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Jud Süß (1940) – The Danger of ONE JEW

Jud Süß (1940) – The Danger of ONE JEW

One filthy, rat faced jew infiltrates and attemtps to destroy the whole of Stuttgart through his usurious manipulation of the Duke. This movie highlights the danger of allowing EVEN ONE JEW into our countries.

Here’s a movie sent to me by one of my readers. I sat down and watched this last night, and decided to add this for all of my readers to watch as well. A lot of people (mostly jews) want to argue that there are some good jews who mean us no harm, but this movie is going to bring the truth to light, that even one jew can and will, cause massive problems in no time.

Watch what happens as a jew (Oppenheimer) weasels his way into Stuttgart in 1733 and goes about wrecking the whole country. If you give ANY jew quarter amongst our peoples, this is the type of fate you will suffer. We must not be foolish enough to ignore history, but if you still don’t get how serious this is, watch the movie.

This movie outlines, not only the danger of allowing even ONE JEW quarter amongst our people, but also the methods these little crooks use to infiltrate. It starts with the Duke of Stuttgart trying to simply acquire some jewelry for his wife, and ends up with his entire country nearly caught up in a civil war, and violent revolution. All it took was this one jew to create the entire problem.

The only part of the movie that is disagreeable is when the jewish rabbi attempts to play the role of good cop, by attempting to talk Oppenheimer out of his schemes to gain control of Stuttgart. Fortunately, most readers here know better than to think rabbis are good guys, because we know they suck baby penises, enjoy child pornography, harvest organs from innocent people, and so much more it’s not funny.  If anything, rabbis are the most disgusting of the jews.

Overall, this is one of the best films you can watch to get an idea of exactly how critical it is to ensure our lands are completely free of jews as a whole.  Just watch what happens and how quickly the jew gains control of the country.  Do you want to doom your children, or your grandchildren to the same fate we face today?  If not, then your duty is to give no quarter.

Not only must we rid ourselves entirely of this parasite, but we must make sure that every man, woman, and child around us is educated DAILY on the jew, and the dangers they pose to our safety. Look at Palestine today, and remember this. If you don’t want your children to live like animals fighting to feed themselves while they are raped, pillaged, and hunted for sport by their oppressors; you will make sure they never forget the danger of even just one jew. The greed and ignorance of the Duke is what the jew plays on to make his schemes effective.  This is why education about this topic must become part of every day life, if we wish to have any kind of hope for a future.

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You may have to start the video, and pause it while it buffers, due to the length of the movie. You can also CLICK HERE and click “Save As” to download the movie to watch whenever you like, or to share with others. Put this highly educational film on when friends and family are over and show them that the world didn’t just start hating jews yesterday, and that it wasn’t just for no reason at all.  Put this movie on a disk with the PDF of Basic Training for Revolutionaries and pass it out.

  1. williamnorwich says:

    I am glad you like that movie.
    It was the best movie I have ever seen and
    the sub-titles did not bother me in the least.

  2. IFinallyNameTheJews says:

    There is also a DVD version available.

  3. Yes, Great movie, one of the first I saw when I had my awakening 3 years ago. had it. fount that when I heard i should read the Turner Diaries since I was a survivalist> I had no idea that that book would be life changing. I allways had a distrust of jews but never had any idea how deep their evil lie. It is a double edged sword. I have lost a good job for trying to tell others the truth. I have a feeling its too late though. Time for Yahweh to burn every last jew and you know the rest of the story

    • Unfortunately, there won’t be any deities coming to save us. We’re going to have to do this ourselves. Here’s my problem with the god thing. God made everything? Then he made jews, evil, pain, suffering, murder, pedophilia, etc. etc. etc. In fact, the bible is full of this kind of stuff.

      The message is WE either do something, or perish as fools for doing nothing. This “god” thing has had a long time to solve the problem, and the world has seen far more than 2000 years of strife. I don’t think this thing has any interest in saving us, but it would have to actually exist first before we could talk about it’s interests.

      • ahah now.. carefull.. I am a strong nationalst readly to kill every last jew I can AS WAS ORDERED by YHWH. You have probably fell into the BS trap that the Bible has something to do with Judaism> IT HAS NOTHING to do with Judaism. I know you know of John 8:44. Pedphilia is of the Talmud NOT the Bible. The jews have nothing to do with YHWH. They are not the jews (hebrews) of the bible. The are Edom, Cains children, the children of Satan. If you read the bible and everytime you say Esau Edom or desendants of Cain. I think you just might enjoy that “book”. What makes division in our fight (which the jew LOVES..its his favorite weapon) is the athestic or agnostic side that still thinks Jesus was a kike. Thats our problem. We both hate the same people. Now the “Christians” who believe this are the same brainwashed bunch as the rest. Otherwise saying you cant judge the Book by the mass who have been fooled be “judeoChristianity”. There are alot of Christian Identity folk out there ready to take up the sword. If you think about it, the only HOPE we got is if the Christian masss are awoken to the truth that is right in front of their eyes. It was Christans that fought our revolution agaisnt the British, now they just need to see who gained control of the church and led them to lay down to be executed. IF there is not a force higher than do you think we will EVER be able to fight the jewish masters? Once they come to realize the jew is Edom jewry, not Jacob-Israel(never a country,but a people) we could rid them forever. I would love to see Iran wipe out isreali, but jews here have the red button, so..America is the key, and the only power that has influence on masses is the church. This is the reality of our situation. It has to happen before we lose the internet, which in reality is our only way of communication of our very,very ssmallgroup of wisemen. David was ordered to kill every last being of Edom, his failure is why we suffer today.

