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Obama Bows to Saudi (Jew) King

Obama Bows to Saudi (Jew) King

I know many believe the Saudi to be some sort of Muslim or Islamic family. Nothing more than just another group of Arabs, or something of the like. Many Americans don’t know the difference between a Muslim and an Arab. Hell, most Americans don’t even know such a difference exists. Unfortunately, many Americans also do not know that the Israelis are not just another group of Muslims or Arabs. This is the sad state of the mentality of the average American, and it is this problem that we must face head on. Education is key to our survival in these trying times, and for all of the future.

If we can’t get people to realize how bad this infestation of jewish criminals is, not just in America, but throughout the globe, we’ll be getting somewhere. If we can show people the collusion between all of these criminals, even better. Their loyalty to the tribe, and to their criminal activity knows no bounds. They can come in almost any shape and any size, where any type of religious garb. So, let us not be fooled by jews the world over, and let us not forget how their tribe functions as one.

Here’s a video of Obamanation bowing to the jewish Saudi King. Fucking traitor. NEVER should the president of a sovereign nation bow to the King of another. We are not subjects to this royalty, and seeing this type of traitorous behavior makes my fucking blood boil, and it should make EVERY last American feel the same way. Bowing to another authority as leader of our nation is treason. Grab the rope!

Here’s a great LINK explaining, quite thoroughly, the jewish Saudi royal family. That said, is it not surprising to see this behavior? Didn’t we witness president Bush holding hands and even kissing a Saudi Prince? This kind of lewd, homosexual behavior is typical of many members of the jewish crime network. Kay Griggs explained here about a lot of the homosexual behavior amongst these criminals and exposed some of their inner workings with the military. Is it any wonder we see so many jews pushing for gay/lesbian rights and the destruction of the family unit? There is always more, as usual, like Bohemian Grove, where only men of these elite groups meet during the summer for some odd rituals and indulgance in homosexual pleasures, but I digress.

Never, ever, should an American president bow to a foreign king, ruler, president, queen, prime minister, or any other leader. This is treason. You know what the punishment is. Look at that nasty fucker Bush kissing on a man below. Sick. You want leaders like this? Or are we going to start to mop up this mess?


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