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Latest Shooting – Jews Targetted

Latest Shooting – Jews Targetted

The shootings and bodies just keep piling up, don’t they? I tell you, if your goal included passing hate crime legislation, garnering both pity and protection from police, radicalizing anyone who’s caught on to your plans for domination, attack gun rights and have restrictions tightened; you couldn’t ask for a better turn of events. All of these mass shootings, murder-suicides, and kosher nazis are adding up to a mountain of bodies, and a recipe for destruction of the American constitution.

America's future - Ruled with a rod of iron, the masses will lick our feet. - Menachem Begin

America's future - Ruled with a rod of iron, the masses will lick our feet. - Menachem Begin

Not that these united states haven’t been totally usurped already, but it has been turned into a communist government overnight since Obama’s inauguration; and note that the states who make up this union haven’t had any autonomy for a long time. Banks are being nationalized, the government now owns a large portion of your mortgages, and the auto industry. Obama plans to push for socialist health care and public works projects as well as a whole host of other socialist programs. When the government becomes the biggest employer, and one of the largest sources of income for a country’s people, you are living under communism. In case you haven’t noticed, communist societies are usually lead by a dictator. In fact, this is exactly what Plato said happens to democracies, on the average of every 225 years. These united states are supposed to be a constitutional republic, but everyone has been convinced it’s a democracy for so long by these infiltrators, that America functions, and will fall, just like a democracy; into a communist dictatorship.

What about the shootings? It seems this most recent shooting at Wesleyan University contains just the right ingredients to bake up this recipe for disaster. Apparently, 21 yr. old student, Johanna Justin-Jinich (jewess) was shot in a bookstore cafe by a gunman with a wig, according to this article from yesterday. Read this:

University officials said police told them the suspect expressed threats in his personal journals toward Wesleyan and its Jewish students.

The Hartford Courant, citing anonymous law enforcement sources, said police confiscated Morgan’s car and found a journal in which he spelled out a plan to rape and then kill Justin-Jinich before going on a campus shooting spree.

This guy looks an awful lot like a yid himself. Was he really out to kill jews?

This guy looks an awful lot like a yid himself. Was he really out to kill jews?

Now, exactly what occured here?  They even stopped the killer and talked to him, RIGHT outside the book store, but let him go:

It also reported that police stopped Morgan shortly after the shooting, spoke to him and let him go, only to later learn from Justin-Jinich’s family that they suspected him. Police declined to discuss the report.

Great police work! Stop the killer and let him go. It doesn’t get any better than that. The family even suspected this guy? Then, to further show off their incompetence as investigators (or their complicity), these wonderful ADL trained officers warn the jews to be careful:

“Investigators have been in contact with Wesleyan University and leaders of the Jewish community, urging both to be extra vigilant,” Middletown Police Chief Lynn Baldoni said.

Justin-Jinich, of Timnath, Colo., came from a Jewish family, and her grandmother was a Holocaust survivor.

Supposedly, this man had it out for the jews. He was going to murder the jewess Justin-Jinich, and then go on a shooting spree killing jews. What I’m wondering is, why didn’t he just walk across the street to the synagogue of satan and start blasting? Considering the only one in that town was directly across the street from the bookstore, how did he fail to do so?

Middletown’s only synagogue, Congregation Adath Israel, across the street from the bookstore, was closed Thursday and congregants were considering canceling Sabbath services Friday night and Saturday.

“It was a no-brainer to close the building until we knew more information,” synagogue president Eliot Meadow said.

Poor jews might miss out on their sabbath, Friday. They lost one of their own, and now the police are sure to be on the look out for anyone who might harm the precious little demons known as jews. According to the article, it was a “gunman wearing a wig”. How did they know so quickly who he was then? Now get this reaction from the mayor:

The shooting stirred memories of the Virginia Tech shootings, in which a deranged student killed 32 people and himself. A panel that investigated the 2007 massacre said university officials erred by not acting more quickly to warn students. Police had mistakenly concluded that the first two victims were shot as a result of a boyfriend-girlfriend dispute.

