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Jews Suck Baby Penises

Jews Suck Baby Penises

These jews see babies as sex toys to be exploited at will. Note the look of lust in the eyes of the great faggot, bloody penis licking rabbi. How would you like this fella to circumcise your child?

The title pretty much says it all, but I’ll add a little commentary. How disgusting do you think it would be to lick the blood off of a baby’s freshly circumcised penis? To most people, the mere thought of this is utterly repulsive, but not to jews. The truth is, jews are heavily into pedophilia, bestiality, incest, rape, and all kinds of other sickness, but if you want a good look at how disgusting jews really are, then watch the video below of a jew defending the process they call “metzizah bepeh”. Metzizah means “to suck”, and this is exactly what they do during their circumcision “ritual”. Have a look at this:

“There are three stages required for the performance of a ritually correct circumcision in Jewish law: the removal of the foreskin; the tearing of the underlying membraene so as to expose the glans completely; and the sucking away of the blood, m’tsitsah.” Roger V. Pavey. The Kindest Cut of All. Bognor Regis, W. Sussex: New Horizon. 1981. pp. 87-88.

“The method to be adopted is laid down thus: ‘One excises the foreskin, [that is] the entire skin covering the glans, so that the corona is laid bare. Afterwards, one tears with the finger-nail the soft membrane underneath the skin, turning it to the sides until the flesh of the glans appears. Thereafter, one sucks the membrane until the blood is extracted from the [more] remote places, so that no danger [to the infant] may ensue; and any circumciser who does not carry out the sucking procedure is to be removed [from his office].’ . . . The operation itself, then, consists of three distinct acts: the excision of the prepuce; the laceration of the mucous membrane covering the glans; and the sucking of the blood from the interior of the wound.” Immanuel Jakobovits. Jewish Medical Ethics: A Comparative and Historical Study of the Jewish Religious Attitude to Medicine and Its Practice. New York: Bloch Publishing Company. 1959. pp. 193-194.

“The baby cried, blood flowed on to his penis and – as the rabbi had predicted – Graham [the godfather] did not faint. The rabbi then bent over the baby and sucked the wound. I know this sounds awful, but it is part of the Jewish tradition. It’s supposed to help the healing.” Jack Shamash. “My Son on the Cutting Edge.” Independent (London), no. 3,797 (Thursday, December 17, 1998): p. R8.

“And what of the practice of sucking the bleeding penis? While condemning the procedure, some physicians contend that it was used to stop bleeding.47 Not only is there little evidence for this theory, but it was also a largely ineffective method. Furthermore, even in antiquity, surgeons had better methods to stop bleeding, such as pressure, instruments, and medication.48 According to Dr. H. Speert (1953), Maimonides ‘staunchly supported this procedure [sucking the bleeding penis] as a prophylactic measure against inflammation.’”49 Edward Wallerstein. Circumcision: An American Health Fallacy. New York: Springer Publishing Company. 1980. p. 160.

“mezizah — Hebrew term for the third step in the Jewish circumcision ritual, in which the mohel applies his mouth to the freshly circumcised infant’s penis and sucks up the first drops of blood. In more recent times this procedure has been carried out via a tube, as infections, venereal disease, and tuberculosis, sometimes resulting in the death of the infant, have occurred due to contamination of the wound. Most Jewish circumcisors today have eliminated this step from the circumcision ritual. Critics have attributed sadistic and homosexual implications to this practice, while defenders claim that this was simply all that was known during ancient times to stop the bleeding.” Rosemary Romberg. Circumcision: The Painful Dilemma. South Hadley, Massachusetts: Bergin & Garvey, Publishers, Inc. 1985. p. 395.

“The traditional practice of metzitzah b’peh, which has its roots in the earliest history of the Jewish people and has survived unchanged to the present time, should be viewed with great respect. It is spoken of very positively in the Jewish literature on circumcision both as an essential part of the ritual and as a health measure which prevents infection and promotes healing.” Henry C. Romberg, M.D. Bris Milah: A book about the Jewish ritual of circumcision. Jerusalem/New York: Feldheim Publishers. 1982. pp. 57-58.

Caught in the act, this rabbi sucks the blood from a freshly circumcised baby penis. Other jews look on intently, only wishing they could be the one to do the deed. Metzizah means to suck, a practice jews are accustomed to from birth!

Seems the jews like to claim that this practice is to help the healing of the wound from circumcision. However, circumcision is a barbaric practice that has people lopping off the heads of their baby’s penises all over the world for no reason. Hope to hell your child isn’t circumcised by a jewish doctor, or you might just catch him sucking on your baby’s penis. It’s pathetic and disgusting, but it’s a well known and revered practice amongst jews. You can see by the quotes above they defend this practice as necessary, but the circumcision itself is just genital mutilation, and nothing more, so the blood sucking vampire ritual of licking a baby’s penis is completely unnecessary. To the jews, this is a ritual behavior, and has nothing to do with promoting healing. It has to do with welcoming another demon into their flock, by having his penis sucked by some disgusting rabbi at eight days old.

No need to wonder if this has anything to do with pedophilia, because that is exactly where this practice stems from. These worthless creatures love to have sex with children, and this is a sort of initiation for baby jews to get their first taste of pedophilia, homosexuality, and incest. You have to realize what we’re dealing with isn’t some special “chosen people”, but instead is a tribe of raging homosexual pedophiles. There is nothing good or great about these people, they are disgusting and abhorrent to any non-jew with a conscience, or who doesn’t see pedophilia as acceptable. To the jew, sucking a baby’s penis is fun, and a celebrated ritual of filth. To the jew, someone who will NOT perform the ritual of sucking a baby’s penis is not good enough to mutilate their genitalia either.

