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Help Spread The Message

Buy the book NOW.

Download your copy of this banned book in PDF format.

The best way to promote the message is to download a copy of Basic Training for Revolutionaries today and pass it out to everyone you know. Put a copy on your coffee table. Loan your copy to friends and family. Whatever you do, do something now. Get a copy of the book and make a difference already.

Your help is needed in a big way to counteract people like Alex Jones and his lies. Post links to Subverted Nation on your favorite forums, websites, etc. Help me to spread awareness of the jewish subversion of our nation. Send your friends on youtube, myspace, facebook, and your email lists a link to Subverted Nation.

If you have the means to help, hit the Donate Page and help out. Help promote this site, or help support it any way you can. This is a war, and it’s going to take the mustering of all of our forces to win it. This isn’t about money, that’s jew bullshit. This is about defeating these cretins in their plot to rule the world any way possible. One of the most important ways is awareness, so spread the link to Subverted Nation dot net or dot com all over the web.

Place these banners at any one of your favorite sites, forums, craigslist, or anywhere else you can. Copy and past the code below to use the banners.


<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Obama Serves Israel” /></a>


<a href=””><img src=” alt=”Obama’s terrorist chief of staff”></a>


<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Revolutionaries Are Sexy” /></a>

obamas boss

<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Obama’s Puppet Master” /></a>

  1. Maybe off-topic, but why don’t you add the surname ‘Lindenstrauss’ to


  2. Why don’t you add the surname Dynkin
    (… Dynkin’s Jewish origin…)


    • Because the lists are not meant to include every single jew on earth. They’re meant to just show how jews control things. I don’t constantly add to them. They are just a reference, not a comprehensive list.

      • Good website! Still reading. The jew is a literal offspring of Satan. He deceived Eve in the garden. The word “deceived” “exapatao” in the Greek Strongs Concordance means: to seduce wholly. King James’ boys transliterated the greek word to “deceived.” Many mistranslations in KJV. Old Testament written in Paleo Hebrew, not the jew concocted Modern Hebrew with the pointing of the character. New Testament written in Koine Greek. In case you were not aware. Salem/Peace

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