to make it count. If this is the case, the way one would get such training is on defenseless Palestinians bound and blindfolded, but knowing how jews are so heavily vested in the organ harvesting business, it’s not likely they would waste good organs for this purpose.

Instead, it’s better for a jew to go somewhere he’s not known and do his dirty deeds. In fact, according to the jew’s own talmud, this is exactly what he should have done. According to the talmud, going on a killing spree in this fashion is what a good jew would do. Not that there is a such thing as a good jew, but by their twisted logic it fits.

Moed Kattan 17a : If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not
known and do the evil there.

Once the police announced that they were looking for a serial killer, this jew knew it was time to get out of dodge. Many serial killers of the past are known to be jews, such as David Berkowitz, Harold Shipman, Joseph Kallinger, and Harvey Glatman. These are just a few names, all of which are easily verified jewish serial killers. Of course, there are plenty more to be found if anyone wishes to dig around on the topic. As soon as word was out, this jew headed for home in Israel, where there is no extradition, but he was also suspect in a number of screwdriver stabbings earlier this year.

According to this article at the Guardian, the jew was on his way out of America, when he was tracked down and nabbed at the boarding gate to a flight heading for Israel.

Abuelazam, a Christian Arab, was arrested at Atlanta airport as he was waiting to board a flight to Tel Aviv. The Israeli press reported that his mother had sent him to the US as a youth but that he returned regularly to his home town of Ramla, a mixed Jewish-Arab working-class town.

You can see the deception already at work in the media. It’s absolutely positive that this fella is a jew, but the media is reporting him as a “Christian Arab”, which just isn’t going to fly. Thankfully, this racist jew pig was caught before he got away, but it’s not good to have a kike passed off as something else. Not only is he being mislabeled as an Arab, but the jews are already in damage control mode. Funny that none of the victims considered this man anything close to Arab, figure that one out!

His mother, Iyam al-Azzam, told Israel radio that her son had called her as he was waiting for the plane and that “he sounded the same as usual, quiet and calm”. “I do not believe these charges are true,” she said. “Elias, my son, is a religious, God-fearing man who always assists anyone who needs help.”

His jewish mother forgot the fact that he was playing on the kind hearts of people by asking them for help, then stabbing them to death, and just walking away as if nothing had happened. I don’t give two shits what his mother has to say about it, it’s obvious all the killings stopped when police made it public they were after a serial killer, and even more so now that he’s in custody. Looks like they did indeed get the right person.

But acquaintances said they were surprised to hear it. “I just can’t see him doing this,” Paul Lozinsky, who worked with Abuelazam at the mental health facility, told the Washington Post. “I can’t believe he’s the type of guy who would do this. He was a nice guy to me. We got along together.”

Harold Shipman racked up nearly 200 kills before he was caught, making him one of the leading serial killers of modern times. Thankfully, he was found hung by the neck in his cell.

Oh you see. A jewish man wants us to believe because him and the racist serial killer got along so well, there’s no way he could be the type of guy to do such a thing. Well mercy me. That just about wraps up that case. We should turn him loose, and forget it ever happened, right? Are we supposed to believe that he couldn’t have committed such horrendous crimes, simply because he got along fine with his jewish “acquaintance”?? If they are just “acquaintances”, how is this man’s word worthy of even being mentioned? How could he have possibly known him well enough to know whether he was a racist serial killer or not?

According to this article here, police already believe this jew was involved in another Leesburg killing going back as far as March of 2009. If that’s the case, how many others did he commit that we aren’t hearing about? How many other murders and stabbing victims are there stretching back over the years that have yet to be connected to this psychopathic, racist, jew serial killer?

One thing that must be noted, especially as jews try to divide those of us willing to fight against them, based on our skin color alone. Almost all of this racist jew’s victims were black, and almost every single one of them showed us their humanity in this situation. All of them had stopped to help a fellow human in need. Let the jews be the racists, and let the rest of humanity put our differences aside as we work together to rid ourselves of this perfidious infestation.

  1. to bad the jew always goes to a country club prison, cause this fuck need to die and i am sure if he is put in a normal prison the black men would get revenge on this piece of shit for all he did

  2. People need to understand the justice system is a complete and utter failure. If someone harms you or any of your family, make it your purpose to kill them. That’s the only way to stop them doing it to you, or someone else ever again. How many times do we have to hear “he is a repeat offender”. Make these people “disappear”, the world will be a much better place without these creatures.

    The justice system bounces these people around the system because every step of the way people make money off it, and it provides jobs. They rack it up on the governments credit card. They have NO INTEREST in either preventing crime, or solving it, just dealing with it and shuffling the prisoner from court to jail and back onto the streets. Violent offenders and pedophiles need extreme justice.