        • Holy hell…Cain’s children? Really? How did Cain go off to the city to marry a wife if Adam and Eve were the only other people on earth? Damn humans can be thick some times. I don’t think Jesus was a kike, I know for a fact he didn’t exist. The book is a fairy tale. The christian identity group is largely infested with jews and feds.

          I don’t care what you want to cling to. It boils down to this. These jews, and yes, they are the real jews…ALL OF THEM, need slaughtered wholesale to save the human race. Period. All else matters not.

          There’s no need to be careful when dealing with facts. This has nothing to do with people’s “beliefs”, “ideas”, “opinions”, “feelings” or anything else of the sort.

          • Adam,you will get the biblical types as you know;personally,I agree that God isn’t going to save anyone who doesn’t save themselves especiallly when you know which insane and ignoble enemy has hated you for millenia-the stronger they get the more obvious and universally abhorent they will become and as fornot trusting one,well,the the first molecule of a knife is what penetrates the skin before you even notice anything and then the thick end of the wedge follows behind to inevitably kill is too many of any bad thing.

          • Mike LVNV says:

            The Bible does not say that Adam and Eve were the only two people on earth. It says that Adam and Eve were the beginning of the Spirit man, the hu-man, able to blush in the face. There were races of people on earth long before Adam and Eve. In Genesis 1:1,2 look at the wording. The earth was created and was without form and void. How do you create something without form? The cross reference takes you to Jer. 4:23 wherein the prophet is taken in the Spirit and sees an aftermath of chaos and destruction. Then in Gen. 1:28 God made man (enosh-the created beings) and said to “replenish the earth.” Gen. 2:1, the creations were finished, ended and He rested. Four times it tells you this. Then, in Gen. 2:5 it brings in the Adam man, begotten of the Spirit. The creations are different from the Spirit man. See Gesenius’ Hebrew lexicon #120 (4). Adam man is the only one of his kind. Kind begets like kind it says in Genesis 1. That is also biological law. Trees are symbolic of peoples in Scripture. See Ezekiel 31. There you are told that the Assyrian (jew)was the greatest tree in the garden. Eze.31:9: there are tree that envy. Trees don’t envy, people envy. Just as it it today where the jew has his fingers in everything controlling what you read, hear, see, eat, think, etc. it was the same in those days, “nothing new under the sun.” The jews deliberately altered the translations of the ancient languages to hide the truth. To study Scripture you need lexicons (dictionaries). Strong’s Concordance and Gensenius Hebrew Lexicon has a number coded one as does Thayers in Greek. All the English words, every word in the KJV is numbered and you find the translations in the lexicons by following the numbers. It is an exhaustive study but well worth the while if you want to study your enemy. Also, History, and Science shows there were people here before Adam and Eve. The Sumerian Histories goes back hundreds of thousands of years telling of the Asiatics being the 1st people on earth. The Negroid came in on the warring ships of Lucifer in the Wars of the Heavens, Rev. 12:7. This is told of by the Voodoo priests of Africa in their prayers, that they want to go back to the planet they came from. Satan conned them and brought them to earth and they are not happy here. The Dogon tribe in Africa told the astronomers of the Sirius B planet before they even could find it with telescopes. Robert Ruark, a syndicated columnist writes of the Voodoo priests in his books. Carbon dating the bones of the Negro on Mt. Kilimanjaro takes them back to 73,000 years. Now the Spirit man, Adam, can only be found approximately 7500 years ago. They originated in the upper Paymir plateau of the Tien Shen Mountains in the Himalayas. Scripture tells of the 5 1/2 days return from the time Adam fell. A day is a thousand years making it 5,500 years till Christ’s birth which was prophecied in Isaiah 9:6. The books of Enoch tell the same story. It’s all there to find it one is willing to study. Hardly a book of fairy tales when you see what the jews have done to ancient history. The entire Bible is about the war between the Children of Light and the Children of Darkness, the jews. The Bible is a war manual. It says the very same thing that SN says, only the Scriptures are thousands of years old. As you follow the seed lines through Scripture you see that the jews always try to hide their identity, but along comes someone to expose them just as SB is doing today. I didn’t mean to write a book but I haven’t even scratched the surface of the knowledge that is found in Scripture and ancient History when one begins a thorough search. It is a life time of study. Make no mistake the jew is the enemy and Scripture says when the SHTF the blood will be up to the bridle and it will take 7 months to bury the bastards. No more unemployment in the USA.

          • The bible says god created the earth, then Adam and Eve, and they had Cain and Abel. Cain kills Abel, then goes off to the city to marry a wife. This all happens in the first five chapters of Genesis. The story of creation is a fable, as is much of the other stuff in the bible. It’s a fact that much of it is plagiarized from earlier civilizations, such as the Sumerians you mentioned.

            I am well aware that history and science tell of people long before the jew bible came along, as well as what the Dogons have to say about Sirius.

            It really matters very little to me what the bible says. If you want to school people on the bible, you are more than welcome to create a site and do so. What matters to me is cleansing the earth of this pestilence known as the jews. The bible itself is full of ridiculous shit like blood lust, sacrifice, genocide, incest, rape and much more. It’s god is a jealous, angry, and selfish god, and it steers people far away from the truth of who we really are as spiritual beings.

