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Ognir – The Info Underground – Jew Psych Trick

Ognir – The Info Underground – Jew Psych Trick

How do we expect to win a battle for our freedoms against jews if everybody keeps flocking to, and supporting jews?  It seems the mystery man behind The Info Underground (which banned me long ago for telling the truth like I do here), and good buddy of Daryl Bradford Smith (jew) really has a lot of love for the jews he’s supposedly helping to expose.  In fact, a number of the people on his forum also seem to love some jews too.

The first thing I have to say is, I have almost zero information on who this Ognir guy is.  It seems, neither do all the lemmings who support him and DBS, because nobody seems to know his real name.  Nobody knows what this guy looks like, but thousands of people are listening to him and DBS tell us that not all jews are bad.  Why is it that more people can’t see this as nothing more than a ruse?  Thousands of years of jews raping your people, absolutely zero evidence of benevolence from these creatures, and some humans are still sucking up to them?  We’re supposed to think that any of the ones today are good, when none of the ones for the last four thousand years were?

I am not a neanderthal with a hook nose, stop looking at my picture! Some jews are good, and you should love these genocidal pedophiles because I said so! Got any bagels?

If you’ll head over to this post on the TIU Forum, you’ll see Ognir is going to be interviewing some demonic jewess Anna Baltzer, who is supposedly standing up for the poor Palestinian people, which her fellow jews murder and pillage non stop.  Why is it that we always have jews committing the crimes, then more jews coming to aid the victims of their tribesmen?  Who the fuck would want or trust this disgusting rat faced demon to help them, knowing full well she will only help see to their demise?  Seems this bitch is just another slut jewess playing controlled opposition for one small niche, as usual.  Are Palestinian people stupid enough to think this jew bitch wants to help them while other jews roam their neighborhoods killing them for sport?

Why is the jews never speak out against the totality of jewishness, the talmud, torah, and all of it’s other ills?  Every time you see a jew jump up to help us fight off their brethren, they only pick one small part of the issue to deal with, and then never accomplish anything but diffusing the legitimate dissent.  They never take any action, they simply make themselves the leaders and do whatever they want.  What good is that?  According to Ognir, this jewess’ role is:

Anna is a Swiss born Jewess that is fighting for the rights of the Palestinian people

Her website is here

Get your questions ready, interview normally in a few days time

You might remember her on the Daily Show … view-pt–1

How interesting.  This jewess was on the Daily Show, and somehow ends up getting hooked up with this mystery man, Ognir, whom nobody knows from anyone.  How is it this absolute nobody who is soft on jews is getting hooked up with such high profile people, who also happen to be jews? Why is it that all the opposition to jews and their murderous ways are always jews?  What’s the deal with this mystery man anyway?

This jew is leading the push for democracy and a peaceful solution to the problem of Israeli murderers. Palestinians will hopefully know better than to trust a jew by now, but do you?

Do you think the things happening to Palestinians at the hands of these jews won’t happen here in America?  How will you feel when your only representation against the jews who are destroying you are jews?  How does it feel already, because people like Ognir and DBS are doing it to you now?  All of the well known dissidents and critics of the “big bad government” are jews.  Almost all of the people you listen to for news about jews are jews themselves.

Almost all of the people with big names in this bullshit truth movement are jews.  They’re always the ones to lead your fight for you, while you sit back and do nothing. They tell you not to join together and fight, while you watch jews work like a tireless colony of ants, all with the same goal.  They tell you not all jews are bad, but there are no jews stepping up to expose jewish domination as a whole.  You have kikes like Henry Makow and Anarchore who muddy the argument with “illuminati” and “zionists” or whatever other subsection of jews they can divert the blame to.

Even worse, many of you unwittingly support many jews and their message, never once catching on to the deception weaved within.  In the case of this invisible man “Ognir” nobody knows anything about him, except the fact that he likes jews, jewess’, etc. and think that I am too harsh to want them all executed.  Why not? Killing off all of the parasitic jews would only be enough to repay one tenth of the murders they’ve perpetrated against our peoples for thousands of years.

Why don’t we let the Africans get equal repayment in the form of 90-100 million dead jews for the Africans killed in the (mostly) jew run slave trade? See, if you tally up the numbers, you’d have to kill all of the jews each four or five times over to make up for the genocide, rape, ritual murder of our children, multi-trillion dollar thefts, debt enslavement, outright human slavery, wars, plagues, and terrorism these demons have wrought on our people since time immemorial.

If you go to the link and look at their forum, you’ll see Ognir has plastered a huge photo of this hook nosed beast, and their members are now drooling over this goblin. Even if you do see something attractive in her face (you are sick) she will look like the crypt keeper in twenty years, guaranteed.  Myself, I can see the beast within staring back at me, and it’s not attractive in the slightest.  Not only that, but she’s one demonic little creepy critter to be playing the good cop role for Palestinians.

