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Obama’s Not Black

Obama’s Not Black

This is an important message for the black community of America, and the world to hear. Obama is NOT a black man, and it seems at least one prominent BLACK man sees through the ruse. Unfortunately, what the video below won’t tell you is that Obama is more a JEW than he is anything else.

Anyone who considers Obama black is a fool. Black folks don't campaign by pandering to jews knowing they were largely responsible for the slave trade.

Now. If everyone can finally get their collective heads out of their asses and realize that this jew, Obama, is not here to help ANY of us, we can move forward with solving our problems. Our problem stems from a major infestation of parasitic jews that have run a silent coup against our government since it’s inception. They have successfuly infiltrated your city, state, and federal governments. They reign over the judicial system, the legislative branch (congress/senate), and the executive branch. They own the federal reserve, the money, and all the other banks. They own you by usurious debt, the same system they’ve used to subvert nations for centuries.

History has warned you, and many men greater than myself have tried to make this clear. Mankind will not move forward under the shoe of a fat, greasy jew. They own the media. They own hollywood. They charge you a tax on all your food. They poison your air, they poison your water, they poison your food. You MUST fight back. Enslaving the masses is crime enough. Killing you slowly doesn’t mean it’s not murder just because the deed wasn’t done in one fell swoop. Sadly, killing you quickly, like the 3,000 who died on 9/11/01 doesn’t seem to garner much attention either.

The video:

Link to story: CLICK HERE

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