Sebastian Giuliano, mayor of Middletown, a city of 48,000, immediately thought of that tragedy as he saw five police cars race by Wednesday. “Don’t tell me it’s another Virginia Tech situation,” he said.

Wow…is this mayor psychic? He immediately thought of Virginia Tech because some police cars went speeding by? He didn’t think maybe there’s been a fight? Or maybe there’s been a massive accident? Or maybe there is a criminal running from police? There are a million things it could be when a number of squad cars go flying by. It could have been an officer calling for backup, an officer down…it could have been anything, but no, the mayor immediately thought of Virginia Tech’s shooting. I smell a hint of detailed orchestration.

Later Wednesday, [police] released a surveillance photo of the gunman and said they were looking for Morgan, a former Navy man who university authorities said had no connection to Wesleyan.

I thought the gunman was wearing a wig? Another interesting statement comes from the same article:

“Everything we did was based on information we received from Middletown police,” Wesleyan spokesman David Pesci said.

There was more confusion when the university posted a photograph purportedly of Morgan on its Web site, only to use a photo of another man. It was replaced Thursday afternoon by two images supplied by police.

How did they post a picture of the wrong man, if everything they did was based on info from the police? Apparently, in 2007 harrassment charges were filed against Morgan by Justin-Jinich who complained that Morgan, “…called her repeatedly and sent her insulting e-mails. One of the e-mails warned: “You’re going to have a lot more problems down the road if you can’t take any (expletive) criticism, Johanna.”

This first article ends with a heart-felt reminder of the holohoax:

“It’s just a tragic irony that her grandmother would survive the Holocaust and she would be gunned down in a bookstore,” said Eric Mayer, a religion teacher at Westtown School who was her academic adviser.

This jewess was already ugly. Imagine what a monster she'd be in 20 years when the demon face takes over.

Slain, crooked (evil) eye jewess was grand daughter of holohoax "survivors". Hopefully the next holocaust is real and leaves no survivors.

I don’t feel it’s a tragedy at all. The only tragedy I see, is that this will set further precedent for police to protect the criminals, whilst any patriots who may take action against them will be instantly marginalized, discredited, and possibly slaughtered by his own (so-called) servants in law enforcement. In fact, what’s more tragic is that the holocaust never happened, and here we sit over sixty years later still hearing about it, and with our fellow man in Germany still paying reparations for something that never happened. The real holocaust is against non-jews, and with precursors like the swine flu, we could see one worse than the 40 million murdered by jewish bolsheviks in Russia, or the 1.5 million Armenians jewish young turks slaughtered from 1915-1917.

According to this article about the shooting, posted today, when police arrived they found a journal with an entry saying “I think it okay to kill Jews and go on a killing spree” and “Kill Johanna. She must Die,” according to an arrest warrant released Friday.”

Now, I’m not exactly a professional criminal investigator, although I probably should be, because I seem to be able to sniff out what’s going on better than our entire law enforcement community; but what’s interesting is, the stories just aren’t adding up.

Police found Morgan’s journal inside the bookstore, according to the warrant. Morgan’s father identified his son as the man seen in bookstore surveillance photos and told investigators his son was a loner who kept a journal and was known to make anti-Semitic comments, according to the warrant.

The composition book also had an entry dated May 6 at 11 a.m. — about two hours before Justin-Jinich was killed — that mentioned seeing all of the beautiful and smart people at Wesleyan.

Justin-Jinich, of Timnath, Colo., came from a Jewish family, and her grandmother was a Holocaust survivor.

Why bring the wig and leave it on the crime scene without using it?

Why bring the wig and leave it on the crime scene without using it?

That’s funny, because in the article from yesterday “Morgan’s brother told The Associated Press that Morgan wasn’t anti-Semitic.” So, what the hell is the deal here? Also note that in the quote above the holohoax is invoked again for pity! Then there’s this:

Police responding to the scene found the victim moaning and shaking on the floor. In the basement, police said they found a baseball cap, glasses, a laptop computer and a brown colored wig on the floor.

