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Noctilucent Clouds – Sinister New Phenomenon

Noctilucent Clouds – Sinister New Phenomenon

Many of the readers here will note that, not every topic I am covering lately is directly related to politics. Of course, everything I speak of does relate to the political agenda in some way, but as of late I am focusing on certain topics that will drive people who do not know about the jew, to a source that makes no qualms about pointing them out as the hidden hand behind all of our worldly ills. Some readers have even questioned the madness to my method, but believe me when I say there is a very carefully crafted method to my madness.

That said and out of the way, there is an amazing new phenomenon creeping up, seemingly from out of nowhere; if you’re one of those who likes to blindly believe the so-called “experts”. The funny thing about this phenomenon and it’s many manifestations, is that it is readily verifiable by absolutely every human living in heavily populated areas around the globe. In fact, (guessing on time frame here) around four years ago, when I made my first few youtube videos, they were about a topic that is, what I will say to be, a distinguishable cause of this new phenomenon. However, I don’t want to move too far ahead of myself, so let me point out what inspired this article, and move forward from there.

These so-called noctilucent clouds are very reminiscent of another phenomenon taking place in the skies above our heads.

These so-called noctilucent clouds are very reminiscent of another phenomenon taking place in the skies above our heads.

A recent article, which can be found here purports to tell us of this, relatively new phenomenon called noctilucent clouds. Nocti meaning nocturnal, and lucent meaning light. The article is about strange new clouds over North America, that glow at night when there is no source of light for them to be glowing from. The article defines noctilucent clouds as “night shining” clouds, and tells us: “Mysterious, glowing clouds previously seen almost exclusively in Earth’s polar regions have appeared in the skies over the United States and Europe over the past several days.”

The things that were previously seen almost exclusively in Earth’s polar regions are not related to clouds at all. In fact, they are better known as the aurora borealis, a result of solar radiation permeating Earth’s magnetic field where it is at it’s weakest. The effect comes from particles in the atmosphere being “charged” by electrons from solar radiation, which then give off photons of light as they return to their natural grounded state. This is what causes the aurora borealis, more commonly known as the “northern lights”, because they are most often witnessed in the farthest reaches of the northern hemisphere, nearer Earth’s northern magnetic pole. However, this also occurs at Earth’s southern magnetic pole as well, but there just aren’t as many humans there to witness it. This is deceptive to mix this phenomenon with the widely known show of “northern lights”. I will show why shortly, but first, more deception from the mainstream:

Photographers and other sky watchers in Omaha, Paris, Seattle, and other locations have run outside to capture images of what scientists call noctilucent (”night shining”) clouds. Formed by ice literally at the boundary where the earth’s atmosphere meets space 50 miles up, they shine because they are so high that they remain lit by the sun even after our star is below the horizon.

The clouds might be beautiful, but they could portend global changes caused by global warming. Noctilucent clouds are a fundamentally new phenomenon in the temperate mid-latitude sky, and it’s not clear why they’ve migrated down from the poles. Or why, over the last 25 years, more of them are appearing in the polar regions, too, and shining more brightly.

“That’s a real concern and question,” said James Russell, an atmospheric scientist at Hampton University and the principal investigator of an ongoing NASA satellite mission to study the clouds. “Why are they getting more numerous? Why are they getting brighter? Why are they appearing at lower latitudes?”

Nobody knows for sure, but most of the answers seem to point to human-caused global atmospheric change.

These so-called noctilucent clouds exhibit features that fall directly in line with chemtrail observations by independent researchers.

These so-called noctilucent clouds exhibit features that fall directly in line with chemtrail observations by independent researchers.

It seems they want us to believe that this amazing new phenomenon is caused by clouds that are so high in our atmosphere, they still shine from the sun’s light when it’s on the other side of the globe. Let me just say this is absurd right off the bat, but the contradictory statements that follow are even more so. Are these things forming 50 miles up, literally at the edge of our atmosphere, or are they found in the temperate mid-latitude sky? I’ve said it a thousand times, but when you’re concocting fables, there will always be inconsistencies that don’t add up. We are told these amazing new “clouds” are migrating south from the north pole, and this ties in with evidence of polar shift theories, which would corroborate with the aurora borealis. However polar shift and the auroras are outside the scope of this article, and are not directly related to this phenomenon of “night shining” clouds; simply because the auroras have nothing to do with clouds. A little bit of global warming garbage is thrown in for good measure, but I have a better explanation for the cause and effect of what we’re seeing.

Noctilucent clouds were first observed in 1885 by an amateur astronomer. No observations of anything resembling noctilucent clouds before that time has ever been found. There is no lack of observations of other phenomena in the sky, so atmospheric scientists are fairly sure that the phenomenon is recent, although they are not sure why.