Shabbath 19:2
They may perform on the Sabbath all things that are needful for circumcision: excision, tearing, sucking [the wound], and putting thereon a bandage and cumin. If this had not been pounded up on the eve of the Sabbath a man may chew it with his teeth and then apply it.
The Mishnah
Translated by Herbert Danby
Oxford: Oxford University Press. 1933. pp. 116-117.

Shabbat 133B
A. Suck [out the wound]:
B. Said R. Pappa, “A Surgeon who didn’t suck out the wound – that is a source of danger, and we throw him out.”
C. So what else is new? Obviously, since we are prepared to desecrate the Sabbath on that account, it is certainly dangerous not to do it!
D. What might you have supposed? That this blood is stored up. So we are informed that it is the result of the wound, and in the status of a bandage and cumin: Just as when one doesn’t put on a bandage and cumin, there is danger, so here, too, if one doesn’t do it, there is danger.
The Talmud of Babylonia: An American Translation
Translated by Jacob Neusner
Number 275. Volume II.E: Shabbat Chapters 18-24.
Program in Judaic Studies Brown University
Atlanta: Scholars Press. 1993. p. 45.

Sanhedrin 55b . A Jew may marry a three year old girl. (specifically, three years “and a day” old).

Sanhedrin 54b . A Jew may have sex with a child as long as that child is over nine years old.

Kethuboth 11b . When a older man has intercourse with a girl it is nothing because her virginity will grow back.

Abhodah Zarah 22a: “A Jew must not associate himself with gentiles because they are given to the shedding of blood.”

I still hear people from time to time talking about good jews, which do not exist. Or I will hear them say how not all jews are a problem, but in order to be a jew, they must subscribe to beliefs like those quoted above, so how are they any better than the next jew? The truth is, jews are a race of pedophiles, misfits, homosexuals, deviants, and losers. Nothing more. They’ve tricked many of you into thinking they are super powerful and unstoppable, but pedophiles in reality are usually pathetic, weak, disgusting wimps. This defines the jew better than what anyone else is going to tell you. They’re a bunch of greasy, nasty, rotten bastards that think it’s OK to have sex with children, to mutilate their genitals, and to suck on their bloody penises after the mutilation is complete.

It’s time to stop fearing the jews, and start exposing them for the weak, pedophilic scum that they are. It’s high time jews start being viewed as cock roaches or any other PEST to be EXTERMINATED without exception. Until you get to the point that you can’t stomach seeing, or listening to these creatures, they will continue to have a grasp on your lives. The moment you decide that they are nothing more than pathetic penis licking parasites, they will lose a major portion of their power. Help spread the word to everyone you meet about these disgusting pedophiles. It won’t take long before they are swinging from every tree in the land. Check out this faggot, baby penis licking jew defending the practice of genital mutilation and pedophilia they call a “circumcision ritual”. The ritual is for old jew rabbis to get off on licking a bloody penis, a fantasy that makes human stomachs turn, while at the same time causing nothing more than arousal and erection for a jew.


Thanks to Mike for pointing this out in the comments section below, because I left out an important part of this story, which is a rabbi who gave three babies herpes after sucking on their bloody circumcised penises.  I had this link ready to go with this article, but failed to include it in my haste to show how pathetic and nasty jews are.  In the story, one child died of herpes infection from the rabbis rabid mouth, and another tested positive for the herpes virus.  The story can be found HERE, for those who would like to see it.  A third baby also had herpes from the loving rabbi, who had performed his circumcision in 2003.  Note the article says “he uses his mouth to draw blood after cutting the foreskin”.   The media attempts to marginalize grown men sucking on babies penises, and says that most jews would use a tube to suck the baby’s penis, but according to the ritual, all jew circumcisions are done in this fashion.

Type the words “bris ceremony” into google video search, and you will come up with tons of videos of this practice.  In most, it’s difficult to see the rabbi perform the pedophile maneuver on the babies, but in a number it’s quite evident when the rabbi goes down for his taste of baby genitalia.  If I do find the one where you can clearly see the rabbi perform this disgusting ritual, I will upload it to my server at a later date.  Not that many people coming here will really want to see it in action, but you need to come to terms with how vile a jew is by it’s very nature alone.

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  1. Jews really are sick fuckers. I remember reading this story in 2005,
    It’s about a Rabbi that gave a kid Herpes, and the kid DIED. Notice how the story is DOWNPLAYED and never seen as a pedophilic act?! Typical from the mainstream jewish media.

    Also, judicial-inc just had this story today about a Jew that molested and raped over 100 kids, mostly NON-JEWS.

    Think if that was YOUR child? Would you leave this jew in the hands of the “jewdicial system”?! He will get sentenced by a jewish judge with jewish prosecutors and jewish defence layers, to a country club prison where he can have all the drugs he wants, share his stories with other jewish pedophiles and masturbate over all the non-jewish kids he difiled.

    These people need to be executed. Think of all the lives they ruin for their sick twisted pleasure. The parents need to get their guns, and form a lynch mob and let it be known that anyone that stands in their way will get THE SAME FATE. The court system is rigged by jews to favor jews, so why any sane person support or have faith in it? The parents and children will never get over this. They will again be violated when this prick gets a lenient sentence. The jews will laugh and giggle and throw high fives in the back room that they have screwed non-jews over yet again and got away with it. Get this through your head people, they LOVE screwing you over, they love killing and stealing from non-jews. They love reporting about it. You will never get any real answers from jews on how to deal with the jews, because they are ALL PART OF IT. The SAYANIM network is their key.

