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No One At The Bridge

No One At The Bridge

Riding a ship in a storm with nobody at the helm is what it feels like fighting the jew sometimes. At least to a human like myself.

As some of you may already know, I am a lifelong fan of one of the greatest rock bands to ever grace a stage, RUSH. Right off the bat, let me say that I am fully aware that Geddy Lee is himself a jew, but suck it up buttercup, because all our heroes are jews. That statement might sound funny from someone who despises the jew with every cell in their body, but it’s the truth. Hollywood, the media, all your favorite movies, tv shows, etc. are full of jews. Fortunately for RUSH, most of their lyrics are written by Neil Peart who is not a jew, as far as I’ve ever been able to discern. Their guitarist, Alex Lifeson, is also not a jew, and is an absolute god with a guitar in his hands. For myself, and millions of other fans, the music of RUSH can definitely be said to be “the soundtrack of my life”, so to speak.

Anyway, I thought I’d post something a little off the beaten path today. This song, No One at the Bridge, is an EPIC tune from RUSH, which rightly describes what it feels like to try and inform the masses about what we are facing. It’s lonely out on the edge some times, and this song illustrates the frustration people like me often feel, and does it with classic pose. Peart is a lyrical genius, drawing on everything from Shakespeare to ancient Greek philosophers to enhance his creative works. This song is no exception, in fact, it’s a completely under-rated masterpiece. Hopefully, it can convey to you the emotion and struggle that a person like me goes through on a daily basis. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the source, and everything to do with what meaning you get out of it. This is not the best recording, coming from the Caress of Steel album in 1975, a year before I was born, but either way, enjoy the tune…

  1. melisande says:


  2. I can’t take you seriously now that you say Alex Liefson is a god. You must be an FBI plant like Hal Turner.

    • You must be a fucking idiot too. Who the fuck are you? Don’t take me seriously. Stick your head up your ass and don’t come back you piece of shit.

      Now do you take me seriously? GOOD, don’t.

      Alex Lifeson is a god on the guitar, wtf is your malfunction? Fucking cry babies.

  3. LOL Adam, rechill just does not get it. Myself, my husband and my brother are big fans of Rush. My two sons are as well. Really good music. Im also a big fan of Yes and of course the Old classical guys as Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, all of the above. When music speaks there is no argument.

  4. King Crimson says:

    For the time being let just say Geddy is in fact a Canadian musician. Most of the time is not our fault to have close European blood, regardless where those ancestors come from. It’s the way we do things now in a noble responsible manner of course. Keeping in with bands of complex well composed music, take a look at Gentle Giant. Another great Symphonic Jazz Rock British group. Yes, don’t worry the Shulman brothers are from Scotland and nowhere else. Just like Maestro Jascha Heifetz said in 1953, while visiting that Pigsty place: “Music is above all your political rubbish”.

    BBC GG in concert playing Free Hand.

    • Geddy is most certainly a jew, but so are 99% of the major artists that people listen to. It just so happens I have been listening to Geddy and Rush most of my life, and chose this song to express something pertinent. Just like the people quoted in my book, Basic Training for Revolutionaries, I am not promoting Geddy Lee….just using his music to make my point.

  5. GuestyMcGuest says:

    Geddy Lee is actually a self-described “Jewish Atheist” if that makes any of ya’ll feel better. He’s also the best bass player who ever lived. Also, also; I stumbled on this article while doing a search about Lifeson, so I’m not antisemitic or a subversive, but I will admit that Israel sort of rubs me the wrong way, so…uh…yeah. There’s that.

    • Being a jew is about genetics. I do like Rush’s music, because it’s what I listened to forever before I discovered this issue. Now I can see it is full of propaganda and occult references that never would have made any sense to me just 10 or 12 years ago. For instance, the song “Jacob’s Ladder” sounds really awesome, the beat is cool, but it’s a reference used in freemasonry. Why would you say you’re not “anti-semitic” anyway? Only jews use that term.

      • Brad Kayganich says:

        That’s why they always have jews writing, producing, and leading these bands to keep the real message from getting out that these kike-rats are the problem. Hip-hop for example, from my many years listening too it has seen the most devastation from the jews. Which started out as educational music with substance now it’s full of bullshit lyrics about money, jewelry, fast women and so forth. But of course most people believe in this illuminati trash. Look at these music execs, look at the program directors, managers etc. full of jews. Look at all the human musicians that have been murdered by these kikes to put their artist in the spotlight, and sock puppets who promote garbage messages.

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