Over the last 125 years, scientists have learned how the clouds form. At temperatures around minus 230 degrees Fahrenheit, dust blowing up from below or falling into the atmosphere from space provides a resting spot for water vapor to condense and freeze. Right now, during the northern hemisphere’s summer, the atmosphere is heating up and expanding. At the outside edge of the atmosphere, that actually means that it’s getting colder because it’s pushed farther out into space.

One amateur astronomer supposedly observed this “new phenomenon” over 100 years ago, but scientists are fairly sure this is recent. That means they haven’t been observed before or since, until recently, so it’s likely we’re talking about something totally different than what this amateur saw. While saying that this is something new, we are told that scientists figured out how this happened over the last 125 years. So, which is it? Is it new, or something they’ve been studying for 125 years? This story is obviously full of inconsistencies and inaccuracies, and there is a very good reason for it. They’re lying to you.

It’s not hard to see how a warming Earth could change those dynamics: as the globe heats up, the top of the atmosphere should get colder.

“The prevailing theory and most plausible explanation is that CO2 buildup, at 50 miles above the surface, would cause the temperature decrease,” Russell said. He cautioned, however, that temperature observations remain inconclusive.

The global changes that appear to be reshaping noctilucent cloud distribution could be much more complex, said Vincent Wickwar, an atmospheric scientist at Utah State University whose team was first to report a mid-latitude noctilucent cloud in 2002. Temperature does not explain their observations from around 42 degrees latitude.

Here we see they throw in more global warming propaganda, but if global warming is man made and they want to connect it to these clouds, it’s not because of CO2 emissions and burning coal. We also get the idea that there are no solid explanations, so all of their mumbo jumbo is nothing more than meaningless clutter. I keep eluding to having a better answer, and I’m getting to it. Unfortunately, this article will turn out more like a major essay in length than normal, but bear with me as I cover some vital information and try to wrap it up as succinctly as humanly possible, while still touching on all the different bases necessary with this topic. Indeed some items will likely be missed, but those will be covered in up and coming material on this same topic as needed. The length of this “essay” is necessitated by the depth of the shit hole they’re shoveling you into, so buck up and read on.

Other hypotheses abound to explain the observed changes in the clouds. Human-caused increases in atmospheric methane, which oxidizes into carbon dioxide and water vapor, could be providing more water for ice in the stratosphere. Increases in the amount of cosmic or terrestrial dust in the stratosphere could also increase the number of brightly shining clouds.

Two years into Russell’s NASA project, more questions exist than firm answers. They will have at least three and a half more years, though, to gather good data on upper atmospheric dynamics.

The recent observations of noctilucent clouds at all kinds of latitudes provide an extra impetus to understand what is going on up there. Changes are occurring faster than scientists can understand their causes.

“I suspect, as many of us feel, that it is global change, but I fear we don’t understand it,” Wickwar said. “It’s not as simple as a temperature change.”

Excellent, they have some hypothesis, but none of them fit quite right with what’s going on. We can easily draw the conclusion that there is no sense bothering with their hypothesis, when they readily admit that they are not scientifically accurate. This is indeed a global change, but they are not being as forthcoming as they could be about the cause of it. If you want to start to get a grip on what the cause is, I’m finally going to give you the answer. First, take a look at this weatherman below, as he himself futilely attempts to explain a new phenomenon that is goofing up the data he bases his weather reports on, his radar system.

That should just about clear up the answer that I’m getting towards. Another “phenomenon”, if you can call it that, is what’s responsible for both this botched weather report, and these “noctilucent” clouds. You really have to ask yourself if you’re ready to buy into a whole new kind of cloud being discovered after millions of years of mankind’s so-called evolution, or if it’s more plausible that maybe this “military chaff” has something to do with it. All across the internet and many alternative media sites, this oddity is instead known as chemtrails. They are the result of aerosol spraying by military and commercial aircraft that leave patterns all across the sky. These are not easily explained away as mere contrails, for these formations do not dissipate like a contrail would. I am not going to get into the science of contrails, because this is not a debate, nor do they have anything in common, besides appearing after an aircraft flies by. The chemtrails, as they are un-affectionately known, exhibit completely different properties, including the fact that they grow and spread across the sky to form a white, stringy, feathery haze.  It is possible these chemtrails react with solar radiation and cause some of what they’re describing, but that is a far cry from what they’re trying to sell you.

Chemtrails are the likely cause of "military chaff" as wells as "noctilucent clouds". The patterns in this photo are not contrails, and are not typical air traffic patterns either.

Chemtrails are the likely cause of "military chaff" as wells as "noctilucent clouds". The patterns in this photo are not contrails, and are not typical air traffic patterns either.

