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New SN Promotional Video


Help spread the word about Subverted Nation and other sites like it, that focus directly on the infestation of jewish parasites within our nations.  To help you do so, I’ve created a new promotional video that you can share with people.  It’s thought provoking, truthful, and entertaining.  Spread it ten ways from Sunday, if you like. Download, upload, copy, share or whatever you see fit.  Also, stay tuned for more exciting content…I’m working on it. This video will eventually be hosted on the promote page, so check back if it disappears from youtube.

Since I’ve just returned to youtube, after a two week block on my current account (never had that before, usually just insta-ban), which was due to my “Plea To US Military” video, there’s no telling how long it will last. View it while you have a chance, as I just learned that my vimeo account is now banned also, so no videos are showing under the “video” category right now either. I’ll attempt to get this worked out, and get all SN videos hosted on one page here. People like Alex Jones and some his other gate keepers here and here, wanted an “information war”? Then, let us give them one.

Don’t forget, there are some cool banner ads you can put on forums, websites, etc. on the promote page.

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