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Jews Go After Subverted Nation Hosting

Jews Go After Subverted Nation Hosting
These jews cry any time someone criticizes them, but they always fail to mention that it's factual criticism.

These jews cry any time someone criticizes them, but they always fail to mention that it's factual criticism.

I am really not going to waste a lot of time on this one. First of all, props to Godaddy for keeping their hands off of my site. What I do here is called FREE SPEECH, and anybody that has a problem with it can eat a dick. Plain and simple. It turns out some jews at this place here which calls itself “stop racism”, have tried to sneak in and attack my site from the back door.

By clicking the link you can read their scathing report about Subverted Nation, and get a glimpse at how these little demons try to attack anyone who they disagree with. I speak my mind, I speak the facts, and there is NO stopping me. If Godaddy were to piss on free speech and shut my site down, I’d put it back up elsewhere.

Never have I seen such a crybaby rant, as I saw today viewing the site above. Call it racism. I’ll accept and LAUGH at your title of “racist”. What the fuck do I care? If the things I say weren’t true, they wouldn’t hurt anybody’s feelings, and they wouldn’t have to try to have my site shut down. So, it is with great joy, I point out a truly racist, hate speech website, going by the name “stop racism”. This shit is sad, and to think, these are what they’re quoting to make their case:

To substantiate the complaint the writer states that within the very first lines of the site, Jewish people are referred to as “jewish parasites within our nations.” The complainant adds that the site includes the following statements.

“Jew “info warrior” battles to keep you from the truth of jewish domination and infiltration.”

“Exposing the jew will ensure you never get a spot on FOX News talking to Geraldo.”

“What about jews? What do they fear? Do they fear people exposing them for the demons they are? Do they fear political opposition? Do they fear anti-semitism? Do they fear being attacked? Do they fear losing control? Do they fear free people with guns? Do they fear bloggers, book writers, movie makers and others who expose them? Do they fear the world knowing about their ritual murder? Or their pedophilia? Or people learning that those left with blood on their hands, from most of the genocides we’ve heard of, are almost always jews”

“What about the shootings? It seems this most recent shooting at Wesleyan University contains just the right ingredients to bake up this recipe for disaster. Apparently, 21 yr. old student, Johanna Justin-Jinich (jewess) was shot in a bookstore cafe by a gunman with a wig, according to this article from yesterday. Read this:” “Poor jews might miss out on their sabbath, Friday. They lost one of their own, and now the police are sure to be on the look out for anyone who might harm the precious little demons known as jews” “No doubt they have been in actual use, and the very thought of it probably gives these jews carnal sensations the rest of us would rather not try to imagine. Let alone the thrill these beasts get actually engaging in the murder of a “pure”, naked, young child; who can be slowly drained of his blood by poking holes in his head and body, making deep cuts into his flesh, and mutilating his genitals. When you realize these jews enjoy these ritual murders and other vile behavior like scatology

What the fuck jew? It’s all fact, you bunch of fucking dimwits. Not only that, but that shit is MILD compared to a lot of what I say, you little fucking pussies! God damn grow some balls already. You think you’re going to dominate the bloodlines that bred a person like me when all you can do is act like a bunch of fucking mommas boys? Cry me a fucking river already. Don’t do the crimes if you can’t take the fucking heat. That’s got to be one of the things that disturbs me most about jews. They want to rule the world, but they don’t even have the balls to come out and say it? Honorable adversaries will make no reservations and make their animosity known, but not the jew. They just cry and scream like they’re being raped, and all the while, they’re the ones doing the raping.

Although I give Godaddy props for ignoring this ridiculous attack on free speech, I have to say they suck major wind for this part of their reply to the whiny complainant:

If you suspect any of our customers is using their website to engage in any illegal activities, please help us by contacting your local law enforcement agency, and asking them to investigate this situation.

Law enforcement can contact us at if they need the website(s) taken down, or if they need more information pursuant to an investigation. We have a long-standing history of cooperation with law enforcement and the courts.

