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Nooses For Gun Control

Nooses For Gun Control

We need to start a new program to combat communist jew gun control efforts. Many times their efforts consist of false flag shootings like Sandy Hook, followed by the jewish media screaming how we’ll never be safe as long as guns are around. In the near future, we will have a section where anti-gun jew fucks and their supporters can be exposed and properly ridiculed, until such time as they can face the consequences of their treason.

Recently a bunch of feminist jew cunts thought they would protest guns on campus by giving out dildos. They look like a bunch of dildos doing it, so let’s start with them. These dumb uneducated commie feminist infected pustules figured since dildos were banned on campus, but guns weren’t, they would protest by acting like whores and handing out dildos. They are flanked by feminized bitches with mustaches and beards that I won’t dare call “males”or “men”, but they dress like guys anyway. These freakish abominations have a name for their protest “Cocks not Glocks”. I guess even these guys like cocks. In the pictures they seem to enjoy playing with them way too much.

Anti-gun psycho girly boy holding a male phallus and enjoying it. This is a the example jews set for young men everywhere.

This is what you have to look forward to if you don’t stand and fight for freedom and righteousness. Your women will all be degraded to a pile of bottom feeding fake ass feminist tramps who will drop their pants to anyone. Your men will be girly little bitches who like sex with men, dogs, and children as much as they do a grown woman. To top it off, you’ll all be disarmed useless pussies crying in “safe zones” because your fake candidate lost a fake election that never happened. (oh yes, we’ll cover that soon too)

I’m not really mad though. Anyone that thinks handing out dildos to protest guns is funny needs shot, and the idea of that makes these whiny bitches mad. Wouldn’t that be ironic? Going before a firing squad for trying to ban guns? I think that is very fitting, but this article is Nooses for Gun Control so back to that.

These snakes always speak with a forked tongue. Remember, they walk among us, appealing to our sensibilities. There is a reason the Marcus Cicero quote has been displayed so long on the front of this site. An enemy at the gates is less formidable than one who pretends to be just another America with a differing view.

“I do believe in the second amendment and the right to own guns and bear arms, however I don’t think that public university is really the place for that,” said one commie lying fuck. This pile of shit doesn’t believe in the second amendment, or your right to defend yourself. She wants guns banned, and picking away at this little thing is her method of helping ban them.

This Hegelian dialect says one thing, then turns right around and says the other. People always ask me, “how do you know this/that”, and the answer is always the same. You need to listen to how someone says something, not what they are saying. This person above is saying she wants to ban guns, but only here and there. She “believes” in the second amendment, but that doesn’t mean she will let you have it.  Even the commie jew professors were filing injunctions to stop people carrying firearms.

Anyway, let us get to the point. They want to give away dildos for gun control, we will give away free rides in a noose to all gun control proponents. Nooses for Gun Control will cover all the expenses. Rope. Trees or custom built gallows, and even a bucket to kick out from under them! Every expense will be spared to ensure the least amount of comfort, but any gun control nut wanting to show their psychotic little heads will get free rides. No questions asked. Bodies will be burned and the ashes spread to the four corners of the earth for good measure.

Listen folks. It is really this simple. The only reason for gun control is to make you easier to kill. Stop beating around the bush and acting like they give a fuck about your safety. The moment they have your guns, the open slaughter will commence. These people mean to kill anyone who resists their take over. If you’re confused as to what this will look like, have a look at this movie about the Katyn forest massacre.

Too many people want to argue the points on gun control. They want to break out all the statistics, and try to “win” an argument based on the truth. The truth they rely on is that gun control only causes more trouble, and the enemy will counter with appeals to emotion and cries about saving the children. This will go on for eternity, but slowly they will whittle away our gun rights to nothing if we continue to allow discussion. If I have to spell out how this is being done already, take a look at this current article HERE where Obama the dark skinned jew and Socialist Security criminal mob are making up their own “rules” to stop people from acquiring guns.

Rights are like facts. They aren’t up for discussion or debate. I seriously don’t care what whiny emotional bullshit they use. Rights aren’t something that can be debated, because they are set in stone. Anyone trying to debate your rights is your enemy. Nothing else needs said, but they will try!

Free rides in a noose for anyone who even mentions any pro gun control argument. No more debating rights.