    Anyone that calls these people the global elite these days should be deemed working for them. They are not elite, they are sewer rats that take advantage of the good will and intentions of real human beings.

    Their rain of terror is coming to an end…..worldwide.
    I’ve been watching this for a number of years, and the heat is on, all over the planet. Keep it up, until they BURN FOR REAL this time. The real holocaust is not far away, and there is nothing the jews can do to stop it, and they know it.

    • Ahh, I’ll be damned….I didn’t realize I forgot to add that into the story until you mentioned it….how lazy of me!

      • Guitar Man says:

        Adam, here’s something I just ran across. Thought you might could use it somewhere. The ones following Scripture are from the parasites’ own writings !

        “EXPOSING THE NON-HUMANS THAT WALK AMONG US IN THEIR OWN WORDS……..”, THE SERPENTS, SNAKES AND VIPERS THAT JESUS SAID WERE FROM THEIR FATHER THE DEVIL, “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world” ! (Revelation 12:9)

        “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous, And say, If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets. Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?” (Matthew 23:29-33) !!!
        “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him.” (JOHN 8:44)

        “…although Jews are physically similar to all other men, yet they are endowed with a ‘second soul’ that renders them A SEPARATE SPECIES.” ~ Rabbi Judah Halevy (the famous medieval poet and philosopher) explains in his ‘Kuzari’

        “All Jews have a certain gene …..THAT MAKES THEM DIFFERENT FROM OTHER HUMANS.” -August 2010, Thilo Sarrazin, a Jew, Central Bank Executive for the German Government.

        “…the Jewish People constitutes a SPECIES of their own…i.e…a special, separate act of Creation by the Almighty. ‘The thought of creating the Jewish People preceded every other thought’ of the Almighty when creating the Universe according to the teaching of Rabbi Samuel bar Isaac.” (Bereshith Rabba 1,5)! (Keep in mind that their “Almighty” is none other than Satan, the Devil, that old serpent) !!!

        We read in Jewish author Uri Zimmer’s Torah-Judaism and the State of Israel: “The Jewish people constitutes A SEPARATE ENTITY, A SPECIES UNIQUE IN CREATION, differing from nations in the same manner as man differs from the beast or the beast from the plant.

        • Very nice. This is just confirmation of what I’ve been saying for years. A couple new quotes there I haven’t seen, so yes, I can use them, thanks.

          • Spartan says:

            I’m new here and hope millions visit here! But I feel a big part of the problem is that they are “kenites” lineage of Cain, children of satan! That’s why they keep up destructive, pedophilia, lying, stealing, etc… Because they have no soul but the spirit of satan. Theory is that the serpent convinced eve to have sex with him and not bite an apple and conceived Cain and turned to Adam and she had sex with him rather than passing the apple to him. That’s why they covered their genitalia with fig leaf. That’s why through out time serpent people/ reptilians are mentioned. When David Ike says reptilians he means jews maybe this is why. A good article about this would be awesome. If you live where guns and free speech is banned move somewhere else! Godspeed

          • Who or what the jews really are is still a closely guarded secret. I don’t think the true answer is in the bible, except maybe in code or hidden in its stories, but I don’t see it being a literal interpretation or historical fact.

        • Jonas Schnapper says:

          Guess that’s why Jesus was killed, cause he was such a sick twisted Jew.

          • richards says:

            So much Bullshit about burning bushes, and plagues and parting of seas and prophets ascending and fictitous hero’s and temples based on and stolen into and incorporated into a book of NONSENSE and lies. Every account in the old testament is a direct copy of previous superior civilization oral tradition. The old testament was not even out in writing until late in history. Far after the new testament by at least 200 plus years.
            Jews could not read or write in roman world, the sons of roma and roma constatinople laughed at how illiterate the hebrews and the semites were… pls tell us how great u desert sand mongols were,……

  2. The fact is, Jews are afraid. Otherwise they would not be trying to disarm people. A person with real power doesn’t put so much concern in how many weapons are around him. It also goes to show that they fear death.

    By the way, the process of circumcision helps to create men that are better suited to brutality. Because of the scarring of the penis, total satisfaction can never be fully achieved. Even though a man may think he has been completely satisfied, it is just off the mark if his penis has been mutilated by this vile Jewish act. There will always be something subconsciously stabbing at the mind of a circumcised man. The Jew-influenced circumcision of non-Jews in the Western world is a platform by which the violent psychosis of the circumcised American male can be predictable played like a fiddle against the enemies of the Jew.

    I highly suggest to all my Jew-hating brothers who have been mutilated, to seek out foreskin restoration. This will do wonders for psychologically healing yourself of the wounds this wretched Jew-run world has laid upon your psyche.

  3. There are jews involved in some of the non-Surgical foreskin restoration group websites. If you look on youtube for the video called, news story non-surgical foreskin restoration, you will see some jews in the video. A jewish man by the name of Greg Dervin talks about how he started a group called students for genital integrity. Notice how he is wearing his hair. The reporters also like to play on words. The female reporter after she opens the locker door flashes some hand signs. Then around the end of the video the reporters giggle with each other.

  4. LMAO! I haven’t read the article yet I had to tell you what a good laugh I got at the TRUTHFUL title! I also can’t wait to hear you up on militiaradio tomorrow brother. These fucking luciferians are going down!

  5. Again, lmao! You have a way with words, especially when describing truth, “pathetic penis licking parasites”. Even before I woke up to the EXTENT of the Jewish problem I took issue with circumcision. It struck me as complete bullshit. Our ancestors would have had their dicks fall off if the whole “hygiene” issue was real as they claim. Looking back on it, I think the circumcision also helped these fiends blend in since they can not be separated by the mutilation of their genitals.

