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Kikes, KKK and the Racial Divide

Kikes, KKK and the Racial Divide

Daniel Burrows was a terrifying evil KKK Grand Dragon until it was found out that he was actually a jew playing the part of evil racist "white man".

Here are a few interesting tidbits of information to digest about jewish involvement in the KKK. First, the KKK is known to have had many jewish members and even grand dragons, such as the very interesting character Daniel Burros who spent years of his life as a fake leader of the KKK right up until it came out that he was jewish, at which point, the jewish sources say he shot himself in the chest and in the head. He went around saying “kill, kill, kill”, but his motivation was none other than that of jewish subversion and causing racial strife.

Another grand wizard of the KKK in Mississippi turned out to be a homosexual jew named Jordan Gollub who garnered a lot of media attention, but then quickly disappeared under the radar after his kosher roots were discovered.  In fact, the SPLC admits here that many of the KKK boogie men getting all the attention are actually jewish, but don’t be fooled by their slick tricks. It’s no accident this many jews play these roles.

There are also many other jews who pose as racist white people, Nazis, white nationalists, etc. Take Bill White for example, leader of the impotent American National Socialist Workers Party propped up by the jews at the SPLC as an evil Nazi, racist, Hitler loving, jew/African hater here.  Lots of places have information on Bill White such as here.

David Wolfgang Hawke started a fake Nazi group called Knights of Freedom, later renamed American Nationalist Party, but it too fell flat on it’s face when it was found out that this character was really just a scrawny jew rat by the name of Andrew Britt Greenbaum.

Bill White is a jew who pretends to be a fake Nazi with his fake group called the National Socialist Workers Party. Why are jews always playing the evil racist "white man"?

There is also the story of fake National Socialist/Nazi Frank Collin, who’s real name was Francis Joseph Cohen. It turned out his father was a jew who had claimed to be a prisoner at the Dachau concentration camp, but had changed his name from Cohen to Collin. Francis Cohen was a jew and practically a nobody, trying to fit in or help create Nazi or white nationalist groups, who quickly rose to fame in 1977 when he planned to march the goose step through the center of heavily jewish Skokie, Illinois in his Nazi getup.

All of a sudden his self-created National Socialist Party of America was causing a big stir, and the ACLU (jews) stepped up to help him sue for the right to march his fake evil Nazi group around the town. He was instrumental in giving the (fabricated) jew holocaust notoriety, because before he arrived on the scene, most people hadn’t heard about a jewish holocaust during WWII. You can even see he was a kike at jew owned, not to mention heavily censored by jewish sayanims, website called wikipedia here.

Anyway, down below you will find an interesting video on the KKK by some jewess who is part of the hotfactsgirls on youtube, but she is so not hot. Don’t go getting all excited, because it looks as if these hot facts girls are a bunch of jews trying to use sex to get attention as usual. Their channel has an image that says “Fight the New World Order Subscribe”. Right, I’m sure they’ll be loads of help.

Just like all the others, this jew posed as an evil racist "white man" who hated jews and "black" folks, but his only purpose was to push the jew holocaust and keep whites and blacks fighting with each other.

What’s interesting about the video is about 1:20 into the video where she mentions how the KKK got it’s name. Apparently, the Ku Klux Klan originally gets it’s name from the Greek word for circle, kyklos. It was basically the kyklos klan, or KKK, changed slightly to Ku Klux Klan. If you take a look at jew owned wikipedia, it even admits this is the true origin of the name for the KKK here.

This particular part of the video made my ears perk up, because overall the video is useless drivel about America’s first “terrorist” organization, racism, lynching etc. However, for those who know about the jew, it’s a well known fact the reason they are called kikes, is because of the yiddish word for circle, which is kikel. According to Leo Rosten, and another fact that can be found on jew owned wikipedia here:

The word kike was born on Ellis Island when Jewish immigrants who were there were also illiterate (or could not use Latin alphabet letters), when asked to sign the entry-forms with the customary ‘X,’* refused, because they associated an X with the cross of Christianity, and instead made a circle. The Yiddish word for ‘circle’ is kikel (pronounced KY-kul), and for ‘little circle,’ kikeleh (pronounced ky-kul-uh). Before long the immigration inspectors were calling anyone who signed with an ‘O’ instead of an ‘X’ a kikel or kikeleh or kikee or, finally and succinctly, kike.