            I don’t mind if the bible is right about it taking 7 months to bury the jews, as long as it means they’re toast.

          • Mike LVNV says:

            The FACT is that the Bible tells you there were people on earth BEFORE Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel. You need to stay out of the Bible if you don’t know what it says. This is one of your many tells and reminds me of that Wm. Finck guy at Christogenea.

          • The FACT is that the bible is not a historical document, but a theological one. This is one of your tells. Why do you push the Christian Identity bullshit, knowing it is riddled with jews? Fink is a kike, are you one too?

          • Mike LVNV says:

            You keep pulling your own covers.No, I an not a jew but you seem to have an affinity towards the jew. Your phony program is a mirror image of the kike. You guys are esy to spot. Give it up.

          • AHAHAHAHA….What’s wrong kike? You didn’t like not being able to spew your christian identity shit here? Go hang out with Kike Delaney. He loves that jew trash.

        • Brad Kayganich says:

          You do need to revisit your bible as said by Adam. I guess you have not figured out yet your bible is the guide, and plan for the jews destruction of humanity. Yet people as yourself don’t want to see that. Maybe you just aren’t understanding what your reading. Keep believing that garbage about the “true jews” and “false jews”, a jew is a jew. Doesn’t matter what color you call the tea pot, its still a tea pot. Matter of fact, wear your cross, so you can be the first in line to get slaughtered!

  4. Yahweh isn’t going to save anybody from anything because he doesn’t exist, and if he did, it would be necessary for the human species to develop the technology to destroy it. Yahweh is an inferior tribal god that doesn’t even live up to the most meager of human virtues or the expectations we have for excellence in leadership.

    Yahweh, in all his behavioral flaws is undoubtedly the god of the Jews while the Bible is nothing but a ripoff of earlier and infinitely more important mythologies.

    Yahweh is a babe, whose existence can be measured in only a few thousand years. Why worship a god that is a paltry fraction of human existence? The gods of our ancestors–and this statement is accurate for any person of any race–are infinitely older and wiser than the carrion eater known as Yahweh.

    Yahweh the angry fictional toddler, isn’t coming to save you…We must save ourselves!

  5. Didnt even get to your comment John. Asw I said above the jew does not worship YHWH. You need to actually study the book before making assumpions. With your comments, how to you expect to have warriors to fight? Aryan Nations was about the strongest group since Hitler that WASNT a jew front! The jew has actually got you to believe that he is the people of the book,which makes you just as much as a sheep as the predominant Christians out there that are brainswashed. Hitler was a Christian BTW in his notes. The reason Hitler got the support of his country and was able to form a army against the jew was the fact that jew bolsheviks were out to kill Christians! We need those same Christians again! The books go back thousands of years..longer than any of the mythologies you say were first, and the FIRST ones to talk about destroying the jew! JEW = EDOM not Israel. I never said I was looking for someone to save me. I have also lost work to the message. the job I got kicked off of is still going..I lostover 120K yeah thats right.$120k I would have made on that overtime union job 50miles from my house. DId that stop me? No, I just be more careful who I talk to, but have gave me a rep as racist. All the jews get burnt up when you read the Bible the right way in the end. I was referring to that. Do I hope I am one of the saints sent out wiht a sword to behead them? YES. I think it would be much more fun to be invincible with a big sword decapitating jew after jew then using my AR-10. Much more personal,the blade..muhahah. One last point. jews did steal the name Yahweh just like they did Moses..saying the Talmud was his oral law…
    This is why I can forgive your statements, you have been misled, thats all. YHWH loves the warrior..try reading ALL the books instead of qoutes.

    • No, you need to study the book dude. The damn thing is a fairy tale. How about study archeology and history. Nobody wrote about this fabled Jesus until nearly 175 years after his death. History conveniently left out one of it’s most important figures…go figure, because he didn’t exist.

      There won’t be any magic invincibility. The vengeful, angry, and jealous god of the bible won’t be coming to save anyone, and discussions about this yaweh crap aren’t going to carry on here, because it is totally fruitless. There are those who “believe” in the stories, and the rest of us who know what a farce it is.

      Put that aside and focus on the jewish race and their extermination, and proselytize elsewhere.

  6. The Christians will wake up when it’s time, and that time is coming fast. The Jews must take the guns away from Americans, and there is NO WAY they can pin that on the muslims. Even if they call martial law, the US government and anyone that sides with them will be seen as the enemy of the people.

    It will be seen plain as day who is causing all the financial problems, and who is causing all the terror. Their fake muslim terrorists have already been exposed as JEWS. The game is up, they are finished.

    The Guns of America will soon turn on the Jew, and Europe, Asia, and the Americas will SUPPORT REAL AMERICANS in slaughtering mankinds one true enemy.

    • Wolfe Sifm says:

      Yeah most muslims just want a peacefull life not more the jews have the same crap on us for hundreds of years.

  7. williamnorwich says:

    I know alot of you won’t like this but Christianity is a
    branch of Judaism.
    It is funn how people figure out the Jew but can’t let go of Rabbi Jesus, pathetic.

    The Jews would not have gotten themselves into the position that they are in withouth the prosleytizing of gentiles through Christianity.
    Freemasonry is also a way for Jews to recruit gentiles.

    I don’t think Christ ever existed but nearly all Christians say that he was a Jew.
    Anyone who thinks their god is a Jew is useless in fighing the Jew.

  8. Josef G. says:

    Best movie Ive ever seen, I like it!

