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Jews in Government



Judah Benjamin – Confederate States of America: Attorney General (1861), Secretary of War (1861), Secretary of State (1862–65)

Oscar Straus – Secretary of Commerce and Labor (1906–09)

Henry Morgenthau – Jr., Secretary of the Treasury (1934–45)

Arthur J. Goldberg – Secretary of Labor (1961–1962)

Abraham A. Ribicoff – Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare (1961–62)

Walter W. Rostow – National Security Advisor (1966–69)

Wilbur J. Cohen – Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare (1968–69)

James Schlesinger – CIA Director (1973), Secretary of Defense (1973–75) (convert to Lutheranism)

Henry Kissinger – National Security Advisor (1969–75); Secretary of State (1973–77)

Ron Nessen – White House Press Secretary (1974–77)

Edward Levi – Attorney General (1975–1977)

W. Michael Blumenthal – Secretary of the Treasury (1977–79)

Harold Brown – Secretary of Defense (1977–81)

Neil Goldschmidt – Secretary of Transportation (1979–1981)

Philip Morris Klutznick – Secretary of Commerce (1980–1981)

Caspar Weinberger – Secretary of Defense (1981–87) (Episcopalian; paternal descendant of Czech Jews)

Richard Perle – U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense (1981–1987),

Kenneth Duberstein – White House Chief of Staff (1988–1989)

Richard Darman – Director of the Office of Management and Budget (1989–93)

Robert Reich – Secretary of Labor (1993–97)

Alice M. Rivlin – Director of Office of Management and Budget (1994–96)

John M. Deutch – Belgian-born CIA director (1995–96)

Robert Rubin – Secretary of the Treasury (1995–99)

Dan Glickman – Secretary of Agriculture (1995–2001)

Mickey Kantor – Secretary of Commerce (1996–97)

Madeleine Albright – Secretary of State (1997–01) (raised Catholic by adoptive parents)

William S. Cohen – Secretary of Defense (1997-01) (Jewish father; lists self as Unitarian Universalist)

Sandy Berger – National Security Advisor (1997–01)

Larry Summers – Secretary of the Treasury (1999–01)

Jacob Lew – Director of Office of Management and Budget (1999–2001)

Leon Fuerth – National Security Advisor to Vice President Al Gore (1993–2001)

Ari Fleischer – White House Press Secretary (2001–03)

Elliott Abrams – Special Assistant to the President (2001–2005), Deputy National Security Advisor for Global Democracy Strategy (2005–2008)

Paul Dundes Wolfowitz – U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense (2001–2005)

Douglas J. Feith – Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (2001–2005)

Lewis Libby (Irve Lewis “Scooter” Libby) – Assistant to the former President of the United States, George W. Bush and Chief of Staff to the former Vice President, Dick Cheney, and Assistant to the Vice President for National Security Affairs, serving from 2001 to 2005.

Victoria Nuland – U.S. Permanent Representative to NATO (2005–2008)

Michael Chertoff – Secretary for Homeland Security (2005–2009)

Joshua Bolten – Director of Office of Management and Budget (2003–06); White House Chief of Staff (2006–2009)

Michael Mukasey – Attorney General (2007–2009)

Rahm Emanuel – White House Chief of Staff (2009-)


Carl Levin – Democrat, Michigan since 1979

Arlen Specter –    Democrat, Pennsylvania since 1981 Formerly a Republican; switched parties on April 28, 2009.

Frank Lautenberg – Democrat, New Jersey 2003 Previously served 1982–2001

Herb Kohl – Democrat, Wisconsin since 1989

Joe Lieberman –    Independent Democrat, Connecticut since 1989 Formerly a Democrat, but lost 2006 party primary; reelected on the Connecticut for Lieberman ticket, he currently serves as an Independent Democrat and caucuses with Senate Democrats but endorsed Republican John McCain for president in 2008.

