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Mike Rivero – What Really Happened

Mike Rivero – What Really Happened

What really happened?  That’s a good question.  Here’s what happened.  America, and many countries around the globe ignored their ancestors, and allowed the jews to live freely amongst them.  Unfortunately, jews do not wish to simply live freely, and work hard to become a part of any society.  The jews are a parasitic ilk that instead always act as a nation within a nation.  The jews consider themselves far above and beyond everyone else, whom they deem to be “goyim” or cattle at best.  In fact, jews consider all others as insects, and proudly boast in true supremacist fashion that they are the only real humans on earth. (See Basic Training for Revolutionaries)

The jews are racist, supremacist, genocidal maniacs, and sadly, this cartoon couldn't get any more true than it is.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.  The jews are, in fact, not exactly human, and are in fact much closer to neanderthals than real humans, like the rest of us, but that is not the point of this article.  What really happened is, some people finally started to remember what their ancestors always knew.  The fact that jews are parasitic, nation wrecking, baby raping, ritually murdering, genocidal maniacs, hell bent on world domination.  The problem is what happened before this time came about.

Before people started to awaken to the infestation of jewish pedophiles and nation wreckers in their midst, almost as if waking from a dream into a real life nightmare, the jews made sure to put their agents in every place imaginable, and to set themselves up as purveyors of the truth, as it relates to the jewish problem.  The jews have long since had a plan for global domination, and an integral part of that plan was to stave off any real pogroms against themselves, by making sure that any major outlets for so-called “truth” about jews, was in fact, run by jews.

This is exactly the case when it comes to sites like What Really Happened, which is run by an admitted sephardic jew by the name of Mike Rivero.  This Rivero character has a website, which I will not link to, that is one of the largest, most heavily trafficked “anti-zionist” sites on the internet.  The site has done well since it arrived online in 1999, and holds a rank in the top 6000 websites in these united states alone, and ranks even better in most other countries around the world.

Is it any wonder that this fat sephardic jew gets publicity from other fakers like Alex Jones? Both of these worthless pieces of trash are full of shit and wasting your time.

What’s really happening is, people who are becoming aware of the jewish problem, are being sucked into this vortex of bullshit and propaganda as if it were a black hole, and in many cases, it is.  Honest human beings looking for answers find a site that says “what really happened”, and then ignorantly assume that this site is going to tell them “what really happened”.  However, being run by a jew and jewish interests, the fact is people will NEVER discover what really happened.  They will NEVER learn what they need to know and how they need to approach these issues, because THIS is the real intention of sites like WRH.

Mike Rivero is indeed an admitted sephardic jew as can be seen HERE at another site which I will not endorse for very similar reasons.  Check out this quote:

Today, while interviewing guest speakers at the No More Wars for Israel Conference, Mike Rivero told a bit about his family history, noting that he descended from Sephardic Spanish Jews of nobility, who had fought in the Crusades to “get back the old homestead back—that didn’t work out”, and who were forced to convert to Catholicism under the edicts of Queen Isabella—a conversion which did not take.

So, as you can see, Kike Rivero has indeed admitted publicly that he himself is jewish, and with that, it should become obvious that he is misleading people when it comes to the true intentions of the jew.  Of course, many won’t understand this, but take a look (if you can stomach the squeaky annoying, nasally voice of a rat faced jew) at this video HERE (approximately 22:00 into the video), and listen as this kike explains that, not only is he jewish, he was once married to an ashkenazi jewess.  However, he uses this as yet another opportunity to confuse and distort the truth about jews, and their plot for world domination.

Not only a disinformation specialist, but a jew who works for hollywood and NASA. Does this sound like someone you can trust for honest information?

At about 20 minutes into the video, Rivero talks about his ashkenazi jewish wife, and then gives the impression that ashkenazis are racist towards sephardic jews, but this is not the case at all.  ALL jews have the same DNA, and work in tandem with each other to keep the rest of the world snowed as to their true intentions.  Kikes like Rivero pretend there is a huge void of racism between the ashkenazi and sephardic jews, but this then begs the question, how the hell was he married to an ashkenazi, if there is such a divide?  The truth is, there is NO DIVIDE between any groups of jews, regardless of which type they claim to be.  ALL JEWS were exiled from dozens of different countries in the past, with no regard to who was ashkenazi or sephardic.