  9. There is some confusion here. Christ was a Jew, but the Jews killed him.The Jews did not follow Christ. The “Jews” of today have nothing to do with the Jews of the Old Testament anyway.The ancient Jewish religion no longer exists.
    My mother first saw this film in 1941.It is excellent. A masterpiece! My favourite.

    • There’s no confusion. Jesus is a fable, and so is the rest of the bible. The jews of today, regardless who they are all share the same DNA, so there is no division amongst them what so ever. The ancient jews are still here and always have been, because they are all the same group of people they always were. A race of demonic neanderthals hell bent on the destruction of humanity. I could give two shits what the jewish bible says.

    • Grimmoire says:

      Sermon on the Mount – Pharasees exposed as Hypocrites so they conspired together and paid sums of money to have Christ falsly tried and convicted.

      The faux-Yids have been plagued by 20+ inherent genetic faults + deprived of a place/land in the World by GOD (kicked out 90 times of european countries alone in 1,000yrs for usury, extortion, parasitism, subvertion etc) which they have Satanically taken & created by force ie Israel. Note how God never lets them rest up brining out their main character ie paranoid murderers!

      All the countries surrounding them are constantly aggressive, warlike, argumentive and wont let the faux jews walk all over them at any huge cost in soldier power.

      The faux yids steal Billions of pounds(their parasitical nature “in plain sight”) from USA/Europe taxpayers a year for their arms and to keep the zionist ‘masterace’ (Ashke-nazis)in the style they have become accutomed to!

      “For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven,” MAT 5:20.

      Think of the shock that puzzled the multitude when Jesus said, “…except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.” In the time that the Lord Jesus was on the earth, the scribes and Pharisees were not only zealous guardians of the law, but they were the highest authorities in the law. The scribes and Pharisees held the highest rooms at the ceremonial feasts; they held the chief seats in the synagogues. They were looked up to and were called Rabbi, or Master of the law. They were the ones who understood and taught the law. They were not only the teachers but also the upholders of the law.”

      What he is going on about is they twisted Gods teaching by leaving stuff out that they did not like and stuck in other self-egotist stuff (made-up) that wasn’t asked for!
      Think of the bent RABBIDS spewing out filth + Enochian-Babylonian Majik from their Talmud GRIMMOIRE!
      (Gypsies are also implicated – as they practice Enochian-babylonian witchcraft, having originated from same area as the faux-jews!)
      Amen to that

      • I’m not into the whole bible thing. I think until the thousands of years of human history predating it are revealed, it’s foolish to blindly believe in it. The jews aren’t “faux yids”. They are jews through and through. The Khazar crap is all bullshit too. ALL of the different groups of jews share the same DNA. The only reason there are any differences from Sephardic to Ashkenazi to Mizrakhim and beyond is their intermingling with humans on a regional basis. That, and they may have been created with other forms of animal DNA than the rest of humanity. Ever wonder why jews like Waxman look like a fucking pig, and they don’t like to eat pork?

        • Grimmoire says:

          Its all explained in the Bible – but as you’ve never read it yet dismiss it you are the fool!

          The fallen Angels mixed with the human race (their offspring were Giants ie Goliath.)

          Because God got fed up with disobedience he destroyed everything with the great flood – evidence in substrata all around the World.
          (Promised everyone he would never do it again)

          We pick up again with Noah and his boat!

          This time the disobedient are going to be hacked to bits
          – “Rivers of Blood” is not Enoch Powell quote but taken out of the Bible!

          The faux-yids are of the “Synagogue of Satan” (eg Russian plunderer-Murdering gangster Mongol-Jew Oligarch savages) includes all other twisted Elites like top Satanic-Masonic USA families Clintons/Kennedys/Russells etc!

          They killed over 150 million orthodox Christian Russians.
          So many were sent to their deaths in modern times in Khazakstan/Afghanistan that women still hugely outnumber menfolk in towns/cities in Russia/former Soviet States!

          Regarding “all groups of Jews share same DNA”
          – we will have to wait and see what the allegorical number of 144,000 from All tribes represents, again in The Bible.

          German Ashkenazi = Huns = Khazars/Chinese-Mongolian Han tribe who attacked Eastern Europe with the Genghis Golden Hoardes.

          Why do you think the convert mongol savage faux-yid leaders are today duplicating Western industry in China/Asia
          – they aim to destroy Whities in the West.

          • You are the fool for coming here telling me what I did and didn’t read. Why is it that all the accounts of so-called Jesus weren’t written until nearly 200 years after his death? Why is there no account of the first 33 years of his life? How the fuck does Cain go off to a city to find a wife if Adam and Eve are the only people on earth, and Cain and Abel are their only offspring? There are more holes in the bible story than swiss cheese.

            You do realize that the Khazar story was written by a kike, just like much of the bible don’t you? Which version do you go by? The one sanctioned by King James? Do you ignore the creation stories of dozens of ancient cultures which predate the bible by thousands of years? Why haven’t you read about those or completely ignored them in favor of the bible story? Why do the jews push christianity so much? Why is the catholic church run by jews? Do you really know why they push their favorite strawman so much? If you cling to your “belief” and never look for FACTS to support it, you are the FOOL.

            ALL groups of jews have the SAME DNA and there is NO EVIDENCE to support the fake Khazar bullshit. The jews have always been ONE GROUP of people, intermingled with the rest of humanity. This page admits the science has not verified the (false) claims of the jews who put forth the bullshit Khazar “theory”.