There is nothing to argue with gun control. Anyone who wants you disarmed means you harm. Period. Taking guns makes people easy to kill, and serves absolutely no other purpose. Oh wait, it does make it impossible for you to fight back. Look at the draconian measures being treasonously imposed by the corporation posing as the legitimate government in Commifornia. These fools pick away at banning all kinds of things, including now magazine releases they call “bullet buttons”. These commie jew fucks even require background checks just to buy ammunition! Ask yourself who ever gave them that power? Some commerce clause? What?

This communist shit hole Commiefornia would be a great place to set up gallows to hang treasonous twits. By the way, under the definition of treason, almost anyone working in government can be hung until dead. They are literally aiding and abetting enemies of our country in the form of the private corporations they serve. There are NO legitimate “government” employees today. They all work for a private company, but we’ll cover that at another time.

Anyone who has any reason they want guns banned here or there, or blocked from carrying this way or that, or just doesn’t quite feel comfortable with people having guns or using them for whatever reason is already guilty of treason. Stop trying to discuss the finer points of gun control with people who want to take your guns, just so they can kill you with guns. Nobody gives a shit about statistics. They don’t matter. The only thing that matters is getting as many gun control nuts free rides in a noose as soon as possible.

From now on, when you enter a gun control conversation, it will go like this. The gun control freak will try to tug at people’s emotions, “those poor children that got shot in that school, we can never let this happen again”. Your reply will be, “You’re right! Gun control is a serious problem that can only be solved by judicious use of a noose!”

What else is there to discuss? Anyone who wants your guns out of sight, wants them banned. Anyone who wants their use or carry curtailed, wants them banned. Anyone who wants them banned, wants to kill you. No more discussion. Every discussion about gun control should end in discussions about nooses from here on out, because there is NO DISCUSSION.

No Quarter.

  1. Brandon William Hennig says:

    ‘Rights are like facts, they’re not up for debate.’

    I cannot comprehend why people have to be told this.

    ‘Anyone that wants you disarmed MEANS YOU HARM.’

    Ditto. A cursory glance at European history proves this. Once a population is disarmed the genocide begins. That’s the lesson people!!! As has been said elsewhere we are meant to LEARN FROM HISTORY.

    I think a big problem Adam is a fundamental LACK OF COURAGE. If you live in fear of these genocidal jews I want you to REPLACE YOUR FEAR WITH RIGHTEOUS HATRED. For FEAR CANNOT LIVE IN YOU IF YOU HAVE HATRED IN YOUR HEART. And JEWS, AS THE PRINCIPLE OF EVIL MADE FLESH, are the ONLY THING WORTH HATING!!! Along with traitorous peple who aid them of couse.

    ALSO why the FUCK do people STILL post comments here without using their real names??? The kikes KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! Like Adam said in his first Good Ol Boy Broadcast WAY THE FUCK BACK, you are ONLY HIDING FROM YOUR POTENTIAL ALLIES. This, to me, is THE FIRST SIGN OF A COWARD. You goddamn fucking pussies can’t even post your real fucking name on a goddamn WEBSITE, then I DO NOT WANT YOU NEXT TO ME IN BATTLE. Brandon William Hennig IS MY REAL FULL NAME!!! I am NOT HIDING! A couple other dudes post with their first and last name, but I want YOUR WHOLE FUCKING NAME goddammit!!! Anyway glad SN is active again. Can’t wait TO KILL THESE FUCKING KIKES!!! BWH out.

    • Lack of courage is right, but we don’t have to have everyone in the open. Give me 10,000 anonymous people posting links and news about this every day and watch what we can do. Especially 10,000 people coordinated together. We can make the news ourselves. Right while Obama is trying to ban free speech and get hung for treason, we can turn this around fast. It’s obvious every word said hurts, or I wouldn’t hear so much fucking cry baby whining. You guys don’t see a lot of that, because I filter out comments from jews. I’m not going to let them post on here saying, “you guys are stupid” lol. Who is stupid? Trying to post some jewish bullshit on this site.

      The point is, we are more powerful than we think. Way more powerful. Words can cut like swords…let the hacking begin.

