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Jew Organ Harvesting – Where Do the Organs Go?

Jew Organ Harvesting – Where Do the Organs Go?
The jew knows you are hindered by your perception of reality, and unable to see how they work behind the scenes, regardless how simple the answers are, even though they are often hidden in plain sight.

The jew knows you are hindered by your perception of reality, and unable to see how they work behind the scenes, regardless how simple the answers are, even though they are often hidden in plain sight.

I’m sure by now, many of the readers here are familiar with the jew organ harvesters that were busted in New Jersey. This topic was covered once here, but one thing that wasn’t covered is, what happens to the organs these jews are harvesting from people? Where do they go? Who are the recipients or cui bono? Cui bono means literally: Utility, advantage, or self-interest considered as the determinant of value or motivation, so who’s self interest does organ harvesting serve? Now, some of you might giggle when I say that jews rot the flesh that houses their demonic little souls, but this is far from a joke. In fact, reality is probably a lot stranger than fiction, but without analyzing all the clues around us in our environment, we will never get a solid grip on what’s really happening, or even why things go the way they do.

As usual, leave it up to the jew to put clues right in front of us. In fact, I tend to believe that all of their machinations are hidden right out in the open, as this is what a magician does when he stumps you with seemingly amazing feats. Like the onlookers and spectators of the magic man, most people really have no clue what it is they’re seeing, and the magician knows this. Sometimes the answers to the questions or puzzles presented by the magician are so obvious, or even so simple, that your mind simply will not fathom it to be as such. This is the same thing we see with the jew. The answers to their riddles are sometimes so simple, or hidden so plainly in open view, that you will never be able to perceive it. Often times in magic, the most befuddling mysteries are the simplest to understand, if you could only see it from the magician’s eyes, and not your own. Many times, rather than attempt to conceal the answer, the magician will hide it right out in the open, or even not hide it at all. In fact, magicians will often put the apparatus that makes a magical feat possible right in the hands of the people he’s concealing it from. What better way to hide the truth than to simply give it to the spectator? Of course, the magician realizes that your preconceived notions about the world around you and the way you think things work, will not allow you to see the simplicity behind what he presents.

Hook nosed beast Hoffman poses for his fifteen minutes of fame with his new heart beating away in his decrepit body.

Hook nosed beast Hoffman poses for his fifteen minutes of fame with his new heart beating away in his decrepit body.

The same goes for the jew. The jew realizes that you have been taught your entire life by the input of your five senses, a certain order of things, and they use this against you to be able to carry out whatever it is they like. In magic, the toughest thing I ever faced wasn’t a middle aged adult with a college education. It wasn’t the grown up with a physics or engineering degree that was difficult to fool. No, not at all. These people’s heads are filled with so many things they believe to be “concrete” that they would never suspect the answers to the mysteries I presented. The toughest customer of all was always a young child. The reason being that, children have not yet filled their heads with ideas about how things should work, and as such, are the most difficult to pull the wool over. A child doesn’t see any reason why you can’t pass a quarter through the table top, because they haven’t been taught that this is impossible. Leave it to a child to blurt out, what to them is obvious. Unfortunately, children also have often not learned when to keep their mouth shut and save somebody the embarrassment! With child like glee, they will totally wreck your illusions, never once thinking in a politically correct fashion, or that they should save the performer the embarrassment of exposure and keep the secret to themselves. Things being as such, I often attempt to look at the world without preconceived ideas about how things are, or how they should be. I also try to look at it from the magician’s point of view, knowing that the answers are often hidden in the open, and a lot simpler than we may want to make them out to be.

So, why is it the jews are so involved in organ harvesting operations? One reason that is patently obvious is money. With one kidney fetching upwards of $20,000 depending on the country, it’s no wonder jews like this business, but money alone isn’t the only motivation. Like I said, jews are decrepit creatures, and maintaining the flesh vessels that contain their evil souls takes work. It’s no surprise that if jews are involved in organ harvesting, that jews will be the beneficiaries of the organs they harvest. According to a recent article found here, jews seem to have no problem getting their grubby little hands on organs to keep their beastly little hearts ticking. In fact, the article is about an organization called “Organ-ized Hearts” that meets once a month to revel in the pleasure of their second chance with body parts from some one else. The story is about a jew named James Hoffman, who smiles gleefully with his new heart beating away in his chest. His heart supposedly coming from a police officer who was killed in the line of duty, who had also just returned from a couple tours in Iraq. So, this man was used to oppress people in a third world country around the world. Then he was used to oppress people here in these united states, and finally, he is being used to keep some decrepit old jew alive. Used up and discarded, but his heart beats on in the body of a demon.