Police said they found a gun at the scene and seven shell casings. The composition book had no name on it, but was found inside a computer bag near where the wig was found, police said.

So, what was the point of the wig? Why leave your cover behind at the scene? I would say something doesn’t add up, but a lot doesn’t add up as far as the officially reported versions of events. Or the fact that the jew, I mean shooter who wanted to go on a killing spree murdering jews, failed to make it across the street to the synagogue of satan, which would surely have at least a few jews around. In the picture to the right, released by police, you can see he conveniently forgot to dawn the wig. One other very odd circumstance has the shooter turning himself in to a convenient store clerk, who he asked to dial the police, after seeing his picture on the newspaper. One article about it here says he ditched the wig and gun after the shooting. Why leave your disguise and walk out without it, only to be caught on camera? That same article also says “Morgan’s family in Massachusetts said he was not anti-Semitic.”  So what gives?

These jews are just godly victims, right?

Satan's chosen ones, victims of viscious anti-semitism.

I could continue to tear apart report after report on this issue, but that is not my intent. My intent is to make it clear that the recent rash of shootings has an agenda, and that is to take away American’s guns. At the same time, it’s to make police think jews are victims, but they get enough of that with their ADL sponsored holohoax training. It is a carefully orchestrated concert of events that has been used repeatedly in other countries, by these same demons, to make the people defenseless. Not only are the criminals after our guns, they have no problem using murder as a way to achieve it. They have made it clear in their plans that some jews will be expended to help them reach their goals. You need people to believe jews are victims, and that dangerous people are out to get them. That is exactly the purpose a shooting like this serves.

We don’t even have to “create” crimes to expose them. The information is all around us. All we have to do is point it out. It works extremely well because jews, like any cornered liar, will lash out in anger when confronted with the truth. Rather than argue their position with facts, they can only resort to ad-hominems, because the facts are on our side, and this merely serves to further discredit them. So, let’s get moving.  Other than the agenda behind them, these shootings are nothing to get excited about.  Save that for when we break out the rope and the guillotines!

  1. Ouch. Large, cold, brutal doses of reality in this article. Communism is a reality for us here in the U.S. Communism is not some obscure abstract theory, with a hint of it looming on the horizon. No, it’s here, it’s happening. Meanwhile, most sheep Americans are blissfully asleep and unaware.

    And, of course while we were all profoundly distracted for 8-9 months by the Jews when they stole and swindled us during the trillion dollar bailout, the Jews were simultaneously quietly nationalizing these industries: Auto, Finance, Mortgate, Banks, et al. Nationalizing is a euphemism for communizing. Just like globalism is a euphemism for (Jew) one world government.

    I’m not sure who pisses me off the most at this critical juncture here in the U.S.: The Jews pulling this criminal illegal bullshit, or the masses of non Jew Americans – behaving like gullible goyims – believing and buying into all the Jew’s bullshit.

  2. Yes indeed. Brutal is what it must be, because that is the definition of the enemy.

    I feel your frustration with the masses, and I feel the same even with many who know about “zionists” or even the jew, but continue to fall for their ruses; or fail to realize how vile these creatures are, while continually kidding themselves about what it will take to stop them.

    Looking back at this article, one almost has to wonder, was Morgan supposed to pull off the shooting and slip away, so that someone else could be blamed? The whole disguise deal, and failure to employ it leave a lot of questions. Did something go wrong, blowing his cover? Why bother with a wig if the university already knows about the notebook, and the police already have a complaint? Why leave the journal and the wig behind?

  3. Very well said, Mr. Austin. You’re right, JEWS leave trails all over the place, if you just open your eyes. But, we better do it before they kill us all, just like they do to little Palestinian children and their unarmed parents.

    Don’t ever give a JEW your weapon, or you’re dead.

  4. Everything dynamic and very positively! 🙂

  5. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    All the Jews have really done was to make a straw-man argument out of these shootings.

  6. Johanna Justin-Junich Rest In Piss.

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