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Jews Selling World’s Largest Collection of Torture Devices

Jews Selling World’s Largest Collection of Torture Devices
Rat face jew Ettinger will be auctioning torture collection.

Rat face jew Ettinger will be auctioning torture collection.

This should come as no surprise. It seems the world’s largest collection of torture devices, dating all the way back to the 16th century, are going to go on sale soon. It’s owners, some jews out of Jew York, and descendants of holohoax survivors, are soon to put the extensive collection up for sale through Guernsey’s auction house. According to this article, New York’s Guernsey’s auction house plans to auction the privately owned collection, with proceeds to go to:

Amnesty International and other organizations committed to preventing torture in today’s world, said Guernsey’s president, Arlan Ettinger. “That is clearly the seller’s intent,” he said.

Knowing that jews have been involved in ritual murder for centuries, including having a penchant for torture, where the agony of their victims is a vital part of their rituals; many will find this just par for the course. In some rituals, it is said they inflict excruciating pain on their victims, and use their suffering as a sort of oracle. Who else would have such an interest in torture devices like this? I honestly wonder how much use they’ve gotten out of them. Maybe DNA and other forensic testing should be done on these “artifacts”?  Imagine what one might find! You would think these behaviors would be enough for those who whine about “zionists” to grasp the fact that there is more to this than a political ideology. Look at this jewess, Vicki Polin, who’s family has been involved in ritual murder, sacrifice, and other disgusting acts for centuries.

Guernsey’s president, Arlan Ettinger, himself a jew, declined to identify the exact owners of the “collection”, which is probably a sobering look at how disgusting and vile jews really are, at least when out of the view of non-jews.

Of German origin and acquired in the late 19th century by England’s earl of Shrewsbury, the torture collection has been in private American hands since last publicly shown in 1893 in New York and at the Chicago World’s Fair. Its owner for many years after that was Arne Coward, a Norwegian-born survivor of the Holocaust. His descendants are the present owners, Ettinger said.

On Nov. 26, 1893, an article in The New York Times described what was then a 1,300-item collection, noting that “thousands of people have gazed upon these terrible relics of a semi-barbarous age,” all of which “have been in actual use.”

These brutal torture tactics are taught to our American troops by psychotic jews.

With the jew's history of ritual murder, torture, and genocide, it is no question where American troops learned this behavior.

No doubt they have been in actual use, and the very thought of it probably gives these jews carnal sensations the rest of us would rather not try to imagine.  Let alone the thrill these beasts get actually engaging in the murder of a “pure”, naked, young child; who can be slowly drained of his blood by poking holes in his head and body, making deep cuts into his flesh, and mutilating his genitals.  When you realize these jews enjoy these ritual murders and other vile behavior like scatology, also here, exploiting sex slaves, and the making of snuff films, hopefully at some point the picture becomes clearer about what kind of creatures we are dealing with.

The 252 devices include iron masks, boots, thumbscrews, foot squeezers, ropes, leg irons, chains, rings, manacles and “witch-catchers.” Notably absent is what the Times in 1893 called the “justly-celebrated iron maiden,” a coffin-like case with deadly spikes on the inside. Ettinger said the fate of the iron maiden and other items is unknown, but they may have been lost in a fire that destroyed many buildings at the end of the Chicago world’s fair.

Brutal jewish ritual murder of innocent children.

Brutal jewish ritual murder of innocent children.

Of course some things are missing, but if these were indeed historical artifacts of real significance, their owners would have surely known what happened to them. In fact, this sly statement would lead some to believe that these owners are simply curators for the items, having no real interest in them individually; as if feigning no real attachment to the collection. The type of items, rightly described by the article as “barbarous”, have obviously held some sentiment to this family of holohoax survivors, for the past 115 years or more.

It’s difficult to imagine the fascination jews have with torture, murder, and sacrifice. However, imagine the diabolical nature of these items, jewish history of ritual murder and torture, and then this gesture to Amnesty International; all falling on the heels of the release of the torture memos, and having the purpose of “preventing torture in today’s world”, only THEN are you getting a real glimpse into the depraved, twisted mentality of the jew. Let’s not be fooled though, Amnesty International seems to be nothing more than a front dominated by a number of monster faced jews, so any money raised ends up going to benefit the tribe. Oh what a web they weave…

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