    Show no mercy.

    • fuck yeah, no mercy

    • death to all negro and albinojews says:

      The justice system is a business run by the catholics. They look out for every BAR card holding talmudic attorney foreign agent scum who is a member and pays its membership dues. You will never have a true court of record or common law court again until you remove all these talmudic foreign agent attorneys scumbags from the land. It is as simple as that. All attorneys are scumbags. every judge is an attorney. The courts are all commercial BK centers. they are not even courts. Do the research and find the truth is right in your face. Look at the sovereign websites like Glenn fearn, we the people for independent Texas, bill thorton. I mention htese because there are many, many jew con artist who pretend to be the People. You will see how your courts were stolen from you. And guess what?? it is because the jew brought the negro jew counterpart brethren of theirs to your land. That is the ONLY reason you have all these laws. It is to govern the negro jew that can not govern itself. Everything else is a lie. Your drivers license was created because of the negro jew. All your licenses are a result of appeasing the low IQ soulless negro jew. The albino jew knew this. while you labor all day, the jew thinks of how it can murder the cylindrical round haired people. Look at how the negro jew behaved after teh stupid non jew felt sorry for it after the albino jew brought it here. The first slave owners were negro jews. It was wellplanned by the albino jew. And allthis shit about there are good jews and messianic jews is bullshit. ALL JEWS WANT YOU DEAD!. it is their bloodline. Itis the bloodline of satan. this is why our people were told not to adultrate the bloodline with htis trashy vile soulless scum.
      You have no idea how bad for he future of our children I want to be your new NON jew hitler. Unlike that jew hitler, I need no nobel prize from jews like jew girlyboy fagmite jew lizard founder of the stolen land kike hitler.

      • There will be information regarding the scams of the corporate system this business (country) is run by coming soon.

        That said, we don’t begrudge people of any race here except the jew. We’re not making enemies so we have to fight the whole world. We’re uniting so we can all fight the jew. When that’s done, we can decide what is best for each of us on our own.

  3. Adolf Hitler says:

    IF the guy was white. This would have been on the news non-stop. Free masonic shabbos goys Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be screaming RACISM.

    This case and the Alabama church fires PROVE the jewish control of the media. The jews are trying to portray this guy as a Christian Arab-Israeli. Just like Columbine shooters were portrayed as Neo-nazis.

    The internet is doing a great job of exposing these jews. That’s why the jews spend millions of dollars on guys like ALEX JONES to keep the jewish connection hidden from us. That’s why the jews have to LEAD White Supremacists, 911 Truthers, and Other Patriot Movements.

    • damn right jessi and al would be on this story like flies on shit. i told my dad about this fucking jew and what he did last night. my dad never even heard the story on the news or in the here in IL.
      fucking jews own all the media so that they can cover for a sick fuck like this asshole among all the other shit.
      i cant stand it any more people really need to form the fuck up. so that we can right the wrongs.

      • Would not be hard to find out where Alex is….

        • i was referring to Al Sharpton, but yes alex also. but why go after a fish when there are so many sharks to get. besides every thing has to be done in a “che” type manner or close to when it comes to the fish and the sharks. read his guerrilla warfare book and you will know what i am talking about ever thing has to be done in the right time for such things.

  4. Brothers give us some support at

    Zionist elements try to turn it into an conspiracy theory, even the US SENATE investigated it.

    • well i was trying to write a comment about the video but it seems that the jew has cancelled my u-tube account for hate speech for 6 months or some shit like that. guess my facebook will be next. that’s ok if i cant use the internet then they have are real problem cause i will start going to the expo centers when there are gun shows, hunting expos, ect…
      i will never give up this task that is of the greatest impotence to all our lives.

      • “it seems that the jew has cancelled my u-tube account for hate speech for 6 months or some shit like that”

        “Hate speech” is jewspeak for speech and facts Jews don’t approve of and want censored. To them I say: FUCK YOU!



  5. Did this sick bastard worked in a mental hospital? I would like to know where? One article says he’s an Israeli national. So he was not born here in the USA right? He probably has connections with some jew doc psychiatrist. We should keep close tabs on this one and exploit the shit out of it. Thanks for another wake up.