    They are absolutely fucking depraved. Who in their RIGHT mind would think of mutilating a baby boys penis? NO ONE! That’s who! This is a chance for these sick fucks to cram a whole bunch of perversion into a single ceremony. 1) Harming infants 2) mutilation (even more fun on a gentile I’m sure) 3) mutilation specifically of genitalia 4) sexual acts upon an infant 5) tasting the blood of a child.

    Any single one of those single things ought to result in their necks getting a good stretching treatment. A few years back I heard someone mention “cleansing by fire”. It might be better than the rope treatment for this despicable act!

    Forget jailing these scum. They, just like every other pedophile, need to be put down before they harm another human being.

  6. Circumcision and blending in definitely go hand-in-hand with these kikes. They couldn’t push their porn on us if non-Jews were un-circumcised because everyone would notice that the “actors” are kikes.

    The same goes for nose-jobs. They’ve made it into the California “thing to do”, but the real reason it’s become so popular is to cover the fact that these rat-faced goblin pig-fuckers are trying to look less like…well…rat-faced goblin pig-fuckers!

  7. Good article! I also made a video about this issue a few months ago. Circumcision should be outlawed. Fuck these Jews.

    • Burn all Jews says:

      I’m also on Youtube, but when I clicked on the link you posted, the video is removed due to terms of use violation.

      • This is exactly why I nabbed the video of the jew trying to say how loving it is to suck baby’s penises and have it hosted here. Youtube is owned by jews, so many videos will go down that expose them.

        • Patrick Giroux says:

          Haven’t you noticed that since the beginning of 2010, we can no longer download videos from youtube. I used to do it a lot with realplayer. Everytime I came across a video that was of interest to me I would download it, until early this year. Jewtube is owned by yahoo. As of two years ago the ceo of Yahoo was Terry Semel (Jewish) He was replaced by Carol Ann Bartz in January 2009. She definitely has a Jewish-sounding surname. These Jews don’t want us to donwload anything that might be compromising to them because they know we will share it elsewhere. I just got one of my videos removed again because it mentionned them as Freemasons wanting to rule the world. I’m gonna put it back, even if I have to open another account. We have to fight these scums.

  8. Jewhater555 says:

    Jews are a cancer that needs to be destroyed. Nuff’ said

  9. I completely agree with Jewhater555, jews are really a cancer, that needs to be destroyed. If you read all the sick item in their Talmoed, you will only get more and more sick of these beasts.
    And of course there are also sick things in the Bible and the Koran, but a jew even thinks that the sick items in their Talmoed can be discussed. Throw all these religion books like the Bible, the Koran and the Talmoed on the fire and try to live a normal life.

  10. mike mann says:

    This is why the Rome church had its protestant reformation as these vipers naturally attacked their arch enemy from within making a mint off the usury payments of not only living but the dead even becoming Pope.

    Many believe celibacy was a jew creation by Pope Gregory VII in 1079 AD thereby opening the doors to faggots and pedophiles still being practiced 1000 yrs later.

    The argument could be made that the entire Xian church is a jew plan but the other side of the coin would argue that it only used the jew Torah as a building block since this was technically before the jews went bad and then turned it all upside down on its head using one of their own peasant martyrs to denounce their leaders as lying murdering vipers and children of hell.

  11. Doc Holliday says:

    I cannot believe how perverted and grotesque Jews are, and to think this is written in Jewish religion teachings is an abomination.
    I wonder why the World falls prey to the sympathizing with such filthy type of humans.

  12. Doc Holliday says:

    I cannot believe how perverted and sick Jews are. This alone makes me wonder how the World falls prey to sympathizing with these sicko abomination of humans?

  13. How the fuck do these disgusting beasts live with themselves!

  14. Holy crap! Shame on any mom who allows one of those disgusting, hairy faced, germ infested rat bastards near her baby.That fat, hairy fucker in the video speaks like he should be locked up forever in prison and used as a boy toy by some inmates. Thanks for sharing the truth. Gross!

    • LillyTilly says:

      brenda, its not becoming to hate you own gender in such a misogynist way, just because you were brainwashed to. The true culprits are the fathers, and males. Those jewish penis suckers are MALE, fyi. Doctors at the introduction of this barbary were 99% MALE… and even today more are male than Female.

      Its a VERY common man-thing, to want their son’s to look like daddie. If Dad says NO penis hacking to his son’s doc, he is actually admitting he has a mutilated, handicapped cock himself… and it is a RARE male that will do that. THAT is the MAIN reason why this barbaric ritual continues.

      • Most people don’t know this is even an issue. We are taught that circumcision is as normal as cutting the umbilical cord. I didn’t know anything about it until I started studying this shit. In fact, I just recently learned that the umbilical cord should be allowed to drain first, before being cut, for instance. NONE of my grandchildren will be mutilated in this way. I have already guaranteed this for the future. Awareness is key, but people are under a spell that comes spewing at them from a little magic box that produces pictures and words 24/7.

  15. WolfeSchwartzenheimer says:

    Filthy Kikes are barbaric animals. Hitler was right (and I’m Polish).

  16. it just shows how far from real humanity these rats are. its the 21 century massages can travel by satellite across the world in seconds, the internet has the world for the most part all able to talk to each other, man has made cars, plans, rockets,etc.. building thousands of feet in the air, and many other engineering marvels but some how just cant make tubes that have the right suckson for kikes to suck baby penis blood.

    • Funny thing about Che Guevera…he’s also a jew!!! I’ve read the book, but turns out, he’s jewish. I’ll see if I can dig up the info on him and put something together for you guys about him.

