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JIDF Threatens Subverted Nation With Mossad Agents

JIDF Threatens Subverted Nation With Mossad Agents

The Jewish Internet Defense Force has decided to use underhanded tactics to stop Subverted Nation from bringing you the TRUTH about the Jewish subversion of our nation. If you ever thought for a moment that anything I was telling you was untrue, the JIDF has opened their big mouth and stuck their foot in it, to prove that I am giving you a factual account of the world around you.

If I was just a lone nut trotting out a bunch of bullshit tripe, there would be no need to attack my efforts here, but since I am repeatedly hitting the nail on the head, the Jews are getting sore from my hammer. If my information and ideas were ridiculous, wouldn’t it be simple to rebut what I present, or to make me out to be a quack? Sure it would, but it doesn’t work that way with truth. Truth is something like gold. It doesn’t fade, and it doesn’t tarnish, no matter what you do to it. Not to mention the Jews wish they could get their hands on all of it!

The “admin” at The JIDF made a mistake posting his comments here, because I am going to bring it to the forefront for all of you to see how they work behind the scenes to undermine everything in our country. His comment has been approved and will remain for all to see on the post “Support Subverted Nation”, but you can see what this subversive element has to say here:

yeah, do you want to go ahead and disable your paypal and “chipin” or do you want to have us have our mossad agents at PayPal do it for you?

So, we are going to take our Chip-In button down, because no doubt these Jews will use their Mossad assets to stop our efforts to raise money, and continue bringing you the truth about their destruction of this once great nation. My paypal account, which is will be cancelled if I continue to ask you to send money through this method by the Jewish criminals I keep pointing out for you. In order not to have that account shut down, I will remove the link to it through the Chip-In button because this account is still used for numerous other things.

So, let me send a big thanks out to the “admin” at the JIDF for helping me expose how deep their network runs in the U.S. I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to expose their penetration and subversion. For my supporters, you can click on the Donate Page for other methods of supporting my efforts here.

Very big thanks goes out to those who have supported my efforts. The domain was donated by one of our supporters, and we are more than half way to our goal to pay for the hosting and security features we will definitely be needing, with the JIDF and Mossad attacking our efforts.

  1. The Last Patriot says:

    I was not thinking of donating to your site until I read this post…

  2. Full-steam ahead!

  3. jews acting like jews. I see nothing new here.

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