  6. Pete's Inc says:

    read History of isreali false flag ops & ifAmericansknew/org & an often censored video by & Jew Traitors Or how US Aid $$$ is fUNneled thru AiPAC to bribe CONgress-this is shown as campaign donates-AIPAC had a page showing the mlns of $$$’s given to CONgress till I blew this oage thru the net-then AIPAC took the pages down. AIPACs ops budget is $65,000,000.oo per yr
    Also the type of explosive used on the USS Cole-only the US & isreal had this type of explosive. You want to know which Moslem Country is next on isreals list-follow the IED’s, car/truck & suicide bombings-from Iraq to Afgan to Pakistan. jewsreal just asked for mlns of gallons of aviation fuel-so isreal maybe going to do Iran-when isreal drags the US into the Iran ops-Gaza & Lebanon will be made to disappear

      • “This proposed sale will contribute to the foreign policy and national security of the United States by helping to improve the security of a friendly country which has been, and continues to be, an important force for political stability and economic progress in the Middle East.”

        What a crock of shit! Political “stability” my ass! The instability of that entire region is because of the existence of illegal, apartheid, Jewish supremacist state.

        With “friends” like that (who stab you in the back by carrying out false flag terror attacks against you as they most certainly did on in 9/11) who needs enemies for crying out loud!

  7. Salman Hossain says:

    these truck bombings and car bombings targetting innocent civilians are NOT “suicide” bombings…they are usually vehicles pre-rigged and sabotaged with explosives by jewish/israeli agents and rigged and detonated by remote control or timers…usually from far distances…and Umar Farouk the Nigerian was told by Jewish/Hindu agents in Netherlands to go on a security/anti-terror drill and take a dummy device with him …he didn’t know it was a REAL LIVE explosive firework…so he took it with him…2 Jews and a Hindu on the plane were jerking off with joy as the plane was about to land on Detroit’s airport since it was pre-determined to set off fireworks around that time…the Jews told Umar to go in the airport with the dummy device in his crotch…maybe Umar was unaware of its existence…but who else comes up with perverted ideas about crotch bombings?

    There ain’t NO ISLAMIC SUICIDE BOMBERS TARGETTING CIVILIANS…in the cases of real car/truck bombings…they are done by Jewish/Israeli agents and then detonated by timers or remote control…Jewish psychological warfare teams are almost always involved…

  8. Salman Hossain says:

    Umar was framed while running an anti-terror/security drill -just like Richard Reid, the Kashmiri dude in NYC Times Square recently and the Palestinian Nidal Malik Hasan who did NOT kill American troops.

    • wow!! didn’t know that so these bastafucks wanted to blow the plane up while under the guise of “testing” and when it hit the fan didn’t come to the young mans aid. had the entire world looking at nigerians again with a bad eye as if blacks don’t already have it bad in this jew ran system…i’m with sandstorm lets link up black,white,native,real muslims and other non-jews and take back tis world from the infestation of the jews.

      • Antoine says:

        Correct. That’s why this site is the only one worth a damn, and is correctly identified as the final destination of the information highway. We need to form an army of warriors and supporters from any and every race to take down the jew once and for all. Also, I don’t give a shit what consenting adult humans do in private; if you’re down with this cause, I’ve got your back. When we say “fags” around here, it refers to any male-born human who acts like a worthless bitch. Thanks to the jew, there are more “straight fags” walking around now than there are actual gays, as anyone who has visited any major city lately knows all to well. Some folks call it “metrosexuality.” I call it “fag bullshit” straight from the jew.

        Until you permanently remove the jews from this planet, you cannot begin to even discuss things like seperatism, white or black nationalism, and other racial/cultural/sexual differences.

        Let’s get it done, people.
        NO QUARTER.

  9. Sorgenkind says:

    To understand Jewish psychopathy and hatred towards non-jews, all it takes is to watch “American Psycho” where Jewish scriptwriters embody their sickness into an “American” white type.

  10. The old Christian-world’s claim that Jews were in the habit of abducting Christian children to perform their religious rituals by using their blood – has always been controversial. Most Jews call the allegation as much a ‘Jew-hating” libel as the Christians call the Holocaust ‘a Christian-hating’. However, under the western “freedom of expression” – When Jews produce anti- Christian movies like The Lost Tomb of Jesus, claiming that Jesus was never resurrected and that he had a sex partner and a child (sic) and the Da Vinci Code OR the anti-Islam Danish Cartoons and recent threats to burn copies of Holy Qur’an – are all okey but telling something which doesn’t follow the Jewish narration of world history – is ‘anti-Semitism’ and not kosher.

    In 2007, when Italian-Israeli Jew historian Professor Ariel Toaff in his book ‘Bloody Passovers’, agreed with Christians’ allegation of the ‘Blood Libel’ – he was hunted down by the Zionist mafia, so much so, that several Israeli lawmakers called for his arrest. The poor chap got so frightened that he recalled his book and apologized to fellow Jews for believing in the truth……

    • Sorry, “the poor chap”…..and your point is?