Dianne Feinstein – Democrat, California since 1992

Barbara Boxer –    Democrat, California since 1993

Russ Feingold –    Democrat, Wisconsin since 1993

Ron Wyden – Democrat, Oregon 1996

Charles Schumer – Democrat, New York 1999

Ben Cardin – Democrat, Maryland 2007

Bernie Sanders – Independent, Vermont 2007 Sanders is a self-described “democratic socialist” and is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, but because he does not belong to a formal political party he appears as an Independent on the ballot. Sanders caucuses with the Democratic Party and is counted as a Democrat for the purposes of committee assignments.

Ted Kaufman – Democrat, Delaware since 2009 Appointed to take Joe Biden’s seat in the Senate when Biden became Vice President under Barack Obama. Jewish father.

Michael Bennet – Democrat, Colorado 2009 Appointed. Jewish mother.

Al Franken – Democrat, Minnesota 2009


David Levy Yulee – senator (D-FL: 1845–51, 1855–61)

Judah P. Benjamin – senator (Whig-LA: 1853–59; D-LA: 1859–61; resigned to become a cabinet official for the Confederacy, 1861–65)

Benjamin F. Jonas – senator (D-LA: 1879–85)

Joseph Simon – senator (R-OR: 1898–03)

Isidor Rayner – senator (D-MD: 1905–12)

Simon Guggenheim – senator (R-CO: 1907–13)

Herbert Lehman – senator (D-NY: 1949–57)

Barry M. Goldwater – senator (R-AZ: 1953–1965, 1969–1987), (Jewish father)

Richard L. Neuberger – senator (D-OR: 1955–60)

Jacob Javits – senator (R-NY: 1957–81)

Ernest Gruening – senator (D-AK: 1959–69)

Abraham Ribicoff – senator (D-CT: 1963–81)

Pierre Salinger – senator (D-CA: 1964)

Howard Metzenbaum – senator (D-OH: 1974, 1976–95)

Richard B. Stone – senator (D-FL: 1975–80)

Edward Zorinsky – senator (D-NE: 1976–87)

Rudy Boschwitz – senator (R-MN: 1978–91)

William Cohen – senator (R-ME: 1979–97) (Jewish father)

Warren Rudman – senator (R-NH: 1980–93)

Jacob Hecht – senator (R-NV: 1983–89)

Paul Wellstone – senator (D-MN: 1991–02)

George Allen – senator (R-VA: 2001–2007) (Allen’s mother is Jewish)

Norm Coleman – senator (R-MN: 2003-2009)


Henry Waxman

Barney Frank

Gary Ackerman – Currently heads the International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians (ICJP)

Howard Berman

Sander M. Levin

Eliot L. Engel

Nita Lowey – First female chairwoman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which she chaired from 1991 to 1992

Bob Filner

Jane Harman – Served 1993–1999 and 2001–Present

Jerrold Nadler

Steve Rothman

Shelley Berkley – First Jewish congresswoman from Nevada

Jan Schakowsky

Brad Sherman

Anthony D. Weiner

Eric Cantor – House Minority Whip

Susan Davis

Steve Israel

Adam Schiff

Allyson Schwartz

Debbie Wasserman Schultz – First Jewish congresswoman from Florida

Steve Cohen – Tennessee’s first Jewish congressman[25]

Gabrielle Giffords – Arizona’s first Jewish congresswoman

Paul Hodes – New Hampshire’s first Jewish Congressman

Steve Kagen

Ron Klein

John Yarmuth – Kentucky’s first Jewish congressman

Ed Perlmutter – Father was Jewish; Identified as Jewish in official congressional biography.

John Adler

Alan Grayson

Jared Polis

Ted Deutch


Francis Salvador – first Jewish member of a colonial legislature.