      ME admitting what I initially saw was WRONG. JEWS are pushing the idea that Che was jewish, and the evidence for this was FLAKY AT BEST. I have read his works, and find them to be GREAT education to revolutionaries. Che is NOT JEWISH!!! Carry on.

      • Yeah I have some cheap Che t-shirts, someone gave me the finger once so I thought I’d better find out a little bit about him.
        Now I use those t-shirts to wipe my guns down :)

        • that dont surprize me after all if some one has dedicated their life to the causes that Che did, its only fitting hes a kike. i was thinking about that when i wrote to dude about the che way of doing things. the book is a great guerrilla warfare book nonetheless

          • LillyTilly says:

            To EVER think Che was jewish is just plain stupid.

          • There is nothing wrong with questioning everything. Nothing at all. I don’t have an answer on that one, I never really looked deep into Che, but I see nothing wrong with questioning it. We can’t all know everything, but we can keep an unbiased open mind and pose questions until a logical deduction can be made. I do know actions speak louder than words, so that is where I would look for clues.

    • NO Wonder they are called Cocksuckers,LMFAO!
      Did you hear about the Kike who busted a Armenian Cross in Glendale California.The video only says suspect not jew.
      Here is the article:


    I read a story several years ago about a Armenian Attorney who put away 17 Pedo flees away up in Northern, Cali,this was after the other families had given up pursuing the case. Can’t recall the name since.l wonder how many were jews?

  18. They all are sick and they are making me sick

  19. Hello.
    We jews, suck babies dick because we are some fuckers.
    Yes yes, we are the fattest fuckers in the world.
    A little respect for the fucking jews, we invaded Palestine because we are fucking faggots.

    -A motherfucker that people call “jew”

    • Yes, jews are disgusting demons…everyone here agrees on that. Bloody baby penis licking vampires!

      • heh heh heh…

        As an Aussie, I would at least have some respect for an enemy that fights toe to toe… the Japanese did……you jews are fucking commie gutter rats….you invade peoples minds and get them to fight for you…..fucking weak cunts.

    • lmao….this made my day today,now thats one comment from a dirty kike we can keep :).

      hey mike im aussie aswell,we have to do more over here to awaken the people,i read in a newspaper about 10 years ago that these dirty fuckers own about 75% of all shares traded on the asx but make up only 0.5 % of the total you think this is true or was true?
      also what about that fat wanker rivkin,you think he is really dead or somewhere in israhell living it up?

      also i would mention frank lowy who was once an idf scumlder and somehow ended up here and became one of the richest men in australia,owner of the westfield shopping chain and also involved in 9/11.what are your thoughts on that scumbag?

      • Sam-I wish that the Germans had wiped these fuckers from the face of the earth! Moving them from place to place doesn’t work.

        Frank Lowy is a cunt plain and simple. He took $40 million “to try get the world cup” soccer here. What have we seen for that 40 million? A couple of ads on tv that were knock offs of other ads, and that some kid could have done at home with sony vegas!…and his ugly mug flying all around the world with a socceroos scarf wrapped around his neck.

        I posted that Frank Lowy was a penis licking asswipe terrorist on the SBS football forum and had a few people agree, but most were “happy” for what he had done for soccer in Australia (FFA). Seems their souls are very fucking cheap!

        Australians are quickly starting to see that Coles (westfarmers) and Woolies are buying up EVERYTHING and anything. Soon every company will be owned by them, and people will have no option other than to work for them, or go out of business.

        All these businesses are JEWS.

        The power companies, the water companies the train companies, security at airports,major food processors, everything is owned by them.

        People can see somethings not right, somethings wrong with “Australia”, it doesn’t feel anything like the Australia I grew up in.

        The immigration problem here is only a problem because the way the system works. Constant growth is required to feed the monster. I wasn’t surprised when Rudd said he wanted 50 million people. Something is very wrong letting in all these foreign students attend JEWISH OWNED UNIVERSITIES, then letting them stay here as cab drivers, cleaners and gas station attendents.

        Why people continue to support the system by voting for puppets is beyond me. They are all a bunch of school children. Ever see question time in parliament? Fucking discraceful!

        How about that 20yo dude that got elected? Are people insane? What the fuck does a 20yo know! Do people think he will seriously make their life better?

        This jew thing is definetely an international problem. americans,aussie,brits,canucks,kiwis and europeans will be required to rise up and take their countries back. Nation states must not be fooled into attacking others again just because the jewish media and the jewish ran governments tell us to.

        If they even DARE to pull a false flag on us to “prod us” to go to war, they should be taken out. THEY are Al Qaida, and we know it.

        As for Rivkin, I hope the dirty rat off’d himself, it’s the least this prick could do, but he’s probably raping young ukrainian boys in some dead see shithole as we speak.

        It’s getting too hard to watch tv or read a newspaper now, I sometimes do just to see what propaganda they are feeding people, but I can’t stomach all the useless stories about nothing, and all the dirty rat faced vermin looking at me through that tube.

        It would be nice if ASIO, and the police and Military did their fucking JOB and crushed these fucking cunts, but seeing as they work FOR THEM, they will have to live with that. I can’t believe that people in these agencies can’t see whats going on. Shit these ASIO guys are our fellow countrymen, and I know I would never sell them out. Drugs are a major problem here now, and we damnwell know Jews run the drug trade.

        Why they want their kids growing up in a rat infested jewish toilet escapes me. It’s pretty damn simple and easy to fix.

        Ah when the older generation loses their super in the next big crash they will maybe start to understand why their guns were taken from them.

        Until then they will selfishly plod along and not give a fuck about future generations.