James Hoffman was a first-timer at this lunch, but even in this room full of remarkable stories, his stood out.

The 69-year-old Hilliard man said he is alive because the heart of an Alabama cop beats in his chest, an officer who lost his life when he pulled over a speeding motorist who opened fire. The lawman was just back from a military tour of duty in Iraq and had been married about two years.

Hoffman, a retired auto parts store owner, knows what it’s like to have loved and lost. He got his second heart just two months after his wife got a lung transplant in August 2006. The Mayo Clinic patients leaned on each other for support while both awaited their second chances at life. But while miracles arrived for both of them, it was his that would last longer of the two.

Hoffman lost his wife on Easter, leaving him looking for others who would understand the struggles and blessings of a life lived because of a stranger’s priceless gift.

On a recent Wednesday, he found a group of peers who understood. Around him at an Olive Garden restaurant in Jacksonville were eight other heart transplant recipients, members of a group that’s been meeting once a month for many years.

Look at the smirk on this disgusting jew's face. He knows that hundreds of other jews will be the beneficiaries of our dead loved ones, thanks to organ harvesters like the kikes in jew Jersey.

Look at the smirk on this disgusting jew's face. He knows that hundreds of other jews will be the beneficiaries of our dead loved ones, thanks to organ harvesters like the kikes in jew Jersey.

If you’ll read the article with the type of perception the average adult in America has, you’ll likely find yourself engulfed in a heart wrenching story of people young and old getting a second chance at life. You may even feel sympathy for poor old hook nosed Hoffman, who lost his wife after she herself was the lucky recipient of an organ transplant in the form of a lung. Maybe this is why you see jews rounding up Palestinians and shooting them in the leg while they’re handcuffed and bound? Gotta save the vitals if it will keep another jew breathing for a while longer, but I am of course only speculating. There’s no telling where her organ donation came from, but one thing is for sure. For one couple to be lucky enough to both get their hands on an organ is a pretty amazing feat.

Lon Bullman, 72, is the guy who’s been putting together the lunches lately for the Jacksonville-area club, dubbed “Organ”ized Hearts. Like many of the group members, he got his heart transplant during surgery at Shands at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

He also can tell you that it was heart No. 339, as in the three hundred thirty-ninth transplant that doctors at the hospital performed for that particular organ type.

Also around the same lunch table were heart Nos. 508 and 570, whose second owners supped on helpings of salad and bread sticks while telling the stories behind their transplants.

Rita Long, 59, owner of heart No. 570, was an executive assistant at a marketing company when she had a heart attack six years ago. A year after, doctors implanted the heart of a 19-year-old male in her.

“Now he’s legal,” she joked after the wait staff collected drink orders. “He’s 24.”

That’s an interesting joke, but I personally don’t find it funny. The guy is not a 24 year old man of legal drinking age. He is dead, and this woman is marching around with his heart. Is Rita Long a jewess? There’s no telling, but who really gives a shit. This story isn’t about the people in it. It’s about making the public feel sympathy for jew organ recipients, and is likely a story being told through numerous news outlets across the country. The story is more about giving the public a reason to sympathize with jews who receive organ donations, and distracting from the recent bust of a major organ harvesting ring in jew Jersey. This story is intended to replace the feelings of utter disgust many experienced when hearing of jew organ harvesters, with a warm fuzzy sentimental feeling in relation to organ harvesting, and the recipients of said organs. It doesnt’ take a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out. Like the magician who’s efforts are thwarted by children who don’t rely on preconceived ideas and notions, this story is easy to unravel if you don’t get caught up in the web of emotions weaved by the author. Now comes the telling part of the story:

The Jacksonville woman’s humor is the bittersweet kind, mixed with the melancholy of someone who knows another person died to save her. It’s the kind of joke transplant recipients don’t have explain to one another.

Long’s view on appreciating life is simple:

“Another day above ground. You think about it like that,” she said.

