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Obama the Communist

Obama the Communist

Somebody seems to have the right idea about Obama. In fact, most of the people I come in contact with are starting to catch on to the fact that Obama the lama is nothing more than a communist/socialist piece of crap following the Marxist ideology to a tee. This is good news, because the sooner people realize this puppet merely dances according to the strings attached to him pull, the sooner we can move forward with ejecting him and the rest of his parasitic ilk. We could go even further to say that he is following the protocols of his jewish masters to the letter.

american-socialistIn a recent Washington Times article, Republican National Committee members are calling to have Obama labeled publicly as a socialist, but chairman Michael Steele has stepped in to make the block, possibly because he feels our historic first black (jew) president shouldn’t be marginalized so quickly. More likely though, he is playing his part by dissenting against the majority of the RNC, because all the world’s a stage, and politicians are merely players. The socialist party of America has been around since nearly the start of zionism, as can be evidenced HERE, so don’t go thinking this is something new.

I’m not going to rant about this topic for long, but I do have a few quick things to say. Let’s get the label for Obama, his administration, congress, the senate, and our judicial system correct right here and now. These are nothing more than a bunch of Marxist communists, so there is no point beating around the bush with labels. Many will read the article mentioned and see republicans vs. democrats. They will see the chairman against the flock of the RNC, and they will feel comforted that there is some sort of infighting going on between these groups. It will solidify their beliefs that one side of the coin is better than the other. Many of the lemmings will undoubtedly view this as totally separate coins, with no relation to each other, but any person with the slightest amount of cranial capacity, will see right through this, all too common, ruse.

communist-party-posterMake no mistake about it. Obama is a jew with a communist ideology, and we’ve clearly seen him implementing programs that highlight this in glaring fashion. The problem we face is what happens to countries the jews have taken over in the past, and what happens to it’s citizens. History has shown that they will implement a program of genocide against any kind of patriotic resistance, dissenters, or anyone who has something they want. In Russia, it was common for jews to rape the wives and daughters in front of the husband. Drag the survivors out in the street, shoot them in the head, and then simply move in; taking possession of their homes and property.

The point I’m trying to get across is that these fuckers are evil as hell, and this IS coming to America. We ARE the final piece to the puzzle. These monsters ARE going to move forward with this plan, and unfortunately for America, the masses are so blinded by prime time TV that they’ll never see it coming. We are being set up for a major fall, and for those who are aware, if you are not prepared, you WILL be toast. FEMA camps today resemble the Soviet gulags of yester-years. Elite groups of American soldiers are being trained right now to deal with dissent amongst the masses. Indeed many will not fire on American citizens, but when there is no food, and the only pay comes from the government, you will be very surprised to find out how many will. Prepare yourself NOW, America. The writing is on the wall and time is running short.

Listen to Pastor Manning. Here’s a black pastor telling it like it is when it comes to Obama and communism. Not to endorse christianity, or any of his views, but I think it’s important for the black community to hear it from the mouth of a black man himself. Let no man be confused about what it is we’re dealing with. Don’t take my word for it, let this man speak to his own people and make it clear. Unless you want to fly the red flag of communism like Russia and China, it’s going to take real physical resistance. Don’t expect these demons in human flesh to simply walk away, America. This plan is older than this country and older than zionism. Spanning many generations of jews, and even millenia, their plan is finally coming to fruition.

  1. Socialist/Democrats not only intend to control U.S. Government by granting Amnesty to 12 million illegal immigrants to permanently swing votes in favor of the extreme left, Democrats could keep the Mexican Border open ensuring another 12 million illegal immigrants replaced the current 12 million to start the process all over again.

    Barack Obama longs to legislate his belief that “Being an American is not a matter of blood or birth.” Obama now wants to seize Citizens’ retirement accounts to support his out of control spending. It is problematic that once 12 million illegal immigrants get amnesty and can swing votes to empower a Socialist U.S. Government, leftists will pass laws that effectively appropriate Citizens’ other assets e.g., land and industries in the name of redistribution and by invoking huge income and other taxes on property and inheritances. It is obvious Obama and his Socialist/Marxist associates are building a “Fifth Column” of extreme leftists” in labor, pro-illegal immigration and other groups, supported by socialists and communists that appear intended to destroy America.

    If you are not a socialist or communist, how do you think an extreme Leftist U.S. Government might treat you if you do not support their government?

    If the Leftists destroy free enterprise, that will destroy most jobs in America, how will leftists deal with millions of unemployed Americans that believe in Free Enterprise or as the communists say, Non-Critical Citizens? Should Leftists succeed, in the end they will devour themselves after they run out of other people’s money to pay for their unproductive Socialist/communist programs and no doubt this could end up on the streets.

  2. louise hodges says:

    I’ll leave a comment. Obama is a dangerous communist, my ex was recruited by the same KGB operatives that recruited Obama’s parents – if you send me an email, I’ll be happy to give you documents showing the KGB inside the NSA in 1973 – the Russian Department was a safe house for KGB communist organizers – my ex introduced me to them – I got a divorce a few months later.

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