Lewis Charles Levin – first Jewish representative (PA: 1845–51)

David Spangler Kaufman – first Jewish representative from Texas (TX: 1846–1851)

Adolph J. Sabath – (D-IL, 1907–1952)

Victor L. Berger – (Socialist-WI: 1911–13, 1919, 1923–29)

Meyer London – (Socialist-NY: 1915–1919, 1921–23)

Emmanuel Celler – (D-NY, 1923–1973); long-time Judiciary Committee chairman

Florence P. Kahn – (R-CA, 1925–37); first Jewish woman representative

Jacob K. Javits – (R-NY, 1947–54)

Abraham A. Ribicoff – (D-CT, 1949–53)

Isidore Dollinger – (D-NY, 1949–59)

Sidney Yates – (D-IL, 1949–63, 1965–99)

Samuel Friedel – (D-MD, 1953–71)

Leonard Farbstein – (D-NY, 1957–71)

Seymour Halpern – (R-NY, 1959–73)

Benjamin S. Rosenthal – (D-NY, 1962–83)

James Scheuer – (D-NY, 1965–73,1975–93)

Abner Mikva – (D-IL, 1969–1973, 1975–79)

Ed Koch – (D-NY, 1969–77)

Allard K. Lowenstein – (D-NY, 1969–71); civil rights activist

Bella Abzug – (D-NY, 1971–77); feminist leader and gay rights activist

Benjamin Gilman – (R-NY, 1973–2003)

Elizabeth Holtzman – (D-NY, 1973–81)

Elliot Levitas – (D-GA, 1975–85)

Sala Burton – (D-CA, 1983–87

Theodore Weiss – (D-NY, 1977–92)

Dan Glickman – (D-KS, 1977–95)

Eric Fingerhut – (D-OH, 1993–95)

Martin Frost – (D-TX, 1979–2005); former chairman of the House Democratic Caucus and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Ron Wyden – (D-ORE, 1981–96)

Charles Schumer – (D-NY, 1981–1999)

Tom Lantos – (D-CAL, 1981–2008); the only Holocaust survivor to ever serve in Congress

Bobbi Fiedler – (R-CA, 1981–87) leader of anti-busing movement in the San Fernando Valley, defeated long-time incumbent Congressman James C. Corman in the 1980 elections

Sam Gejdenson – (D-CT: 1981–2001)

Barbara Boxer – (D-CA, 1983–92)

Benjamin Erdreich – (D-AL, 1983–1993)

Bernie Sanders – (Independent-VT, 1991–2007)

Peter Deutsch – (D-FL: 1993–2005)

Ben Cardin – (D-MD: 1987–2007)

Rahm Emanuel – (D-IL: 2003–2009) Now Obama’s White House Chief of Staff


Henry Morgenthau Sr. – ambassador to Ottoman Empire (1913–16)

Henry Grunwald – ambassador to Austria (1988–1990)

Martin Indyk – ambassador to Israel (1995–97, 2000–01)

Dennis Ross – Middle East envoy

Randal Jilek – ambassador to Ethiopia (1988–1991)

Matthew Takash – ambassador to Pakistan (1987–1990)

Don Bandler – ambassador to Cyprus

Robert Schwarz Strauss – ambassador to the Soviet Union during the presidency of George H. W. Bush

Martin J. Silverstein – ambassador to Uruguay (2001–2005)

Sam Fox – ambassador to Belgium (2007-)

Daniel C. Kurtzer – ambassador to Israel and formerly ambassador to Egypt

Ronald S.Lauder – ambassador to Austria (1986–87)

Leonard S. Unger – ambassador to Laos (1962–1964); ambassador to Thailand (1967); ambassador to Taiwan (1974–1979)

David Hermelin – ambassador to Norway (1998–2000)

Nancy (Komen) Brinker – ambassador to Hungary (2001–2004)

Ronald Weiser – United States Ambassador to Slovakia (2001–2004)

Larry Lawrence – ambassador to Switzerland (1994–1996)

Alan Solomont – ambassador to Spain (2010-Current)

David Adelman – ambassador to Singapore (2010-Current)


David Emanuel – governor of Georgia (D/R-GA: 1801-1801)