This jew faked being a Klansmen until it was revealed he was a homosexual kike, but that didn't stop the jew owned media from blowing him up to help push the racial divide.

Now, I’m not saying the entire KKK is jewish, because it’s not, but like all groups that stir up racism and cause division, it certainly has it’s share of them.  Both in leadership, members, and provocateurs, there are always plenty of jews afoot. It just so turns out that the KKK got it’s name from the Greek word kyklos meaning circle, and jews got the name kike from the yiddish word kikel meaning circle as well.

Knowing jews are always found on both sides of the racism equation (i.e. KKK, Nazi Party, NAACP, ACLU, SPLC, ADL) it’s at the very least quite intriguing that these names have such similar origins. Another intriguing note is that jews often attach great significance to names, and are known to alter them like this to fit different purposes.

You have to decide for yourself whether these names having the same origin is significant or not. In light of jewish history of creating and/or infiltrating racist groups, as well as the evidence provided here, it is definitely worth noting. With the current political climate and the obvious push for a racial divide in America, it’s no surprise this jewess would pick this topic as something people want to hear from “hotfactsgirls”.

Das evil Nazi fuhrer by the name of Davis Wolfgang Hawke also turned out to be just another rat faced kike playing racist "white man" again. Is the jewish agenda of racial division coming into focus yet? I hope it is.

If all human non-jews are smart they will put the racial differences aside, and focus real racist hatred onto the jews stirring the pot. This doesn’t mean you can’t be a white nationalist, a black nationalist, or a person of any race who is proud of their skin color, heritage, culture, or whatever you may think defines you. I am not racist except against jews, and I implore others to look at it the same way.

The jews are the most racist people on the planet, and yet they use racism to divide the rest of us, so they may rape us at will. Naturally, we should all be racist against them, if for nothing else than rational self defense.

All that any of this is meant to identify is that white, black, and every other non-jewish race are stuck on a sinking raft together. We can either fight with each other as we ride our limp dingy down into the darkest depths of the sea, or we can recognize we are sinking because of the jew with the ice pick, poking all the holes in our floaty. If we’re smart, we can work together to throw their asses overboard, and finally get on with patching the raft, before we never see dry land again.

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  1. Nick Avellino says:

    Kike Delaney needs to be taken out NOW. For the past few days I’ve been arguing with his shithead followers on several of his sites and affiliates (the new one is Truth Militia). Most of my comments that destroyed this kike and the bullshit he propagates were deleted, they only left the ones that made it look like his Hitler-fellating followers “got me” with their pathetic ad hominem replies. I’m 21 and have been awake to the Jew entirely for about 6 months, but man, I feel your pain when it comes to this D-bag shills and their useless sheep followers who want to do nothing but worship Hitler (which is retardedly counter productive) and call anyone a Jew who wants to quit playing costume party and actually do something productive to take out these vermin once and for all.

    • You catch on quick. Good to see that. I don’t think your comment requires any more input. You see through the veil quite clearly.

      The LAST THING they want is SERIOUS action. They want to parade around in YOUR NAME making YOU and everyone else look STUPID. They don’t want you to take the fight into your own hands.

      • Its absolutely pathetic how they think they need a “magical” swastika (first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, i know how you feel about links, just type in google “chabad: the difference between exile and redemption”) and a portrait of some other Jewsus-equivalent false prophet to take out these rat bastards. Its not like its fucking obvious that the NSM in America has gotten no where in the past 50 years waving swastika flags and handing out Mein Kampfs. You were spot on with picking the content for your basic guide for revolutionaries, THAT CAN touch the mind of the average American, and apparently the Jews thought so too.

        I also like to point out that Kike and his minions are still allowed to have a Jew-pal donation button. A lot of his content lately seems to geared towards rebuilding a foundation of credibility for himself, mostly with fake fights with other Jew-shills. I can’t take the stupidity of his followers anymore, abd the obvious dead end theyre leading to, so Im planning on gathering all the information on the net that proves this kike is a lying Jew mouthpiece and tearing him a new one. Because it seems pretty clear to me that enough people already know about the Jews, we just need to trim the fat, end the confusion, and head straight for the jugular.

