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Jury Nullification – “Whitey” Alleviated of Murder and Hate Crime Charges

Jury Nullification – “Whitey” Alleviated of Murder and Hate Crime Charges
Is this a case of "whitey" vs. immigrant, or are these just dangerous jews?

Is this a case of "whitey" vs. immigrant, or are these just dangerous jews?

Where does one even begin with a story like this? It appears a group of teenagers beat a 25 yr. old “hispanic”, illegal alien to death in a small town called Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Supposedly, the young teens got into an argument with Mr. Ramirez, during July of last year, who had been staying and working illegaly in these united states for the past six years. Spewing racial slurs, three “white” teens beat Mr. Ramirez to death, stomping and kicking him while he lay unconscious on the ground. In what I would consider a gang attack (more than one attacker) these three young men stomped someone to death, supposedly leaving him foaming at the mouth and unconscious. Straying off topic for just a moment, I must say this: If you find yourself faced with multiple attackers of ANY kind, KILL one or more of them. Seriously. Deadly force is fully warranted in such attacks, and is exactly what you can expect from me in this type of situation.

This man was here in these united states illegaly, but the criminal penalty for that crime does not consist of beating a man to death. (yes, Napolitano, it’s a criminal offense) Not that the motive was racial, but this entire case is positively racially charged, considering the racial slurs being hurled at the victim, according to court documents; not to mention the media’s portrayal of the case as such. This source here states, “His fiancee, Crystal Dillman, 24, of Shenandoah, calls the beating a hate crime, saying the teens attacked Ramirez because he was Latino.” According to this source the topic has been debated heavily on forums across the internet. As you can see at the last link, two of the three attacker’s charges were nullified by an all white jury. In fact, here is a site that is elated with joy that these young murderers were let off by a white jury, stating “These young white men should be rewarded for ridding their town of hispanic trash.” That site itself has a ton of information about jewish crimes, but maybe they’re not picking this up like I am. I will make it very clear, right here and now, that I do NOT support any criminals, regardless of skin color. I would prefer all criminals of any race face punishment for their crimes, and it’s rather obvious their actions killed this man.

In another town called Pottsville, these jews had hundreds of illegal aliens and a meth lab.

In another small town Postville, these jews had hundreds of illegal aliens and a meth lab.

One interesting thing that stuck out to me right away was the fact that this is in a town called Pottsville. (correction: It was Postville, not Pottsville thanks to commenter below for pointing it out.) Albeit this case is in Pennsylvania, but it instantly brought Postville, Iowa (which I have briefly mentioned before) to the forefront of my mind. Postville, Iowa has been in the news for quite a while now due to the Rubashkin’s Agriproccessors plant, which was full of illegal aliens, and even had a meth lab and people workers carrying weapons inside. There are some interesting parallels, but you can draw your own conclusions. View it like this: Two cases, both with relatively the same timing, illegal immigrants, racial tension/hate crimes. Is one a distraction for the other? Does one help the other by diverting attention? Does it place more emphasis on “hate” and “race”, while distracting from the fact that jews hire the majority of illegal aliens, and use them, not just for cheap labor, but to run meth labs? I am simply posing questions that a thinking mind must ask. However, for assertions, I will say only this. There are no coincidences, and you are free to argue against that statement all you like.

Being billed as a “hate crime”, it would seem this serves the jew purpose of pushing hate crime laws to stifle any free speech critical of the jews. In an interesting twist of fate though, “whitey” has their murder charges nullified by an all white jury. This does indeed prove my point about jury nullification, but many will say this is whitey sticking up for whitey, and it can never work with multiple races trying to achieve this same goal for each other. My response? As long as “whitey” is getting off of murder charges due to jury nullification in, what is considered, a racial crime, with an all white jury; you’re absolutely right. It will have to wait until a later date, when I can address jury nullification head on again, but my previous article is historically accurate when it comes to this topic, and it is STILL a viable option to fight tyranny. That’s the whole damn point of having juries, but forgive me for pointing it out already!