Arrest that Subverted Nation for pointing out the most heinous crimes against our country and our people! How dare he speak his mind!

Arrest that Subverted Nation for pointing out the most heinous crimes against our country and our people! How dare he speak his mind!

Nothing illegal going on here. I point out jews are pieces of shit, many of which are deserving of death for treason, and a whole list of unbelievable atrocities! I deny the holocaust, and it’s funny, because on the side column of that site you’ll notice a poll stating “Should there be a law to make Holocaust denial a crime”. Their motives are obviously quite clear. Stifle free speech with infantile cries of “racism” and “hate speech”. Contact the law enforcement. I’ll tell them the same damn thing I say here, you stupid mother fuckers. I’m not hiding this shit. Congress and a number of other federal agencies have seen this website. I see them in my logs. Stop racism, get rid of the jew.

Here this warning jews. I will NEVER stop exposing your sorry asses for exactly what you are. I will never be silenced, and you will NEVER win this battle. Your next exile is coming, and it’s not going to be pretty. You don’t have to agree with what I say. Get the fuck off my continent, get the fuck off of my peoples, get the fuck off of my website, get the fuck out of my government, and get the fuck off my second amendment; you bunch of rat faced kikes.

Yeah, I said it, so fucking sue me.


Here is a little update to “substantiate the complaint” that these jews are indeed attacking this site, and many others as well.  It seems we must be making a major dent, because Youtube user JIDFWarrior has this page that can be seen here where he is advocating attacking this site and others by contacting the hosts, etc. Here is a screen shot of a jew’s playlist of hate. That is, the fact that these jews hate us, and can’t stand us talking about them, although they trash our people with their media and hollywood day in, and day out. These things evidence that there is no doubt a concerted effort to viciously attack any who speak freely. In light of these things, hosting companies should take note that complying with these erroneous requests to shut down sites like this one, would be nothing short of condemning themselves as guilty conspirators against our people and our way of life.

jidf-attacks-subverted-nationClick here to view screen shot full size. There is no doubt at all it’s worth documenting how they go about trying to silence people like myself.  At the same time, it shows how weak they really are when the light shines upon them.  They scurry like roaches attempting to pick up every crumb they can before dodging off into a dark crevice somewhere. Not that the JIDF hasn’t attacked this site’s efforts before.  No quarter…


Well, while we’re at it, I might as well update this again, and document my latest find.  It turns out some more have tried attacking Subverted Nation, and this is one of the most futile attempts I’ve seen yet.  In fact, this one is down right hilarious.

A couple days ago I noticed a small spike in the number of viewers here at Subverted Nation.  It turns out, the extra traffic wasn’t coming from someone linking to an article here, but coming from a website refresh tool.  The tool is designed for eBay users to refresh auctions when they’re closing, and it can be seen here. This tool allows you to refresh a website every five seconds maximum.

Over at this place there are some more people whining about Subverted Nation and it’s content. Whatever, or whoever mentioned my site had their post deleted, and it seems this is a new thread about the topic. What’s funny is some user by the name of Abulafia says this in reference to SN:

You can screw up any website by using “refresh thing.”

I just dropped this shit on that one.

Recommend others do.

I almost fell off my chair laughing when I saw this. These little twits aren’t very smart, because number one, I keep easily stumbling across their attempts to attack me and this site, giving me great documentation. Number two, their attacks are falling flat on their faces, which is fabulous as long as it lasts. Finally, I couldn’t hold myself together when I realized some moron thought he could damage my website by refreshing it every FIVE SECONDS! My gut hurts from giggling about it. You jews are going to have to do better than this…seriously.

  1. Arminius says:

    Keep stockpiling the ‘Raid spray’. It will come in handy one of these days. There are lots of roaches out there.

  2. what ever happened to John Alan Martinson Junior…Adam…what’s popping with JAM?!? have the cock suckers assasinated JAM?!?!

