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NYPD Protects Criminal Jews

NYPD Protects Criminal Jews

Poking around the web, I found this article by way of another website. Turns out, the NYPD is making plans to protect synagogues, the Israeli consulate, and other jewish institutions throughout the city, should Israel attack Iran.

This is exactly what I told you would happen. Your police are trained by the ADL, and used for protection of jews. Should these murderers start killing more people in the middle east (Iran), your police will be there to protect them, and ensure none of their people are hurt. After all, you don’t hurt murderers! You protect them with police!

nypdDoes anyone see how absurd this is? How is it a regular guy can figure this stuff out, and the police departments can’t? The reason you have to protect them from backlash is because they’re a bunch of murderous, better yet, genocidal asswipes. It’s actions like this that make people feel their police and military are completely inadequate. It’s actions like this that prove to the people there is no relying on the police. They’re too busy helping defend the enemy while it destroys, not only this country, but uses us to destroy others. Oh, the irony! Sometimes I wonder, if there was a such thing as a good cop, why are they always helping the jews enforce oppression?

What was that oath you officers swore? To uphold what? To defend who, and what? Don’t tell me you’ve sworn your oath, that you’ve done your time on the street, and that you deserve respect. You’ve been so busy enforcing draconian laws, throwing around your authority, and filling jew prisons full of your own country men, that you never noticed the real crooks. This is a serious problem that law enforcement must address, because they’re leaving us all out in the cold. Facing us with “Herculean” squads to defend these demons. How dare you. Hold your hand high and swear your blood and soul to your demonic masters.

Like I said, let the terrorism training come from terrorist jews and let jew advisors “support” our troops in Iraq with sophisticated shape charge, remote detonated, roadside bombs! The police and military will never figure out who the enemy is, when it’s the enemy steering them around on wild goose chases. Their ranks are filled with these jews like the NYPD’s deputy commander for intelligence mentioned in the article, David Cohen. Just another sign of how bad the infestation is, and more proof that it’s going to take action from real American patriots to make a difference. No sense counting on infiltrated organizations like the NYPD. They don’t call it Jew York for nothing. Expect to see this spreading to areas all across the country soon. They’ve been working on brainwashing, I mean, training our police for decades this way.

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