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Jobless and Homeless In America

Jobless and Homeless In America

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

Thomas Jefferson 1791

I’ll be damned, Jefferson was more than a president, he was a fucking prophet!

So how does it feel America? How does it feel to know that you have fulfilled what your forefathers warned you about? How does it feel to know that you’ve allowed the jews and their usury to subvert everything you THOUGHT your country stood for? How does it feel to live in a supposedly christian nation where EVERYBODY and their brother has succumbed to the SIN of USURY? How does a nation full of christians EVER fall into the trap of usury? Don’t any of the christians around here remember Jesus throwing the money changers out of the temple? Who were the money changers? They were the same group of jews who are destroying our economy as I type this.

Now the news is finally starting to report that we are in a recession. How does it feel to be stupid enough to believe that this is just a recession, or that it just started? The Washington Post is reporting here that the recession started in DECEMBER 2007!!! That’s a YEAR AGO, but for the past year the press has been reporting we MIGHT see a recession soon, MAYBE. Yeah right. I’m going to one up these fools and put it to you bluntly. America, you are in the middle of a DEPRESSION that will make the 1920’s look like a walk in the park. There will be no bread lines because there won’t be any bread. There will be no jobs, and there will be no supermarkets to buy food at. Those will get looted first thing, then it’s survival of the fittest, and the jews are counting on it. Order out of chaos is their motto.

This article HERE states “It’s a Recession, Not a Depression” and was just published December 2nd. What’s even more sad than the article itself is some of the replies, like this one “I don’t want to sound naive, but I suspect we may be coming out of this recession soon. Although, clearly this one has been longer than your average recession…..” by a user named “Invoice Factoring” who thinks massive cash injections are going to save the day! FUCK! Are people really this stupid? The answer is an unfortunate and resounding YES.

HERE is an article from March 2008 which stated way back then “US employers cut 63,000 positions from their payrolls in February, Labor Department figures revealed” but in the same article from March, Bush is reassuring us we are NOT in a depression, “I know this is a difficult time for our economy,” he said. “But we recognised the problem early and we provided the economy with a booster shot.” I’ve got a booster shot for his ass, but mine comes in the form of a firing line.

Although the title states “Bush Insists US Not in Recession” if you read down a little you’ll see this “The most striking figure in the whole report is that private sector payrolls shrank by 101,000 last month compared to a modest 26,000 drop in January,” said Paul Ashworth at Capital Economics. “A decline of that magnitude screams recession.” Do they lie like fuck or what?

Here we sit heading into the christmas holiday season, but what is usually marked as a time for happiness, a time for giving, and a time for peace will turn out to be nothing of the sort with the recent report of job losses for November. This ABC News article headline reads “533,000 Jobs Lost in November Since the Beginning of the Year, 1.8 Million Jobs Have Been Cut by Employers”. How wonderful is that? Merry christmas folks. You’ll buy presents by the TON with no jobs, won’t you?

EVERY last bit of this crap is due to the jews and their control and manipulation of our currency, our government, our media, etc. You need to stop trusting these fools. Don’t buy their newspapers. Don’t watch their news casts. Don’t buy their magazines. Don’t take loans at interest. Instead, start putting your support behind blogs like Subverted Nation and others who will give you the real scoop. Start supporting people who are ready, willing, and able to stand up and take the FIGHT to these demons. Stand up and FIGHT your damn selves at the same time, because time itself is not on your side and neither is your government.

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