These chemtrails, or ahem, military chaff, are exactly what is causing the new phenomenon known as “noctilucent clouds”. They are the result of aerosol chemicals and substances being littered into our atmosphere, and whoever is doing this is more secretive than anything I’ve ever covered on this site before. There are literally thousands of videos showing this phenomenon quite clearly all over the internet, and these videos originate from absolutely everywhere around the globe. This means that the scale of the aerosol spraying is extremely massive, yet the information about them is extremely sporadic and unsubstantiated. Like the explanation for noctilucent clouds, none of the current theories surrounding chemtrails completely fits the pattern, and there have been hardly ANY LEAKS AT ALL pertaining to this program.

I want to make it absolutely clear that aerosol spraying operations are in effect all across the globe, and you can witness this yourself by walking outside and looking up. If you see a milky white soup in place of, what should be a blue sky, you are seeing the effects of these aerosol operations. If you see supposed contrails all across your sky, that refuse to dissipate and eventually block your sky, you are seeing them for yourself. If you’re old enough to remember what a deep blue sky looks like, where you can actually see a real depth of field, you’ve probably already been questioning what has changed. The statement that most people have their head in the sand is quite fitting, because if they had their head in the clouds, there would be far more outrage over this topic. In fact, you’ll notice some of the bullshit LIARS who purport to tell you about “zionism” and many other things, are claiming chemtrails don’t exist. There are some alternative sites who speak of chemtrails, but they are simply shoveling more shit on you, like I said before.

Obviously, there is a lot more to this phenomenon than I’m able to cover here all at once, but I will lay out a few details, and I’ll try to bring you more on this topic in the future. One point I want to make clear is that the current theories concerning chemtrails and their purpose are mostly full of shit. There was indeed a mention of chemtrails as part of a bill by jew Dennis Kucinich (another one the lemmings are eager to fall for) and here is a little quote about it from jew owned wikipedia; the disinformation control network of sayanim that comes up number one for most of your jew owned google searches:

“Chemtrails” are mentioned in House Bill HR 2977,[1] the Space Preservation Act of 2001, introduced by Congressman Dennis Kucinich, where it appears as one of a list of “exotic weapons system[s]” to be banned under the bill. Chemtrail conspiracy theorists point to this as official acknowledgment of the possibility, at least, of such weapons systems. The entire list of exotic weapons was omitted from later versions of the bill.

The funny thing is, they were indeed mentioned, and caught onto by “conspiracy theorists”, but omitted from later versions of the bill, both actions which would give anyone halfway honest with themselves reason for pause. However, if you look around the internet, you will see that wikipedia and a number of sites, many of which are dedicated solely to this topic, are set up to do nothing more than demean anyone who might think of looking too closely at this topic.

Morgellons and it's symptoms are disinformation at it's best, but chemtrails are a real and serious phenomenon. Don't let the bullshit lies distract from a serious problem.

Morgellons and it's symptoms are disinformation at it's best, but chemtrails are a real and serious phenomenon. Don't let the bullshit lies distract from a serious problem.

There are many, many bullshit stories about what chemtrails are including the idea that they are chemical and biological weapons, weather control programs, part of HAARP, etc. etc. If you look for long you’ll run across sites that are obvious bullshit attempting to sell honest researchers on the idea of ridiculous crap like morgellons disease, which has to do with fibers and sometimes wires growing from the skin of people affected by chemtrails. These theories are beyond ridiculous, and with good reason. They are designed to keep anyone from getting too close to the truth, and they are quickly pointed out by the shills who created these stories, to show how looney “chemtrail theorists” are. My point is this, almost ALL INFORMATION pertaining to chemtrails is disinformation. The aerosol spraying is happening, there is no doubt about it, and known liars like Art Bell and Jeff Rense, who push other wild fringe conspiracy theories about; are at the forefront of the disinformation campaigns. Even one well known site is full of shit and pushes a bunch of ridiculous theories as well. The spraying is taking place, but the real info about their origin and purpose is heavily covered up.

I’ve spent years looking at this topic, as well as many others, and I can say I am 100% positive there is indeed a global program of aerosol spraying in effect. I can also say that you will likely NOT find the answer to what exactly the reason for these things is, nor will you find any solid scientific evidence relating to this subject. I want to make this very clear to my readers. I do NOT have the answer to what chemtrails are. My research into this and all other topics is always continuing and evolving, but now for the interesting part.