  3. Keep back ups of your website in remote locations. If it doesn’t bother you I might start archiving it myself via something like wget. For the last 2 years I have been pushing people to look into I2P2 which allows one to do a lot of encrypted work. You can browse websites bouncing through other people over an encrypted connect. You can even host an encrypted website which is only accessible via the I2P2 protocol. This means the fucking scoundrels can’t easily locate the ip address of the website to go strong arm the hosts into shutting down.

    Remember, redundancy is what will win the war against these scoundrels.

  4. Yes, this site is frequently backed up, so there are no worries there. It can easily be uploaded to twenty different blogspot accounts, and a whole host of others. There is no stopping it.

    As for JAM, I don’t know what’s going on right now, but I know from experience he gets fed up quickly when people won’t put effort into any of his projects. You’ll have to wait until he surfaces again to see what he has to say about it all. At this point, I’m just guessing..

  5. Keep up the good work Adam Austin. You’re having an impact and an affect on the Jew Crime Network – Jew Mafia. If it pisses the Jews off = it must be true.

    The Jew criminal network – Jew mafia has all the power and money in the world. Non Jews don’t. However, the truth about the Jews could possibly have the power to collapse and bring this entire Jew criminal network down. Hopefully this power structure will reverse itself and the non Jews will have all the power, prosperity and peace.

    I’m sure our (non Jew) blogging comments on various forums such as this are pissing the Jews off also, and that actually makes me very happy. We non Jews actually have the unmitigated gall to practice free speech. ‘Probably why the Jews are in such a hurry to pass bullshit legislation such as the “Megan Meir Cyberbullying Act” – so that all us non Jews will STFU. Fat chance. I’ll revert to more primitive ways of disseminating information: copy machines, hand bills, etc etc.

    Keep up the good work Adam. Your website rocks.

  6. ALLCINGI says:

    Here’s my favorite qoute” Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”

  7. Nice work, SN, love the traking of failed attmepts it makes us all laugh, your website is being read in places far flung, and it gets some well deserved attention. Keep on keeping on. As for the Jews next exile it says in their own Holy book that will be exiled again. I do not know where you got your sentiment for exile from, bit it is very very true.

  8. Does any one know if this Megan Meir was jewish? I did some searches and I couldn’t find a direct confirmation; however, I did a search on “meir” and “jewish” and there are rabbi’s with that last name. Over at, myself and a few other people have been looking into the DISTINCT probability that certain events are nothing more than staged by the jews in order to advance their agenda. For instance the holohoax museum shooting appears to be a definite psyop intended to help the hate crimes bill pass and to bring more pity from the ignorant masses. I’d have to research the meir incident more to get a better idea of what can and can’t be proven to have happened. It’s also like that shooting at weslyan which was covered here.

    Fuckers have it coming. Staging shit and attempting to herd the dimwits among us.

