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Loose Change = JEWS

Loose Change = JEWS

I made it quite clear in my article about We Are Change that this was nothing more than a group of jews jumping up to help control dissent. The sudden rise to fame in the “truth” movement of these people with their fancy videos barking at politicians on the street, was enough to get people following them like lemmings. People are always very quick (too quick, even) to jump on the bandwagon and follow any pied piper that plays their tune. Unfortunately, many people will latch onto anything or anyone who preaches a message they want to hear. Case in point Ralph Nader. Another example, Ron Paul. So let’s get this straight, right here and now, that Alex (the shill) Jones is no different. In fact, he has heavily promoted Paul, Nader, We Are Change, and Loose Change. What is it about the word “change” that works so good on the unkowing? Even before 9/11 Alex Jones was surrounded by jews, but his actions post 9/11 should have given everyone reason for pause. Of course, it never really does, because someone like myself has to do all of the critical thinking for the masses, and personally, I get sick of doing it.

Manipulators dress nicely.

Manipulators dress nicely.

Open your fucking eyes and look around you. I’m not saying it nicely, because there is no time for niceties. I’m not trying to be everyone’s friend in this, or trying to kiss your ass. Like I’ve said before, only salesmen and swindlers dress pretty and talk extra nice, because they are trying to manipulate you. I am not. My message is here, take it or leave it, but good god damn, do NOT come to me crying when the things I mention come to fruition. Recognize all of the players in this bid for global domination, recognize the things that tie them together, and recognize their common bonds. How hard is that, really? THINK for yourself. Don’t even take MY word for it, look the fuck around once in a while.

Following 9/11, some interesting (jew) personalities popped up on the scene, and were immediately taken under the wing of Alex Jones, giving intelligent folk more reason to question his credibility. This group of so-called “truthers” included personalities like those mentioned above, but many people thought these were honest to god college kids, with a sincere interest in 9/11. I can say, for a fact, that these people did and still DO have a sincere interest in 9/11, but it’s not in exposing the criminals behind it. Instead, they were plants, put in place to lead and control dissent against those who committed this crime against humanity. These guys have had no problem obtaining tickets to high profile events as “press” and have even made appearances on mainstream television as well. You don’t get on prime time TV exposing the truth about 9/11. How simple is it to finger these guys as shills when seeing them in the limelight? What do you think the chances are that someone like ME would get an interview on prime time television? Yeah….exactly.

Bermas on mainstream television.

Bermas on mainstream television.

A beautiful new piece of evidence arrived in my inbox yesterday that further proves what I was saying. Jason Bermas, Dylan Avery, and Corey Rowe are nothing more than a bunch of yeshiva students practicing their skills of deceit and manipulation on the masses. They are not interested in truth. They are only interested in keeping real Americans dancing around in circles, and at the same time, making fools out of those who follow them with their “street action” antics, which is headed up by more jews, Luke Rudkowski and Matt Lepacek.

Alex Jones dug himself a hole when he flipped out on Mike Delaney for mentioning Jack Bernstein and Benjamin Freidman. Thankfully after hearing that clip (found HERE unfortunately at racist podblanc), many began to understand that he was not on their side. However now, we have a piece of evidence that shows how far these jews, Jason Bermas in particular, will go to cover up for the tribe.   It also outlines the behavior of liars, who often lash out when cornered, rather than behaving in a sensible manner.  The fact that these nobodies showed up from out of the blue, rise to sudden fame, and are now hosting radio shows for Alex Jones should be all that needs said when it comes to trusting these fools. Not to mention their ridiculous JOKE of a film, Loose Change and it’s repeated revisions, should have been, yet another red flag because, it makes no mention of the jew involvement in 9/11. Follow that up with the more recent, “Fabled Enemies”, which is a blatant propaganda piece that covers for the jews we CAUGHT RED HANDED (video below) on 9/11, and it’s mind boggling to see people still following and supporting the enemy.

Anyway, getting to the meat of the story. Somebody called in to Jew Bermas’ radio show “The Info Warrior”, and made a mention of jews involved in 9/11. Now, if you were dealing with honest researchers, with the sincere motive of uncovering TRUTH, the reaction of this jew would have been nothing like it was. Rather than try to discredit the caller with facts, this jew uses the typical ad-hominem approach. Anyone who has encountered a shill before knows that this is the FIRST thing they will resort to. In fact, relentless jew shills will carry on with this tactic to the point of making themselves look like fools, for not even attempting to engage in honest discussion about a given topic. The info war consists of them fighting to keep you from figuring out 9/11 was a jew job, the media is GUILTY in BOTH the execution AND cover-up of this crime, and much more. By becoming your source for information on this and other “truther” topics, they effectively destroy your ability to uncover the truth.

That said, I have more opinions on 9/11 that I will share at a later date. For now, check out what this article has to say about Jason Bermas and his behavior in the video found below. You can bank on the fact that MY opinion of 9/11 is one that is vehemently attacked by Jones and all of his followers, so it should be interesting to hear.

  1. Holy shit! I had never heard of Berman, but what a JEW! Telling the caller “it’s all races that are involved”. That is true, but it’s 90%+ jews, and the other 10% or less are treasonous “part” jews.