        • Patrick Giroux says:

          ”A man who knows a thing, who is aware of a given danger, and sees the possibility of a remedy with his own eyes, has the duty and obligation, by God, not to work ‘silently,’ but to stand up before the whole public against the evil and for its cure.”
          ~Adolf Hitler

  20. i hate jews. They question every fucking thing you say. IF YOU ARE LIKE ME AND HATE JEWS THEN DONT GO TO HIGHLAND PARK, IL OR WINGDALE NY.

  21. Patrick Giroux says:

    I stumbled upon this site a couple of hours ago and I’ve been feeling sick ever since. What kind of disgusting-filthy- perverted-scums do that to a child. I posted this on my facebook wall,commenting on how people can actually defend these evil-twisted-sicko-paedophilic-Jews, and a girl, of Palestinian origin no less, got me off her friends’list. Just before my posting this and before getting me off her list she had written me a message about how, despite the fact that her whole family had been killed or put in jail by Jews in Palestine,one must not hate or be angry at a race for the actions of the majority. She wrote me this because I post a great deal of pro-Hitler stuff on my wall, and, as if to scold me, said that she had more reasons than me to hate them, but didn’t despite what they did to her family! Is this girl dumb or what? It’s appaling. In what kind of society do we live in? Do people have a brain still? Why are so many people defend these cock-suckers? When will this insanity end? I say we make a leaflet of this article with the pictures and distribute it anonymously, undercover. At least we may get some people to wake the fuck up.

  22. Patrick Giroux says:


  23. Patrick there is a plug in for Mozilla Fire Fox that will let you download videos from sites like you-tube. Flash video files (flv)can be played back in VLC media player. You can use software called “FLV to AVI MPEG WMV 3GP MP4 iPod Converter,” if you want to make the file into a mpeg 4 divx file. Or you can even convert flash files into mpeg 2 if you want to put it on a video DVD.

  24. all jews go to HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. FUCK JEWS EAT SHIT says:


  26. did u hear about the rabbi in san leandro california who wasnt really ordained and stole a lot of money from beth sholom temple in like 1995. funny shit.

    oh yeah. i thought it was bs but a friend told me about what he calls free range jews in one of those stan countries who are like gypsies. the uncle has the right of the first night with his brother or sisters daughter, usually real young like ten before the bat mitzva. generally these pedos convince the girl to keep fucking them their whole lives, its an open secret that nobody talks about but everybody knows they go off together like once a week. its even worse with an uncle by marriage, who uses the niece in law as a mistress and she has to have all her babies by him, while tricking her husband into thinking the kids are all his. jews dont know their real fathers!!!!! the paternal lines are total lies. jews intermix with gentiles all the time but they still fuck their uncles so they dont know who is the father. thats why they dont call a kid a jew unless it came from a jew woman. i wouldnt have believed it except his jew gf got pregnant while he was in iraq and she admitted the real father and begged him to do daddy duty. shit he was out of there in a heartbeat!!!

  27. I’ve always thought jews were disgusting people. However in all honesty if I hadn’t researced this claim furthur I would have said it is imposible to be true. For all the Jewish media rags on the Catholics when a couple of priests do something with a child, the fact that rabbies suck babies dicks is to fucking funny. Ive told everyone I know about this site. Keep up the good work…

    • That’s a damn shame too, because if you hadn’t researched it further, your programmed skepticism would keep you from knowing ANYTHING about these jews. This website presents only the facts, but that skepticism is part of your programming. When you run across a place like this you are supposed to think it’s all joke and go back to your slumber, I mean “normal life” where you would soon forget it existed.

  28. if this is true, then i say………fuck the jews……kill em all

  29. simon prefontaine -rigon says:


    • You don’t need to spam here about that bullshit book. Read this website before you go telling me what I need to do.

      • David's Son says:

        I like you site and I like you so far. I have not read “The Synogogue of Satan”, but I’ve been intrigued by it. Was it written by an Alex Jones type? Am I wasting my time by reading it? What about You thoughts on that site? Thanks.

        • Read it…just read between the lines. The site jew watch is ok as a resource, but soft enough to make me question it. You should question everything. Including this site. Your gut will tell you when someone is lying to you. I have tried to teach you how to tell when this is happening, and recognize the signs, but you have your own meter built right in. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

  30. simon prefontaine -rigon says:


  31. Here’s an interesting video that goes with the theme of your blog.

    Circumcision Rabbis

  32. I read where even Prince Charles and his two boys all got circumcized by the court jew. WTF? why in fuck would they consent to this travesty? I thought the Church of England would at least have some say, but apparently even it is owned by the fuckin jew pedophiles. What a sad freakin commentary. Prince Charlie should have had his balls removed whle they were at it, to put his own sons through that bullshit speaks volumes about his complete lack of courage, I wonder if the Queen had her cock circumcized as well?

    • The British royal family is jewish, so is the Saudi Royal family. They had their children circumcised because it’s the jewish thing to do. I myself was (unfortunately) circumcised, and also had the “procedure” done on my children before I knew any better. I think the jews made this mainstream, because it was too easy to catch a jew rapist with the tip of his penis missing while everyone else had foreskin. It was also easy to exile all of the jews because you could tell by their circumcision that they didn’t belong.

      Don’t be fooled though….the queen and her family are jews.

