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Obama’s New World Order

Obama’s New World Order

obama_yarmulke1Why do I keep ranting about Obama? One reason is I’ve been saying since before he was elected that he was a jew and would play things immediately in the direction of the jew world order. I know some of you think Obama is a black man, and the whole Muslim deal with him wearing a turbin on his head, but his momma and her parents were jewish, and so is he. Or many will say, he’s a christian of this stripe or that. Christians don’t wear yarmulke and pray at the wailing wall, or ceremonially lay wreathes at Yad Vashem, the sacred jew holocaust shrine. Ever notice their eternal flame deal there? When you realize holocaust means burnt offering, it’s purpose makes sense.

Carrying on with Obama’s new world order. Yesterday, I stumbled across this article HERE bearing just such a title. Second line in we see that famous 6 million number, but this time it’s not talking about deaths, it’s talking about jobless Americans. Truth is, that number is likely a far cry from reality. In fact, you could probably triple it and still not be close.

Selling the sheeple on the “change” Obama is bringing to the world, the article goes on to boast about how different Obama is from Bush. Unfortunately, the only real difference is that this sucker has millions more kissing his ass and hanging on his every word, than Bush ever did. He has the entire black, mexican, and other minority communities behind him; simply because he has dark skin. Most of his supporters can’t give a valid reason for supporting him…Go ahead and ask them, but $100 says their first argument will be his slogan. “Change”. Regardless of the fact that they are unable to define what change he is going to bring.

great-depressionFortunately, I can describe this change precisely, as I have before. He is going to bring bloated budgets and hyper inflation, followed swiftly by a massive depression. First he will likely provide a rebound in the markets, but don’t be fooled by any kind of rally on wall street. That’s just a bunch of jews playing accounting games to manipulate you again. Not to mention we have things like the (no longer secret) plunge protection programs. You’ll see stocks go back up. You’ll see Americans start investing and spending again like nothing ever happened, and if you’re smart, you’ll take those as warning signs the end is near for the US dollar and our entire economy.

The real change is already happening in the form of our government taking on, exactly what I said it would, in the form of a socialist/communist jew infested monster. We have a whole slew of czars taking up positions in our government in true Bolshevik nature. We have our government now owning interest in private banking institutions, which just means a different group of jews control them. The government is buying, with our money, interest in our automobile industry; and coming soon is the blanket government communistic free health care program as well.

Obama being a black jew is subordinate to his masters. They made him, and they will destroy him as quick as the jews who killed Kennedy, if he steps out of line. In the article above about a new world order, and relating to the G20 summit, we can see Obama was there to “listen, not to lecture”, because servants don’t lecture their masters. It works the other way around, and this Uncle Tom named Hussein Obam knows it.

The article goes on to show Obama’s weakness as a leader of our country, and how he know considers us now subordinate to European nations. It states Obama is “looking for collaboration”, which in the eyes of any real American means he is a traitor, because obviously American sovereignty is non-existant in his new world order.

Watch this video of Obama calling for a “new world”. A shared destiny. Burdens of global citizenship. Partnership and cooperation. He talks about walls between countries with the most and the least that must be torn down. Sorry Obama, but I’m an American citizen, and see no need to involve myself in the business of other nations.

Here’s another nice little clip.

And here we have one of his jew masters, Henry Kissinger, calling upon Obama for a new world order. Dumb fuck can hardly speak proper English, and we’re supposed to believe his defense of Israel is honest, or that he is worthy of holding any office in America? This sucker will sell America down the river for his jewish masters in a minute, and with the largest budget and defecit our country has ever seen. The senate and congress have already passed a $3.5 TRILLION budget, which Obama will sign in your blood. Add in the $7-10 TRILLION they are dumping into our economy at will, and we are in some deep shit America.

For those of you who voted for Obama. Let me publicly state that you are an absolute fool. Your vote didn’t matter anyway, but supporting him is enough reason you should do us all a favor and hang yourself now, before these jews have enough control to start publicly hanging Americans like they did the Armenians. The rest of you, just go on thinking they won’t do this shit again, or that somehow, America is immune to any of this. You’re only fooling yourself, and giving our oppressors the credibility they want to destroy everything we thought America stood for.


  1. We can only hope that if this forecast is correct, and I believe it is, that we might have an opportunity to exact some revenge on the tribe responsible for it all in the ensuing chaos! REVOLUTION NOW!

  2. Whenever I talk with anybody about globalism, or the New World Order, it amazes me that the consensus is 100% against it. We all know somebody (or many) that have been displaced, yet politicians still talk openly about plans fro world domination!

    It’s blatant, in-your-face negotiating and policymaking regarding a topic nobody supports (except the power jews and their lackeys). Similar to the recent ‘bailouts’ that the American people fully rejected, but the crooks went ahead anyway. The people are no longer represented by their elected officials as a whole. This recent G20 meeting had recaps on the ‘news’, outright sharing plans for the unwanted ‘New World Order”. Total bullshit, and it will continue until THE PEOPLE decide they’ve been RAPED enough.

  3. Great article, and I have to admit I don’t know much about the Armenian genocide committed by the jews. I’ll read up on it, but like everything else I’ve discovered in the last year, I won’t be surprised to see some criminal jew-created conflict.

    Thanks for the article, and keep up the great work. You defintely don’t hold any punches.

  4. Paul Isaac (NYsentinel) says:

    Paul Isaac (NYsentinel) Says:
    July 17th, 2009 at 1:15 pm
    o Jimmy Walters, who appeared at St Marks church at a 9/11 Truth event and showed a film focusing on the sexual habits, homosexuality, bestiality and sexual perversions (in detail) of members of the Bush administration. Many of those in attendance left, appalled at the content being presented at a Les Jamieson promoted 9/11 event.

    WTF !!!???

    IN A CHURCH !!!???


  5. I tried to tell people what “Change” ment. For some absurd reason (hope/trust) they thought that when Obama said “Change” he ment for the better! All this hoopla, all this excitement, but if they had seen REALITY in what he ment by “CHANGE” it would be over already. The military would have taken command over the USA, good soldiers who swore their allegiance to the constitution and Americans would have arrested/executed these communist, Jewish, traitors and the reserve bankers would have been sent packing, or killed.

    Why is it that 3rd world countries have more balls and less guns than the people of the USA? The world looks to the USA for leadership, we see nothing but a bunch of cowards. Get the ball rolling!

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