Across the table, heart No. 508 was pumping away in Don Hansen as the 65-year-old Jacksonville man talked a bit later about why the luncheons are special for him.

“It’s keeping in touch with people in my same situation. We share thoughts, problems, good times. We lose people every once in a while, and we share that as well,” he said.

Before the lunch ended, the nine transplant recipients posed for a group photo, as they generally do when they all get together. Hoffman smiled as the camera flashed, then lingered a bit in a doorway with Robert Paton, a 40-year-old Yulee man whose heart is just 21.

He was just one of Hoffman’s eight new friends.

How touching. I’m sure that kind of sick humor is something the jews amongst the group get a kick out of. Unfortunately for us, most humans are naturally inclined to see the next man or woman as having at least a certain level of decency within them. This is one of our major flaws when it comes to perception, and dealing with the jew. These creatures do not have the same kind of belief structure, or anything close to the same kind of morality and decency. Of course, jews are great actors (look at holy wood) so it’s understandable why many can’t discern this for themselves. A lot of the people who understand the “zionist” problem, are miffed or even absolutely floored when they hear a person like me screaming at the top of their lungs that these beasts have no compassion.

You can laugh when I say these jewish beasts rot the flesh that houses their demonic souls, but look at this gonzo beaked kike Lon Bullman, who started the front called "Organ-ized Hearts" to bring sympathy to jew organ donors. Check out the disgusting rot setting in to this jew's hands.  I told you they grow nastier and nastier with age.

You can laugh when I say these jewish beasts rot the flesh that houses their demonic souls, but look at this gonzo beaked kike Lon Bullman, who started the front called "Organ-ized Hearts" to bring sympathy to jew organ recipients. Check out the disgusting rot setting in to this jew's hands. I told you they grow nastier and nastier with age.

These jews do not believe in an after life, which is one of the reasons it is so easy for them to forgo the need for silly human things like feelings and emotions. There is even a clue to this nature in the quote above when Long says “another day above ground, you think about it like that”. This is all jews ever think about. Another day above ground at all costs. Another day of exploitation, titillation, and materialistic masturbation. For jews, any gain or advance in the material world is worshiped more than those who were “loved and lost”. The meaning of life for a jew is spelled out in the talmud, and translated to English means nothing more than “to get”, so acquiring what wealth they can from you, in any manner possible, is far more important than what happens when we’re gone. There is no hell as far as jews are concerned. No real atonement, besides washing away their sins with some innocent child’s blood here in the material world. No real consequence for their actions, except maybe not succeeding at making gains while they’ve got a chance.

One last thing that is interesting to note with this story is not even the story itself, but it definitely shines a light on what’s going on here. If you’ll look at the reader’s comments below the story, you will see a post from a person who represents a group called “Life Sharers”. In that comment is the cold hard reality of organ harvesting, and even organ transplants. While hook nosed Hoffman was able to get a new heart for himself, and even a new lung for his belated wife, most people in need of organ transplants will never even see one.

According to this poster, “James Hoffman was very lucky to get a Heart transplant. Over half of the 100,000 Americans on the national waiting list will die before they get a transplant. Most of these deaths are needless. Americans bury or cremate 20,000 transplantable organs every year.” There we have the real story. Not only is Hoffman lucky, he was probably at the head of the line for an organ. In fact, I bet if you were to dig deep enough, you would find that most organ recipients are likely jews just looking for “one more day above ground”. So, not only is the business quite lucrative, with so many people waiting on new organs, giving the jew good reason to start harvesting what they can from any source they can get it; but the “lucky” recipients will more often than not be members of the tribe as well. There again, it’s likely this person’s perception of what they consider reality, have clouded their ability to see what is really going on with this simple, but effective misdirection.

Hopefully I have done my part and wrecked any kind of sympathy for these, oh so lucky, jew organ recipients, and showed a few of you how to recognize the truth on your own. Allowing yourself to feel sympathy for these jew organ recipients is designed to do nothing more than take away the sting of jew organ harvesters.

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  1. Thank you for your perceptive article.

    I’d bet ALL of the members of this “survivor” club are jews. Maybe a token goy thrown in for cover.

