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Jud Süß (1940) – The Danger of ONE JEW

Jud Süß (1940) – The Danger of ONE JEW

One filthy, rat faced jew infiltrates and attemtps to destroy the whole of Stuttgart through his usurious manipulation of the Duke. This movie highlights the danger of allowing EVEN ONE JEW into our countries.

Here’s a movie sent to me by one of my readers. I sat down and watched this last night, and decided to add this for all of my readers to watch as well. A lot of people (mostly jews) want to argue that there are some good jews who mean us no harm, but this movie is going to bring the truth to light, that even one jew can and will, cause massive problems in no time.

Watch what happens as a jew (Oppenheimer) weasels his way into Stuttgart in 1733 and goes about wrecking the whole country. If you give ANY jew quarter amongst our peoples, this is the type of fate you will suffer. We must not be foolish enough to ignore history, but if you still don’t get how serious this is, watch the movie.

This movie outlines, not only the danger of allowing even ONE JEW quarter amongst our people, but also the methods these little crooks use to infiltrate. It starts with the Duke of Stuttgart trying to simply acquire some jewelry for his wife, and ends up with his entire country nearly caught up in a civil war, and violent revolution. All it took was this one jew to create the entire problem.

The only part of the movie that is disagreeable is when the jewish rabbi attempts to play the role of good cop, by attempting to talk Oppenheimer out of his schemes to gain control of Stuttgart. Fortunately, most readers here know better than to think rabbis are good guys, because we know they suck baby penises, enjoy child pornography, harvest organs from innocent people, and so much more it’s not funny.  If anything, rabbis are the most disgusting of the jews.

Overall, this is one of the best films you can watch to get an idea of exactly how critical it is to ensure our lands are completely free of jews as a whole.  Just watch what happens and how quickly the jew gains control of the country.  Do you want to doom your children, or your grandchildren to the same fate we face today?  If not, then your duty is to give no quarter.

Not only must we rid ourselves entirely of this parasite, but we must make sure that every man, woman, and child around us is educated DAILY on the jew, and the dangers they pose to our safety. Look at Palestine today, and remember this. If you don’t want your children to live like animals fighting to feed themselves while they are raped, pillaged, and hunted for sport by their oppressors; you will make sure they never forget the danger of even just one jew. The greed and ignorance of the Duke is what the jew plays on to make his schemes effective.  This is why education about this topic must become part of every day life, if we wish to have any kind of hope for a future.

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You may have to start the video, and pause it while it buffers, due to the length of the movie. You can also CLICK HERE and click “Save As” to download the movie to watch whenever you like, or to share with others. Put this highly educational film on when friends and family are over and show them that the world didn’t just start hating jews yesterday, and that it wasn’t just for no reason at all.  Put this movie on a disk with the PDF of Basic Training for Revolutionaries and pass it out.

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