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Microwaves Are Dangerous

Microwaves Are Dangerous

I see a funny trend going on in cyberspace that makes me glad that I’m doing what I do, exposing lies, corruption, depravity, and the outright attacks on our people by the jews and their network of scumbag “humans”. I can definitely see the positive effects of websites like mine, because it seems when myself and other alternative media sites jump on a topic, there is always a reaction by those who wish to keep you dumbed down, passive, submissive, and enslaved.

Are you willing to risk giving yourself or your family cancer to be able to "nuke" or "zap" your food in ten seconds with lethal radiation?

Are you willing to risk giving yourself or your family cancer to be able to "nuke" or "zap" your food in ten seconds with lethal radiation?

In this case, it has to do with the microwave oven. If there was nothing wrong with charging your food up with free radicals and radiation, we wouldn’t need to be constantly reassured that these machines that we “zap” or “nuke” our food with are benign. Back in June, I did a story called “Deadly Lies About Your Food”, where I talked about some of the dangers associated with using a machine which spews radiation at your food and around your home, to heat up some so-called “nourishment”. Of course today, it’s not nourishment at all, it’s some processed, poisoned garbage our people shovel down their throats; with the only requirement being that it’s “edible”.  I am in no way feeding you disinformation when I tell you to stop radiating your food, but you can ignore me and read something else at any time you like. There are public warnings about radiating things like baby formula in the microwave, but these should only help to cement your own conclusion that these machines are dangerous.

It turns out, just a couple weeks ago, this article here happened to pop up on the radar. The article comes from a blog called “The Daily Green”, and while I’m talking about baby bottles and microwaves, this article gives the warning that most plastics when microwaved release something called Bishpenol A. So, here is another dangerous warning about using microwaves, and this includes most “microwaveable” plastic containers. It turns out, there is yet another article from this same website here, which explains that this Bisphenol A is already in a shocking 9 out of 10 people in these unites states as I type this. This Bisphenol A is a chemical, which is not even necessary in plastics, and causes ESTROGEN like hormonal reactions in humans, male and female.

Several other states, and Congress, are considering bans on the use of Bisphenol A in children’s products, in order to protect children at their most vulnerable from a chemical that mimics the human hormone estrogen. The Food and Drug Administration has not backed off its endorsement of the chemical as safe, despite independent research that suggests the chemical mimics hormones and could be linked to serious health problems, from diabetes to prostate cancer.

The FDA’s stance — which it determined based on two industry-funded studies and to the exclusion of dozens, if not hundreds, of independent scientific research raising serious questions about the safety of the chemical — is coming under increasing fire from both within the U.S. and abroad.

Some people already understand that these agencies have been purposely poisoning our people for some time, and this whole Bisphenol A deal is just another example. You can’t trust the FDA and major food manufacturers who make sure you get a dose of this FEMINIZING chemical from birth, that really is not needed to manufacture plastics. You can call it crazy, but they don’t approve the use of these dangerous, unnecessary items for nothing. They don’t allow manufacturers to use seemingly benign terms like “natural flavors” to conceal dangerous chemicals put into your food, because they are benevolent. This is simple logic that will fail to reach many who see this article, but so be it.

Mother's breast is the best thing you can feed your baby. Today bottles contain feminizing hormonal chemical bisphenol A, as do many microwaveable plastics.

Mother's breast is the best thing you can feed your baby. Today bottles contain feminizing hormonal chemical bisphenol A, as do many microwaveable plastics.

You are free walk around with your head up your ass wondering why so many men, and even young boys are just deciding to become women for no reason; or you can look at cases like this one and understand there is a very real coordinated campaign to not just poison our people, but even to feminize our men and make them placid. This is being purposely done by adding things like this Bisphenol A, vaccines, fluoride in our water, and all the other chemicals injected into our foods; which just are not needed. I have not begun to touch on things like pasteurizing, bovine growth hormones, antibiotics, chemical pesticides and fertilizers, and many other angles our natural systems are being altered by. The onslaught is so massive, I can’t cover it’s scope in just a couple articles. I may never be able to cover it’s entire breadth, but if you are not getting the picture that all of our natural biological systems, including those that support us like the the bees, are positively under attack; you should immediately quit reading what I write and move on with your life. Mankind didn’t survive millions of years without these poisons for no reason, or simply by a stroke of chance.  Scare tactics from fear mongering liars who have instituted a program of sickness and depopulation for their own benefit are the only reason these topics even need to be discussed. We have been deliberately driven so far down a path of complete deviance of what is truly important for our well being and survival, that it is not even the slightest bit funny.

Returning to the first article about the microwaves, it seems that it is both skewing some things and omitting others. Lying by omission is a very common tactic used by deceivers of any stripe, because if something is simply not said, it gives the liar plausible deniability, and it also leaves room to manipulate the overall meaning of the information being fed to those receiving it. The article in question starts off by trying to sell people on the idea that microwaves are more efficient than ovens or ranges, and therefore the “greener” choice for warming up food. This is true, microwaves are far faster than warming up a large oven, and thus use a lot less energy in many situations, but is it really the “greener choice” if it turns wholesome food into poison? It is being used to kill pathogens in a very large amount of our food before it reaches us, but it also destroys living enzymes and vital nutrients.

With simple, and safer alternatives to Raytheon's microwave available, why is so much effort put into convincing us that microwaves are a safe "green" choice for our food?

With simple, and safer alternatives to Raytheon's microwave available, why is so much effort put into convincing us that microwaves are a safe "green" choice for our food?