  9. <>

    Well, can’t criticize that one. Mel Gibson makes a movie that should have been Nominated for many Oscars. The Passion of the Christ. Instead he gets attacked by hundreds of people. Apparently someone Jewish being cruxified by Romans acting on behalf of a small number of fellow Jews is “anti-semitic” as claimed by Kirk Douglas who himself played Spartacus in the movie of the same name who likewise was cruxified. But of course that wasn’t anti-Roman.
    Pat Robertson quote the Bible (prophet Jerimiah, who scold the people of Israel) regarding modern Jews doing exactly what Jerimiah said not to do, and he is called Anti-Semitic 9even though he is Pro-Israel.
    A minister who John McCain went to to get an endorsement, read another quote from the Bible, and John McCain is called an anti-semite.
    I watched a biography on Eli Kazan, the movie director, (it was on PBS) and there was on Jewish communist after another being interviewed. And every one showed absolutely no remorse for the mass murder by Stalin, you can’t make a cake without breaking some eggs (20-40 million Russians, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Latvians, Georgians, Germans, Poles, etc.) they claimed. But wait one second, the Nazis kill 6 million Jews in response (as Himmler said, “All Bolsheviks are Jews and all Jews are Bolsheviks, we cannot afford to let one get away). Note: Himmler opposed Bolshevism and that is why he wanted to kill them before they killed tens of millions of Germans. Hitler on the other hand just wanted the Jews gone, it didn’t matter where, Palestine, Cuba, USA, England, he even considered just shipping them all of to Madagascar. Killing them was only the “final solution”. This of course was after Britain sent them back, the US sent them back, and FDR pressured Cuba to send them back. Also note FDR tried to force President Terjulo in the Dominican Republic to stop accepting them, what did he get for his helping of Jews, assassinated by the US, and Hollywood making a movie legitimizing his assassination (In the Time of Butterflies) and compoletely ignored, just like Pope Pious, by History.
    Note: Al Pachino was in “The Merchant of Venice”, as Shylock. But he didn’t want to do the part because it was “anti-semitic” (yet, Shylock is actually a sympathetic villian, who is a victim of society), but Al had absolutely no problem in fact volunteered to play in the HBO production of “Angels in America” where he plays Roy Cohen (a Republican Jewsih Attorney that died from AIDS), where Roy is evil because he was a Republican Jew and anti-communist, who successfully prosecuted the Rosenbergs for giving the USSR the nuclear bomb. This movie is based on a play is is hatefilled against mormons. Al had no problem with Mormon Bashing, or Christian Bashing, or Catholic bashing, or Jewish bashing when the jew in question was anti-communist. What a hypocrite.

  10. Rock on brother.
    You have my full support.

  11. ok Adam, he can’t give up hope that easily…when last did you talk with him on the phone…i recall that you built his ownparty and nvnsp websites last…didn’t ya?!?

  12. LMAO!!!! Nothing like keeping it entertaining!

    Btw, Meir, like Golda Meir, Jewbag? I’d wager.

    Keep kicking ass, LOTS of us are behind you. Looking forward to shooting again soon. Gimme a call when you’re free.


  13. Go Mr. Austin! Don’t let these vile creature turn you down.

    Stay strong!

  14. Hey Adam,

    Just took some of the links in the above article, and it’s good to know stands by their customers and free speech. Just a little heads-up about that butt-job, ‘analchore’ that you tuned up last week. I recall that he whined about his getting banned (after on 2 days) at godaddy. NOW it all makes sense. He didn’t want non-jews hosting at godaddy, b/c they’d allow the site under free speech!!!

    He had a whole post on it, saying he was also ripped off $1.25 or something (sure sounds like a JEW), but I haven’t checked back to his site b/c I don’t want to give him even a single hit.

    The lesson, is THE place to host sites that expose the truth. Keep rocking!

    • Yeah, funny stuff. Anarchore has a post about myself, John Martinson, and Curt Maynard at his “ziofascism” site. Wtf is “ziofascism”? That little jew makes apologies and excuses for the rest of the jews, then call the most sincere people like myself a jew or an agent provocateur? Is he insane? No….he’s a jew. In fact, almost his ENTIRE website is dedicated to making excuses for this group of jews or that group of jews. Little does he know he will swing from a tree with the rest of them. ALL jews, and ANY non-jew caught making excuses from them gets the guillotine or the neck swing, PERIOD. Wonder why he had so many problems with godaddy, they seem cool to me so far. Dumbass probably didn’t pay his bill and got shut down like a cheap little jew would. If godaddy fails me, I’ll put this site elsewhere. My only loyalty is to the cause, not to any corporation, and damn sure not to jew apologists like anarchore. For anyone else, I wouldn’t waste time on his site either, because it’s nothing but a propaganda outlet. He might as well be Brother Nathaneal Kapner the rat faced jew FAKE christian convert, because neither one is worth a damn, and both are surely jews.

