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Organ Harvesting, Money Laundering, and Corruption – Typical Jew Behavior

Organ Harvesting, Money Laundering, and Corruption – Typical Jew Behavior
This innocent rabbi is just a victim of viscious anti-semitism right? Wrong, he was caught in a ring of organ harvesting and money laundering jews.

This innocent rabbi is just a victim of viscious anti-semitism right? Wrong, he was caught in a ring of organ harvesting and money laundering jews.

Just this Thursday dozens of jews from New Jewsy have been arrested in an FBI sting dubbed “Operation Big Rig”. Politicians, officials, and a whole slew of rabbis were arrested in a scheme that included everything from political corruption, money laundering, and human organ trafficking. Unfortunately the operation took ten years to reach the point where any kind of action was taken. For ten years the FBI stood by and watched these jews launder money, play insider politics, and chop up children for their organs. Many will see this and say how good it is to see jews finally caught in their schemes, but I tend to see this as a sign of how pathetic our FBI and other investigative agencies are. I also see this as a sign of how complicit these agencies are when it comes to jew crimes. If I was to launder $10 today, I’d be in jail for eternity tomorrow. If I were to be selling organs on the black market, I’d be hung within 24 hours. Why doesn’t it ever work this way for the jew? You figure it out.

A total of 44 people were arrested, including the mayor of Hoboken, New Jewsy Peter Cammarano, who had just taken office only three weeks ago. What about the previous mayor? No doubt that one was involved too. Of course, the new 32 year old mayor is claiming his innocence and refusing to resign from his position, which he has only held for three weeks. No doubt he wants to bank more tax payer money before he gives up. The article about this incident, which can be found here, states that: “Others accused were mayors of nearby Secaucus and Ridgefield, state Assemblymen, a deputy mayor, city council members, housing, planning and zoning officials, building inspectors and political candidates.” Meaning this corruption is deeply entrenched in New Jewsy, but this really comes as no surprise. The truth is, anywhere there is a political office, there is corruption, bribes, back scratching, thieving, and oppression. What this should do is alert the reader to the fact that everything from local, to state, to federal government agencies, are as corrupt as the day is long.

“New Jersey’s corruption problem is one of the worst, if not the worst, in the nation,” said Ed Kahrer, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s white collar crime and public corruption program in New Jersey, who has worked on the investigation since it began in July 1999.

“It has become ingrained in New Jersey’s political culture,” he said, calling corruption “a cancer.”

Central to the investigation was an informant who was charged with bank fraud in 2006 and posed undercover as a real estate developer and owner of a tile business who paid off officials to win project approval and public contracts in northern New Jersey, according to documents in the case.

The public officials stand accused of taking bribes for pledging their help getting permits and projects prioritized and approved or steering contracts to the witness.


In scenes that could have been lifted from the hit TV series “The Sopranos,” about New Jersey organized crime, they met in diners, parking lots, even bathrooms, officials said.

“The politicians willingly put themselves up for sale,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Ralph Marra. “The victims are the average citizens and the honest business people in this state. They don’t have a chance in this culture of corruption.”

The public corruption uncovered by the informant led him to the separate money-laundering network by rabbis who operated between Brooklyn, Deal, New Jersey, and Israel, authorities said. They laundered some $3 million for the undercover witness between June 2007 and July 2009, authorities said.

“These complaints paint a disgraceful picture of religious leaders heading money laundering crews acting as crime bosses,” Marra said. “They used purported charities, entities supposed set up to do good works as vehicles for laundering millions of dollars in illicit funds.”

Rat faced yarmulke wearing yids look great in cuffs, but they look even better swinging from trees by the neck. This is the fate that awaits them all.

Rat faced yarmulke wearing yids look great in cuffs, but they look even better swinging from trees by the neck. This is the fate that awaits them all.

New Jewsy’s problem is not one of the worst, it’s the one that got caught. Every municipality from sea to shining sea is under the boot of these despicable jews and their non-jew puppets, so don’t even think of being fooled by that statement for even one minute. The most truth I’ve ever heard from mainstream news comes from the statement above by U.S. Attorney Ralph Marra. No doubt the average American citizen is the victim, and you damn sure don’t have a chance when every position across the land is filled by jews and their puppets. However, what I want you to understand is that when our government is corrupt, it is no longer our government. There are no two ways about it. Why do you think this site is called Subverted Nation? The answer is because this nation is no longer yours, it’s theirs, and it will remain theirs until you take up arms and eject their asses. Plain and simple.