      • Brandon William Hennig says:

        My point is still valid and so is yours. I do what I can when I have time and I know a number of others do as well (not personally just logic) and it’s great. If these kikes knew the internet would help destroy them they probably wouldn’t have unleashed it to the public. Big mistake dumbfucks! Like you’ve said Pandora’s Box is open, no closing the bitch now. The ONLY thing they can do is bitch and whine. So fucking pathetic. Unless they kick off WW3 that is…

        I just always wonder what the tipping point is gonna be. The spark that really kicks this off for real. We all fuckin’ know on here but we’re stuck in a stalemate. Meanwhile these kikes already got our FUCKING COFFINS READY!!!! Holy GODDAMN FUCK!!! Since what, 2008?

        Hey here’s another idea for getting rid of these kikes: put all their corpses onto freight ships and use remote controlled demolitions to sink the freighters into the mariana trench or any other deep ocean trench. Not as easy as the woodchipper idea but they’ll be gone!

        Anyfuckingway I’m down with the nooses for gun control. Fuck yeah. I Got my Mossie 590 and my Springfield .40 ready to go! You zhids are NOT getting my guns from me alive.

        But how many will join us? If we don’t organize before they can kick off WW3 what the serious FUCK is our master plan? Like I said in a post two goddamn years ago, and JUST like dear Adam here has pointed out numerous times, how can we get past a literal army of Russians and Chinese troops to kill these kikes without any organization and leadership?

        It’s almost like y’all WANT to be mass tortured and murdered! Like you’ve already given up! Divided we fall my brothers and sisters. Y’all already KNOW THIS TOO! Why am I still complaining about the same exact shit two years later??? Why has NOTHING CHANGED???

        I’m stuck in shitty north idaho for now, been up here again for two years, and I haven’t met ONE PERSON that would stand up with me against these jews. Not one. Goddamn I feel so alone in this. And that’s the thing. They’ll pick us off one by one if they have to. Then what?

        It reminds me of that quote, something like ‘evil can only succeed when good men do nothing’ or however the fuck.

        • I wouldn’t worry about being alone, and we have to start where we’re at. There won’t be any instant gratification in this. This is the ETERNAL battle between good and evil.

          I comprehend your wish to get things rolling, but they already are, and whatever happens will occur in it’s own time. Right now, we need to utilize the power of the spoken and written word.

          Not only do we need to get the message out, but we also need to teach people how to think all over again. Hopefully we’ll find a way to circumvent all the brainwashing and awaken a mass all at the same time. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be actively pushing this message into every little corner we can get it. For instance, I got myself banned at for speaking about jews just yesterday, lol.

          The point is, we have a VERY POWERFUL weapon in our hands. If it didn’t matter, they wouldn’t have little yids sitting behind computers (paid by OUR TAX DOLLARS) to spread propaganda all day. Every time we tell the truth, they have to lie ten thousand times to cover it up. What we need to do now is UNITE the message and SPREAD THE WORD LIKE BUTTER ON HOT TOAST. We need that shit to SINK IN.

          Believe me, there will be plenty of time for other stuff, and people will be scrambling to hear what we have to say eventually. It’s going to get a LOT worse before it gets better. Finally, keep in mind that this is something that’s been going on for at least a couple thousand years. This isn’t going to end overnight, but if we stay vigilant, it will end. Period.

          • Brandon William Hennig says:

            Right on man. I’m in this til I die. I know how long it’s been goin’ down and I know it won’t end anytime soon. These kikes are EVERYwhere. But just as important as ridding ourselves of them is re-educating our people from scratch.

            You know from my emails Adam that I’m pretty far down the rabbit hole.

            Anyway i’m not worried about any of this shit. It’s HIGHLY concerning and WE ARE AT WAR, but nothing to worry about.

            I was pretty heated when I posted the above posts, cause I fucking DESPISE jews and like I have told you Adam in emails I always have this sense of desperation and urgency about getting rid of these kikes, but I’m truly not worried. At all. I KNOW these JEWS ARE DOOMED.

            . I just hate the idea of them hurting my fuckin’ people. Which they do ALL THE TIME. I guarantee as I type this at LEAST a couple hundred people are being tortured and murdered by these kike rats. That makes me SO FUCKING ANGRY. It makes me want to go out RIGHT NOW and KILL EVERY YID I SEE.

            But no. I want them EXTINCT so I bide my time, preparing for their demise.