      I do not need jews to tell me what has happened, and I certainly don’t give a flying fuck about any jew that believes in truth or tries to “switch sides”, then runs back and apoligizes to his FELLOW JEWS.

      Everything jews do and say is a Psyop operation.

      Making non-jews feel sympathy or pity for jews(any jew) is paramount in psycological operations against non-jews.

      It stops here at this website. This is the end of the internet, and the end for the jews.

  11. ” The poor chap got so frightened that he recalled his book and apologized to fellow Jews for believing in the truth……”

    Fuck the poor Jewish chap, the whole thing was most likely set up,
    whether a jew calls himself a capitalist or communist, orthodox
    or reform, he is a jew. ALL Jews work together, any exceptions
    to this rule are rare and don’t really matter. I have known
    about the Jews for a long time but it has only been maybe a year
    since I realized that all Jews are bad and the so-called good Jews
    who speak out against the bad Jews are usually working together.

    • Histrionic Damage Control like Tesco’s losing sales to Sainsburys or mere infighting like murderer Stalin/Djugashvili terminating Trotski/Bronstajn …unless you know the whole spectrum has long been openly and stealthily Yiddish,forget it… psychopaths never apologise and each of them is imprinted and indoctrinated by the evil Rabbi into ruthless supremacist Satanism against the whole specie…and they will lose more thoroughly when they lose because they truly want not only to conquer or steal the world but to torture all souls to extinction-they are insane and never apologise.

      • The infighting of the jews isnt’ my problem. If they want to destroy some of their own, so be it, but they are still some of their own. Most of that is an illusion to make us believe they’re not all cohesive, but THEIR GOALS ARE and therefore they are, even when they appear not to be. They are too dangerous an enemy to consider their infighting anything less than a ploy, for that would be insurmountably ignorant.

  12. Can anyone tell me where is this murderer at now? Did you ever notice how stories incriminating Israel or the Jew are in and OUT of the news like a flash ? How much air was given to the Israeli murder of the aid ship workers??? IN AND OUT !!!We cant keep real truthful news in the light of day now can we…Why has this story been suppressed? Will this guy be given a flight home just like the Mosaad demolition team that did 911????I do hate the criminal , racist , evil bastards…

  13. Frank Fredenburg says:

    How many times have we been told by the media that all serial killers are white males. This one was clearly a jew. He wouldn’t have tried to flee to Israel if he wasn’t. What I would like to know is, has anyone ever checked to see how many of the so called white serial killers were jewish?

    • Lex Mercatoria says:

      Jews comprise the greatest percentage of serial murderers, possibly all of them though the jewish media suppresses this data.

    • Derek Prudence says:

      It is not direct proof of their hatred of gentiles, but it is direct proof that their satanism justifies it (a) in their minds and (b) in the jewish mind across the world, which is why the jewmedia suppresses it. As a counterpoint: now if they were a true race of humans, they would immediately decry the murderer and support the host country in prosecuting him. That fact that they do not, is one thing; the fact that they influence the jewdiciary to acquit him is a second thing.

  14. From Wikipedia: “Harold Frederick Shipman was born in Nottingham, England, the second of four children of Vera and Harold Shipman, a lorry driver.[4][5] His working class parents were devout Methodists.”

    According to Wiki, Shipman came from a family of devout Methodists.

    • Right, and I’m the pope.

      • Your’e Holiness, are you aware that the Protocols of Zion was actually plagiarized from a work of satire? Apparently a one joke premise can be stretched for 24 separate chapters that take well over an hour to read.

        It’s true! I read it on Wikipedia!

    • Wikipedia also says jesus was a jew, and that 19 arab hijackers did 911!

      Fuck jewipedia…..bunch of horseshit at that site.

  15. You have an article about a harold shipman …which actually is not a jew , anyone can look it up and find out that he was a methodist not a jew, next time get your facts straight.

    • You must take me for fucking stupid or something. Harold Shipman is a JEW by his RACE…..not his religion. In fact, jewishness is ONLY describable biologically, because jews don’t really have a religion. They have a sick, twisted ideology based on some bogus oral tradition of baby raping and nation wrecking, but they don’t have a religion. What would be more interesting than looking up this JEW serial killer, is to look and see if YOU ARE A JEW yourself….I already know the answer.