Kike Rivero is content to pretend not to be in on the game, as he tells how he was let in on their “tribal secrets” because he married this ashkenazi rat.  He pushes the idea that ashkenazis having white skin, means they are not from the middle east and that they are somehow not the same as the sephardic jews, but this is just a ruse.  Rivero pretends that the beliefs of all jews, including himself, are something he never heard of (yeah right).  He attempts to pretend that he actually thought jewish racism was a “practical joke they were trying to play on me”, and he couldn’t be more fake in making these absurd statements.

While attempting to make us believe there is a divide between ashkenazi and sephardic jews, this sephardi Kike Rivero was married to an ashkenazi jewess himself!! In his supremacist mind, you are gullible enough to buy that fable!

For those who have keen senses, you’ll notice that at one point, he actually says “this desire to keep your racial lines pure…or your philosophical lines pure”, but again, the race of jews consists of both sephardic and ashkenazi jews with the same DNA, and the philosophical lines are obviously the same, as proven by the number of jewish exiles including BOTH supposedly separate groups of jews.

I could rip on this radio show of his for hours showing the inconsistencies in what this kike rambles on about, but I can’t stomach his pathetic squeaky jew voice long enough to do so. It’s also probably best that my readers NOT bother listening to this pathetic whelp anyway, as it will only serve to program your minds with propaganda, inaccuracies, and other distortions.  In fact, let me add right here and now, that you should NOT visit his website.  You should NOT listen to his propaganda radio shows.  You should NOT patronize him, by giving him more traffic, which in turn becomes more advertising dollars in his pockets.  According to his shirt in the video he is “richer than Iceland” (quite a supremacist attitude) anyway, so why bother patronizing him at all?

That said, many people are donating every time this rat faced jew squeals about needing money to keep his site online.  Judging by all the jewish advertisers on his site, his “richer than Iceland” t-shirt,  and the traffic he gets, it’s not likely he’s hurting for money at all.  In fact, it turns out that Kike Rivero has been working for Hollywood for a number of years!  Yup, while supposedly leading people to the truth, Kike Rivero is actually working for Hollywood, which does nothing more than distract, distort, and spew filth and propaganda!  Take a look at his “Home Baked Entertainment” business he runs on the side HERE.

I’m willing to bet that Hollywood pays the kike Rivero quite well for his work, but what’s more interesting is what KIND of work Rivero does for Hollywood!  Let’s add in one more important fact though because, not only does Rivero work for Hollywood, but he ALSO has worked for NASA!!  Does a jew who works for hollywood and NASA sound like a good place to get your information from?

Michael brings over 30 years’ award-winning experience in feature films, broadcasting, and television advertising to Home Baked Entertainment, including work in feature films like “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”, “Coneheads”, “Stargate”, “Final Fantasy”, and “The Day After Tomorrow”, as well as television work in award winning commercials and the ABC series, “LOST”. Prior to his film career, Michael worked with NASA developing advanced image processing tools for the Viking and Voyager Missions.

Mike Rivero works for both NASA and Hollywood, but we're supposed to believe he's one of the "good guys" for bringing us his lies, labeled as truth? I don't think so.

Certainly makes one wonder exactly what this kike Rivero is up to, begging for donations while working for Hollywood and NASA these past thirty years.  Do you really think this kike who is “richer than Iceland” is in desperate need of your money, or is he trying to swallow up income that could be used to support real patriots, and a serious fight against his own ilk?  Rivero has no problem talking bad about “Israel” and “zionists”, but as I’ve shown, he’s still doing nothing more than shoveling shit at you.

HERE is a recent article stating that: While ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ramps down, others like ‘Battleship’ and ‘Hawaii 5-0’ are launching into full swing, making this the highest-grossing year for movie making in state history. Skinner pointed out that, “It’s nudging very close to $347 million in estimated production expenditures.”