Is she famous for anything else, or just her website?  How did the Daily Show get hooked up with her, and why is she now collaborating with Ognir?  The answer is simple, she’s the jewess that was trained to play all nice with the brown people.  Her and this other crypto-jew named Dr. Mustafa Barghouti have teamed up to help lead a peaceful resistance, while the jews shoot Palestinians for sport. If you think peaceful resistance will save them, or save you, you are a fool, and they have got you right where they want you.

It seems all the nasty trolls and goblins from movies have the same features as jews. This is how you should view these creatures if you take your survival seriously.

His goal is suckering Palestinians into accepting democracy, which will have their tiny strip of land voted away from them in no time.  It seems just like Hamas, the leaders of this Palestinian democracy crap are some white skinned Gulliver looking crypto jews. If I was Palestinian, I would want nothing close to peace, no matter how painful the struggle.  After being imprisoned, occupied, slaughtered, denied medicine, food, and even water by the jews surrounding them, what Palestinian wants a so-called “peaceful” democracy foisted onto them by some jews?  I guess eight year old Palestinians sneaking past Israeli snipers and the harassment of Israeli children who spit and throw rocks, so that they might be able to go to school, are not being peaceful enough.

I don’t even listen to this Ognir, DBS, Hufshitstein, or the rest of them, but apparently DBS thinks I’m too extreme because I call for the jews to be executed for their endless crimes against humanity. My message might be twenty years too soon for some of you, but there is no other way out. You’ve got to completely despise these critters. You have to view them as non-human, pathetic parasitic life sapping pests. You need to look at jews like trolls, goblins, and vampires. After all, where do you think the ideas for such disgusting creatures originated in the first place? I bet you thought it was all just fairy tales, didn’t you?

One big problem we will face is people like those on the forum at TIU, who seem to be pushing these women as something desirable. These are not women, they are the festering wombs that spawn new jews to murder your people, eat your babies, steal everything you own, and wreck your nations. Many men will be tempted by these deceitful monsters. They will play on your emotions, and the nature of human lust. These women will bat their eyes, and attempt to mesmerize men who would be tasked with making sure none of them remain. The jews have been planning for the eventual upheaval a long time, and they know how to use women to get what they want.

If any of our men should fall prey to these beastly vermin, lusting after them, or attempting to protect them, we shall all perish for their dangerous ignorance. Should our men, or even women, give in because of their own conscience, and not have the guts to militarily dispose of jewish men, women and children in our midst, they will fail the entire human race. This is not a time when we can allow human emotion to chop the legs out from under our own fight for survival.

Their men, women, and children will cry and plead with us, and promise anything that they must, but still you must give them no quarter. You must view the jew as you would a viper.  You can keep a viper in a cage, all safe and sound, admiring it and pretending it’s your friend.  You can feed and nurture it for it’s entire life, and be it’s only loving caretaker.  Should the day ever come that you are lulled into a false sense of security, and stick your warm blooded hand in the cage, you will die foaming at the mouth from it’s venomous strike.

The viper is a primitive instinctual animal with absolutely zero conscience.  The jew is exactly the same kind of beast, but look how Ognir and his buddies present this filthy yenta to you, as if the beast is something special to behold.  Check these out:

– I’ve got a question RIGHT NOW:

You got a boyfriend?

LINDSEY (User:LordLindsey)

– seen her on youtube, great guest, damm shes hot! (User: memory hole)

– I thought you’d say HUBBA HUBBA :lol: (User: Ognir)

– woof (User: mgt23)

Some vipers may look interesting to the eye, but you would be a fool to keep one of these running loose amongst your people. The jew, just like the viper, will always fill you with venom of out nothing more than instinct alone.

You may not know it, but this is how they program you to think the same way.  I agree with “woof”, because that demonic bitch looks more like a dog than anything else to me. Maybe that’s why these guys are claiming I’m too harsh?  They don’t want me to do away with their jew baby makers, but all is fair in love and war.  I love humans, and I am at war with these creatures.  To me, this monster looks like a vampiric enemy combatant bearing her fangs in a threatening manner towards my fellow humans.

They’re trying to teach you to think of these troglodytes as sex symbols, and something to lust after.  I’m trying to teach you that these vipers will always be born with fangs and venom.  The side you listen to depends on how much critical thinking ability of your own you still have left, if any at all.  The jews are well aware of the power of sex and seduction, and will utilize psychological tricks like this to get our men to stand down, or to save some of their women.

If you view them (male or female jews) as sexy, they have the ability to influence you into dangerous decisions when it comes to how they are dealt with.  This is why magazines like Maxim and FHM feature Israeli IDF women, and Israeli models like Bar Refaeli.  Don’t be fooled, and don’t dare allow yourself to be seduced by these critters.  When you look at a jew, see it for the goblin that it is. Do not look at it as if looking at another human, because you will be deceived.  Look at it as if looking into the eyes of a demon from your worst nightmares.  See that dastardly hook nose, and the vampiric joker face grin.  See their sloped, decrepit foreheads, and their missing ear lobes as signs of the beast within, but whatever you do, don’t see them as worth saving.

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