This murder case is being viewed as a victory for white supremacist/white nationalist groups all across the nation, but is there more to it than what immediately meets the eye? It’s quite possible when you realize that Piekarsky (or ski) is actually a rather common jewish name of Polish origin meaning “baker”, and Donchak isn’t exactly as American as apple pie either. (Look HERE for a Piekarski at Chabad dot org) Searching around the internet, I am curious why many of the white nationalist sites, who are supposedly so aware of the jew, haven’t picked up on this. These weren’t your average white Americans with names like Smith, Jones, Thomas, etc. In fact with cases like this, they almost never are. It is quite possible that these young men were a group of angry young jews, much like Harris and Kleibold of Columbine fame. They certainly have features that resemble the tribe in these photos of the attackers. Note the sloped head, heavy brow ridge, funny noses, and missing ear lobes, which are all typical features for their ilk.

A jew district attorney fails to make a "hate crime" stick?

A jew district attorney fails to make a "hate crime" stick?

The District Attorney, James P. Goodman, for Schuylkill County is a rather obvious member of the tribe. It comes as no surprise because, the jewdicial system in America is completely infested with their ilk. What’s surprising is, how did a jew district attorney fail to get a conviction on a “hate crime”? The absurdity of this almost beyond believable. Knowing the agenda to pass hate crime legislation, it’s rather surprising to see a jew pass up the opportunity to label these fellas “nazis”, “supremacists”, or “right wing extremists”; which would all but guarantee a conviction. In fact, if they really wanted these guys convicted, they would have made third degree murder stick. If you think I’m kidding, let’s see any group of average white guys go spew racial slurs at someone of another ethnicity, stomp his head while unconcsious resulting in his death, and walk away with only minor “assault” charges. This leads to another question we must ask. Was this really an “all white” jury, or was it a bunch of white skinned ashkenazis on the panel?

There are just too many things that don’t make sense with this case. All white jury nullifies murder charges against “whitey” (who are quite possibly white skinned jews), for what could have been a land mark “hate crime” case; which is positively inline with the jewish plan for world domination. A jew district attorney fails in an attempt to make murder charges stick. Why is the ADL silent about this hate crime? Why isn’t the ACLU jumping up and down screaming rape? Both are jew owned and operated organizations used to manipulate us, and they’re the FIRST people on the scene with cases of “injustice” like this.

So, was this a victory for “whitey”? Or has “whitey” been scammed again by white skinned jews? While we are fighting major immigration problems, racism is being used as a divide between all the different ethnic groups crowded into America; and the very issue of immigration is used to fan the flames. What better way to enrage and fuel the groups like Aztlan, La Raza, and Mecha, than for “whitey” to go free in an obvious murder/gang jump, or something they would trump up as a “race/hate crime”? These groups of Mexican, “latino”, or “hispanic” peoples are mostly for the “liberation” of parts of America, and anti-Americanism as can be seen HERE. Many illegals and anti-American groups are funded within these united states by jews, and their people are used as pawns to further the racial divide. Take a look at this from judicial. What better way to make “whitey” feel justified, not only in his fight against immigration, but justified in brutally attacking illegals? Perfect! Whitey and “latinos” who are at each other’s throats won’t have time to worry about the jew.

All prospective jurors were white in this case, as was the jury. Something is fishy about this case.

The entire pool of jurors were white in this case, as was the selected jury. Something is fishy about this case.

There could be absolutely nothing to this case. I could be barking completely up the wrong tree. Consider it all some form of odd conjecture if you like. Subverted Nation is not a site that gets inside information or has vast resources to research all of the players in every case. This is simply a one man show where I make poignant observations about the world around us. What I DO have is some very good supporters who provide me information at times, lend some of their skills, and help on other projects. This is definitely something I could use more of. If you have any skills to offer, hit my contact page and let me know. I can use help in web design/editing, geneology research, graphic arts, news/data gathering, marketing/exposure, and a whole slew of other things to give me the power to push the message further, but I digress.

My point is this. Don’t be so quick to jump on the bandwagon praising “whitey’s” victory. This case is so completely uncharacteristic of what really goes on in America today, and there are so many red flags, everyone should be cautious with their admirations. It does prove that jury nullification works, but if people continue to think of jury nullification in racist terms, or continue to look at our country through racist goggles like the jew wants, NO idea is going to make a difference. In fact, what better way to combat people like myself who are promoting just such tactics to be used equally for all races, than to make it a racist issue? Like I said, there are no coincidences, but you are free to completely ignore everything I’m saying. Whatever you do, take a step back and a serious look around you, and do everything you can to prevent handing them the race wars they are after; because the result will be detrimental to ALL non-jews.

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