    I’d like to make a couple of points that should make US non jews angry.
    1. Israeli jews are covered by government paid universal health insurance.
    2. More than 50 million (non jews?) in the US have no medical insurance.
    3. Israeli health care is subsidized by US taxpayers.
    4. Israeli government funded health care kicks in (I think it’s something like $80,000 though it could be more) for transplants for jews and pays for airfare if it is needed.
    5. It is not illegal in Israel to buy and sell organs.
    All this (and more) makes organ transplants for jews lucrative business for hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies. Jewish transplants are subsidized by US taxpayers.
    6. Non jews, especially those without health insurance, can’t afford transplants.

    I believe organ harvesting is the real reason for the big push to establish the DNA database and have DNA data included on National ID cards and implanted chips. Implanted chips with GPS signals will make it easy for them to find a compatible donor they can then have assassinated by hit squads. I also think this is one of the purposes of fema/Homeland Security operated death camps. Viable donors will be sent to one of the “medical” camps where organs will be removed before the rest of the body is dumped in a cheap plastic coffin and mass grave. Jews aren’t going to waste any good organs that jews need.

    I commented about this elsewhere and got banned for it!

    First time here but I’ll be back.

    • When they do organ harvesting, and this is a fact, the heart must still be beating. This is why they invented so called “brain death”. I call motorcycles – Organ Donors.

  2. Is there no end to the criminality of the jew? I think not! It sure seems that these creatures have the NEED to commit the most heinous atrocities against us goyim–always for their own benefit whether it’s simply just for their own demented amusement.

    I am beginning to think that beyond the basic needs humans need for survival jews have the NEED to commit great acts of immorality and crime just as we need food, air and water—these monsters are not like us, they feed on our pain and suffering.

    The only good news about jews is that they’re not immortal. When the Great Backlash goes down it is comforting to know that this great nonredeemable evil can be wiped off the face of the earth with relative ease.

  3. Shirley Walcott says:

    Oh, so they hate gentiles, but seem to have no problem with our organs being in their bodies? This is just pissing me off, when I think of how these organs came to be acquired.

    I hope the organs, rejects the Jews’ body, and they die.

  4. You are the only guy I know that seems to hate jews as much as I do! Let me tell you why. My people were murdered and butchered in Russia and the Soviet Union from which my grandfather escaped. This Butchery inspired Adolph Hitler to fight against jewish bosevikism (Communisim). All of these scum got away with it while innocent white men (Nazis) are pursued to their deaths! My people were murdered and butchered in Poland by jews! I hate jews! Hate is an emotion. It is good to hate hateful things and hateful people. It is heathy!

    If we let them, they (the jews) will do the same thing to us here in the JewnitedStates! There is an afterlife and the jews will pay, but we must make them pay in the here and now!

    • Hey Maynard. I say hate is just the opposite of love. Nothing wrong with it at all. I feel the total opposite of love when I even think of a jew, because I know exactly what kind of disgusting creature it is. They are simply genocidal little demons that will smile like your best friend and stab you at the same time. Then they will attempt to defile your corpse. They are totally inhuman monsters, and if people start viewing them as such (and learning to recognize them) their gig is up. I don’t even see a person when I look at a jew, I see a THING.

      • applause! This is exactly how I feel and I normally am a very loving and compassionate person, but when I am dealing with a jew, I feel no such things, no compassion, no fellow feelings. I have to grit my teeth to stop from telling them exactly how I feel.

    • How about the Zionists who collaborated with the Nazis, like Shamir? The Zionists aeegrd with the Nazis that liberalism was the enemy and that Jews would forever be aliens in Germany and elsewhere.You are good at offering the official lobby line, but it is full of misstatements and distortions. Your position comes down to: If the Palestinians would capitulate in grand theft and other rights violations that occurred and are continuing, there would be peace.Your position conflicts with individual property rights, freedom, and justice. The state you defend has violated rights in every way from the start. Then when the victims resist, you cry foul. It is shameful. “We have come here and stolen their country. Why should they accept that?” –Ben-Gurion.”The slogan ‘Jewish state* (or commonwealth) is equivalent, in effect, to a declaration of war by the Jews on the Arabs.” –Judah Magnes, founder, chancellor, president, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem Readers: Check this all out for yourselves. Don’t do history a priori.