            There are known skeletons of Khazars from the Don-valley (Sarkel, Semikarakovskoye, etc.) and from the Crimea (e.g., Sudak). It is important to note that Khazarian skeletons and North Caucasian Turks have not yet been used to compare Jewish genes with likely traces of the Khazars. Thus, the Khazar theory has not really been put to the genetic test yet. Some historians and scientists recognized the need for specifically testing the Khazar theory, rather than generalizing based on studies of other non-Khazar populations

            Note the jews quoted at the bottom claiming jews are not a race, yet the entire page shows how jews share the same DNA in EVERY GROUP:

            The main ethnic element of Ashkenazim (German and Eastern European Jews), Sephardim (Spanish and Portuguese Jews), Mizrakhim (Middle Eastern Jews), Juhurim (Mountain Jews of the Caucasus), Italqim (Italian Jews), and most other modern Jewish populations of the world is Israelite. The Israelite haplotypes fall into Y-DNA haplogroups J and E.
            Ashkenazim also descend, in a smaller way, from European peoples from the northern Mediterranean region (including Italians and French) and even less from Slavs. We know most of the European ancestry came from women who married into the community since the Ashkenazic haplogroups of European origin are usually mtDNA rather than Y-DNA. Unexpectedly, most Ashkenazim have a tiny fraction of East Asian ancestry. Their typically East Asian mtDNA haplogroups include M33c1 and N9a3. The characteristically East Asian hair thickness allele 1540C for the EDAR gene is carried by about 1.7% of Ashkenazim.
            Dutch Jews from the Netherlands also descend from northwestern Europeans.
            Sephardim also descend, in a smaller way, from various non-Israelite peoples.
            Georgian Jews (Gruzinim) are a mix of Georgians and Israelites.
            Yemenite Jews (Temanim) are a mix of Yemenite Arabs and Israelites.
            Moroccan Jews, Algerian Jews, and Tunisian Jews are mainly Israelites.
            Libyan Jews are mainly Israelites who may have mixed somewhat with Berbers.
            Ethiopian Jews are almost exclusively Ethiopian, with little or no Israelite ancestry.
            Bene Israel Jews and Cochin Jews of India have much Indian ancestry in their mtDNA.
            Palestinian Arabs are probably partly Israelite.
            Studies of Cohens and Levites

            Key findings:

            The Cohen Modal Haplotype is found among many Jewish populations of the world, including Ashkenazim, Sephardim, and the Bene Israel of India.
            The Cohen Modal Haplotype, which belongs to haplogroup J, was a component of the ancient Israelite population, and especially common among the Cohens (priests of the Temple in Jerusalem).
            The Cohen Modal Haplotype is not exclusively found among Jews, but rather is also found among Kurds, Armenians, Italians, Palestinian Arabs, and a few other peoples.
            About half of Ashkenazic Levites possess haplotypes belonging to the R1a1 haplogroup. This is almost never found among Sephardic Levites, and is rare in non-Ashkenazic populations as a whole, but the phylogeny of the branching out of R1a1 shows the Ashkenazic variety of R1a1 to be distinct from both the Eastern European and Central Asian forms of R1a1, contradicting the theory that Slavs or Khazars who converted to Judaism introduced this lineage into Ashkenazim. The actual source of Ashkenazic R1a1 was a population in Iran.

          • dick johnson says:

            Hey bro, you still out there? Great site you have.

          • Yes, I’m still here….

        • I’m tired as well with people saying fake jews, and real jews, as if there is a difference??? I imagine people can’t get it through their heads, that there is no such thing as real jews, and false jews. Just jews! get it people!! just more kike bullshit, too keep the flock on the wrong path.

    • Grimmoire says:

      RABID = A FOXY Word
      > Spanish Fox = “Zorro”
      > Sephardic-Marrano Jews
      (many grew rich buying selling Blacks and White europeans as Slave Traders!
      They had the monopoly in Northern Africa + Eastern Europe down the silk road & into Russia in 1200’s)

      The terms “Marrano” and “converso” were applied in Spain and Portugal to the descendants of baptized Jews suspected of secret adherence to Judaism

  10. This film should be distributed far and wide and shown to pre-school children! Sums the Jews up to a tee! Absolutely!

  11. Hallo Freunde!
    Ich sehe Ihr seid begeistert von dem Film. Er spiegelt exakt die Tatsachen wider, mit denen wir uns heute auseinandersetzen müssen – eine von den Juden regierte Welt, deren Werte ausschließlich um Profit drehen. Wir haben es so weit kommen lassen und wurden Opfer von deren Propagandanetzwerk, das über Erziehungssysteme, Presse und Politik geht.
    Kämpft für die Freiheit und Reinheit Eures Volkes bevor es zu spät ist, es ist bereits 5 vor 12!

    Dear Friends!
    As far as I can see you love this great German film. It shows exactly the awful reality we have to face and combat today: a world virtually ruled by the jews and their moral values, which are nothing but money. We have let it get so far and have become victims of their Propaganda-networks, which already covers school education, media and politics.
    Fight for the freedom and purity of your nation bevor it is too late!

