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Obama Admin Boycots UN Racism Conference

Obama Admin Boycots UN Racism Conference

racism-conferenceUnfortunately for America, many of it’s black citizens thought that Obama would bring hope and “change”, but we can already see that this is not his intention. It was merely a campaign slogan. An advertising campaign slogan. Meaning, those who fell for it were SOLD on a lie, like some little trinket you can purchase from an info-mercial at 3am that never works like it was advertised.

Obama’s reason for being elected is because he was chosen to help INCREASE racial tension in these united states. Surely, if he had such an interest in ending racism, he would attend the UN conference on racism that is scheduled to take place next week in Geneva. Obama and his administration have instead shunned the conference, because it may single out Israel for criticism. Now ask yourself, if Obama is America’s president, with OUR interests first in his mind, why is he so worried about Israel being singled out? Of course Israel will be singled out in a world wide summit about racism. Israel is an aparthied state for jews only. The jewish belief system (not religion) is that all non-jews are cattle. Something to be exploited and slaughtered at will, as they do to innocent Palestinians.

This article about the subject states:

Some revisions — including the removal of specific critical references to Israel and problematic passages about the defamation of religion — were negotiated for which State Department spokesman Robert Wood said the administration was “deeply grateful.”

Indeed they are pleased when criticism of Israel is quelched, but it’s curious. What could the “problematic passages about the defamation of religion” be? Maybe passages that argue against Israel and the jew’s attacks on the religions of Islam and Christianity?

They complain about limits on free speech, but what exactly are these limits? Are they limits intended to keep jews from using the conference as a platform for their holocaust propaganda? What affirmation from the first conference held in Durban, South Africa is it that the U.S. can not endorse? Affirmations that Israel is an aparthied, racist state? That the jew beliefs and doctrine encourage and endorse racism against non-jews? Despite all of this, state department spokesperson Robert Wood says the administration, “is profoundly committed to ending racism and racial discrimination” and “will work with all people and nations to build greater resolve and enduring political will to halt racism and discrimination wherever it occurs.” Yeah, but only when it comes to people speaking out against the jews. The only racism they’re concerned with is the misnomer “anti-semitism”, or any exposure of jew crimes and criminals that can be construed as racism.

A little later on, the article gets to the meat of the problem. “(It) singles out one particular conflict and prejudges key issues that can only be resolved in negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians,” Wood said. Well, it’s all clear now. The Obama administration refuses to attend a racism summit, because it might actually point out REAL instances of racism, ethnic cleansing, genocide, aparthied, and more. All of which is perpetrated by Israel and jews around the globe, against non-jewish peoples. You see, the jews have no interest in having THEIR racism exposed. Heaven forbid the summit start to mention the jew’s very large involvement in things like the African slave trade. They have no interest in their involvement in racial tensions the whole world over, being exposed.

Looking at the article, we can see that the Congressional Black Caucus even thought this black (jew) president should send delegates to the conference, but jews don’t see it that way.

Pro-Israel groups in the United States vehemently opposed U.S. participation while human rights advocates and organizations like TransAfrica and members of the Congressional Black Caucus thought it was important to attend.

Pro-Israel groups, who have no business in America, should take their ass back to Israel, and worry about it from there. The jew run Human Rights Watch, again, steps up to put in it’s two cents stating the U.S. should “should stand with the victims of racism.” In this, racial minorities will stand alone as long as Obama is president, and as long as jews continue to infest everything in this country.

obama-racist-jew-puppetAmerica is a country full of numerous different races, often struggling with each other due to the influence of our jew infested government, indoctrinating school system, and jew racist propaganda pushed on us through the media and hollywood. If you have any wonder why certain races behave certain ways, or why cultural differences are enough to cause such strife, you must understand that many are behaving in a manner dictated to them by the jew. Disenfranchised whites turn to jew run racist groups of neo-nazi crap, while young black men are taught to wear pants around their ankles and gold teeth. White people are propagandized with an inundation of “black crime” to make them dislike the black community, while at the same time, the black community’s youth learn that dealing drugs and selling rap music is the only way of life for them. Or they’re taught that becoming a sports star is the way out of the ghetto. It’s a viscious cycle, but at the center of it all, dishing out the spin like a merry-go-round, sits the jew.

The way out of this mess for the black man, the white man, the mexican man, and any other is to thoroughly rid ourselves of the jew. Then, and ONLY then, can the HUMAN race move forward. I’m urging daily to stop the arguing amongst the HUMAN race, and fight off this race of DEMONS that is possessing ALL of you to act in inappropriate manners. This isn’t about black and white. Or latino vs. black, or anything of the sort. It’s about good vs. evil. Humans vs. jews. STOP racism. Get rid of the jew.

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