  15. Adam you’re correct about that lame-ass Anarchore, it’s a dead give away when someone uses “J-ws” or “G-d”. In every hate letter I have ever received from any of those oven magnet monsters they always word their letters in the exact same way.

    All this limp-wristed sissy talk from these shills and infiltrators has got to be stomped out. When they put up their tortured arguments refusing to condemn ALL jews and then try and switch it over and try to have you define race or what is jewish in the first place….let me make it very fucking clear! Anyone who has any jewish DNA in their system is a fucking jew, no matter how much they fit in or what their game or current bullshit story is…like, “I’m Born-Again”…..yeah, sure…then we’ll make it so you get to meet your GOD immediately and cut out the pain and suffering of life.

    It really won’t be long when cheap and instant DNA tests will be available. A quick swab of a mouth or a hair sample put into a test pack a quick break of an ampule inside, a simple shake and just like the drug tests the cops use to identify the presence of cocaine, opiates, or methamphetamine…when the color shows up bright red, bright orange or whatever… test positive for being under the influence of jewish DNA. No more guess work, no more games.

  16. Whois info for


    Domain Search:

    Updated: 1 second ago
    Refresh Domain Name:

    Registrar:, Inc. (R91-LROR)

    Expiration Date: 2010-06-21 06:51:56
    Creation Date: 2009-06-21 06:51:56
    Last Update Date: 2009-06-21 06:51:58

    Name Servers:
    See DNS Records

    Information Updated: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 22:43:03 UTC

    Looks like Godaddy shut down Martinson. All his other web pages have the same search result. Im sure John had it all backed up somewhere, and he is searching for another hosting site ( I hope!!!!).

    • No, what you can see in the whois data is that the domain can not be transferred, it has protection on it. It also clearly states the site doesn’t expire until 6-21-2010. Godaddy didn’t do anything, you are just misinterpreting what you see.

  17. So where is he then?

    Why, when things are getting going, would he shut down ALL of his sites? Because he is “frustrated”? Doesn’t make sense to me. I was unplugged around ’04, and the dramatic shift in the last year towards the view of Jews is astounding. It’s like a tidal wave! Once people know about them, and how they operate, there is no going back to not knowing. The real truth is surging through the net and they cannot stop it.
    Looking at various message boards today tells me their game is over, they can no longer get away with stuff and blame other like they have in the past. Websites like didn’t just provide information about what Jews have done, are doing, and plan to do, it offered AN ANSWER to them.

    I hear about all these Americans with guns sitting and waiting for the shit to hit the fan, and they will fight back when the time comes. When it comes, and it will, the Jews via “B’nai B’rith” JDL etc will form into 4-6 man hunter killer squads and take men down one by one, death squads, just like in Iraq etc. They are a well oiled machine. Of course their media will call them “Al Qaida in America!” The lone gunman sitting in his house with a .45 on his hip will be no match for 5 guys with machine guns. The answer is to get with like minded people, or at least get your whole family well armed and trained in how to shoot. Kids,parents,even grandma. Let the Jews know that any house they try invade, they will be met with the harshest punishment.

    The biggest threat to the Jews is a well informed and well armed citizenry.

    Again, why would John throw in the towel or take away all his VALUABLE information to stop new people from learning some hard truths and providing some answers to the Jewish problem? Why is nobody caring? I’ve only seen him mentioned here, no-where else.

    Don’t you think GoDaddy, the largest provider in the US is Jewish owned? Would they really allow such power to be in Gentile hands?!

    • You’ll have to ask John man, I don’t know what he’s up to or what his motives are. That’s all on him…As for Godaddy, I don’t give a shit who owns it. Jews own blogspot, and my old blog is still there. I will use whatever outlet is necessary. The jew knows as well as I do that there is no stopping this….so it behooves them to keep their hands off.

      Also fear not, for there are indeed things HERE at this website that outline some very GOOD forms of action you can take, and at the same time, there is much work being done on MY PART behind the scenes to help ORGANIZE a REAL resistance. Don’t think all is lost because one website went down, and don’t think for a minute that it’s going to be so easy for their “killer squads”. It’s not over till the fat lady sings, and she hasn’t even made it to the microphone yet…..