  33. If the suckers just stayed somewhere else doing theyre nasty sh*t but no, they came to get whats ours and what we worked for. They have enough to live but they dont want the others to be happy. We today dont have anything whatsoever with what happened in world war II. Its GONE for f*cks sake! But the jews wants to avenge on us poor citizens of Europa (and world). Thyre into everything making our lives miserable just for the weird sake of it. They consider us non jewish as beasts, bu8t what can i think when i see that picture there, that makes me puke and hate! They are of the ones behind our crisis here in Portugal. Theyt are responsible by the misery me and and my family are going true. Portugal belongs to the ones who have it in the heart, us descendants of old lusitanians, portugal doesnt belong to those vampires up there. I firmly believe that there is no reason why polititians and company owners are doing this to us, they already have so much more money thanone need to be happy but they make a large corruption and our people suffer! Why!!? Maybe is in their blood, just look all the mess and misery the organizations and politics are making worldwide. And it is known that the ones who own banks and rule economy have jews there, so theyre killing us for power and pleasure! How will we resist this enemy!?

    • Resisting is easy….conquering is a little more difficult, but is still easy enough. It’s a simple choice. Let them run our world to shit, or we all stand up and say NO FUCKING WAY and NO QUARTER. Period. Game over.

  34. It’s funny how everyone ignores these sick fucks for who they really are. OoOo I must be anti-Semitic because I’m against this kind of trash. Jews have been kicked out over 100 countries and have been persecuted for over 5,000 years! Hmmmm there must be a reason for that, right? Let’s stop supporting Jewish extremism and the REAL terrorist state of Israel! Here is a recent article from my favorite independent, non-Kosher news website, Newsnet14. If you didn’t check out this site yet I recommend you do. Every non-Jew, regardless of religion, race, and color should stand up across the world to the international Jew and tell them to fuck off or MAKE them fuck off. Hitler should’ve got rid of these parasites but at least he left us a legacy to finish. No more 6 million lies and political correctness. Become a white nationalist today for your RACE & NATION. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, Hispanic countries for Hispanics, but white countries for EVERYONE!?!? The TRUTH is called HATE by those who HATE the TRUTH ~14/88-WHITE POWER-WHITE PRIDE WORLD WIDE-SIEG HEIL-EUROPEAN UNITY-BOUNDED BY BLOOD-VICTORY OR DEATH~

  35. maudit soient les juifs. ils ont tué notre seigneur jesus-Christ. Ils sont avares, arrogant, aggressifs, et font des mauvais coups clandestins avec les noirs pour chercher à mettre la planète dans les ténèbres. et aussi, ils veulent transformer la planète en planète des singes. je m’en foue si je meurs pour ce que je vais dire-là: les juifs sont des robots, ils n’ont même pas de pensées ni de reflexion, ils sont des clones reptilliens téléguidés par des extra-terrestres. Les nègres sont pires , ce sont des vrais descendant de singes: fabriqués par Lucifer avec des ovules de singes et de la matière fécale et toutes sortes de matière tourmentants de calamité. Pas tout le monde est pour de vrai. ceux qui sont des traîtres savent ce qu’ils sont, et ne cessent de faire du mal dans le système.

    • Are you related to Timothy McVeigh? Try speaking English on this site.

      • Pete-Montreal says:

        The french person is saying how jews killed jesus, turned the planet into a planet of the apes, (he hates blacks), he says they’re worse and created by lucifer ,.., he says jews are vehicles for reptilian et’s,…and have no emotion.., I don’t know this person just tanslating. He’s racist on many levels

        • Thanks for the translation. This person seems to be a bit nutty.

          • Pete-Montreal says:

            Yes wacky, he thinks jews and blacks conspire together,..he doesn’t know his history. He needs to do more reading and less ranting.

          • Jonas Schnapper says:

            LOL, ya they are nuts, Rabbi’s giving head to babies and millions of people being ok with that, that’s obvious, but blacks being sub-human, that’s just crazy, no one on this site thinks that.

          • Yeah I’m not down with pissing on every race. There is one at the center of all our problems, and I’ll keep my focus steady on them.

  36. This is fucking warped!

  37. Kill these fucking kikes! I want to go to Palestine with an M82 .50 cal sniper rifle and take out Israeli soldiers. For the record, I am white and I am Canadian. I cannot stand even the sight of jew rats. I was in an airport recently and saw 4 jews sitting together and when I walked by I called them kikes. I have no problem starting shit with them. Proof like this that jews are disgusting just add fuel to the fire that is my personal hate for jews. I will in fact murder at least 1 jew in my life time. I will not lose one minute of sleep over it.

    • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

      You had the right idea, Hitler…. You had the right idea…. :’( If only more people opened their eyes, this kike mess would have never happened. No quarter, or better yet, not one cent.

  38. Here’s a funny thing a Rabbi once said: “The male organ is not perfect, until it has been circumcised. Only once the foreskin has been removed, can it be called perfect.” Is he saying therefore, that his God created man with an imperfect, faulty, genital organ? That human mutilators must slice off a part of it before it is perfect? Obviously he is. I wonder how God feels about this Rabbi calling his creation imperfect? Idiotic, despicable Rabbi!

    Yes, it’s a pity uncle Adolf didn’t ship all Jews to outer Mongolia where they could get up to their vile deeds, without forcing it onto Westerners as they have for decades. Mutilating a baby which has not given its consent is truly disgusting. This also applies to Muslims, and a few other nations and cultures of course. Jews, however perform other ‘rites’ involving animal abuse and torture which even the Muslims (although they are also an odd lot, but nowhere near as awful as Jews) carry out, but not to the same extent.

    I often think how much better the world would be, if Hitler had won the war, and the world had followed Germany’s discipline and strong work ethics, respect for animals, and sound economic principles. The world would not have degenerated into the mess it is in today, either economically or socially.