      • vIt is Called the New World Order
        Headed By Harry S Trueman and his United Assains Nations Corporation Built on a Pig Farm in New York and Run By the CIA and the CFR., WZO.,ACLU., ASL.,Southern povwrty and Law Spy Organization J.D.L World Jewish Congress,American Jewish Congress ( not the U.S. Congress) and their Handlers of th Republican and Democratic Party,

  16. Derek Prudence says:

    Jews are quite famous for taking on various religions in the country that hosts them, in order to show some level of “assimilation”, but they remain jews. Push them a little, and they shriek that you are attacking their *race* not their religion, and that you are a racist bastard.

    Also, check out Shipman’s beautiful khazar nose. Classic ritual murder, carving up of gentile bodies. Wait until you find out about the organ harvesting from gentiles.

    Adam’s facts are straighter than … well first we have to consider that less than 1% of the world population who have opened their eyes to the zionists; Adam is in the top 2% of that 1%. There is material on this site I have not found elsewhere. And it is easily collaborated via google.


  17. Derek Prudence says:

    Here’s another jew serial killer, that the jewmedia do not mention.

    Levi Bellfield:

    And he is suspected in 20 (officially) to 100 (that people post about) murders of under-age girls:

    That’s not counting the hundreds of rapes of white women and children, as his own wife declares.

    I take it that the readership understands that Romany Gypsies are jews; there are various groups within that neanderthal species.

    That second article shows his various underworld connections.

  18. Jack the ripper was also jewish , east london was full of jews at that time .

  19. Dan Gilfry says:

    This is what happens when you give your planet away to Satan’s henchmen, the Jews. Now, America and Canada are under martial law. London has armed missiles on its roofs and a spy camera in every nook and cranny.
    It’s time for the REAL serial killing kikes to show what THEY can do!
    So stock up on bottled water and dry goods because the yids are going to start their third world war!
    Dan Gilfry, Swedish Liberation Party
    “For a Jew-free Sweden!”

  20. telena helotova says:

    have you heard of the smiley face murders?the victimes are allways college age white males,they are dumped in a river and their bodies surface downstream and they have a smiley face on their body.they are done on jewsih holidays(taken from time of decomposition from body and have even found where they dumperd body into river due to vthe fact there was smiley face at the dump site in soem cases. 2 retired detectives tamen it up but I have heard nothing else on these murders.curious no?

  21. Jessie Jones says:

    Th guy has a distinct neanderthal look, does he not?

  22. What a wandering commentor must remember is, this scenario has been played out time after time through out history. Hatred and fear of the Synagogue of Satan/money lenders didn’t begin with the framing murdering of the Christ, it has it’s roots centuries before and the same “fomula” is still in use today. Follow the link, read it carefully, decide if what we’re seeing now in the West, (specifically AmeriKa), doesn’t fit;

    Further, imagine the POWER the Pharisees,(Rabbis)and Sadducees, (scribes), must have had to threaten a SEATED Roman governor into allowing them to take custody of, torture and murder an INNOCENT Christ with immunity!

    Imagine their power to corrupt a “Christian” nation to the point that they not only invade/slaughter innocent people but grovel at their feet and laud them as “the chosen”!

    We have allowed them to corrupt our police departments to the point that they have become our very own MOSSAD…they train them, teach them how to “handle” fellow citizens for excercising their constitutional right to seek redress of grievances,(peaceful demonstrations)…This Reptilian plague has been forcibly exiled from literally hundreds of empires throughout history but because of their hold on organizations like the Central Banks/U.N./IMO/Bank of International Settlements/World bank…ad nauseum they are alway able to re-set their fangs in the Christian/Muslim world to feed again and lead us into mindless fear and slaughter one against the other while they gloat and leer from the darkness they create. Thanks to AmeriKa, the Central Banking cabal is now in all nations but +/- five.

    • Christianity and Islam are just old pagan rituals and rights told as a new story. They are as jewdaized as everything else, and have helped the jew in many ways to get as far as they did.

      • I was amazed that the catholic powers that “were” actually hired Jewish Scholars to translate scripture…..DUH!

  23. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    Has anyone heard about the incident in Newborn, Connecticut where there were shootings in a school? I smell Kosher Jew all over this one.

    • Yes, it was a jewish shooter, a couple other shooters were caught, one in the woods, and one by the fire station right next to the school, now they are calling it a “lone gunmen” again. It’s a staged event to swipe our guns, nothing more, nothing less. Obama’s fake tears are bullshit, they want our guns.

      • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

        Precisely. Even if you ban gun laws, criminals will still carry guns. Jews are not bright. Jews in Hollywood is everyone’s biggest clue. It just occurred to me recently that the biggest criminals are the most skilled actors.

