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Plea To Our US Military


Here’s a short video I made a while back for our men and women serving abroad for the gain of a selfish few. It’s high time our US Military, Police, Sherrifs, National Guard and others stand up and do their god damn job. Bring your asses home. Turn the ships around. Fly the planes back. Guard our borders, and eject the parasite that is ruining this country from WITHIN. Stop chasing the fucking boogey man in the middle east. He doesn’t exist, so you’ll never catch him. Stop building a reputation as murderous thug mercenaries of the jewish mafia, and do what’s right. These parasitic creatures we call jews will NOT STOP unless we force them to, and even doing that we face an uphill battle. We could really use the help of those who want to be revered as heroes for serving this country…..You are NOT serving this country. You are serving the jew agenda of one world government and slavery of all non-jews.

Plea To US Military from Subverted Nation on Vimeo.

  1. More proof there is not REAL freedom of speech in America.

    America’s friend,

  2. Elaine Zangazanga says:

    Awesome! Dr. Tony Martin and Dr. Amos Wilson were right on target who is the world true enemy.

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