  12. Jennifer Chen says:

    God, the good one who is the ideal of good people-(those who have a capacity to love and protect others especially those weaker than themselves)-who not only sustain other life-but make that life better, are what God and life need-so they are preserved in Heaven which is the real world-one where human beings can go once they learn to make life a heaven for all here on earth-only then will they be prepared to live in heaven. The more evolved a being is-the greater is its capacity to love others. The arab people are the most evolved people on the planet-that is why the jews hate them, the jews who are the servants of Satan, can not corrupt or harm the Arab soul-the part of them that returns to heaven-the loving part. War is made by the Bankers who are Satanists-they hoard wealth while others are forced/allowed to starve(the sin of inequity)-God demands that we share all equally-all the resources of earth must be divided equally-no money/barter is used-the strong work together sustain the weak, all contribute what they can-not for selfish gain-but for the good of all-as in an Arab family-so should be the family of man. Some beings-the jews, have actually regressed backwards into beings without any capacity to love-forgive-have empathy or compassion-they have no souls(a part of them that loves and will go to heaven after death) – they can never get that part of them back and they hate those who do have souls-especially those with highly evolved souls-the Arab people. There is a Hell and it is for those with no capacity to love, and those who follow such people into Hell-such as soldiers who fight the wars for the jews. War is a Satanic ritual-those willing to destroy proudly (a deadly sin) and make life Hell for others such as, greedy Corporations, and soldiers-will go straight to Hell and belong to Satan-they have worshipped the antichrist/jews and jew-money as their God. They have gone from the true ideal of goodness-the good God who is peaceful and loves all equally, who forgives and does no harm-as their ideal and worship Satan-who is the ideal of a violent destructive selfish punisher who wants only to inflict pain and torment on others. These become sociopaths-they are separated from love and God forever-they could never fit in in Heaven. Destruction of life is not heavenly. They have lost their souls-which is why soldiers commit suicide daily. Those who are the victims of this War/Satanic ritual-are sacrificed-meaning satan does not get them-they go back to Heaven-but those who commit the brutal acts that kill and harm others(Hell) will go straight to Hell in spirit-they may still be alive-but their spirit which lives in the real world-is in Hell-love is gone replaced by its opposite=fear, and they are possessed and tortured by demons day and night-driving them to do more and more evil. There are no happy jews-no happy followers of the jews-no matter how much money they have-all is equal in the universe-happiness can only be had-by those who give happiness to others-all the misery/hell you give to others-returns to the giver-jews/bankers/capitalists-as their daily misery-look at the ugliness in their faces-these will never know joy-are doomed to Hell forever(in spirit) soulless-their victims however will return with new life more angelic souls-and the love of God to protect them. A sociopath when harmed wants one thing-to become more powerful so it can do the same and worse harm others-this is a fact. Loving beings-do not wish to ever do such to another-they want to protect others. Evolved beings protect the weak-jews prey on the weak. Jews think they are smart-but what is smart about destroying your soul-and trying to get others to do the same? They are stupid-all that is important in life is the ability to love and jew-smartness has destroyed their souls forever-Hell is a very real place-one where they pray fro death-but it never comes until jews have paid for all the Hell they cause others.


    • Thank you. Just read the LA times article. Of course it seems the Obama administraton wants us to spend more. For what? So we can go deeper into debt and become slaves? I’m personally trying to work my sorry ass out of debt and I know many others trying to do the same. I have not given up hope!

  14. Im feeling awfully trapped these days but mostly angry. I remember a time not so long ago when a man could support his family by working at jobs this country was founded on. the JEWS running this one time great country have reduced the gentile population to fighting over what ever they want us to have which is not much lately. They do not care about
    the christian principles this country was based upon. This slime only worships money and power period. And you cannot worship both GOD and money everybody knows that right? This pagan filth like always have been behind all that is wrong in the world like war,porn,promotion of homosexuality and the general moral standard in the gentile population. How many of you are aware of being bombarded by the jew media on a constant basis arent you sick it? Adam sandler movies making fun of gentiles. portraying them as ignorant,brash and undignified and he the slick loving jew usaully saving the pretty gentile woman from the evil \goy\. Glorifing a few black athletes and rappers to keep the majority of minorites \happy\ yes it is the Jew bank rolling these rappers knowing full well that it does destroy their sense of right and wrong making it seem cool to treat women like dirt deal drugs and have no real sense of worth. And at the same time get ALL of us fighting at the same time! yes the jew in his quest for the evil dollar has managed to fool us all time to wake up!!

  15. Millions of innocent men, women and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined and imprisoned; yet we have not advanced one inch towards uniformity.
    -Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia, 1782
    If men are so wicked with religion, what would they be without it?
    – Benjamin Franklin
    “A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand”
    Abraham Lincoln, June 1858

    Tom, It may be a good idea to leave religious principles out of our country’s equation. I believe we’re dealing with a certain race called “jew”. If we divide ourselves according to religion, there goes another can of worms. I agree with everything else you said. Especially about the God (spiritual, not religious) and money thing.

    • Brenda, you can’t leave out religion. You have 40 million Christian Zionists in America who “believe” that Jews are the chosen ones and god will bless them if they bless the jews. The jews have hoodwinked them into believing this crap.

      So what do you do when these Christian Zionists side with jews and will kill YOU to defend them? Im all for educating and showing them the truth, but if they ignore reality and side with the jews, then they must be treated like the jew.

      When the shit hits the fan it will most likely be a free for all, just like jews intend it to be. As much as you want to focus on the jew, it may be someone else that wants to kill you for some reason. You will need to be on guard against everyone and be careful who you trust, if you want to survive.

      The evidence is all there for Christians to see. Most of the Christians I know are great, and know all about the jew.