  24. Lex Mercatoria says:

    It appears to be yet another in a never ending stream of Jew media hoaxes.

    • Lex Mercatoria says:

      I was referring to the Connecticut “shooting.”

    • Sandy Hook, the theater shooting, and even the shooting of two firemen are all hoaxes as far as I can tell. Sandy Hook is positively nothing but jewish actors, and not even very good ones.

      Sandy Hook is 100% a media production like the moon landings, nuclear weapons, and 911, except on 911 the bombs and the imploding buildings were real.

      • I so very much agree with you, SN, about Sandy Hook, and it is shocking how many anti-zionists in the truth movement are loudly vomiting all over those of us investigating and exposing the truth about this zionist hoax. Jeez! Check out And now the Boston Bombing freak out!!!

        • They may have some good info, but I don’t like linking people to outside sources. When someone says “no disinfo” I don’t believe them. That’s like a salesman saying “trust me”. Nobody trusts that. When you tell the truth, you don’t have to puff it up by saying, “it’s the truth”. People will know without you saying so. Hopefully that site is accurate. I’ll let the link stand and let others check it out.

    • Mr Obama
      God Will Not, Nor Will I Believe or Hear Your Prayer ,For Your Unlawful War Killings, Support of Homosexual Fagot Queer Life stiles, The Support and payment to Kill Unborn Lust Children, Birth and death contraception pills, condom ,and Funding The Muders Lie Called Parenthood. ,When the Parenthood has already been planned when they Had Intercourse,and Conceived, It Is Their plan to end Parenthood ,called Genocide, and Your Actions as a Part time Homosexual,The Bombing Libya and you Agenda to disarm America ,For Your Global Private Criminal Syndicate, Namely The United Assassins Nations Corporation,The Private Federal Reserve Banking Cartel, Social Security,Medicare Monopoly Health Care ,and Auto Insurance PONZI Pyimid Extortion Scams, that you Keep going since Mass Murder Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.
      So Murderer Puppet ,Repent ,Confess you Multitude of Sins,and Be Water Baptized in Jesus Christ Name, (,Not Alah )All your Zionist Marxist Handlers Repent ,and You Will be Saved .
      Then And Only Then will This once Free Christian union Republic Nations Freedom Will Be Restored, that You, Bushes, Clinton’s and their Predecessors have Torn Apart, By Youe Anti Christ Handlers
      God Save America We Pray Psalms 109.9 That They Be Removed From OFFICE

      • What? God isn’t going to save you or him. You have to do it yourself.

        • HimeyVonKikenvermin says:

          What the heck have you been up to?
          There is so much going on right now with Jewish propaganda on Sandy Hook, this ex cop Rambo and other b.s. so the hook nosed ones can grab our guns…
          And not to mention a major paradigm shift in the real truth movement.

          Oh and lest I forget the biggest news of all, Micheal Delaney finally came out of the closet and pronounced his love for Yahweh!

          P.S. what do you think of Charles Giuliani from Truth Hertz & Mike Sledge? Would you consider guest starring on their shows or just calling in? It could get your site more traffic that it rightfully deserves.

          • I have been doing what I need to. Rest assured I am not idle behind the scenes.

            Kike Delaney didn’t need to come out of the closet as a jew. It was well known for a long time.

            I am not sure who those characters are that you mention, but I’m not up for any interviews right now. More traffic would be nice, so promote the site all you can. I still do every day.

  25. Fyi, I’ve listened to Charles and Mike and they’re not exactly critical thinkers.
    They attempted to qualify their usage/interpretation of “nigger”while interviewing as blacks with criminal leanings.
    Alienating other humans isn’t the smartest approach to combating our common fire. They speak and act in a way that makes white people who speak the truth about the Jew look stupid.
    I’m of the opinion that we should form a super group or a Congress composed of people of all races and creeds who are interested in exposing the Jew in a concerted effort. A kind of think tank to better organize our selves. The one thing we as humans don’t have that the Jews do is an organized effort. I’ve considered organizing a regular meeting (like a pro-human bilderberg) to problem solve the paradigm busting issue with the goal of creating awareness so that truthers can finally train their cross hairs on the appropriate Jewish target where they belong. Cross pollination and networking to combat Jewish subversion. It seems to me that people who watch tv are hopeless to wake up. The programming runs too seep. I run into thus problem a lot when exposing the Jew as a criminal race. I have conceived a few guerilla for disseminating information to the general public using spray paint and cell phones but lack a direction to funnel traffic for the purpose of waking them up.
    Any way, avoid those aforementioned cats, if i can suggest that, they won’t help your credibility, but don’t take my word for it, check out their show and form you’re own ideas. I personally wouldn’t waste my time on them, there’s better bridges to build with Asians, Arabs Africans. The next stage of the battle is getting organized for the purpose if spreading information. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts if you have time.