Many will tell you that we are being poisoned from above, and this is indeed quite possible. You can do your own digging and you’ll find “research” that says these trails are made up of barium, aluminum, bromide, and other substances. I’m not going to reference those things, because they have nothing to do with my point. Many will tell you they are spreading biological weapons, maybe even pointing to things like the recent swine flu outbreaks, or sars, or a number of other things; but until these are fully substantiated they aren’t worth wasting your time on. There are a couple of clues that tell us these programs are not at this time aerial chemical and biological attacks. The U.S. and many other governments have been experimenting with spraying agents such as this from aircraft since at least the 1950’s. I can tell you without a doubt that if these programs were indeed meant to poison us to death, or spread deadly biological agents, NONE OF YOU would be sitting here reading this today. The effectiveness of aerial spraying as a delivery system is extremely shocking, but it immediately rules out chemical and biological attacks as the reason for these programs…as of yet. If they DID eventually decide to switch from whatever agent they are spraying now to a deadly one, you will all be gone before you realize the difference, and this is NO JOKE. Have a look at this video real quick:

In the video it says they were testing to see if biological weapons could be as effective as an atomic bomb. Unfortunately, they discovered it would be far more effective than an atomic bomb. The aircraft in this test sprayed ONE SINGLE LINE of a biological agent, and killed HALF the subjects they tested it on. The video even says “ONE single jet could KNOCK OUT A CITY”. The scale of the current spray programs is far beyond that type of attack. Most of you would be dead as a doornail right now if this is what was happening. There needs to be sensible research on our end, to discover what their motives and purpose are. Suffice it to say, they perfected this delivery method as long ago as 1965, and we all know how technology has advanced over the last 40+ years.

The purpose of this article was not to frighten you, but to lay out some clear and evident facts. There is no publicly available explanation for what these programs are, and this is indeed a massive global spraying program. The scale of the spraying is so huge, if it were poisoning, there wouldn’t be one single celled organism still crawling the face of the earth right now. Here are some links to check out: This little article here purports to tell us the noctilucent clouds are the result of shuttle launches, which is more bullshit. Then there is this article from NASA going back to 1993, which is around the time people starting noticing chemtrails in the sky. Of course they were ready with a bit of disinfo on the topic, long before anyone figured out how serious this was.

At thirty three years of age, I clearly remember what a deep blue sky looks like, and even living in the "sunshine state" I am no longer able to enjoy the depths of our beatiful blue atmosphere due to chemtrails.

At thirty three years of age, I clearly remember what a deep blue sky looks like, and even living in the "sunshine state" I am no longer able to enjoy the depths of our beatiful blue atmosphere due to chemtrails.

I will attempt to bring more on this topic in the future, but in conclusion know these facts. Your skies are being sprayed to death by some sort of aerosol operation from both commercial and military aircraft. Yes, this is a huge operation, and for as big as it is, they are keeping it extremely quiet. So quiet that most of the information regarding chemtrail/aerosol activities and it’s effects are nothing more than utter garbage. While on the other hand you have people who are “exposing” the machinations of these cretins we call jews, which will tell you how ridiculous you are if you believe in chemtrails. They too will make you out to be an ignoramus that believes in the tooth fairy, easter bunny, and Santa Claus for looking at this topic. The simple fact is, if they wanted you dead, and used this method, you’d be toast already. If they switch to a deadly agent for even one day say goodbye to at least 50% OR up to 98% of the population, depending on which agent they would choose. There are many that would be far, far more effective than the tularemia they used in the video above. Finally, if they were indeed poisoning us, a city like Jacksonville, FL where I live, which is massive as far as land mass goes, could be completely wiped out by spraying ONE OR TWO LINES of a deadly agent. Imagine 60 square miles……one line would knock out an entire city, but my sky is peppered from horizon to horizon with dozens of these lines daily. If things like this bullshit morgellons disease were real, and caused by chemtrails, EVERY last one of you would have it by now, because the delivery system is that effective.  For this reason, it behooves us to explore this problem to the best of our abilities, but at the same time, not fall victim to tightly coordinated disinformation networks.

Whatever you do, don’t fall victim to fear mongering and disinformation with either of these topics. The truth of their purpose is far beyond the scope of this article, and far beyond the knowledge of any average citizen, at this point in time. This shit is happening, and it’s time we expose it, and get some level headed research into the issue. There is a massive program to muddy the water about this topic, but there is NOT a single solid answer available as of yet. The scale of the spraying, and the evidence in the video above prove as much. Keep your eyes open, and look up once in a while. I’m amazed by the thousands of drones I see across my city who are completely oblivious to this assault on our blue skies, so try not to be one of them and start looking around. Once you catch on to the spraying, you will be utterly amazed by how many people in this world NEVER LOOK UP at the sky. They are so distracted by what’s going on down here, they see nothing that happens up there. If anyone has any SOLID VERIFIABLE information about these programs you would like to share COMPLETELY ANONYMOUSLY then contact me. Do not bother me with any bullshit theories or science regarding this topic, as I have studied it well, but do pass on any legitimate info you may find.

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