      • You mean JEWS, right? Don’t use that “zionist” bullshit on this site. It’s no secret here that Germany was run by jews during WWII, just like every other strawman they’ve ever had. I don’t think the average German, whom I believe Maynard to be talking about here, was purposely helping the jews, just like our soldiers in America aren’t either. That is no excuse though, and history shows that those who support the jews always pay a heavy price for their misgivings, whether they meant to or not.

  5. The Jew, like all parasites, is frail and weak.
    The combination of parasitic life style and heavy inbreeding
    will eventually render the Jew incapable of surviving under any condition.

  6. Rabi ben GrabN Livers says:

    Welp!!! AA The heart of a beast, to keep a beast alive. How fitting?
    I hope you find the shipments helpful.
    We hope you recived The American Lion, will try to send the same. ASAP
    Thanks OWD
    There’re about 20 states that are trying to pass Bills to make organ donning MANDATORY if you do not opt-out on your drivers license.

    Rep. Pete “jew” Schwartzkopf, D-Rehoboth Beach, yes feel sorry for the poor jew HB 302
    5 out of 10 pdf files . The kikes want this bad!

    • Yes indeed. You rock sir!

      I hope when I die there’s nothing left for these creatures to harvest anything from. Kind of funny to think they would be growing humans for their own use like a farmer grows corn.

  7. Hey Adam ,you should do a story on Roman Polanski perfect example of Talmud in action this guy rapes a child and all the jews in hollywood are tring to get this guy off,big surprise huh.There’s a poll on msn to vote on his punishment ,i cant belive that 9,000 people so far have voted to drop all charges saying it happened thirty years ago .This dumb jew plead guilty to it 30 years ago and then fled their saying it’s not “rape’rape” she was 13 years old their right it’s not rape it’s fucking child molesting he drugged her.

  8. Even crazier is woody alan creates a petition to free Roman Polanski .

  9. ALLCINGI: The perverts have to look out for each other! They could become an endangered species if they don’t fend off the attacks by normal and decent people! It’s a constant battle for those poor perverts! When they aren’t fending off normal folks, they’re hunting the normal folks children to violate and damage. Pedophiles need a fucking bullet right between the eyes!

  10. Fuck all that – here’s why Roman Polanski should be thrown in Riker’s with a jar of Vaseline taped to his ankle –

  11. Now you got Mackenzie Phillips who’s probably jewish too say’s her father had sex with her .I guess this just goes to show you that if your father is jewish you better watch your ass … literally.

  12. So appreciate your insights on organ harvesting for the Jews (even CNN covered this topic this date) and why it is so hard for everyday decent folk to acknowledge the tricks that the Jews (the magicians) are playing, at their expense. I hope you are giving out your books, dear Adam, at the gunshows!

  13. Lex Mercatoria says:

    Great site. I know jews have no compunction about killing real people. However, I didn’t think they’d want to have our organs in their own bodies. They admonish their own not to mix with us, we are \unclean\, etc. I figured their organ harvesting crimes were mainly to sell organs to needy real people, considering there are far more of us ($$$) real folk than jews.

  14. Tikkun Olam says:


    Perhaps that is precisely why rabbis are involved. They get a cut of the profits, of course, but they are also there to perform their voodoo on the goyishe organs to “kosherize” them for use by self-chosenites. After all, rabbis must also be present at the slaughter of cattle, why would the organs of the goyim be any different?

  15. The Punisher says:

    I heard that if you get an organ from a gay person, you’ll become
    gay.I don’t know how true is that, but these jews if they got their
    organs from good people the might turn out less evil which is a little
    good, but f@ck it, they’ll still burn on their trip to the sun.

  16. old friend says:

    I googled -Rita Long jewish- and sure enough, there are some jewesses with that name. Figures. Disgusting bunch.

    AA, greetings from out west.

  17. Watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the scene where they pick up the hitchhiker. Where he says “Hitting em in the head is better.” then the fat kid says “I thought the gun was better.” (meaning more humane) the hitchhiker says “No the sledge hammer is, they die better that way.” Then a minute or so later, he cuts himself with a knife in the head, and lets out a lot of blood. He later attacks the fat kid and does the same thing to him.

    What the director is subtly telling you is the importance of blood letting for some people. There is only one group in the US, who believes the animals must bleed as much and as slowly as possible in their slaughter houses.

    Check out this obnoxious kyke who so heavily identifies with the blonde shiksa killing inbred

    After the jew spider clip your wings, you cannot fly right, just stay there and feed them “soul juice.”