        • Yes, jews aren’t too happy that I did things to reach out to average people and teach them the truth. The jews like kike Delaney, Hufshit, DBS, and others were all pissed that I came along and started calling for their execution, because they know they are criminal terrorist insurgents pretending to be opposition to their own take over. They didn’t like that. I think it’s cute when they pretend their sites are under attack, or other shit, but can still take paypal donations. They shut me down so fast it wasn’t even funny, and I bet it was jews like kike Delaney who complained to paypal that I was getting donations, which I hardly ever got. I’m not in it for the money, but they are. As much money of yours they can take and redirect they will. It’s a way of defusing one of your sources of power, because anyone will dance for dollars. If they can get your dollars, no dancing happens.

    • Subverted Nation can you lead me to any evidence that Delaney is a Kike or anything else that shows his true colors. I am convinced from experiences I had with him & Scott Roberts & his moderator at TruTube that they are working for the other side.

      • Why should I have to? If you are asking, your gut is telling you that truth already. Trust your instinct. He’s full of shit, and that’s been documented more than enough.

        • Can you give me more info about Roberts and Delaney being full of shit?

        • Terry simms says:

          Freemasons – Jew Isaac M. Wise, a pioneer reform rabbi in the U.S.A., declared, “Freemasonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from the beginning to the end”.
          ”Corruption in the wild wild west”by Brendon O’Connell.
          ‘’David Irving – “The Faking of Adolf Hitler for History”
          .‘’Ernst Zundel – Interviewed by an Israeli journalist (1996) GREAT !!!’’
          ”’Adolf Hitler – The Greatest Story NEVER Told’ Parts 1-27 @TGSNTtv ‘’
          ”Spielberg’s Hoax – ‘’The Last Days of The Big Lie’’

  2. Adam, My 90 year old mom and I were talking about all these false websites the other day and I told her about you and she agrees with your solution. She admires Hitler because she lived in that time and era but she realizes that he lost the war and this is really a bygone era. What all these people that admire or worship Hitler do not realize is that they do not practice what he in turn did talk about in his famous book. Which is simply when you want to change things you change things for real. These midgets never ever talk honestly about this. You do not just change the guards like Americans ended up with in the long run. So they do not really know the man they pretend to worship. If they were active in Germany during National Socialism all these midgets and especially the CI peddlers would be sent to the camps. They also forget that America is not National Socialist Germany and this is not the 1930’s time and era. It is good to have some truth that has come around about all these fracticidal wars but it is now time for our own solutions to our problems. I have tried once again to post in these sites and again see the same morons as before. They are doing the same as before. Wasting people’s time and money.

  3. Kike Delaney ? This is news to me but I wouldnt doubt anything these days. How about zion crime factory ?

    • Read what others say about ZCF. All I know is the fella has talked shit about me, so I don’t find him to be sincere opposition to the jew. Working with Delaney doesn’t help either.


      Wednesday, May 20, 2009

      Mike Delaney of Prothink Denounces Ernst Zundel and Kevin Macdonald; Shills For Eric Hufschmidt

      By Curtis Maynard – News From The West Blog

      Above, the cadaverous profile of Eric Hufschmidt, looks a bit like Michaell
      Chertoff huh?
      Mike Delaney above

      Talk about some nerve – this asshole Mike Delaney actually states that he
      knows more about the holocaust than Ernst Zundel! He then proceeds to shill
      for the known Zionist Jew disinformationist Eric Hufschmidt whose sister is
      actually married to Rupert Murdoch’s son [I shit you not]. HERE is
      Hufschmidt, in his own words, on his own website stating the same. If you
      believe that’s a coincidence, you’re one dumb sumbitch.

      Delaney is also connected to another asshole Jew that goes by the name of
      Quest [Real name Evren Hun Welshons-Kaplan (His mother’s last name is
      Kaplan, as common a Jewish name as Goldfarb or Weinstein)]. Just last night
      this imbecile wrote a comment on my blog stating that he had read all of
      Ernst Zundel’s books on the holocaust. [Comment at bottom under his
      pseudonym “Quest.”] When I chastized him for being a liar and moron as
      Zundel has never written a book on the holocaust, he was a publisher, not
      an author, Evren Kaplan shot back that he [Zundel] had written “Did Six
      Million Really Die.” As any revisionist knows, Richard Verrall, AKA Richard
      E. Harwood wrote that book and Zundel’s publishing company Samisdat
      published it. This would be the kind of statement one might expect from a
      Jew shill, they don’t bother to actually read revisionist works, they read
      excerpts and then expound on them with their superficial understanding.
      When caught they resort to name calling etc… it’s as predictable as
      finding Jew involvement in economic crime.

