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Jews FEAR Genocide

Jews FEAR Genocide

It seems that the rat faced, evil eyed monster we call jews are starting to squirm big time as the world awakens to their machinations. With the looming financial collapse, citizens losing their homes to the tune of over 10,000 per weak, and banks collapsing and consolidating left and right, it seems public enemy number one are getting a little worried.
Many news reports across the globe state there is a rise in anti-semitism, which seems to be getting worse as the collapse of global monetary systems becomes more and more evident each day. THIS ARTICLE is one good example as is THIS ONE which states there is an “explosion of global anti-Semitism.” Of course, the first catalyst for this “explosion” of anti-semitism came in the from of the explosion of New York city’s twin towers in 2001 which has caused MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people to awaken to jewish domination and TERRORISM. The second being the coming collapse of a number of world wide currencies, because it’s obvious that this collapse is engineered and jewish bankers are the architects at the drawing board.

Getting back to the jews writhing over genocide, THIS ARTICLE’S HEADLINE reads “Panel asks Obama to stress genocide prevention”. The article states the following:

“We urge America’s 44th president to demonstrate at the outset that preventing genocide and mass atrocities is a national priority,” said the report, titled “Preventing Genocide: A Blueprint for U.S. Policymakers.” “Achieving this goal will require the president to muster political will that has too often been lacking in the past.”

Genocide has always been perpetrated BY THE JEW like the Armenian holocuast pictured here. Never against them. YET.

It said genocide’s consequences go far beyond the turmoil in which it occurs. For one thing, refugees are created who must be cared for.

The report also recommended that Congress provide $250 million, “less than a dollar for every American each year,” for rapid use to deter genocide anywhere in the world, it said.

All of a sudden, and after murdering over ONE MILLION innocent Iraqi civillians, including the absolute and total decimation of ENTIRE CITIES like Fallujah, somebody wants to make preventing genocide and mass murder a national priority? Are you kidding me? If you’ll read the article, you will quickly see that AGAIN it is THE JEW who is calling to prevent genocide, because they realize that it is THE JEW whom genocide will fall upon when enough people wake up to just how vile, soulless, remorseless, murderous, and manipulative they are. This current call to action against genocide is being led by filthy jew Madeline Albright, former secretary of state under Bill Clinton, and William Cohen, former defense secretary also serving under Bill Clinton’s regime.

Madeline Albright seen wearing phoenix pendants and earings has a face that resembles Joker from Batman, and the crooked evil eye.

Demon William Cohen has the shifty evil eye also.

The reason the jews are working NOW to prevent genocide is they want laws on the books before the final solution becomes a reality. They know just as well as I do that the final solution is the ONLY solution to the evil of the jew, and they are SCARED TO DEATH that you will figure it out. With more and more people waking up every day, and pissed off Americans living in tent cities and nothing left to lose, it won’t be long until we can convince enough of them to help kick off the final solution.

We’ve got them running scared, so don’t give up now. Help by supporting people like Subverted Nation, John Martinson Jr and spread our message as far and wide as you possibly can.

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