Guess who is also getting a portion of these “production expenditures”?  Yup, Kike Rivero, and he is even featured in the article. Take a look at this:

It’s also helping local enterprises. The trickle-down has boosted business for Michael Rivero who owns a computer animation and special effects company in Aiea.

Rivero pointed out, “We’ve been very busy. We’ve worked on a lot of projects. We worked on ‘Lost.’ We got to work on the pilot for ‘Hawaii 5-0.'”

Rivero says things could be even better for the local film industry, if the state continues to train the next generation. “Hawaii needs to sort of understand its identity. That we’re not just a support organization, that we’re filmmakers in our own rights, and we need to nurture that along as well,” he said.

Those who have been supporting Kike Rivero, visiting his website, patronizing his advertisers have done nothing more than prop up the enemy’s own propaganda outlets.  Do NOT visit his site.  Do NOT listen to his shows.  Do NOT swallow anything this infiltrator attempts to sell you.  It’s high time his traffic took a nose dive, and sites like SN started reaching millions of people.

Someone actually had the audacity to portray Kike Rivero as a super hero for the truth movement! Instead, Rivero is more like the jewish golem, a weapon against non-jews.

Of course, I don’t work for the jews, so I don’t get the publicity Kike Rivero does.  I struggle and scrape and fight for every hit I get on this website.  I spend hours a day just posting my own link everywhere I can.  I put in more time commenting across the web to drive people here than I do creating content most of the time.  This means that I must also rely on YOU to help push the message.  We won’t have any real help coming from people in high places, because they are on the other team.  We won’t have millions of hits coming in every month, unless WE work diligently to make it happen.

So, do us all a favor and stop patronizing sites that don’t tell the whole story.  Stop patronizing sites that mislead, distract, divide, or otherwise try to bullshit our people.  HERE is an example of one such site, run by yet another jew, and linked to be kikes like Rivero. Take a look at the article “demonisation of the jews” and the image, “zionsim, judaism…there is a difference”.  There is no difference between any of these rat faced, baby raping, nation wrecking, ritually murdering, genocidal beasts.

Here’s a difference for you.  HUMANS who put together sites like this one get a fraction of the traffic these liars get, because I’m trying to steer you directly at the target.  The difference is, I’m not trying to pretend some jews are better than others, or pretend that it’s just “zionists” or any other bullshit group they can push the blame off to.

Next time someone tells you there is a difference between “zionism” and “judaism” and “sephardic/ashkenazi jews” at all, just remember these simple facts.  Your ancestors knew better.  They exiled ALL jews sephardic, ashkenazi or otherwise, and these exiles went on for THOUSANDS of years before “zionism” was ever codified, so don’t be gullible enough to buy into these lies.  This didn’t just become an issue when jews invented “zionism” to distract you.  These ARE demons in the flesh, and demonizing them is the ONLY way you’ll ever get people into the right mindset to solve the issues. Everyone must view the jews as the inhuman and inhumane beasts that they are.

I said this once before in an audio on SN, and I’ll say it again.  Shakespeare said, “all the world’s a stage, and we are merely players”.  The truth is, “all the world is a stage, and we are merely being played”.  The last line of the Hawaii article featuring Rivero also sums it up: “there really is no business like show business”, and everything coming from sources like Kike Rivero is just that, a show, a hoax, a fiction, or a hollywood production.


Mike Rivero’s trolls have been commenting that he is indeed a super hero, but comments of this sort don’t get published here.  Within two hours of posting this, Rivero picked up the article and claimed “I must be important to be getting smeared like this”.  Obviously jew owned hollywood has no problem paying Rivero tons of money to work on their movies, so we can easily see he is NOT any kind of real resistance to them. Anyone ignorant enough to believe a sephardic jew, once married to an ashkenazi, working for NASA and Hollywood is any kind of real resistance is an absolute moron.  You’ve been snowed. Waking up isn’t fun.  It’s even less fun when the shills you depend on get “smeared” for being the shills that they are.  DEAL WITH IT. Yet another layer of programming must be peeled away. Also note Rivero has this posted as “cover ups/deception/propaganda”.  Funny when the deceivers who run propaganda outlets call their own exposure “propaganda”.

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