  18. Here is that scene with the hitchhiker

    In the movie they have the old patriarch feeding off the “pure white” blonde girl’s blood (I believe this is why they picked HER) like when the old elites of the jewish community would feed off the prepubesent boys blood – believing their blood was the purest form.

    -The crazy inbreds in this movie, like the jews believe all non jews are “goyim” to eat off of, like a cow. (Whose milk you drink)

    John de Nugent believes jews descended from Apiru – a bunch of criminally inbred families. They would be easiest to recruit to feed a demonic source, as Eustace Mullins throughly documents in his book “Curse of Caanan.” After getting enough of them, these theives and deluded (as well as diluted) losers would consider themselves an “elite of humanity” and would stop interbreeding, to prevent “contamination” of their blood, that everyone said they would do if they mixed with them.

    The term Cannibal comes from Caanan-Baal, so their history of doing is real…they were that notorious for doing it in every place that they went.


    I’m sure most of you have seen this film “The time machine* starring rod taylor , 1960 version .
    I watched this film for years without realizing it was a subtle expose of jew organ harvesting , some of the quotes in the film are spot on .

  20. telena helotova says:

    One thing i learned very recently is tht these organs coem from live people.organs are no good once the person realize the implicatins of this.and has been going on long time. there is no such tyhing as brain dead,it is simply a ter enabling them to take away a living persons organs.heart wrenching stories are told on spignola speaks and much info on this matter go there.

    • That’s right. Hospitals routinely kill people, and in places where jews can get away with it, they simply kidnap them, cut their organs out, and toss their bodies aside. I’m sure they save the blood for drinking too. Ever wonder why we always have so many “blood drives”?

  21. wow…I wish I had gotten to know of this years ago, and it would have prevented my abduction by the Zionists last year. They will taste my boot in their face soon. I love spreading this information all day every day and talking with others about it and thankfully, now I am able to spot these vile creatures pretty good, even the ones that pretend to be Christian.

    • Sorry to hear about your abduction. Once your eyes are open, there is no closing them again. They can’t take away your ability to recognize them for what they are.

    • Lex Mercatoria says:

      Tricia, I’m glad to read you can spot those gargoyles. I’m sure many of them like to think they can pass for a human but the majority of them can be identified on sight. That “sight” almost becomes a sixth sense because one will also need to listen to the signals one’s body gives when near them or looking at their images. It’s akin to sensing when someone is looking at you even you don’t see him/her.

      To me, our fellow humans of different races merely look different whereas the (admittedly) inhuman jew looks “wrong”. Even though many of them have a softened look from acquiring human genetics there’s still something “off” about their appearance.

  22. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    “In magic, the toughest thing I ever faced wasn’t a middle aged adult with a college education. It wasn’t the grown up with a physics or engineering degree that was difficult to fool. No, not at all. These people’s heads are filled with so many things they believe to be “concrete” that they would never suspect the answers to the mysteries I presented. The toughest customer of all was always a young child. The reason being that, children have not yet filled their heads with ideas about how things should work, and as such, are the most difficult to pull the wool over. A child doesn’t see any reason why you can’t pass a quarter through the table top, because they haven’t been taught that this is impossible.”

    And this is where church religion comes in to make the kids oblivious. We need more manchildren.

  23. JimbofromOhio says:

    Showing other Humans how to physically recognize. Even the less monster looking kikes and their unhuman behavior is somthing I practice daily– anywhere people are talkin about “evil white people”, or explaining why that killer kike bastard zimmerman wasnt white or spanish— it is hard explaining how obammy is a kike– the whole muslim programmings hard to break-
    But correcting people and pointing them at the real
    Rat faced problem is Very Effective– and Nothings better than callin a rat faced bastard out in person and watchin theif ear to ear grin slide off their sloped fuckin kike heads.

    • Yes indeed. Once you learn to see them, nobody can take that away. One whiff of their bullshit and you know who you’re dealing with. It’s really much simpler than people think.

  24. Ophelia says:

    The vampires live FOREVER….Kissinger, Brzezinski, Soros, Carter, Rockefeller, Prince Phillip, Prince Bernhardt, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Zakheim, Eisner, Blankfein, Buffett, Perle, Barbara Walters, Peterson, Bronfmans, Rothschilds….

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