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One Bullet Could Cause Tragedy

One Bullet Could Cause Tragedy

It seems the jew media is even pushing the issue of shootings in my own area, Jacksonville, FL. According to THIS article here “Disaster may be one bullet away” for the police and/or people of Jacksonville.

Unfortunately, my area for the past two years, has seen an explosion in officer involved shootings and civillian deaths. This includes, as mentioned in the above article, the wrongful shooting of an 80 year old man. The man was known for chasing drug dealers away, but the last time he attempted to do so with a fire arm in his hands on his own private property, it turned out to be two undercover Jacksonville police officers, who promptly shot the man to death. Even this didn’t cause much stirring in the community, but as the article states, this and many other shootings could boil over into something worse. Race wars, and battles between civillians and police. “Either the police bury one of their own killed by a suspect’s bullet or a questionable shooting ignites violent protests, revealing the city’s racial and economic divides in national headlines.”

met_NAACPconference.jpgHead of the local NAACP, (a jew controlled organization) Isaiah Rumlin, seen at right calling for investigations into recent police shootings, is quoted as saying “The retaliation we’re going to see is not going to be good for JSO [Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office] or for this city”. I’m not surprised to see the NAACP, like the ADL in my previous article, being the leading source of information about this topic. Another thing to note is that Jacksonville, in light of the massive surge in officer involved shootings (evidenced by this chart HERE) has not lost an officer since 1995.

With the jew manipulators behind the scenes, we might just see some kind of racial/economic warfare touched off by trigger happy police officers, who are also stoked by the ADL and the jew controlled media. They would get exactly what I mentioned before. Races fighting each other. Police fighting citizens, and the jew wins again, all but ignored and left to carry out his other disastrous plans. Order out of chaos is the historic modus operandi, played on us like dixie on a fiddle. We can give them what they want, or we can take back control of our lives, and unite against these gutter dwellers that wither everything they touch.

  1. I try to stay out of metropolitan areas for just this reason. I’m not too far from Jacksonville, but where I live is still somewhat rural. Too bad we can’t figure out a way to let the Blacks keep everything they can steal from Jews (only), since jews have what they want anyway (Mercedes’ and the money)!

    It took me awhile, but I finally learned that sooner or later, all social problems lead back to the jews.

    • Well said. We can get past all of our other differences, many of which are highlighted and played off against us by the jew, once we rid ourselves of the jew. A lot of the behaviors on all sides of the equation are a result of what people have been taught by the jew. With thousands of years of people warning us about the jew, it’s time we put our focus STEADILY on them and sort that out. THEN we can move forward with a positive future for humanity.

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