Yes indeed, the complaints do paint a disgraceful picture of jews and rabbis, but let’s not get them confused as real religious leaders. They are nothing more than a band of criminals who hide behind the guise of religion, because jews are NOT a religion. They are a race, and they’ve made this clear themselves numerous times. These jews have been behind every kind of charity, non-profit organizations, civil rights groups, and just about anything else you can think of. They use these groups as a way to control and manipulate public opinion and government policy every day of your life. Now, let’s get to the interesting part of the story.

Rabbis accused of money-laundering were Saul Kassin, chief rabbi of a large Syrian Jewish synagogue in Brooklyn; Eliahu Ben Haim, principal rabbi of a synagogue in Deal; Edmund Nahum, principal rabbi of another synagogue in Deal; and Mordchai Fish, a rabbi at a synagogue in Brooklyn.

The probe also uncovered Levy Izhak Rosenbaum of Brooklyn, who is accused of conspiring to broker the sale of a human kidney for a transplant. According to the complaint, Rosenbaum said he had been brokering sale of kidneys for 10 years.

“His business was to entice vulnerable people to give up a kidney for $10,000 which he would turn around and sell for $160,000,” said Marra.

Several of the public officials were accused of taking bribes of just $10,000, authorities said. Cammarano, at 31 the youngest ever mayor of Hoboken, was charged with taking $25,000 in bribes, including $10,000 last Thursday.

Most of those accused were arrested in a sweep across New Jersey by more than 300 federal agents early on Thursday and were slated to appear in court in Newark throughout the day.

The first 12 of the defendants, including Cammarano, appeared shackled before U.S. Magistrate Judge Madeline Cox Arleo. Cammarano rocked back and forth in his chair but betrayed no emotion.

They were granted bail ranging from $100,000 to $500,000.

Yup, here we have a bunch of rabbis, and public officials caught up, not just in money laundering and taking bribes, but in organ trafficking. The question you need to ask yourself is this. Where do these jews get the organs from? It couldn’t be from the orphans some innocent little jewesses were recently arrested for trying to sneak out of Darfur could it? Take a look at this page here, and get a better grip on what’s really going on. These jews have been killing orphans, chopping them into pieces, and making millions of dollars off of their body parts. An orphan may be worth a few thousand dollars per adoption, but their organs are worth $millions$ per child. Leave it to a jew to find a way to make a lucrative business into a massive windfall of profits. Anybody who still questions the vile character of the jew at this point is a complete moron. If you still think there is a such thing as a good jew, you’re a complete waste of oxygen. A worthless mouth breather. If that hurts your feelings, GOOD, because you need to look a little closer at your own morality. Any of you who support jews are supporting a “cancer”, as the article above states, and you deserve your fate. Don’t be surprised if that fate comes at the hands of people like me, because anyone caught supporting these demons will swing by the neck with them, not if, but WHEN I get my way.

So many jews arrested that busses were needed to haul their stinking asses off to jail. Instead of transporting them to jail like Germany did, we should execute these cretins on the spot. One bullet is far cheaper than a gallon of gas.

So many jews arrested that busses were needed to haul their stinking asses off to jail. Instead of transporting them to jail like Germany did, we should execute these cretins on the spot. One bullet is far cheaper than a gallon of gas.

Have a look here for further information about this type of operation. With a single kidney fetching as much as $160,000 it’s not hard to imagine how motivating the payout is to these monsters. However, the history of the jew makes it clear that chopping up little children doesn’t even require monetary stimulus. We can simply look at modern day Palestine, and the recent slaughter of women and children to understand this fact. Now the only questions remaining are, how long until these guys walk free? Mayor Cammarano was already out on bail and back in his office the next day after appearing before a judge in shackles.

Another question is, why the hell would ANY judge let even ONE of these guys walk out on bail? How many rabbis from this case do you think have chartered private jets to Israel already? How many of these rat faced monsters do you think will actually stand trial for these crimes? How much of this global network, stretching all the way back to Israel will be uncovered? Also, is this the kind of case where they give the public, who are becoming more and more aware of the jew, a little something to chew on? Is the purpose of exposing this ring to make Americans feel like they can trust the FBI? Like I reported in a previous article there are over 2,300 people who go missing, in the U.S. ALONE every single day. So, what about those people? Where are they disappearing to? Should we really believe the FBI is on top of things, or that they are on our side, when it takes TEN YEARS to start making arrests in cases like this? In light of the sheer numbers of people who go missing DAILY, I think not.  In fact, here is an article, at the racist jew news outlet Haaretz, where a bunch of jews were just caught trafficking human eggs, on top of all the other shit. Trust a jew at your own risk. Support a jew, and support your own demise.

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