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Another Rabbi Molests Young Boys – Gets Slap on Wrist

Another Rabbi Molests Young Boys – Gets Slap on Wrist

All this poor rabbi did was rub his penis on two 13 year old boys asses, beat them, and tell them to lie about the incident. The truth is more likely this rabbi had some rough anal sex with a couple of children, then beat one to keep him quiet. With the quick and easy plea deal, we'll never know how many more victims there were.

According to recent reports like this one, it seems another rabbi Yaakov Weiss was caught molesting a couple of thirteen year old boys. To someone like myself, this is no surprise considering the fact that rabbis actually enjoy sucking baby penises, but I know if I had never heard anyone say such awful things about jews or rabbis, I might get a little shock out of hearing such a thing.

I know there’s a possibility some people could be shocked to hear such a statement, but that is actually a good thing. Anyone who does or doesn’t know about the disgusting, genocidal, and all too frequently pedophilia rituals of blood lust carried out by jews, simply needs to get brought up to speed real fast.

There isn’t much time for beating around the bush, and there’s no nice way to tell you these creatures have sex with children for fun, lick bloody penises, or mutilate and murder people’s children, or commit mass genocide against every country they invade. The reason is simply, they have already invaded these united states, and they’re using our soldiers to kill more people while others waste your time getting to the point.  It’s been going on all around our people for centuries, millennium even.  So either move fast or get out of the way.

This isn’t anything new. The things discussed here didn’t just start happening yesterday. These jews have always been pedophiles, sexual deviants, rapists, baby murderers guilty of blood libel, genital mutilation.  They are also known to be freaks like this jewess, who drank her own urine on television and called it entertainment.  The jews have been infiltrating, wrecking nations, and turning the world into a pool of smut, disease, war and death for thousands of years.

We don’t have time to pamper everyone along the way, as they learn to deal with the reality of jews as a complete menace. The facts stand on their own merit, and things are exactly as presented here. We need people who can suck up the knowledge offered, come to terms with the facts as presented to them, and line up to help deal with these parasites. Those who don’t know these truths need to get up to speed, and not be shy about it.

Anyway, this homosexual pedophile rabbi got caught, and even admitted to having “inappropriate physical contact” with two 13 year old boys, but this is just a nice way of saying some nasty 29 year old pedophile decided to try to hump two children. This isn’t just any rabbi either. This fella is the leader of Chabad Hebrew School, so you can imagine how systemic the problem is. Especially if he’s one of their trusty psuedo-religion of smut, murder, and supremacy leaders.

This rabbi Yaakov Weiss, who got these boys naked in a pool used for some jewish “ritual purification”. The “ritual” of licking blood from freshly circumcised baby penises might give some indication as to what this rabbi was up to, but it also hints at the fact that pedophilia is rampant among jews. It’s even in the doctrine of their psuedo-religion of supremacy, hate, racism, and filth, called the talmud that ALL JEWS study and know well. It’s what they live by.

The indication of how bad things are comes when you realize that this pathetic wretch, who has admitted to sexually molesting children, is only going to get 60 days in jail, and three years probation. Not only did he sexually assault the two young boys, but according to this article, “he not only sexually abused two 13-year-old boys in 2007, but repeatedly slapped and kicked one of them.” He knew he was a disgusting pedophile rat that preyed on little boys, and that his actions are deserving of death like the Leo Frank case. It’s no secret to jews that people will want to toss them out of their country should they realize what it means to be a jew.


The jews are known homosexual pedophiles, baby rapers, nation wreckers, usurious bankers, etc. They have our government and judicial system on lock down, so this monstrous looking pedo gets no punishment. Imagine this guy with the same smirk on his face trying to score a home run with YOUR child. This isn't a problem you can ignore.