      In any case, with the stroke of a pen, Mike Delaney has completely exposed
      himself and Prothink; he denounces Ernst Zundel and Kevin Macdonald as
      agents of Zion and at the same time attempts to rehabilitate a known
      Zionist shill, Eric Hufschmidt. Delaney pals around with a known Khazar
      Jew, Evren Kaplan, what is one to think? Hufschmidt was once associated
      with another informant named Daryl Bradford Smith, but when Smith was
      exposed for what he was, they split up hoping that Hufschmidt might
      maintain a modicum of credibility, which never really happened.

      Read Delaney’s words below; my commentary in blue.

      In Defense of Eric Hufschmidt

      By Mike Delaney

      This is in response to this recent article:

      The label Jew, crypto Jew, agent, cointelpro, etc, etc gets thrown around
      these days as does cheese burgers get eaten by obese Americans at
      McDonalds. In this recent slander attack on Eric Hufschmid to call him a
      Jew, Grimm makes the case strictly of the biases that Eric states Zundel is
      working on the wrong side of the fence. [Ah, come on Mike, the fact that
      Hufschmidt’s sister is married to Super-Zionist Rupert Murdoch’s son is a
      pretty big fucking clue. You don’t mention this absolute, empirical fact,
      in your article either, how come?] I have to say that I find from my own
      experience that Eric usually calls out someone for a number of reasons but
      simplifies for his audience by calling them Jews/Zionists/working for Jews.

      One reason for Eric calling people a Jew when they are probably not is the
      fact that some people are put up on pedestals for no apparent reasons or
      their actions are very Jew-like. Take the Zundel case for instance. The
      holocaust is clearly just obvious case of a Jew crime/hoax and Zundel does
      a good job stating this but so does many other people including Eric

      Why would Zundel limit himself to one issue and not highlight issues clearly
      provable like 9/11? I don’t personally take a stance on what I think Zundel
      is because quite frankly I don’t even look to him for information because
      he seems to know less then I do. [Now THAT my friends is called Chutzpah!]

      The same goes for many others, Kevin Macdonald for instance doesn’t speak
      about 9/11 and the Holohoax. Why is that? [Because he’s a tenured professor
      that would be fired if he were to say anything publicly about the way he
      privately feels on the matter] I am sure I could hear a thousand excuses
      and I do understand he does have some excellent work otherwise, [LOL at “I
      understand” he [Professor Kevin Macdonald] does have “some” excellent work
      otherwise – this guy is almost too much. Reminds me of a cretin critiquing
      the work of a genius] but people lets face it, we need to expose these Jews
      on all fronts and as efficient as possible. The BIGGEST crime these people
      could go down for is not the kosher tax, Holohoax, etc, but 9/11. We
      clearly have the evidence to prove the Jews did 9/11! Why not speak about
      that? [Ernst Zundel is on record speaking about it you fucking bastard,
      he’s on record stating that he knew before the second building collapsed
      that it was a mossad/CIA operation, and this is almost certainly why ZOG
      bent over backwards to illegally arrest Zundel on trumped up charges, to
      illegally deport him to Kanada where ZOG knew he’d be rendered to Germany
      and spend a decade behind prison walls. If ZOG fears anyone it’s Ernst
      Zundel, there is no wayy in hell the governmennt was going to allow Ernst
      Zundel to exert 1/10th as much attention and energy on investigating 9-11,
      as he did on the holocaust. Ernst Zundel is a martyr and hero, you ignorant
      fool! You don’t deserve to even utter his name]

      A slight problem I have, if I were to nitpick here, I have with both Grimm
      and Hufschmid is that both are still labeling this as a ‘Zionist’ problem.
      [Obviously this dipshit hasn’t even bothered to read anything Grimm’s
      written, Patrick has no problem with the word Jew.] I find it funny that
      people are still pigeonholed on saying the term Zionist, instead of Jew.
      This starts a whole new debate about when and were to ‘comprimise’
      [speeling challenged itz] your message, which I wont do at all, a topic for
      another article. The one thing I can say about Hufschmid I know for sure is
      that he never ceases in pushing the biggest issues that would take down the
      Jew unlike many others. It’s a shame to see others who put 9/11 being a Jew
      job on the back burner for far less important issues.

