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Lulu Bans Basic Training for Revolutionaries

Lulu Bans Basic Training for Revolutionaries

Lulu self publishing company banned this book becase jews are weak, penis licking pedophiles, who are so pathetic they fear THEIR OWN WORDS.

How many people thought the work I do here is just a joke?  How many people think that what I’m doing is ineffective?  I’m sure there are a few.  In fact, I get contacted by a lot of people who’s message is how small our chances are of doing damage, or how we should all just give up and let the jews wreck the world like they plan to.  Unfortunately for them and the jews, what I do IS effective, and I’m not going to slow down because some people are afraid to take action, or feel that action is useless.

My book, Basic Training for Revolutionaries is, as of this point in time, no longer available in hard cover format.  Those of you who got copies, consider yourself lucky.  Today, Lulu’s online publishing company has BANNED Basic Training for Revolutionaries, and DELETED my account.  Lulu still owes me creator revenues for my book, but with my account banned, I can’t track how much they owe me, but this isn’t a big issue.  It’s only about $80, after the $20 Lulu started trying to nab from my profits.

I made a revision of the book, and WAS going to use Lulu for an ISBN and further distribution options.  However, I deleted this revision and never put their ISBN on the book, so what does Lulu do?  They apply their ISBN to the previous revision, and start taking part of the revenues from the book, supposedly to cover taxes.  It is probably because I recently brought this to their attention, and told them to correct the situation, because less than a week later, the book is banned.

Let’s check out Lulu’s excuses for banning the book:

The question of copyright ownership was brought to our attention regarding content you published, “Basic Training for Revolutionaries” CID 7559310.

As our Membership Agreement states in section 3b, “By uploading Content to the Site you represent and warrant, at all times during the term of this Agreement, that the Content does not violate any copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property right of any third party.”

As a result, we have removed your content from availability, as per our Membership Agreement, which states “Lulu reserves the right to refuse to permit your publication on the Site of any Content that Lulu, in its sole discretion, deems in violation of the terms and conditions set forth above.”

Go ask Lulu why this book isn't available any more. The copies that exist now will be a rarity for sure, but they will also be on the list of books to be burned when the jews take over completely. Thanks to all who supported me by purchasing my book, it's so damaging they had to censor it!

Ok, so it’s a problem with copyright is it? Which part of the book is copyrighted material? Is it the protocols of zion? Of course not, there are NUMEROUS copies of that on Lulu already, as can be seen HERE So, it can’t be the protocols!

Wait, maybe it’s the quotes! Maybe quoting what someone said, and citing the source is considered copyright infringement? Just because you said it, and someone wrote it down, doesn’t mean you own the copyright to your words, but the truth is, this has NOTHING to do with copyright infringement. That was just Lulu jerking my fucking chain, and pissing in the eye of everyone who believes in free speech.

The real story is that the book is EXTREMELY damaging to these jews and their crime network. NOTHING I’ve seen come along in the past few years surpasses this book in it’s ability to enlighten people. NOTHING that has come along in the last few years has been as damaging to the jews and their crime network, as this book has been. There is no way for these worthless kikes to refute the information contained within it, because it came out of their own stupid fucking mouths.

The real story is, that no jew has been able to refute the hundreds of people running around spouting off quotes from this book. There is no way to argue against what it says, because it’s what THEY SAID. Numerous people have tried to argue the subject itself, but never the content of the book, because there is no argument that holds water against what these people said.

Here, in Lulu’s second email to me after banning my account, the real reason comes to light, sent from so feel free to spam that e-mail with complaints about removing the book.

We apologize for the error, but we intended to send you the following notice:

It has come to our attention that your content, “Basic Training for Revolutionaries” CID 7559310, violates our membership agreement, which states “By uploading Content to the Site you represent and warrant, at all times during the term of this Agreement, that the Content does not contain material that is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, pornographic, indecent, lewd, harassing, threatening, harmful, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory, or otherwise objectionable.”

As a result, we have removed your content from availability, as per our Membership Agreement, which states “Lulu reserves the right to refuse to permit your publication on the Site of any Content that Lulu, in its sole discretion, deems in violation of the terms and conditions set forth above.”

Oh, see, there was an error! It turns out Lulu knew they wouldn’t get away with the lie of copyright infringement, because there is none when it comes to the book. I’m the one who compiled and edited it, so I know exactly what’s in it. The content is NOT “unlawful, obscene, pornographic, indecent, lewd, harassing, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, or abusive”. The problem is that the book IS defamatory, but it’s jews defaming themselves in their own words. The book IS harmful to a criminal cabal of jews hell bent on wrecking my country while everyone else is asleep, and obviously, the book IS objectionable to Lulu, because it too is owned by jews, and these rat faced demons can’t have people like me making such a dent.

These pathetic jews at Lulu thought they'd try the copyright excuse, then quickly corrected their mistake to say Basic Training for Revolutionaries was damaging to the jewish crime network. Time to get the book out to as many people as possible.

Here’s a funny thing. If you look up other copies of the protocols on Lulu, they rank in sales at about 100,000 or higher. If you were to look up Basic Training for Revolutionaries, which would NOT come up by searching Lulu for any term related to it, you would have seen the book was ranked 14,127 out of the hundreds of thousands of books on Lulu. Now you tell me, does it sound like the book was doing some good? The other books I mention have very poor ratings and reviews, where as Basic Training for Revolutionaries had a 4.5 star rating, and EIGHT very positive reviews, two of which had been deleted by Lulu for unknown reasons.

Looks to me like the book WAS HARMFUL to the jews and their crime network. Since I have made the book free already, this should be your sign. Get a copy of it, now hosted here at SN, by CLICKING HERE to download it. Share this by email, on forums, and anywhere else you can, because it’s obvious that the book is doing some good.

It’s possible the quick disappearance of my book had something to do with the recent interview on Militia (jew) Radio, since they were rather interested in the book and whether it’s had any complaints.  You can listen to those audios in this post  HERE and judge for yourself.  Did Militia (jew) Radio team and their jew followers go complain to Lulu?  I guess we’ll never know, but one thing we DO KNOW is that this book needs to be plastered EVERYWHERE YOU POSSIBLY CAN.  You have my permission to print, make copies, and distribute this book ANY WAY you can come up with, and you have my orders to DO IT NOW.

The important thing for you to take away from this story is that the jews, as a whole, are extremely WEAK and PATHETIC.  If they had nothing to fear from us, my book would still be available.  If these were all powerful, omnipotent beings, they would have no need for underhanded tactics like this.  It’s not like we have many outlets where we can control the message, but they are FORCED to stop it, at all costs.  These are NOT the actions of powerful people who would like to see themselves as supreme beings capable of ruling our people.  These are the actions of scared little bitches, who can’t face us on ANYTHING.  They can’t face my website, they can’t face my audios, they can’t face my facts, they can’t face my book, and last of all……..they damn sure don’t want to face me in real battle.  Fuck these weak ass, impotent fucking jews.  2010 is the year we rock their fucking world, and my book has obviously accomplished this already.  Spread it everywhere.

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