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Jewish Social Leaders


Saul Alinsky – social organizer

Alexander Berkman – anarchist leader

Daniel De Leon – socialist leader

David Dubinsky – labor leader

Emma Goldman – anarchist leader

Samuel Gompers – labor leader

Sidney Hillman – labor leader

Abbie Hoffman – social activist, Hippie

Jackie Presser – labor leader, racketeer

Jerry Rubin – social activist, Hippie

Alex Linder – Vanguard Network

  1. I knew A.linder …was jewish,thats why he was show in that Israeli TV program about the rise of antisemitism lately

  2. Uhh.. I have a problem with Jewish tyrants, not with “Hippies”. Hippies mind their own business, Jews often conspire and ruin lives.

    • The whole “hippie” thing was just another method of degradation of our morals and society. The people known as “hippies” weren’t terrible in their own right, but the real purpose of the movement was. I’m not going to explain it all here, but anyone with half a brain can see how this fabricated “movement” was used to degrade the decadence of our society. Yes, there were some good things, such as the ideal for peace and love, as well as spiritual exploration, but the motives behind it all were quite nefarious. The hippie movement wouldn’t have existed if they didn’t create it, and help it grow. Nothing does.

  3. Are you sick of people thinking that when a Person owns a Gun or lots of Guns is Crazy?

    • The only reason to disarm someone is so that you can cause them harm. If you don’t wish to harm people, then you really have no reason for taking their arms. I’m cool with everyone being armed 24/7 just like I am.

  4. Don’t you hate debaters because I Sure Do.

  5. Seth Griffen says:

    I knew about all those hook nosed scum on thet list (its obvious) but i must admit that i was not aware that alex linder was one of them…although it does figure, i mean he is anti-Christ, but i just assumed that he, like soooooo many others were deceived and confused to who the Scriptures are really to, for and about. William Pierce was also anti-Christ but i dont know if he was jew or not, i just attributed it to his ignorance of Scriptures and true history.

    • They’re real good at playing naive. That bullshit doesn’t fly here though. The holes in their message are gaping chasms that even if you missed them, you would fall into them and plummet to your death anyway. 😉

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