      Hufschmid has also been thee litmus test in the 9/11 movement to expose the
      real perps of 9/11. [ROTFLMWAO] It is certainly suspicious that people like
      Zundel and Grimm don’t harp on this 9/11 topic which I believe to be the
      biggest smoking gun that would bring these people down. [Again, this guyy
      blows more smoke out of his ass, proving he hasn’t read anything Grimm’s
      written] Between Hufschmid’s scientific debunking film, 9/11 Painful
      Deceptions, and my film showing WHO did it, Missing Links, it is easy to
      show this to people. Instead we get caught up in overwhelming people with
      numerous and far less important topics that makes the audience catatonic
      when it comes to action.

      I am sure Hufschmid has called out people out inaccurately but everyone
      makes mistakes and the good he does far out ways the mistakes.
      [That’s “outweighs” you goddamn moron! It’s just a mistake really, anyone
      could denounce Ernst Zundel, a man that’s devoted his entire life to
      exposing the Jew and who has spent that last six years rotting away in a
      German prison for an opinion that doesn’t coincide with that of Jewry. Fuck
      You!] Ask yourself this, where we be right now if it hadn’t been for
      Hufschmid’s work? Maybe I would still be listening to Alex Jones. DBS of wouldn’t have even been heard of like he is now [DBS AKA
      Daryl Bradford Smith is also a known informant]. Missing Links would never
      have been made. 9/11 and the controlling dissenting Jews would not have
      been exposed like they have been. Lets not forget it was of NO help from
      the pro-white movements to embrace or expose the truth about 9/11. For many
      years they were completely happen blaming ‘towelheads’ [That’s because
      people like Alex Linder of VNN, a so-called White nationalist site are
      informants and running false fronts for the feds] and even today don’t
      exploit this crime against their number 1 enemy like they cold. So ask
      yourself, before you step on toes to defame someone, make sure you have the
      story straight or that you have done better to even privilege yourself with
      the right to criticize. [Delaney should have kept the old adage, “It’s
      better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all
      doubt,” in mind before writing this hit piece.]

      Read comments on this blog entry here.
      The fake anti-Zionist Jewish Disinfo Mouth

      On the subject of shills and disinfo in the 911 truth movement

      Eric Hufschmid – Zionist Disinfo Agent Provocateur

      The Hufschmid – Lithuanian Jews Connection

      Eric Hufschmid’s charge unfounded

      Terrorists’ Friends Pose as Truth Seekers

      The French Connection

      Christopher Bollyn – Agent Saboteur

      Eric Hufschmid is a Zionist chill!

      • Try to refrain from posting entire articles in comments. I will let this stand because I believe Maynard was murdered for speaking out, and he was 100% right about Delaney and Hufshit. Both of them are kike bitches with ulterior motives. In fact, I’m sure that he was, and I bet these assholes are grinning ear to ear over that one.

        • Yes the one thing many have no yet comprehended is that you need to be armed and ready, at all times. I’ve seen far too many speak the truth, yet be hauled away or killed because they did not think that carrying a firearm and have the will to use it, was a good thing…….I think the last few years proves that you must be willing to DIE for what you say……or willing to KILL for what you say to more correctly put it.

        • Sorry about that. I’ll keep my comments shorter from now on.

          PS: Do you know what happened to Patrick Grimm? I didn’t really know about the jewish problem until 2011, so he’s another fighter who was before my time, but I really like his work. I only know about him, because Curt Maynard mentioned him.

          • I have no idea what happened to him. He played the whole “zionist” bit too, so even though he provided some good info, I’m not real impressed with him.

      • Brad Kayganich says:

        [That’s because
        people like Alex Linder of VNN, a so-called White nationalist site are
        informants and running false fronts for the feds] and even today don’t
        exploit this crime against their number 1 enemy like they could.

        alex linder is jewish.

    • ZionCrimeFactory was very disrespectful to Adam. To disagree with Adam is one thing, but to belittle Adam (after all that he has done) was too much for me. I gave ZCF the benefit of the doubt, because I wanted to like him, but he really disappointed me during this exchange:

      Search for “Adam Austin” on that page to see what ZCF and others had to say about him.

      There’s something wrong here.

      A sincere jew fighter wouldn’t act like that.