Rather than just tell you how bad the microwave is, and tell you to throw the damn thing out, allow me to offer a much safer solution; if you need something quick and efficient to take it’s place. Instead of heating small meals in a microwave or a large oven, buy a stove top convection/infrared heat oven like this one, which can be very efficient compared to an oven. Not to mention, these produce great tasting food without the radiation. I have this exact model, and you can bake cakes, cookies, even roast an entire turkey; or you can simply heat up a plate of food or a snack. It doesn’t use near as much energy as heating up your entire oven would, and the energy use is likely on par with the microwave. It’s not going to be 10 seconds and done, but it will damn sure be safer.  That said, you will be surprised how quick it can cook, and once you taste the food these things produce, you won’t miss the microwave one bit. On another note, there are indeed many dangers associated with cooking by absolutely every method man has ever used, including ovens and stoves or even fire (using aluminum or teflon coated pans for instance), but with soaring cancer rates, we can look to some obvious suspects and start making changes.Especially when we know where they come from, and there is an odd and deceptive push to keep us using such devices.

The article is even linking directly to a small quip which states “For health reasons it is better to not eat any food that has been microwaved. Studies suggest that eating foods that have been microwaved (a form of radiation) may have adverse effects on body systems. No thorough studies have been conducted on long-term health risks of eating food that has been microwaved. Take the time to cook your meals from a wide variety of fresh ingredients and be sure to eat some raw foods as well.” Yeah right, Raytheon Corp., a defense industries company, developed this death box fifty years ago for you to warm your babies formula in, with your Bisphenol A baby bottles, and there haven’t been any long term studies on it’s effects! I even made a comment to this effect on the article in question, two times but the comment wasn’t published, because that isn’t the point of the article. It was put there to smooth over the rising tide of people questioning the safety of irradiated food.They wouldn’t even allow a simple comment stating Raytheon, dealer of death, created the microwave oven.

If Suzy house wife starts to question how dangerous her own microwave is, then she will question every restaurant she eats at for using one. She will start to question the FDA and other government agencies when they tell her they are irradiating her entire food supply for her safety. If too many people start asking questions like this, it can easily turn into a serious problem for their credibility. Some topics like this reach deep into suburbia, and they will get tossed about by a bunch of goody two-shoes that don’t know any better over the water cooler at work; that is, while these people still have traditional jobs as our empire collapses into a dictatorship. It’s amazing the impact that information like this can have on those who are still sleeping. What’s happening is people are questioning the very design of things around them. Once the credibility of all of the agencies of control is gone, or even once the tide of unending questions start being asked about every topic, things will unravel extremely quickly. The walls are coming down, and coming down at an ever quickening pace, and this only strengthens my resolve to keep pushing this information.

Next we find more standard regurgitated, meaningless spew reassuring us these death boxes are safe:

Of course, the prevailing consensus among scientists, public health experts, government agencies, and the general populace is that microwave ovens are overwhelmingly safe when used as directed. However, it’s also true that there may be some legitimate questions about the safety of certain aspects of the technology.

Of course there are legitimate concerns, because it’s not safe to pump your food full of cancer causing radiation. How hard is it to come out and say it? The article does mention the dangers of plastics, like I said, then it mentions metals, stating metals don’t get very hot from radiation. The problem would be secondary particles created from metals when radiation passes through them. It is well know that metal and microwaves don’t mix, because it is dangerous, so the point is really moot. It mentions microwaves leaking radiation, but the truth is ALL of them leak radiation. The article states that it is simply safe levels and they dissipate with distance, but dosing ourselves with unnecessary radiation is ridiculous for any reason. There are testing devices available which will let you know if your microwave is leaking too much, or above the so-called “safe” levels, but even at low levels, repeated exposure to radiation is dangerous, period. Especially when you next step is to stuff your face full of irradiated food.

Raytheon Corp is a company that deals in death and destruction.  This is where your so-called benevolent microwave oven came from. Do you really want to trust your family's health to people like this?

Raytheon Corp is a company that deals in death and destruction. This is where your so-called benevolent microwave oven came from. Do you really want to trust your family's health to people like this?

When we reach the conclusion of the article, it speaks of microwaves altering food in “undesirable or unsafe ways”, but again, it’s omitting the truth. There is absolutely no discussion of how food is altered, or of free radicals and other very real, very dangerous alterations to the food caused by irradiation. The article purports to tell us that it is “undetermined but unlikely” that microwaved food is altered in such a way that makes it dangerous to consume. However, why is there so much speculation on a device that’s been in use for at least fifty years in almost every kitchen in America? Sure there is no connection between the astronomical cancer rates, and the fact that our food is irradiated before we get it, then finished off in our own kitchens with another “nuking”? Not to mention food from fast food and just about every casual dining restaurant chain in the land.  Remember, this is the article that linked to the quip I mentioned above, which blatantly states microwaves are dangerous.

They are talking out of both sides of their face when they say it’s safe, but it’s undetermined. These people are deceptive, incredulous, untrustworthy, and down right evil. Do you really want to take their word for it? Do you trust Raytheon had your best interests in mind, in light of all the questions and reasonable doubts you’ve been presented with? Do you want to risk feeding your family poison over this stupid little machine that makes your food blistering hot in mere seconds? Or are you willing to forgo the chance of giving your children and yourselves cancer and give up the microwave? The missiles pictured above are some of the best, most highly advanceed, purpose built instruments of death built by the same company that invented the microwave; so ask yourself what was the “purpose for building” this machine?  I haven’t owned one for years now, and I don’t miss it one bit, but you’ve got to ask yourself, why are they so bent on keeping you from tossing out the microwave oven created by a defense industries company? Do you think I’m kidding, or simply barking up the wrong tree when I pose these questions? That’s for you to decide, but I don’t put all this energy into these articles for my own health, because I don’t even own a microwave….so choose carefully.

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