  39. thanks for the video. a real eye opener. i can’t believe that more people don’t know about this sick shit. i was sick of hearing jews whine and beg for money. showing these commercials about old sick jews crying to get our money, then that pig, rabbi ?? keeps almost a million a year for himself and now this blood sucking babies makes me sick to think of what grief these jews have caused in the world.

  40. Lmfaoooooo I love all you people finally found a website that shares their hate for those Jewish fucks. I think we need another Hitler to take care of then and also to kill off all the gay fucks as well. We need to get rid of them as soon as possible. Great site if should go public. You should find a way to make this sig all over the world know. Good job

    • The site is public. If you want it to reach a larger audience, then make it so. I’ve spent years trying, and the traffic remains about the same. If you can make it reach more people, then do so, and I will bring forth a lot more information that far surpasses what is here already.

  41. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    And now we know why our politicians are pushing for gay marriage… This isn’t surprising to me anymore. These fucking sacks of odorshit have got to go. Every truth has a dark side. That means EVERY TRUTH. embrace the dark side, or be like the “pursuit of happiness” Americans you see everyday.

    On a lesser note, when I visited this site and your blogs in my first few times, I’ve learned something: Beliefs just prevent you from accepting the truth.

  42. octiger86 says:

    I work for a fat, inept Jew and I cannot stand it. I’m basically his slave. He’s a pathological liar who claims to be a Rothschild and friends with famous people. He nonchalantly says that he was hobbled as a child a la Misery (breaking ankles with a 2×4 and a sledge hammer) by his own father. I’m just thinking his mother was a typical jewess whore.
    I swear he’s never worked a day in his life and I’ve been busting my goddamn ass for nothing ever since I was 18. I have to support a sick mother and ailing grandparents. You’d think if he really had a heart he’d share some of that jew gold with me.
    What he does to make a living is file lawsuits against people and other entities.
    Jews are lazy, fat, selfish, disgusting, lying slobs that left on their own as individuals or a nation would utterly perish. Don’t support them and don’t support the “nation of Israel.” How ’bout we ship all of them to Israel and leave them to fend off the arabs themselves. They would not last even a day. What would be left of the Jews is a crater in Palestine and the world can rejoice. I highly doubt the amount of jews killed in the holocaust was as high as it was. I wish it were higher. I just think Hitler went too far with killing my Slavic and gay brothers. The Jews lie about that always and have limited people’s freedom of speech in Europe over it.

  43. The first time I heard of this practice was today. A rule of thumb, whenever people have to justify or explain something that just is not right, they talk too much. This over explanation is absurd. Putting a child’s penis in your mouth is wrong. Doing it in G-d’s name is an abomination. And spreading a disease that kills children is murder. Shame on Bloomberg. Stand up for what you know is right.

  44. Jimbo from Ohio says:

    They are doing it in thier gods name, the ancient hebrew god that gave them dominion over the lowly gentiles… Lucifer
    That little ugly hook nosed scumbag bloomberg is definately a pedophile, course hes a jew so that goes without sayin.

  45. It doesn’t surpise me that these people are like this. It makes me wonder if the Egyptians were right in enslaving these bastards…If NOT, then why did Moses call them rebellious and stiff-necked, and even foretold that they were gonna continue being like this.

    My Egypt(Kemet/Misr) needs a new Pharoah that can learn from past Governments, this Muslim brotherhood leader is nothing but another controlled opposition like the Christian Zionists

  46. Son of bitches all Jews are..
    How can they do such a things maniac
    they should be killed
    i will hunt them next time when i will see them doing things like that

  47. What are your thoughts on Friedrich Nietzsche’s The AntiChrist?

    In my personal opinion Muslim,Christian, and of course Judaism is all Abrahamic and stems from the Jew and is poisonous to the Human population.

    Haku Zynkyoku goes into an in depth summary of Nietzsche’s The AntiChrist here.

    I think the final step in defeating the Jew and gathering an army is creating a positive, invigorating, and healthy philosophy of life on by which people can live and strive to do better.

    I am aware on your views of Hitler but you have to admit NationalSocialism did some amazing things for while it was alive in Germany. NS wouldn’t have been what it was without an affirmed positive outlook on life, hating the Jew was just an afterthought after realizing what life is supposed to be.

    I’d also like if you could take a look at and let me know your honest opinion. (P.S. this is not some White Supremacist site) but the term Aryan is not bound to any single race as we have come to know them.

    • All of it does stem from jewdaism. It’s purpose was to destroy real spirituality, because people devoid of spirituality are out of touch with who they really are.

      I’m not really into socialism in any form. I’d rather have a simple system of common natural law. You don’t fuck with anyone else, or the environment that supports everyone else, then you do as you wish. We don’t need complicated social systems, especially ones that take from some to give to another.

      I know what aryan means, and I have to be honest, I haven’t looked into that site. I just don’t have the time right now. Use your gut. Get in touch with your own soul. You have everything you need within you to tell who is legit and who isn’t. Listen to your instinct.

  48. Yea, where to you get this stuff about “baruch obamawitz”? I personally think he IS jewish and would love to see more evidence of it.

    More info to back that up, would be appreciated… actually mandatory. What are your thoughts? Do you think you should be able to make that claim and not provide any evidence whatsoever?

    Not that it’s so important, but it makes you look like a lunatic… maybe you like that look.

    • Yeah, I don’t know about “Obamawicz” bit, but his mother is a jewess. That’s all that needs said regarding him. The rest can be judged by his actions, i.e. he is a bigger dirt bag than most white skinned jews.

  49. Rabbis, suck MY uncut dick!

    And after that I will chop your heads off with my recently polished Wudang sword (Old Testament Style)!!!

  50. anhdalkh says:

    No wonder why Hitler hated the Jews. Lol.

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