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Jewish Community Activists & Subversives



Graenum Berger – founder of AAEJ

Rabbi Meir Kahane – Founder of the Jewish Defense League *[1]

Michael Albert – co-founder of Z Magazine

Leslie Cagan – founder of UPJ

Ben Cohen – founder of TrueMajority

Jeff Cohen – founder of FAIR

Daniel Ellsberg – leaked the Pentagon Papers (Jewish parents)

Felix Frankfurter – helped found the ACLU

Mitch Kapor – co-founder of EFF

Jonathan Tasini – National Writers Union leader, fights for electronic rights for authors

William Kunstler – civil rights lawyer famous for defending controversial “radical” clients such as the “Chicago Seven” protesters of the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

Aryeh Neier – head of HRW, ACLU, OSI

Eli Pariser – campaigns director of

Bruce Perens – open source advocate, co-founder of SPI

Marcus Raskin – co-founder of IPS

Kenneth Roth – head of HRW

George Soros – founder of OSI

Richard Stallman – founder of FSF

Nadine Strossen – head of ACLU (father half Jewish fake holocaust survivor)

Allard K. Lowenstein – politician and anti-war leader

Thomas Buergenthal – U.S. judge on the International Court of Justice

Alan Dershowitz, U.S. lawyer – Professor Harvard Law School, popular author

M. Jerome Diamond – President of National Association of Attorneys General.

Samuel Leibowitz – lawyer, defender of the Scottsboro Boys

Edward Levi – U.S. Attorney General 1975-77

Martin Lipton – U.S. leading business lawer corporate merges

Julian Mack – President of US Circuit Court of Appeals

Stanley Mosk – U.S. jurist, California Supreme Court Justice and Attorney General

Peter Neufeld – Innocence Project

Barry Scheck – Co-founder of the Innocence Project, defense lawyer for O.J. Simpson. Described as Jewish in news coverage.

Eliot Spitzer – Attorney General of New York

Laurence H. Tribe – Professor of Law, Harvard University

Eugene Volokh – Professor of Law, UCLA

Allen Ginsberg – poet, Pentagon levitator

Jeremy Glick – author & son of September 11 Victim

Murray N. Rothbard – writer


Abraham Foxman – head of the ADL

Kivie Kaplan – head of the NAACP

Winona LaDuke – Native American acitivst & environmentalist (Jewish mother)

Stanley Levison – advisor of Martin Luther King

Abel Meeropol – composer of Strange Fruit

Michael Schwerner & Andrew Goodman – CORE activists, KKK victims

Joel & Arthur Spingarn – early NAACP leaders

Helen Suzman – South African anti-apartheid activist

Tim Wise – anti-racism activist


Bella Abzug – feminist politician

Gloria Allred – feminist lawyer

Bettina Aptheker – lesbian activist, author, educator

Andrea Dworkin – feminist writer

Susan Faludi – feminist writer

Leslie Feinberg – transgender activist & author

Clara Fraser – founder of Radical Women and Freedom Socialist Party

Franklin E Kameny – gay rights leader

Betty Friedan – co-founder & first president of NOW

Arnie Kantrowitz – co-founder of GLAAD

Harvey Milk – murdered gay rights activist & openly-gay politician

Robin Morgan – editor of Ms. Magazine

Ernestine Rose – feminist

Gloria Steinem – founder of Ms. Magazine (Jewish father)

Rebecca Walker – feminist writer (Jewish father)

Naomi Wolf – feminist writer

Evan Wolfson – gay marriage activist

Eve Ensler – feminist writer, performer

Rosa Luxemburg – Marxist feminist subversive

Andrea Bronfman – feminist wife of Charles Bronfman

Blu Greenberg – feminist writer

Brenda Howard – bisexual feminist activist

Arlene Raven – feminist art historian

Buz Hawn – feminist

Betty Comden – feminist Broadway actress/writer

Cathy Young – feminist journalist

Clara Fox – feminist activist

Elfriede Jelenik – feminist playwright

Ellen Willis – political essayist, feminist

Emily Mehlman – feminist activist

Gertrude Stein – feminist art collector

Grace Paley – feminist writer/activist

Hanne Blank – feminist writer/hisorian

Helen Cohen – feminist

Jean Rothenberg – feminist activist

Jennifer Miller – feminist

Joyce Warshow – feminist activist

Judy Blume – feminist writer

Judy Cohen – feminist writer

Kathy Pollett – feminist

Kitty Carlisle – feminist singer/actress

Lisa Goldberg – feminist

Madeleine Stern – feminist historian, writer

Melton Florence –  feminist

Mollie Orshansky – feminist economist

Muniel Rukeyser – feminist, political activist, poet

Naomi Klein – author, feminist activist

Nina Hartley – feminist porn actress

Pamela Waechter – feminist, political activist, subversive

Rachel Adler – feminist, professor

Ruth Ginsberg –  feminist, supreme court justice

Ruth Morgenthau – feminist, political activist

Ruth Segel – feminist

Ruth Westheimer – Dr. Ruth, sex freak, feminist

Sally Fox – feminist

Sally Lilienthal – feminist activist

Savina Teubal – feminist activist

Shirley Broner – feminist

Spencer Laszlo – feminist

Susan Sontag – feminist

Sylvia Siegel – feminist

Tillie Olsen – feminist

Trude Weiss-Rosmarin – feminist

Wendy Wasserstein – feminist


Judi Bari – environmentalist (Jewish mother)