            I just hope better, stronger men than myself are doing the same.

          • There are people everywhere, and our numbers increase daily. The thing is, once people know, they don’t go back to not knowing.

            EVERY single mind they LOSE is a WIN for us. Their losses are permanent, we don’t have any.

          • Right on Adam! This sight is great!

          • Brandon William Hennig says:

            I have to disagree about the eternal battle between good and evil bit. Outside the jew’s war against us there is no battle between good and evil, they are in perpetual balance. Yin and yang. Just look at that symbol it explains itself perfectly. One cannot exist without the other.

            There is enough evil in the universe outside the jew. Anything that causes suffering is evil, while that which cause pleasure is good. Life is both all the time.

            These jews an imbalance, since they are WHOLLY evil. Their extinction will return the universe to it’s natural state of good and evil in perfect, perpetual harmony.

          • That imbalance is the battle, and not all things that cause suffering are evil. The thing about the yin and yang is that each has part of the other in it. I agree the extinction of the jew will help just about everything. 😉

  2. The cogent statements here show an uncompromised understanding of our divine law. To question, interpret “infringe” is treason. But when you are ruled by traitors and a nation of cowards such a comment becomes controversial.

    I believe the so called Bill of Rights testify to a code of life . Self preservation is the sovereign freedom to feel, speak and express, which has become usurped and subverted by the enemy. It is the misnamed first amendment. This we have already conceded. Remember these are the only true laws and they are not legislation but an ultimatum by Virginians declaring the sovereign citizen outside and beyond their constitution.

    Grateful for the writers’ perception and vigilance. His application of the first freedom to defend us all , who testify to sovereignty. Thank you

  3. Armed resistance is a must. But there has to be a way to eliminate their financial means as well. The kikes use money to buy out minions to do their work as well as dividing movements. Now, we have the rise of disinfo agents like dailystormer who keep promoting race wars instead of focusing on the kikes.

    • Information is powerful. They spend BILLION$$$ to fight the truth…..spread the word. The rest will come. I’m glad you’re smart enough to pick up on the racial divide. So many people fall for this one easily because everyone is racist, but nobody wants to admit it.

      • racists play their goy role right, nothing but useful idiots. Adam, you’re one of the few left that can never be fooled by the kike. Even most of the alternative has become anti-Islamic again. It’s like the 9/11 hysteria all over again “Muslims this…and that”. I just hope people find out that 9/11 was a major kosher slaughter.

      • Brandon William Hennig says:

        Unfortunately it does seem the overwhelming majority of our people have been programmed to be racist by these goddamn fucking kikes, and they embrace it, because it gives them a superiority complex and strokes their nasty little egos.

        I consider ALL racists my enemy so stay the fuck away from me with that garbage. As someone who grew up with half black cousins in Las Vegas surrounded by people of all ethnicities I always felt all of us were ptetty much the same, as Adam has pointed out and as common sense dictates all races have shit heads as well as decent folk, and I have had a lot of first hand experience of this fact. So I’ve never been racist.

        Race and religion are the most damaging dividing factors these goddamn jews use against us. The political parties further divide the drones and lemmings. But fortunately this programming simply does not work on everyone.

        The vast majority of our people, unfortunately, are intellectually retarded. There is no nice way to say it. These people will always be useless at fighting tyrants. So fuck ’em.

        • The racists are just as bad and they’re going down too for holding everyone else back. A lot of them are just jew shills/agents/trolls anyway.

          • Yes they are for the most part, but we need to have a sensible discussion about race. Right now nobody knows which way is up or down. Most people have opinions that are given to them…and I mean seriously MOST people. Almost NONE of the ideas in their heads are their own, and that is especially true where race is concerned. This is yet another topic I plan to cover in the future.

  4. The Jew spends billions on words because they do not have billions of men to fight with arms. Out of 7 Billion people on Earth, are there not 20 million who would sacrifice themselves and kill a Jew? The solution is very easy.

  5. Spot on as usual brother…..keep fighting the good fight.

  6. Dear SN, can you please do an article on this….the Jew parasite has already passed laws (in 1991) to butcher Christians by the tens of millions like they did in Russia…I have posted this on a couple of forums and yanks are actually shocked that this jew shit is law…passed in secret!


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