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Man Never Went To The Moon

Man Never Went To The Moon

This is a pretty simple topic, and I’m only writing about it because I realized that there is a HUGE campaign on sites like jewtube and others to burry this topic, so it’s definitely high time I touch on this one.  There are literally thousands upon thousands of pages across the internet exposing the moon hoax for what it is, TV fakery 1960’s style.  Unfortunately, our peoples have been the victim of this TV fakery repeatedly throughout the last century and haven’t caught on yet.  What’s even more disheartening than this fact, is that most of these people not only believe anything that goes across the screen, but will defend the version of “truth” they are sold to the death.  In fact, some of these people can be extremely dangerous when confronted with the idea that the whole of what they THINK they know, is nothing more than a carefully orchestrated charade.

Then there are the liars who know they are full of shit.  These people can also be dangerous when confronted, because liars often lash out in anger when they are caught red handed.  One such person that immediately comes to mind is the famed astronaut Buzzard Aldrin.  He’s a mean old buzzard with a very simple, primitive mind.  When he is confronted with video cameras, and a reporter demeaning him for participating in the moon landing hoax, this is how he behaves:

Now, does this look like a man who really was the second human EVER to set foot on the moon? I mean, if there’s nothing to hide, these kind of accusations would simply make the man giggle. He would be so proud of his accomplishment, that he would simply laugh off anything of the sort. If I had walked on the moon, I know I would certainly be so proud that I would jump up and down at the chance to make fun of people asking such silly questions. Just the simple fact that so many people question the moon landing, should be enough for any lemming to want to know more. I know it’s a tabloid, but whatever happened to the saying “Enquiring minds want to know”? Seems like the fluoridation is taking it’s toll, because most people don’t give a shit anymore. Let’s take a look at another video showing numerous clips of the same fella asking astronauts who went to the moon to swear on a bible. Would any of you find it odd if these “God fearing” men wouldn’t swear on the bible to a TRUE event?

Some Angry Astronauts – Watch more Funny Videos

What’s worse than that is the behavior of the astronauts, after supposedly completing the most historic journey man has EVER made. Instead of being full of glee and emotion, these men act like they’ve just seen a ghost. These men look as if someone is holding a gun to their heads, rather than like GLOBAL HEROES.  Maybe I’m mistaken.  Maybe the gun is being held to the heads of their families while all this took place.  These guys are under massive pressure from somewhere, but it damn sure wasn’t the vacuum of space causing it.  Take a looksie:

Not exactly typical behavior for men considered the most famous explorers in the history of the world, is it? Of course, I could delve into all the scientific reasons why we didn’t land on the moon, but you can look up all of those arguments in a thousand different places. The thing that peaked my interest in writing about this topic was this new story which states NASA lost all of their moon footage, but get this, HOLLYWOOD is going to restore it!

It seems NASA mistakenly recorded over the most historic footage on the planet, because they ran out of film, so it was erased and copied over! The absurdity of that idea should be more than enough to make anyone of decent intellect at least question the moon landing’s validity. Yup, it was just a simple accident, NASA has no footage of the moon landing. Instead, they had to get copies from news media, and have THEIR films restored! So, NASA isn’t restoring THEIR old moon footage, they are restoring the media’s copies. I’m sorry, but this is just laughable to think NASA copied over this historic footage. That’s just not even convincing enough for a ten year old to buy into.

Anyway, while I was watching the video of this “restored footage”, I noticed something funny. Something so ass backwards, I wonder why anyone would buy into it. What I find even funnier is that, when I went looking for the video I saw yesterday about this, it’s nowhere to be found. That’s all well and good though, because I have a screen shot from the video that I saved just for this. The picture is supposed to be the original videos on the left, and the restored version on the right, in the image below.

NASA archive on left, so-called restoration on the right.

NASA archive on left, so-called restoration on the right.

Do you see what I see when you look at the screen shot above? This shot is a crop taken directly from the video I watched yesterday, which you can view for yourself here. First of all, it says “NASA Archive” footage is on the left, but I thought NASA copied over their archives? Liars never get their story straight. Second, it appears to me that the “archive” footage is of far better quality than the so-called “restoration”. Why on earth would the restored footage shown be of such despicable quality compared to the original? I almost thought it was a joke when I first saw it, but they’re not kidding.

If you read the article, you’ll see this comment right at the beginning: “There’s nothing being created; there’s nothing being manufactured,” said NASA senior engineer Dick Nafzger, who is in charge of the project. “You can now see the detail that’s coming out.” What do you mean nothing is being “created”? Why would people who believe in the moon landing even begin to think something was being “created”? Why is this statement even relevant if we actually sent 12 men to the moon to dance around and drive silly little rovers? The reason for this comment is programming. They use little key phrases like this to blot out any form of questioning, before the sheeple get a chance to question. It is simply planting a seed of trust in what you are seeing. Then there is this:

Nafzger said a huge search that began three years ago for the old moon tapes led to the “inescapable conclusion” that 45 tapes of Apollo 11 video were erased and reused. His report on that will come out in a few weeks.

Who, in their right mind, would fall for the idea that NASA actually had to search for this most historic footage? You mean to tell me, that coming up on the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, NASA all of a sudden discovers it copied over the original footage? You mean the footage of the most historic task NASA ever faked, I mean accomplished, was stored in such a fashion that some nimrod could get their hands on it to erase it?

Both Nafzger and Inchalik acknowledged that digitally remastering the video could further encourage conspiracy theorists who believe NASA faked the entire moon landing on a Hollywood set. But they said they enhanced the video as conservatively as possible.

Besides, Inchalik said that if there had been a conspiracy to fake a moon landing, NASA surely would have created higher-quality film.

Now we see the real reason why this is being revisited. There is indeed a massive campaign to cover up this hoax. The digital remastering of the video isn’t intended for us “conspiracy theorists” to get our hands on. It’s meant to keep this event as fresh and alive as possible in the minds of the sheeple who still buy this crap they’re selling. Note, if you were trying to fake the most highly publicized event of the century, you damn sure would NOT want the best video footage. The fact that it is so grainy only adds to the ammo available to discredit this hoax. The footage had to be beamed down from the Apollo to Australia, and then FILMED off of television sets, and sent back up to a satellite, before anyone else could view it. The idea of this kind of relay is even sillier than the rest of their claims.

Like I said, I’m not going into the thousands of reasons why this was faked. You can go over to Curt Maynard’s newest blog here who has done a couple of recent articles about this. One of those is here, and there is another one here as well as here. He makes some good points, and for that, it’s worth linking too.

Don’t get confused with me linking one site or another as some kind of support for that particular site. I point to anywhere I must to help clarify what I’m talking about. Also, do not delude yourself into thinking I am trying to lay out the all convincing theory on NASA’s faked moon landings. Nor should you delude yourself into thinking I am trying to tell you what to believe. You can ignore what I say and do your own research, if you’re smart enough. This article was simply to state my position on the moon landings as TV FAKERY, which I will be covering in some other articles planned for the future, and it was to point out what a total JOKE their “remastered” footage is. So, I hope you enjoy my short rant about it, and if you don’t, just fuck off!

That said, it’s extremely important that ANY and ALL lies we have been told are fully exposed to the public.  For this purpose, I will be visiting a number of major topics which we have been lied to about, and finally putting down my opinions on this site for all to see what an independent analysis looks like from a regular fella like myself, who just happened to stumble onto the source of all our ills.  Until then, fare well.

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