    I don’t care if some Goyim are involved, HANG them too. That does not absolve the jew criminals for their FAR over-representation in crimes.

    You nailed this guy, and I couldn’t listen to more than 2 mins, since he JUMPED on the guy for mentioning jews.

    By the way, it IS the hook-nosed freaks “hiding” wherever they convene, running the world. How else could anhybody explain Geithner? He’s failed repeatedly in his “professional” life, inducing much of the economic crises, looks weak and vampirish, CHEATS on his taxes, and is STILL his signature is on our currency (lower right hand side).

    Jews are the problem, plain and simple. We don’t need questionable jews “on our side”. If jews really gave a fuck, the whole Madoff family would already be shot by jews. Tell the Goyim whatever they want to here, and say it often, regardless of facts. Soon, they’ll believe it. (From the Israeli Hasbara manual, coaching jews how to avoid real discussion, but score “points”).

  2. Thanks so much for finding and posting this. I have a special and ongoing interest in 911, so this was a double-decker for me.

    These guys, along with the NotIt brothers…er, I mean the Naudet brothers are special hates of mine.

    Great site, Adam. Keep it up!


  3. joosnewsisblues says:

    Well its refreshing to hear so much TRUTH in so few words! Its hard to spread but I keep trying.

  4. Nom de Plume says:

    Shared this today with one of the top 911 posters at YouTube.

    I’ll let you know if I get a response.


  5. mattio says:

    There is no middle ground for Jews in the truth movement at all. They either want you to completely ignore Jewish criminality, or put on a Swastika armband and sing songs about Hitler. It’s really discerning that only a few people can see through the bullshit.

    Fuck all truth movement tards. They are part of the problem and are not in any way part of the solution. They aren’t good for anything. They have a trillion outrageous theories and none of them involve criminal Jews. And they find nothing suspicious about that at all. Truth movement tards are super-goyim, trapped in the same maze as the completely ignorant.

  6. Only until in the last year or so did I feel something was just dragging out, Bermas popped out of the picture,, thought him and AJ would be friends for Life,, got concerned did my search,, and found what I’m hoping to see as the real deal investigative Truther’s for Restore America. I’ve listened to Alex since 1998, Back when I sensed something was fucked up about Cable-TV and Organized Religion,, AJ back then was a Beacon of the TRUTH I had been looking for, More so than Preachers of Christianity Ever had, and I have learned a truck load of true Matrix shit from him and his Crew to this day,

    “Why I’m Here”
    But then when I found out AJ’s Advertisers and Sponsors that (((21 are Jewish WTFuck Patriots))), As in the 7&7 Bus & Subway bombings what he called it The coincidence of this all was like one in A Trectagillion,, & get this: Left it on a recent post,, NO REPLY!!?? Pisses me off!!

    1.) He has a Jewish wife named Kelly Rebecca Nichols, and he has three(3) children with her.
    2.) “”He and his Jewish Wife and Children”” (((all qualify for Israeli Citizenship under Israel’s \Law of Return\))).
    3.) He has at least twentyone(21)Jewish sponsors and advertisers that financially support his radio show and websites.

    I just want the Truth as too why,, I’ve emailed his channel and the other crews about this! I’m just as curious question for him why He Has NEVER Mentioned Mumia Abu Jamal’s Name, on The case of SET-UP’d-convicted Political Activist Mumia Abu-Jamal which has Drawn INTERNATIONAL Attention, including demonstrations in America France Australia Hawaii & Canada, what gives,,

    Nor Does he make it Critical to stay on top of our Arrested IRS Whistle Blowers, C.A.F.R. THE BIGGEST GAME IN TOWN, is like a .357 at a pillow fight and he never Really Drives it home I.E. as when Joe Rogan Comes on,, and whats Up with the F’g Star Gate Green Screen Behind AJ,, Look forward to getting answers on Mumia here; and Peace Be Split to all the True Patriots here

    • Personally, I don’t really know about this Muma fella, but asking AJ for answers is just blowing smoke up your own ass…you’re not going to get anywhere. He is the enemy, and you always knew it, so now mark him as such and move on. AJ, We Are Change, and all these other bullshitters aren’t interested in responding to you. They’re too busy counting the loot from their money bombs. They are the enemy, and need dealt with harshly. They lost the right to respond to the charges against them. Not that rights exist anyway. Don’t waste your time. Help show others what a fraud these groups are.

  7. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    So civil rights was a setup by the Jews as well? Ironic, coming from a group who were expelled many years ago.

    • not Ironic at all. They control the opposition by leading it. Chompsky, Jones, Pilger, get it? They are your hero’s made in a rabbis insane dreams. They build them up and then on big issues, LIKE 911, they gatekeep. See what I mean. Like a poker player letting you win while you’re betting a dollar a game….then somehow you get into a huge pot at 200 dollars and they, and their deck, and their game, win. They did the same with pump and dump. The jews on tv lie about the stock, then it goes public, like Facebook, then you find out the “owner”, sold his stock when he was allowed to set the price and share number out of his head….it’s CALLED JUDEOMASONIC MAFIA!

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