  18. Forget John, think of leaderless resistance. Listen to those who stay the course and stick around, like Adam. People come and go but the ideas live on in us who live them everyday.

    The cell group mentality has much merit and is the safest way to go.

  19. Mike, there’s no reason to assume that the ADL and related groups (southern perversion law) aren’t already under surveillance by independent militia groups. If you have the people and resources make it a point to start ID’ing the rats, hierarchy, behavioral patterns etc. With the high rates of unemployment men can be put to use. _WE_ are the leaders. Those of us who understand what is going on. _WE_ need to give direction to those around us who are waking up. They can accomplish much as they continue to learn what’s going on. I fully agree about being armed and ready. Caches of food, ammo, seeds and other useful things is a must. I just finished packing 3 more buckets of assorted things which are going out in separate locations. If you haven’t read any literature on guerilla warfare then do so. It’ll give good ideas for things to get on ASAP. Go to the pirate bay and look for the SWISS resistance manual. There’s a number of users on there with a WEALTH of info!

  20. I tend to just ignore these idiots. It has long been my thought that by giving them nothing, they realize one is not fun to try to “play” with. I look at source, tch tch, and pass. Unless of course it is family they go for. Good luck with the dumdums.

  21. Louis from Montreal says:

    This site is excellent. It is now my second day of reading here and I am awestruck at it’s clarity and refreshing insight. A big thumbs up to the webmaster, Adam. BTW, you share the same name as my oldest son; Just another plus. Well, I have more reading to do.

  22. “” complained that
    > Jewish people are referred to as “jewish parasites within our nations.”

    In case they missed it: None other than Chaim Weizmann, then head of the World Zionist Organisation and later the first president of Israel, told Germans in his speech in Berlin as early as 1912:
    “Each country can only absorb a limited number of Jews, if she doesn’t want disorders in her stomach. Germany has already too many Jews.” (Source: Leni Brenner, “Zionism in the Age of the Dictators”, Kent: Beckenham: 34, 1983.)

    • I’ll take it a step further. The jews admit they are parasites, so what is stop racism complaining about? Right from my book:

      “Jewish history has been tragic to the Jews and no less tragic to the neighboring nations who have suffered them. Our major vice of old as of today is parasitism. We are a people of vultures living on the labor and good fortune of the rest of the world.” – Samuel Roth, Jews Must Live, page 18.

      • And cunning as they are, jews even turn the “anti-semitism” slur into an advantage — for them: It gives them (as individuals and as a group, e.g. Israel) the LICENSE to behave like assholes. Because if anyone complains, he’s an anti-semite! The complaint just cannot be due to the misbehavior of the jew…

  23. “Finally, I couldn’t hold myself together when I realized some moron thought he could damage my website by refreshing it every FIVE SECONDS! My gut hurts from giggling about it. You jews are going to have to do better than this…seriously.”- Adam

    LMAO! Thanks for upping Subverted Nations page rank you filthy jew-rats. Good job, you’re mommy would be proud of her little bubbelah!

  24. These jews have a stranglehold on Canada and the United States, and I actually think it’s worse here in Canada than in your country. I used to have a lot of respect for jews until I found out the awful truth. They really do control everything . . . even who gets published and who doesn’t. They have triangles on the back of their books along with the three letters EAN. It’s only on the back of books written by jews. I started sending e-mails about this to various groups and my e-mail got deleted. I had to start a new one. Thank God the bastards can’t police the internet as much as they would like. I would be scared to the point of trembling if the zionist-run government managed to put up a task force to censor the truth about these people. Seriously, who gets kicked out of 109 countries?

  25. ZOGGING says:

    the jews are behind the illegal immigration..all designed to exacerbate tensions between lower economic classes and further destroy our economy…making us more dependent on easy credit to live…

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