      There is a reason jews “love” Christians, because most worship jews, and the other half are so into love and peace that couldn’t possibly pick up a gun and shoot someone.

      The mentality of Christians needs to be changed. They need to see Jesus as a revolutionary with a whip and kicking ass! Not some guy cuddling a baby lamb.

  16. Hans II says:


    as my brother, Hans I said:
    watch this movie, it’s a documentary report (!!!). We are in great danger. The JEW is comming, save your children.

    Ihr hohles Geschmeiß seid wohl das geistig verschnittenste, was ich seit langem gesehen hab! Lach mir hier grad den Arsch ab 🙂

    Greetings from good old Germany,

    Hans Karl Heinz Adolf von Herrenmensch

  17. Mike,
    All I’m saying is that many of the “founding fathers” were not religious. If we make statements like how this country was founded on christian priciples, we could alienate the humans from other religions (budhists, hindus, muslims, etc).Do you not believe there are other religions with the same principles? Religion has a great tendency to divide people. I do however agree with what you said about the jew worshipping christian because i was almost one:0)

    • You realize that many of the founding fathers WERE religious, just not how most interpret it. The constitution ORIGINALLY said “life, liberty, and the pursuit of PROPERTY” for those who didn’t know that tidbit. Their religion consists of worshiping evil demons, the sun, moon, planets and stars. Most of them were freemasons who worship ancient egyptian, sumerian, babylonian, and greek gods, many of which are interchangeable, or gods with different names, but the same meanings. When they say “our creator” they are talking of their evil demonic god. When they say “in god we trust” it is in THEIR demonic god. So yes, they were religious, just not in the way most people think.

      • I guess I should have said many of the founding fathers were not christian. Thanks for clarifying. Good to hear from you.

  18. The Jew is a backstabbing slippery slimey evil cancer that consumes gentile flesh without mercy! they do not deserve any feeble argument! the only thing they deserve is “NO QUARTER”. THEY ONLY “LIKE YOU” JUST ENOUGH SO THEY COULD F#&K YOU TO A SLOW DEATH IF THAT ISNT EVIL I DONT KNOW WHAT IS!!! THE I THAT IS WE NEED TO COME UP WITH INTELLIGENT WAYS TO DEAL WITH THE JEW SLIME!!!! GOD BLESS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS…….PS CHECKOUT JOECORTINA.COM


  20. i have watched this film twice now and i must say this is a rather good movie. till i saw it all the way though i thought that it was here as a joke about the jew, but after having viewed it a few times now its a great lesson on the ways of jews and also very entertaining. thanks this is the first movie i have watched in a long time and it was worth watching.

  21. Please study the Byzantine Empire and note that the Empire lasted 1,200 years because;

    I. jews were a minority and only tolerated (as they should be)
    II. jews had a ‘special’ taxed imposed upon them
    III. jews were not permitted to educate (become teachers)
    IV. jews were not permitted any employable position within the state (Emperor or government)
    V. jews were not permitted any position within finance, coinage or law

    In other words the jew was confined. It should of remained that way.

    Moscow was to be the third Rome (Constantinople being the second) but the jew got his revenge with the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the rest is history.

    This one single event (the jew bolshevik led revolution in Russia 1917) brings us to this unimaginable situation we’re in today.

    • Well, what you SHOULD HAVE LEARNED from history is that the jews CAN NOT BE CONFINED. The Byzantine Empire MIGHT STILL EXIST if it didn’t have ANY JEWS IN IT’S MIDST. You shouldn’t look at it as confinement WORKED for 1200 years….you should look at is as CONFINEMENT FAILED after 1200 years, PERIOD. Doctors don’t look at cancer and say “let’s confine it to your liver”….they say “cut that shit out NOW and be DONE with it”. Watch this flick HERE and understand that ONE JEW IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM. NOT ONE jew can be kept safely amongst peoples who wish to remain safe and autonomous.

  22. Tom Cococha says:

    Hi, i hope that you are all aware of the fact that this is not the Original 220 minutes long version of the movie, i also watched this one in the stream and its not really bad, sure there are some sick scenes but the ohter version is way sicker than this, one of my teachers watched it and she said after the movie she really hated jews…

  23. Such a happy ending. Too bad its not like that now…at least not yet.

  24. Hi!
    I’m looking for the film “Wally of the Vultures” everywhere and I not able to find it, since this film is alike, doyou have this one?

  25. Red Dragon says:

    Hey Adam Austin.

    When will you create a radio show? 2011 is an interesting year. Just make sure you make it harder for jews to complain by making podcast webpage harder to see by making it visible ie 18 and over adult page, login, and etc.

    BTW your still the most hardcore anti-jew persona on the internet which is PATHETIC! People are just too soft on the jew. Seems like economic problems are not severe enough to create genuine antisemitism.(anti-zionism does not count, anti-elite jews does not count)

    • I disagree. People are not too soft on the jew. Those in the know are afraid of losing life and limb for speaking or showing the truths about these venomous snakes! Just look at all those that endured torture, deportation, bankruptcy, loss of earning a living and even death that have spoken out!

  26. t=10:35

    “I’ve just opened the door for all of you to enter. You’ll go around wearing velvet and silk.”

    Hahaha, sounds just like NY and Hollywood. Are there people out there who are still kidding themselves? Bookmarked! I’ll be watching the rest of this after working my very productive job today.

