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Kikes, KKK and the Racial Divide

Kikes, KKK and the Racial Divide

Daniel Burrows was a terrifying evil KKK Grand Dragon until it was found out that he was actually a jew playing the part of evil racist "white man".

Here are a few interesting tidbits of information to digest about jewish involvement in the KKK. First, the KKK is known to have had many jewish members and even grand dragons, such as the very interesting character Daniel Burros who spent years of his life as a fake leader of the KKK right up until it came out that he was jewish, at which point, the jewish sources say he shot himself in the chest and in the head. He went around saying “kill, kill, kill”, but his motivation was none other than that of jewish subversion and causing racial strife.

Another grand wizard of the KKK in Mississippi turned out to be a homosexual jew named Jordan Gollub who garnered a lot of media attention, but then quickly disappeared under the radar after his kosher roots were discovered.  In fact, the SPLC admits here that many of the KKK boogie men getting all the attention are actually jewish, but don’t be fooled by their slick tricks. It’s no accident this many jews play these roles.

There are also many other jews who pose as racist white people, Nazis, white nationalists, etc. Take Bill White for example, leader of the impotent American National Socialist Workers Party propped up by the jews at the SPLC as an evil Nazi, racist, Hitler loving, jew/African hater here.  Lots of places have information on Bill White such as here.

David Wolfgang Hawke started a fake Nazi group called Knights of Freedom, later renamed American Nationalist Party, but it too fell flat on it’s face when it was found out that this character was really just a scrawny jew rat by the name of Andrew Britt Greenbaum.

Bill White is a jew who pretends to be a fake Nazi with his fake group called the National Socialist Workers Party. Why are jews always playing the evil racist "white man"?

There is also the story of fake National Socialist/Nazi Frank Collin, who’s real name was Francis Joseph Cohen. It turned out his father was a jew who had claimed to be a prisoner at the Dachau concentration camp, but had changed his name from Cohen to Collin. Francis Cohen was a jew and practically a nobody, trying to fit in or help create Nazi or white nationalist groups, who quickly rose to fame in 1977 when he planned to march the goose step through the center of heavily jewish Skokie, Illinois in his Nazi getup.

All of a sudden his self-created National Socialist Party of America was causing a big stir, and the ACLU (jews) stepped up to help him sue for the right to march his fake evil Nazi group around the town. He was instrumental in giving the (fabricated) jew holocaust notoriety, because before he arrived on the scene, most people hadn’t heard about a jewish holocaust during WWII. You can even see he was a kike at jew owned, not to mention heavily censored by jewish sayanims, website called wikipedia here.

Anyway, down below you will find an interesting video on the KKK by some jewess who is part of the hotfactsgirls on youtube, but she is so not hot. Don’t go getting all excited, because it looks as if these hot facts girls are a bunch of jews trying to use sex to get attention as usual. Their channel has an image that says “Fight the New World Order Subscribe”. Right, I’m sure they’ll be loads of help.

Just like all the others, this jew posed as an evil racist "white man" who hated jews and "black" folks, but his only purpose was to push the jew holocaust and keep whites and blacks fighting with each other.

What’s interesting about the video is about 1:20 into the video where she mentions how the KKK got it’s name. Apparently, the Ku Klux Klan originally gets it’s name from the Greek word for circle, kyklos. It was basically the kyklos klan, or KKK, changed slightly to Ku Klux Klan. If you take a look at jew owned wikipedia, it even admits this is the true origin of the name for the KKK here.

This particular part of the video made my ears perk up, because overall the video is useless drivel about America’s first “terrorist” organization, racism, lynching etc. However, for those who know about the jew, it’s a well known fact the reason they are called kikes, is because of the yiddish word for circle, which is kikel. According to Leo Rosten, and another fact that can be found on jew owned wikipedia here:

The word kike was born on Ellis Island when Jewish immigrants who were there were also illiterate (or could not use Latin alphabet letters), when asked to sign the entry-forms with the customary ‘X,’* refused, because they associated an X with the cross of Christianity, and instead made a circle. The Yiddish word for ‘circle’ is kikel (pronounced KY-kul), and for ‘little circle,’ kikeleh (pronounced ky-kul-uh). Before long the immigration inspectors were calling anyone who signed with an ‘O’ instead of an ‘X’ a kikel or kikeleh or kikee or, finally and succinctly, kike.

This jew faked being a Klansmen until it was revealed he was a homosexual kike, but that didn't stop the jew owned media from blowing him up to help push the racial divide.

Now, I’m not saying the entire KKK is jewish, because it’s not, but like all groups that stir up racism and cause division, it certainly has it’s share of them.  Both in leadership, members, and provocateurs, there are always plenty of jews afoot. It just so turns out that the KKK got it’s name from the Greek word kyklos meaning circle, and jews got the name kike from the yiddish word kikel meaning circle as well.

Knowing jews are always found on both sides of the racism equation (i.e. KKK, Nazi Party, NAACP, ACLU, SPLC, ADL) it’s at the very least quite intriguing that these names have such similar origins. Another intriguing note is that jews often attach great significance to names, and are known to alter them like this to fit different purposes.

You have to decide for yourself whether these names having the same origin is significant or not. In light of jewish history of creating and/or infiltrating racist groups, as well as the evidence provided here, it is definitely worth noting. With the current political climate and the obvious push for a racial divide in America, it’s no surprise this jewess would pick this topic as something people want to hear from “hotfactsgirls”.

Das evil Nazi fuhrer by the name of Davis Wolfgang Hawke also turned out to be just another rat faced kike playing racist "white man" again. Is the jewish agenda of racial division coming into focus yet? I hope it is.

If all human non-jews are smart they will put the racial differences aside, and focus real racist hatred onto the jews stirring the pot. This doesn’t mean you can’t be a white nationalist, a black nationalist, or a person of any race who is proud of their skin color, heritage, culture, or whatever you may think defines you. I am not racist except against jews, and I implore others to look at it the same way.

The jews are the most racist people on the planet, and yet they use racism to divide the rest of us, so they may rape us at will. Naturally, we should all be racist against them, if for nothing else than rational self defense.

All that any of this is meant to identify is that white, black, and every other non-jewish race are stuck on a sinking raft together. We can either fight with each other as we ride our limp dingy down into the darkest depths of the sea, or we can recognize we are sinking because of the jew with the ice pick, poking all the holes in our floaty. If we’re smart, we can work together to throw their asses overboard, and finally get on with patching the raft, before we never see dry land again.

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