    • Nobody who comes here is wasting any time listening to Kike Delaney and his jewish friends. Every person who knows about the jew should be concentrating heavy efforts daily in exposing the truth about them, but also looking for alternate solutions. I have tried to organize people, but there are other obstacles in the way. There are other things that need done before the people will listen. The spell that has them snoozing like Sleeping Beauty must be broken.

      What’s sad is the jews have millions upon millions of jews infecting everyone’s conscious mind with their ideals daily. Their propaganda permeates every square inch of the globe, and the people we have who know the truth, are not pushing as hard. We should be going toe to toe with them on the propaganda and dissemination of information every single day. We should not waste time arguing with them tit for tat, but instead flanking them and pushing our information as hard as possible, through absolutely every outlet possible. We can make a dent this way, but people have to be active, and have to push hard. Just look at the news comments from jews on any one article about the latest bombing. There are hundreds of jews trolling and pushing their bullshit to uphold the official story. We should have our people there destroying it every inch of the way.

      Action is what matters. Talking about it isn’t getting us anywhere. Take this seriously and push the truth up the mountain, so we can get the ball rolling down the other side. We must ATTACK with the truth EVERY MINUTE of every day. When people start taking this serious, we will get somewhere. It’s already making a difference, we just need to make bigger ripples, until the time we can break the spell and awaken all of humanity. That time is coming.

  26. Hey Adam After we get rid of the jews what’s the next enemy We have to face?

  27. No Fucking Quarter for jews in america.

  28. Take a look at this Video From The Young Turks.

    • That’s an annoying jew bitch arguing that you should keep paying overpriced colleges because you need their stamp of approval to be worth anything. In truth, the jew bitch doesn’t want indoctrination that people PAY FOR to be discredited. College is largely a scam, as is the whole “grow up and get a job” mentality.

      I’m not going to write an entire piece on why the education, I mean INDOCTRINATION system is fucked up, but I will say this. The Young Turks were a bunch of jews who went in to Armenia and killed 3 million people in cold blood. That alone discredits anything this tramp says.

      • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

        Then this means Jews have founded slavery, yes?

        • The jews have been behind most modern slavery, yes. I know I’ve heard of some primitive tribes enslaving others, but most of what we know of as slavery from modern history has had jews behind it.

  29. stevieb says:

    I think we very well might have a Jew serial killer in Toronto(largest Jewish community in Canada). Someone(s) been abducting gay Arabic men from the gay ‘hood in T.O…4 in total now missing…but you can’t help thinking of the possible similarities to the Jew killer in Michigan, Virginia etc..

  30. Hey Adam heard about the Unabomber aka Ted Kaczynski he’s also a jew as well.

      • Hey Adam are you sick and tired of people saying theirs nothing we can do or this country is done for or people say it’s time to give up the fight now or Oh no!! you must stay anonymous or they will lock you up to a Fema Camp Because I’m sick of it.

        • Yes. It’s a jew tactic to keep us all hiding from each other. If we don’t form up together, we’re not going to get anywhere. If the jew can psyche you out before there is any kind of action, they’ve already won. That’s like a boxer tricking the other guy into thinking he will lose, so he never shows up for the title fight. We outnumber these rats at least a couple billion to one. How can we lose, unless we let them convince us they are unstoppable? They CAN NOT WIN if we fight. If we sit idle, they can. It’s a slimy jew trick, like convincing a kid they have candy so they can rape them.

          • One of the biggest cowards of all of the masses is video gamers.

          • I wouldn’t say that generalization holds water. I’ve been a gamer for a very long time, and I don’t have any fear. I’ve said and done more than 90% of the people out there.

  31. Why the fuck people think homosexuality is good and why do they attack people who disagree with it?

  32. Is it you or me or is it that the jews love to censor the internet.

  33. I don’t why People Depend on ron paul to save them.

    • Because people are sheep and they want someone to lead the way for them. They would rather believe someone is fighting for them, than do it themselves. If they can convince themselves they have a dog in this fight, they can sleep at night. It’s cognitive dissonance.

  34. I think fukushima Disaster is fake.

    • It is fake. Fear is how they control you, and they feed off of it as well.

    • Lex Mercatoria says:

      On a related note I’ve noticed the jews often don’t select places or names for the SIMS (fictional personages) in their media hoaxes randomly, the name of the place or personage having an “inside joke” or “occult” meaning. If the name of a place or person/SIM used phonetically sounds as if someone is saying something goofy, then it’s probably a hoax.