This is why the article says he, “tried to convince one of the two youngsters to lie about the sex abuse to his mother and police. “Just say nothing happened.” This disgusting pervert jew was charged with pedophilia that included acts “consisting of placing his penis in contact with said child’s buttocks.” Does this sound like someone who should get such a light sentence to you? He admits to trying to rape children, and what do they do with him? Lock him up to keep him from attacking other children?

No way, not this pedo.  During the arraignment Yaakov plead not guilty and was able to walk out of court with his wife and daughter. When there were alleged sexual assaults on children with the FDLS Mormons, a bunch of jews had all of them arrested and stole their kids. This isn’t just anybody we’re talking about, this is a rabbi for god’s sake! This story needs to hush up and go away quickly, and so his penance will be nearly nothing.

Does that mean we should let this just go away and forget about it?  No, we should expose these things as the very reason jews can not be quartered amongst our people.  This is how they behave, and this is what they believe in. Yaakov is a chabad hebrew school leader, and it’s this kind of depravity that made Germany pass laws barring jews from hiring domestic help under the age of 45 years old!  This is why eighty four countries kicked them out repeatedly, and this is why we will not quarter jews. Ever.

Weiss allegedly “instructed the child to be untruthful” and to “not tell his mother or the police about an incident where the defendant subjected the victim to sexual contact.”

Arnold Proskin, the lawyer for the rabbi, told reporters the allegations are baseless. He said one of the alleged victims is related to another rabbi with a possible ax to grind against his client.

Asked why the case went from City Court to Albany County Court, Proskin said, “Press coverage,” adding, ”I’m being serious. There’s no advantage (to it).”

If you believe the lawyer for the pedophile who tried to beat and rape two young boys, there is nothing to it, but then why strike a plea deal if there’s nothing to this case? Too bad for the rabbi someone let this one slip in the press, because when you have a leader of a group like a jew chabad smutfest, there are almost always more victims.

The jewish press isn’t suppose to vilify their own kind too much, but they had to be the ones to tell the story, so they could smooth it over some. You’ll notice the first link I gave is just a tiny blurb at CBS, and that will likely be the end of this story. It’s been wrapped up all neat and tidy and we can forget about it.


Like most jews, this rabbi thinks children are sex toys, and he will resort to beating his victims and telling them to lie about being raped by a homosexual pedophile with a beak for a nose.

The good news is rabbi Yaakov Weiss has been caught, and more people will be on the look out for jews, but hopefully not just because they’re homosexual pedophiles that like to suck bloody baby penises, but because the jews have been a systemic problem in our country, and around the world.  It’s an age old story, and there really is nothing new under the sun.  It’s not something that needs discussed or debated, because the fact of jewish malignancy has not, and will not change.  There is no time to waste, and there can be no quarter.

For those who can’t stomach hearing the truth the way I say it in these articles, go download the pdf of Basic Training for Revolutionaries and read about them in in their own words for yourself.  If you’re a regular reader, you need to do your part.  Download the FREE PDF of the book and share it everywhere you can. The jews are disgusting parasites eating away at our world, and soon there won’t be much left.  Go get a copy, learn something, and spread it.

I’ve put together a lot of work to help bring this information to the masses, and I’m positive my book will help to immensely enlighten anyone to the jews and their parasitic, homosexual pedophilia, baby raping, nation wrecking, subversion, infiltration, and every other ill that comes along with them.  However, I am only one man, and my reach is limited.  Hopefully some of you will read Basic Training for Revolutionaries and will, in turn, do your part and make sure that others see it.

You can still buy the hard cover edition of the book if you like, but if nothing else, download it and seed it everywhere.  You have to ask yourself, are you trying to accomplish something or not?  Make torrents of the PDF file and seed those.  Post links to the PDF. Print out copies of it and pass them out. GO HERE and click where it says “Also available as a Download” to get your copy now.

Don’t forget to let civilian patriots, Military, and Law Enforcement know about Real Oath Keepers either.  Soldier up and pledge a real oath for real homeland defense.

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