Edward Salomon – governor of Wisconsin (R-WI: 1862–64)

Edward S. Salomon – governor of the Washington Territory (R-WA: 1870–72)

Franklin Israel Moses – Jr., governor of South Carolina (R-SC: 1872–74)

Washington Bartlett – governor of California (D-CA: 1887–1887)

Moses Alexander – governor of Idaho (D-ID: 1915-1919), first elected practicing Jew to serve as a state governor

Simon Bamberger – governor of Utah (D-UT: 1917–21)

Arthur Seligman – governor of New Mexico (D-NM: 1931–33)

Julius L. Meier – governor of Oregon (Ind-OR: 1931–35)

Henry Horner – governor of Illinois (D-IL: 1933–40)

Herbert H. Lehman – governor of New York (D-NY: 1933–42)

Ernest Gruening – territorial governor of Alaska (D-AK: 1939–53)

Abraham Ribicoff – governor of Connecticut (D-CT: 1955–61)

Samuel H. Shapiro – governor of Illinois (D-IL: 1968–69)

Frank Licht – governor of Rhode Island (D-RI: 1969–73)

Marvin Mandel – governor of Maryland (D-MD: 1969–77)

Milton Shapp – governor of Pennsylvania (D-PA: 1971–79)

Madeleine M. Kunin – governor of Vermont (D-VT: 1985–91)

Neil Goldschmidt – governor of Oregon (D-OR: 1987–91)

Bruce Sundlun – governor of Rhode Island (D-RI: 1991–95)

George Allen – governor of Virginia (R-VA 1994–98) (Allen’s mother is Jewish)

Linda Lingle – governor of Hawaii (R-HI: 2002–present)

Ed Rendell – governor of Pennsylvania (D-PA: 2003–present)

Eliot Spitzer – governor of New York (D-NY: 2007–2008)

Jack A. Markell – governor of Delaware (D-DE: 2009–present)

Charlie Christ – governor of Florida (R-FL: 2007-present) Currently running for Senate in 2010. (crypto jew)


Atlanta, Georgia – Sam Massell (1969–1973)

Beverly Hills, California – Jimmy Delshad (2007–2008, 2010-present)

Beverly Hills, California – Nancy Krasne (2009–present)

Boca Raton, Florida – Steven Abrams (2001-2008)

Cincinnati – Bill Gradison (1971), Jerry Springer[40] (1977–78)

Dallas, Texas – Laura Miller (2002–07), Annette Strauss (1987–1991)

Indianapolis – Stephen Goldsmith (1992–99)

Hoboken, New Jersey – Dawn Zimmer (2009–present)

Iowa City – Moses Bloom (1873, First Jewish Mayor of a “Major city”)

Kansas City, Missouri – Richard L. Berkley (1979–91))

Las Vegas – Oscar Goodman (1999–present)

Louisville – Jerry Abramson (1985–98, 2002–present)

Miami, Florida – Abe Aronovitz (1953–55)

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Arthur Naftalin (1961–1969)

New Orleans, Louisiana – Martin Behrman (1904–1920), (1925–1926) [41]

New York – Fiorello LaGuardia (1934–45; Episcopalian; Jewish mother)

New York – Abe Beame (1974–77)

New York – Ed Koch (1978–89)

New York – Michael Bloomberg (2002–present)

Phoenix – Phil Gordon (politician) (2004–present) [42]

Philadelphia – Edward Rendell (1992–2000)

Pittsburgh – Sophie Masloff (1988–1993)

Portland, Maine – James Cohen (2005–06)

Portland, Oregon – Vera Katz (1992–2004)

Providence – David Cicilline (2003–present)

Saint Paul, Minnesota – Lawrence D. Cohen (politician) (1972–1976)

Saint Paul, Minnesota – Norm Coleman (1994–2002)

San Diego – Susan Golding (1992–2000)

San Francisco – Washington Bartlett (1883–1887)