  27. Antoine says:

    I watched this for the third time last night. Although the actors portraying jews did a formidable job, they still look too…
    …human? When we shoot the modernized remake (“Jud Hufshit: Rise of the Solar Zionists!” or possibly “Over the River and Through the Woodchipper”) we’ll have to cast actors with small skulls so that they can wear fake jew face-masks and sloped craniums over their heads like “monster helmet” costumes.

    Speaking of movies, Adam, have you ever seen “The Seven Samurai”? It’s a Japanese classic from 1954; not a single fucking jew involved in the production. It has a terrific premise with a wonderful “No Quarter” message: when a bunch of murdering, raping, thieving bandits threaten your village, the solution is to get some warriors together, organize, train, weaponize, and kill every fucking murdering, raping, thieving bandit until they are all dead, and none remain. Period.

    • Well, you just summed up my entire goal in one sentence, thanks.

      • Antoine says:

        Sure thing. Check it out if you can, everyone else here should, too. It’s a very inspiring and powerful film that parallels our current dilemma, and it’s full of human values while being exciting and entertaining. Once again; NOT A SINGLE FUCKING KIKE WAS INVOLVED WITH THIS FILM.

        I’m a superb scanner for 2% jew shit. Seven Samurai is clean, gents.

        • Antoine says:

          Well it FUCKING FIGURES. I just poked around for two minutes and found out that the fat, hideous troll-fuck yids at the Weinstein Company want to remake Seven Samurai. Their prospective screen-writer is a guy who attended Jew York Jewniversity Film (communist) school and claims two communist yid screenwriters as his mentors.

          FUCK! Is there nothing these fucking demons won’t rape and mutilate?

  28. prayin’ won’t help you moanin’ won’t do you no good

    especially praying to the jew god..the god of the jew just that ..why would that god care what you want ?

    ..especially if it is protection from his “chosens” that god is the friend of the jew …and the enemay of all other things human, plant and animal on this earth

    now that i have said that is all all a bullshit story anyway ,,there is no god …grow up…no santa claus either ..or easter

    the fukn screws are good at making up storys to scare children an naive people…watch enough stupid horror films ..made by jews..and you will be afraid of the dark..

    pray all you want..just as long as you are ready to stop and get up off your knees and fight when the time comes

    look at the recent flash mob is the jootool first wave …the pawns are being sent out …but behind them are the real dangerous ones …

    don;t take refuge in a church and die on your knees praying to the jew god to save you while the church is burnt down on top of you

  29. Derek Prudence says:

    Here’s my take on the religion issue.

    The point is we, as human beings, are fighting a race on neanderthals, non-humans, who pretend to be human. As per their declared war on us, they are breaking down every nation, every culture, every race. We are all in danger, not just America or Germany. It is not a coincidence that Hitler has almost 2 million foreign volunteers (Waffen SS), and they came from all over the world: many nations (we had nations then) saw the problem, that Germany was making the last stand against the jews, who had declared war on Germany in 1933. The allies need conscription.

    Now each nation/country/culture has to be strong, and fight for themselves. And the jew has made them weak by breaking down national and cultural barriers, the very thing that keeps a nation/country/race strong. So we need to each go back to our race, country, culture, and religion, if we are to survive the onslaught that is corrupting us.

    The Germans need to be strong Germans, Prussians, Teutons, Catholics; part of what makes them great is their Christianity. The Russians need to be Russian, Orthodox Russian. America is already divided at various levels by the jew. It badly needs renewal. Like it or not, that includes religion. And a renewal of religion. These pseudo-religions and new age bullshit serve the purpose of adulterating and destroying real religion. It is one thing to be fighting a war for good, for protecting your family, your race, your country (which America has not done since the civil war) against satan and his minions. It is quite a different thing to fight that same war against satanic forces and know that God (or Allah or Brahma) is on your side.

    All great religions (that excludes buddhism, because there is no god, it is a mental exercise, satanic AFAIC) teach the same things; evil is defined the same way in all of them. So each country/race/religion will be fighting the same war, against the same enemy, with the structures available to them from within (not without, that involves the jew and usury), that keep them strong. The very same structures that the jew is actively destroying.

    • The problem with that is christianity is a JEW RELIGION, so it’s never going to work out! People need to put the bullshit religion aside and deal with the issues like adults. Not children who believe in fantasies and follow a doctrine full of murder, blood lust, incest, genital mutilation, rape, and war mongering that claims jews to be “god’s chosen” people. Christianity is one of the biggest support bases for the jew. Without it, they would have never gotten as far as they have.

      People can easily come together under nationalist banners without having religion involved. It’s time we put aside the fantasies and beliefs and focus on the gravity of the situation, without relying on some god to solve it all for us. Most of the christians are just WAITING for a RAPTURE so they can do nothing while god fixes it all. That’s not going to happen. Everyone needs to SNAP OUT OF THE SPELL and stop pretending we can just ignore the problem. Catholicism is just jewish ritual black magic cloaked in psuedo-christianity too, and the pope is a jew.

      Religion is not the answer. Humanity doesn’t need fantasy to rout out the jew.

  30. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    So You’re confirming to us that the bible is made by Jews, yes?

  31. Unknown quote: If you want to know who god loves, look who he gives his money to
    Also: “Never trust a Jew” quoted by Nicola Tesla

  32. Please check out Thanks so much for posting this excellent video, and your report and comments, SVN.

  33. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    I’ve found pieces of the Talmud for those who really want to see their sick ways. Here’s a link.

  34. Great site! Thank you for everything you’ve done so far.

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