Robert “Gypsy Boots” Bootzin – health food and fitness

Laurie David – environmental activist

Bernard Lown – co-founder of IPPNW, Nobel Peace Prize (1985)

Ed Rosenthal – cannabis activist

Elizabeth Glaser – founder of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Rose Kushner – breast cancer activist

Mathilde Krim – founder of amFAR (converted)

Larry Kramer – co-founder of GMHC

Irving & Dorothy Stowe, co-founders of Greenpeace

Rob Reiner – actor, director, producer, anti-tobacco


Freddy De Freitas – founder and director of the Indiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – ISPCA

Henry Spira – animal rights activist


Elizabeth Glaser – founder of Elizabeth Glaser pediatric AIDS foundation

Lary Kramer – co-founder of GMHC


Elmer Berger – reform rabbi, deceased

Noam Chomsky – linguist, historian, author

Norman Finkelstein – former college professor

Fred Newman – founder of International Workers Party

Adam Shapiro – member of International Solidarity Movement

Anna Baltzer – author and public speaker


Midge Decter – writer

David Horowitz – writer, activist, commentator

Irving Kristol – founder of American Neoconservatism.

William Kristol – editor, writer

Rabbi Daniel Lapin – founder of Toward Tradition

Jay Lovestone – AFL-CIO cold warrior; earlier, chairman of Communist Party USA ousted on orders from Stalin

John Podhoretz – writer and commentator

Norman Podhoretz – writer


Abbie Hoffman – co-founder of the Yippie

Ed Rosenthal – cannabis activist

Jerry Rubin – co-founder of the Yippie

A.J. Weberman – Yippie activist, author


Maurice Davis – rabbi, testified to joint-Congressional panel in 1976

Steven Hassan – exit counselor, author Combating Cult Mind Control

Rick Ross – consultant on cults


Sandra Froman – President of the National Rifle Association (NRA), second female president


Emanuel Celler – Representative

Thomas Dodd – Senator

Howard Metzenbaum – Senator

Herbert Kohl – Senator

Charles Schumer – House of Representatives

Dianne Feinstein – Senator

Arlen Specter – Senator

Frank Lautenberg – Senator

Barbara Boxer a.k.a. Barbara Levy – Senator

Carl Levin – Senator

Mike Bloomberg – New York city mayor

Rahm Emanuel – Obama’s former chief of staff, son of jewish Irgun terrorists

Richard Blumenthal – Senator

Alan Dershowitz – Harvard professor

John Rosenthal – Boston jewish activist

Dan Gross – President of Brady Campaign

Max Nacheman – CeaseFire PA anti-gun activist


Daniel Burros – American Nazi Party and KKK activist (committed suicide in 1965 when his background was revealed)

Adam Yahiye Gadahn – Al Qaeda member, federal fugitive (son of musician Phil Pearlman, who converted from Judaism to Christianity)

Harold von Braunhut – wealthy Aryan Nation and KKK supporter, deceased (born Jewish according to Washington Post)


Kinky Friedman – country singer, 2006 candidate for Texas governor

  1. All Jews need to be Skinned alive and killed.

  2. Hey, don’t forte the feminazis.

  3. Take a moment to meet Burlington, Vermont’s Rachel Siegel. The most recently successful gun-grabbing Jewish pol in the country. In a state with almost no gun violence and a tradition of virtually no state anti-gun legislation (you can carry concealed without a permit in Vermont) Rachel announced that as a Burlington City Council member she had ‘broad support’ to initiate the typical Jewish technique of incremental encroachment on human and civil rights. Though the Federal and State constitutions allow for NO GUN REGULATIONS AT THE CITY LEVEL this perverted little witch managed to get new laws limiting the places guns can be carried within the city. Seriously. Read this article and weep with me. (Also note the inverted Red star on her apron.)

  4. Seth Griffen says:

    You must ask yourself…would a supporter of Aryan Nations and the Klan really be a hook nosed pig?? Another thing you must ask yourself is…should you really believe the Washington Post??!?!? LOL! I do not know if Harold Van Braunhut is jew or not but i can say this…if the washington post said it, you can almost bet anything in the world that its nothing but a propaganda lie!! I mean, would two very anti-jew organizations be supported by a jew??? I wouldnt think so, unless they had already been taken over by them, and i wouldnt believe that either, even though i know some of them are taken over and run by jew pigs. Man, we are in some SERIOUS bad shape when the hook nosed filth take over and start running our anti-jew organizations!!! There ARE some that are not ruined though…just, always be careful, thats all i’m sayin’.

    • Yes. The jews always head their own opposition. Most white nationalist, national socialist, and other such groups are run directly by jews.

      I seriously doubt there are ANY that aren’t run by jews or full of them either way. In fact, I know there aren’t. That’s why this site is here. To tell you to STOP believing in the wrong things. You’re in a matrix. They control everything. Including the groups that stand against them.

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