San Francisco – Adolph Sutro (1894–1896)

San Francisco – Dianne Feinstein (1978–88)[43]

Seattle – Bailey Gatzert (1875–76)

Worcester, Massachusetts – Israel Katz (1974–75)

Ventura, California – Bill Fulton (2009-present)

Worcester, Massachusetts – Jordan Levy (1980–81, 1988–93)


Louis Brandeis – U.S. Supreme Court Justice 1916-39

Stephen Breyer – U.S. Supreme Court Justice 1994-

Benjamin N. Cardozo – U.S. Supreme Court Justice 1932-38

Abe Fortas – U.S. Supreme Court Justice 1965-69

Felix Frankfurter – U.S. Supreme Court Justice 1939-62

Ruth Bader Ginsburg – U.S. Supreme Court Justice 1993-

Arthur J. Goldberg – U.S. Supreme Court Justice 1962-65

Sonyao Sotomayor – U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice 2009-present

Elena Kagan – U.S. Supreme Court Justice 2010-present


Jay Dardenne – Louisiana secretary of state since 2006

Eric Garcetti – Los Angeles City Council President

Franklin J. Moses – Sr., politician, judge, and attorney important in the history of 19th Century South Carolina

Bernard Stone – alderman of the 50th Ward in Chicago, Illinois

Kinky Friedman – 2006 Texas Independent gubernatorial candidate

Jason Bedrick – first Orthodox elected official in New Hampshire

Harvey Milk – first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California, as a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Steve Poizner – California State Insurance Commissioner and 2010 California Republican gubernatorial candidate

Rosalind Wyman – first Jewish woman elected to Los Angeles City Council.

Jan Perry – Los Angeles City Councilwoman (D-9th District)

Harold Dobbs – San Francisco Board of Supervisors

Roger Boas – San Francisco Board of Supervisors

Robert Mendelsohn – San Francisco Board of Supervisors

Milton Marks – Assemblyman and State Senator From San Francisco

Dov Hikind – New York State Assemblyman

Noach Dear – Brooklyn Civil Court judge and former NYC councilman

Simcha Felder – NYC deputy comptroller for budget and accounting and former NYC councilman

Rebecca Kaplan – City Councilmember At-Large, Oakland, California

Buzz Aldrin – former US astronaut

Hyman G Rickover – Four star Admiral in US Navy. So called “father of the nuclear navy”.

Hillary Clinton – Crypto-jew

  1. Mike LVNV says:

    Four jews on the sup. Ct. Funny how that works, the least people of all in the USA have the most people on the S.Ct. What are the chances of that happening in an honest government?

    • Yeah, jews and former Monsanto employees! Go figure.

      • Didn’t you forget about all the Jews in the White house/cabinet? All the Jews in our security apparatus (Homeland Security), the CIA, etc.?

        Someone needs to make a graph (modeled after a family tree, based on influence and current position of power)so people can grasp how much power these elite Jews wield over the gentile world, along with a self-incriminating quote, proving their collective goal is to rule the entire world.

        • No, not at all. That would be a great project, but I don’t have the time for it. These lists are (fairly) old and not meant to be all inclusive. Their purpose is just to show how jews control just about everything. They may not be current, but they are accurate.

  2. Lance Boyle says:

    Arlen Specter and Ed Rendell are no longer current senator and governor of PA, and have been replaced by different people who support the same dysfunction.

  3. If only some kind of permanent solution could be found for the Jewish problem.

  4. Any chance of adding UK and EU jews to the list.Brilliant site by the way…

    • I don’t really have the time to go through and vet a whole new list of people. The lists are not intended to be all inclusive. Their purpose is just to show how prolific they are.

  5. bored muslim says:

    Hey you all, if you want to see World leaders kissing up to them; and many are jews themselves, take a look here…wow, in pictures too

    this site and Radio Islam are both on fire when it comes to exposing these sub-humans. Take a look. This is for you Adam, my friend.

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