      I’ll bet it’s no coincidence that Fukushima just happens to be similar to “fuck you, shima!”

  35. yip,fake alright,and giving the 20 olympics to tokyo proves it beyond anY doubt

  36. What’s your thought on sterilization?

  37. What do you think of Piers Morgan? I think he’s a Kike.

  38. What do you think of the Jew Run Media Demonizing pitbulls.

    • I know pit bulls. They are great, loyal dogs. They do have a problem with aggression though. For the people who own them, and properly raise and handle them, they are great dogs. However, they DO indeed pose a danger to anyone who is not part of their daily lives. I’ve had pit bulls, so I know how they can be dangerous to anyone who is not their family. They are indeed prone to instinctive territorial decisions. I love them, but I don’t deny how dangerous they can be, because they are loose cannons towards anything outside of the family they’re raised with.

      I don’t know what the media says to demonize them so much, and I’m not doing that. I am just realistic about their behavioral characteristics.

  39. I tried to find articles that expose the fukushima disaster as a Staged Act but no one to be found.

  40. Hi, I’m from the peine of earth that nos neanderthals (morlocks) cal Spain. Some years ago some morlocks have been denonced because they put chilxren in cages as hansel y gretel story. These morlocks created a clínic for children with some wealth problems. People didn’t react. In fact, it was a very short tv new. What would happen if they repeat that new ten times a day everything year in tv, radio, school, books, cinema, etc as they do with the holohoax?

    The about these poro belgium children said nothing about sexual abuse but…

    Anithing else was said. The kids were from Belgium, known for his morlocks pedophiles in Thailand.

    This new surprised me a lot because in the case of Madelaine Mckan all the tv of the world covered it.

    Someone said something ver intersting. We must unite and not stay behind the computer. Something like a group of ten people in the street explaining the truth. In some way I did my lintel own war but always recieved mistrust. Marranos attack in group. It was hardware to me to expolian something. Now I know there is Manu marranos near me and they aré a colectivistic mind. They teca them at home how to lie. Now it’s easier to me to discuss and i have no fear of ridicul, but fea of posterior ataks (physical, annoying as broke someparts of the car,social, etc).

    One tactic they use is to create friks on the media. Then, by association of ideas, they drive yogur argumentation to these friks. At the beginning i didn’t understod why many people around me didn’t see that 9/11 was a controles demolition. I insistes and always used shitty tactics, one of them being that 4 guys couldn’t be wrong and the otherone, me, must clones his mouth.

    I’m from marrano land and i guarantize you that there is a lot of marranos in Spain, A LOT. Only listening the answers of a subject i can recognize them. They try to make you feel silly. Now directly i defend my opinion and show their incoherencies but don’t try to “convince” them because… They will NEVER ADMIT that they aré lying to you with a very bad intention. The tactic of ridiculise doesn’t go anymore with me.

    They aré pathetic and goyim with some teachings can be ready to discuss with them. But if you don’t know them and don’t know their tricks it will be hard to expolian something tomother goyim if a morlocks is around.

    I hope this comment would be understable. Sorry for my gramar.

  41. Morlocks go to school to know how to lie. Their fathers teach them how to lie. There is many subjects in our day life, so the morlocks elders say to the other morlocks what to say about any subject if a goy is near.

    I am convinced.

    They attack in masses, and use the tactic good/bad police. Some psicolog must make a web of how to speech and the language tricks, as the circular reasoning.

    • Yes, they know the differences, and are taught to lie for the tribe. It’s easy to spot them just by their behavior alone many times. Especially playing good cop/bad cop. Don’t trust the one trying to take your side, and then twist it with Hegelian dialect.

  42. What has Turn the American People into Pussy Wimped Pacifist Zombies.

  43. Kill all of these kike infidels.

  44. Brandon William Hennig says:

    known zhid serial murderer Ted Bundy also used the same “help me I’m crippled” shit on his victims.

  45. Jewish Ritual Murder..a great documentary about these SCUM…Chikatillo was a Ukrainian Jew, I wonder if Pichuskin, the Chessboard Killer was too..Albert Fish, a vampire and cannibal pedophile, was even portrayed as Christian in some film..People don’t get that so many Jewish crimes have been covered up with Jewish money..They have destroyed Germany, Russia and now are fucking up our USA..This is NOT racism, but fact..but all the while people are afraid to speak out or refuse to see the truth.

  46. JewsAreCunts says:

    Just give me a nuke. i will launch it to israel and commit suicide. So i can take 6 million jews with me.

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