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Jewish Reporters and Journalists


Morley Safer – 60 Minutes journalist

Scott Simon – “NPR’s Saturday Weekend Edition, broadcast journalist”

Wolf Blitzer – CNN Journalist

Barbara Walters – “The pretentious, self important and respected host of 20/20 and countless softball pitched celebrity specials”

Barry Farber – Radio Talk Show Host

Dennis Prager – Talk show host

Ed Koch – Radio Talk Show Host and ex Mayor of New York City

A.M. Rosenthal – NY Times columnist

Ann Landers – Advice columnist

Michael Kinsley – “Syndicated columnist, who now works for Slate”

Walter Winchell – Entertainment columnist and pioneer of celebrity journalism

William Safire – NY Times Columnist

Jacobo Zabludovsky – Mexico’s equivalent of Dan Rather

Ted Koppel – ABC News caster

Bill Handel – Popular morning talk show host.

Dr. Laura Schlesinger – Has the US’s 2nd most popular talk show. Broadcast internationally.

Dan Abrams – MSNBC Anchor

Marv Albert – Sportscaster

Mel Allen – Radio Sportscaster

Chuck Barris – presenter of Dating Game and Gong Show

Kitty Carlisle – panelist on To Tell the Truth, arts advocate

Connie Chung – news anchor (converted)

Liz Claman – host of CNBC Morning Call

Howard Cosell – sportscaster

Katie Couric – presenter of the Today Show (jewish mother)

Jim Cramer – TV Reporter

Don Francisco – presenter of Sabado Gigante

Allen Funt – presenter of Candid Camera

Ira Glass – presenter of This American Life

Amy Goodman – presenter of Democracy Now

Daryn Kagan – host of CNN Live Today

Larry King – CNN reporter, host of Larry King Live

Ted Koppel – presenter of Nightline

Ricki Lake – presenter of Ricki

Dave Lieberman – presenter of Good Deal with Dave Lieberman

Bill Maher – ex-presenter of Politically Incorrect (Jewish mother, raised Catholic)

Al Michaels – sportscaster

Bill Nye – presenter of Bill Nye, the Science Guy

Maury Povich – talk-show host

Geraldo Rivera – news reporter (Jewish mother)

Laura Schlessinger – radio talk-show host of Dr. Laura

Daniel Schorr – tv reporter

Dinah Shore – television host, singer

Richard Simmons – fitness guru, host of Lighten Up with Richard Simmons

Herb Stempel – quiz show contestant

Bill Stern – radio sportscaster

Howard Stern – radio shock jock

Jon Stewart – comedian, presenter of The Daily Show

Carl Bernstein – author and journalist, Watergate reporter

Barbara Ehrenreich – journalist

Charles Flato – American writer, Soviet agent

Pauline & Esther Friedman – advice columnists Dear Abby and Ann Landers

Bernard Goldberg – journalist, author

Jonah Goldberg – commentator (jewish father, raised jewish)

Seymour Hersh – My Lai reporter

Tom Kornheiser – journalist

Samuel Krafsur – TASS journalist, Soviet agent

Paul Krassner – satirist

A. J. Liebling – journalist

Joshua Micah Marshall – political blogger

Shirley Povich – sports columnist

George Seldes – investigative journalist

Gloria Steinem – journalist, feminist activist

I. F. Stone – investigative journalist

Debbie Schlussel – political commentator, talk show host, attorney, NY Post, Jerusalem Post

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