      • Looks like a jew to me. Seems the fella has a problem with actually eliminating the source of our troubles. Why is that, unless he’s a jew? I note the fact that the jackass attempts to insult my writing, then claim that I didn’t write my own book. He’s oh so sure I couldn’t have written it, because it’s somehow different from articles on my site? He says I cuss like a maniac and write like a third grader? I think my prose is just a little over his head, and my articles hit too close to home for him to deal with.

        I’ve seen enough of these fools over the years now. I can spot them coming a mile away. If the little jew is so mad about my message, maybe his rabbi can council him about it and make him feel better.

        • “ZCF” perpetuates the myth that there’s such a thing as “good” jews, and that “Zionism” is the main source of our problems, which couldn’t be more false after just looking at what jews have done throughout pre-20th century history. This whole “ZCF vs Delaney” charade is most likely exactly that, a charade, meant to distract and divide the “movement” and to keep the conversation in the realm of Hitler worship and fascist doctrines that will never in a million years take root in the individualistic American society. It’s best to just ignore those stooges and send people to this website, and if you have the time and the drive start a site of your own to spread the information even further.

        • Kyle Bradford says:

          You’d have to be completely brain damaged to not figure out ZCF’s a kike after this photo surfaced of him:

          Curly black hair, no ear lobes, sloped forehead = case closed.

  4. If Bill White is a Kike why is he now in such serious legal troubles? I suppose he went to far with the magazine but I was under the impression that he released several peoples names that were already publicly available but I do not claim to know for sure. I do know that the link to the info on Hale is wrong as to the year he was sentenced though that is a minor issue. With Scott Roberts (Delaney sidekick) I get it (continually giving out bad advice – compiling lists – 3 non-White kids)but with Delaney I do NOT. “911 Missing Links” is in my opinion a very good documentary & certainly NOT something the Jews want out there. ???

    • Bill White was part of the Communist Party USA. Delaney is just a jew shill who made a movie to cover up the fact that jews took the towers down, and brainwashed the entire planet into believing 911 WITHOUT ANY PLANES. Missing Stinks covers up the fact that the JEWISH MEDIA was one of the BIGGEST PLAYERS ON 911!!!!!!! The ENTIRE global media apparatus CREATED THE FABLE of 911, just like they did with the Sandy Hook school shootings! Tell me you trust Delaney again. Go ahead. Missing Stinks spends all it’s time talking about who controlled airport security, and stupid shit that doesn’t come close to exposing the reality of 911. You trust that?

  5. james324 says:

    i used to not buy into this. my adoptive dad believes that the jews are responsible for most of the ills of the world. im white and he isnt. he said he never used to but as he started watching how everything is about israel, jews are disproportionately represented on tv, as well as in finance, and constant jewish references on tv in a largely secular and christian country and he started to see it. i told him he was crazy.

    well then i decided to give the protocols a read. they were written 110 years ago and alleged to be a forgery. but god damn word for fucking word that shit is steady coming true. if it is a forgery then the forger had nostradamus beat by a long shot.

    so now im fucking sold. now i dont think that every jew on earth is involved, and i have seen jews against zionism, and im sure most of the “dispora” are just going to work and shit, and so they have racism in their culture, so does everybody else.

    BUT, there are jewish nationalists/supremacists in this world in very powerful positions who look at the rest of us as slaves and believe it is their devine right to enslave us for the jewish people. and even though most jews may not be actively involved, knowingly or unknowingly most of them show support for this. so i want those motherfuckers far far away from me.

    and lately i find it funny that black nationalists and white nationalists are racists. europeans the natives of europe with historical right to their land are called racist bigots for taking a nationalist stance against mass immigration in their countries. asian and african countries are even looked upon with scrutiny for not allowing mass immigration to their countries.

    but the jewish nationalists want a seperate nation and every fucking world power jumps on that shit and pledges unlimited support and even questioning it gets you a good anti semite (misnomer) label. well fuck the zionists, down with israel, if they want their own country then good, put that shit in the sahara, make them all fucking go there, no military support for them let them build their own nation from scratch just like everybody EXCEPT them has had to do for all of history.

  6. Who is Frazier Glenn Miller?

    History, Details and Information of the Anti-Semite Suspect Involved in Jewish Center Shootings

    The 73-year-old, who also GOES BY THE NAME Frazier Glenn Gross


    WHO benefits from this sob story: JEWS


  7. Take a look at this and tell me is this another Racial Strife that the Jews created?

  8. Elaine Zangazanga says:


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