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Jews In Business



Michael Dell – Dell Computers CEO

Bill Gates, crypto-jew, Microsoft “stealer” co-founder

Steve Balmer – Microsoft CEO

Paul Allen – Microsoft co-founder with Bill Gates

Larry Ellison – Oracle CEO

Steve Jobs – Apple founder and CEO

Steve Wozniak – Apple co-founder

Andrew Grove – Intel founder and CEO

Terry Semel – Yahoo CEO

Larry Page – Google founder (Google also owns Youtube)

Sergei Brin – Google co-founder (Google also owns Youtube)

Mark Zuckerberg – founder of Facebook

Rupert Murdoch – Bought Myspace for $580 million in 2005

Philippe Kahn – creator of the Camera Phone, Founder of Fullpower, Borland


Kenneth Cole – Founder of Kenneth Cole Productions INC

Diane von Furstenberg – Founder and CEO of Diane von Furstenburg

Calvin Klein – Founder and CEO of Calvin Klein

Ralph Lauren – Founder of Polo Ralph Lauren

Bernard Marcus – co-founder of Home Depot, Inc.

Sol Price – founder of Price Club (merged with Costco)

Julius Rosenwald – President and Chairman of the Board of Sears

Howard Schultz – Founder, Chairman and CEO of Starbucks Coffee


Sheldon Adelson, owner of Las Vegas casinos Venetian and Sands Casino

Bugsy Siegel, co-founder of Flamingo casino, co-owner of El Cortez hotel and casino, famed mobster of the early 1900’s.

Steve Wynn, Las Vegas casino owner

Sam Zell, Chicago real-estate magnate


Gerald Grinstein – former CEO of Burlington Northern Railway, and Delta Airlines
Ed Burkhardt – CEO of Railworld
Yuri Borisovich (Bentsionovich) Milner – Russian Entrepreneur & Venture Capitalist

  1. I’ve heard that A lot of Youtubers Are mad About that Google is Pushing Google Plus on to Them.

  2. Everything from Apple Inc. to denim jeans to John Kerry to the Rothschilds to Ford Motor Co. to internet protocol to Dunkin’ Donuts to Hasbro to Fiat–all controlled by Kikes.

  3. Is it just me or does this list scarcely scratch the surface on Jewish influence?

  4. The chairman of Apple Inc. is a kike by the name of Arthur Levinson. And the CEO of YouTube (JewTube) is the half-Jewess Susan Wojcicki.

  5. Yasa AirFart says:

    The Pope is a cryptojew, so is Putin, Kim Jong Un.

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